Zack Fox & Kenny Beats “Jesus Is The One (I Got Depression)” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Zack: Reddit, you know? Kenny Beats: We did not meet on Reddit. Zach Fox: Rthedonald. Just the deep, the
deepest, racist cavern of the internet. That’s where we met. Kenny Beats: Zach and I have a lot of mutual
friends from Atlanta and he was a big fan of Key and Rico. I’d always see him just tweeting
about them, talking about them. So, we just became friends. Zach Fox: Big fan. Kenny: This song is bigger than all the serious
shit I’m working on. It’s TikTok’s fault. It’s Zach’s fault. Zach Fox: It’s so funny, man. Kenny Beats: So, I have a show on YouTube,
where I bring real rappers, and they come and make songs and I make a beat. And somehow
Zach ended up on it. And he came and my camera man was there, and they were like, “Oh, let’s
film Zach. We’ll do a fake one with Zach.” Zach Fox: Yeah, yeah. Kenny Beats: And then in an hour, we’re here,
at Genius. Zach Fox: His most successful song. Kenny Beats: It’s ruining my career slowly,
just because- Zach Fox: It’s so funny to watch. Zach Fox: There’s just this innocent white
guy who’s like trying his best to make an honest career in rap music, and I just come
and just ruin it. Sometimes you just hit the gas and start thinking
about the crusades, man. A bunch of long-haired, big-armed, white boys running into middle-earth
and just having it out. Who loves God more. Brown people, white people, black people,
all in one space just f*cking it out, just fighting it out. “I love God more.” “No,
I love God more!” Man, I’ll f*cking suck your d*ck. Those are probably the only sincere parts
of the song, you know man? Free Palestine, stop the hoopla. Zionists eat shit. Get Tay-K
out of there, man. What’s a couple of lives when you’ve got bars? Huge Golden Girls fan. Huge Golden Girls fan.
I love Betty White, love everything she does. She’s honestly one of the most pure people
to come out of Hollywood, and she could still get this d*ck. Yeah man! Just come over, charge your phone,
charge your f*ckin’ E-reader, charge the iPad. Listen man, rappers got to get past this,
“I’m going to f*ck his b*tch, I’m going to take his b*tch, I’m going to f*ck his b*tch,”
it’s boring, man. What? Are we all f*cking the same ten girls? Come on, dude. I’m f*cking
eating her p*ssy. I’m like, “Nah, what is that? Who is that? Is that ASAP Rocky? What
the f*ck is this? Bitch, why your p*ssy taste like ASAP Rocky?” What the f*ck? I might as
well just get in the room with ASAP, f*ckin’ start sucking off ASAP Rocky. f*ckin’ Ferg
walks up, I unzip his pants. I’m jerking him off, sucking off ASAP Rocky? What was the
question? Diamonds are so wack. Diamonds are so wack,
it’s so stupid. Like, we’re rocking fake chains all 2019, all 2020. If it don’t turn your
neck green. I used to wear these Reeboks that just looked
like blown out cow p*ssy. When the show got canceled I felt pure bliss,
man. Felt like heroin. Vice Live, we all knew it was a f*cking pile of sh*t. Nobody knew
what was going on, everybody was running around like a f*cking chicken with their head cut
off. “What’s going on? What are you doing? What are you supposed to do?” I don’t f*cking
know. All love to Vice, though. Vice Land, they’re cool people. Except Karley
whatever-the-f*ck-her-name-is, Karley Sciortino, whatever the f*ck. The SLUTEVER chick? Eat a d*ck, Karley. F*cking mediocre
white woman trying to tell me about my job. I know ten strippers who could do that show
better than you, you f*cking greyhound. Some of my addictions are Skrillex, hair-cut
photos, hot sauce. Oh man, they make this shit called Mad Dog. 9 million scovilles.
That doesn’t even make sense, 9 million. Comes out black, it’s like black molasses. I put
it on a piece of sesame chicken one night, went to a YG concert, let me tell you. His
outfit wasn’t the only thing that was red, okay? I was shitting blood. Sometimes it’s about the simple things. We’re
all so caught up in our phones. Who’s rich, who’s got followers, you know what I mean?
I’m trying to take it back to the good old days, you know? When a man could f*cking taste
his own love and not be persecuted, you know Pull back the curtain on capitalism, man.
What do you see back there? What do you see behind the curtain? It’s like Wizard of Oz.
it’s just an old white man f*cking daggering a little boy. Like, they’re listening to f*cking
Dance Hall. Wine pon mi cocky. Whites need to learn their f*cking lesson,
man. Black d*ck really has only metropolitan areas of America. You take black d*ck to Montana?
You’d cause mass f*cking hysteria. It’s like a f*cking … We’re going to take this f*cking
country over. Everybody tries to make everything such a
f*cking platform online. I get it. Mental health is serious, but so many people use
it for… Whatever, personal gain. You don’t see me on Twitter, f*cking, “Hey guys, I got
Gonorrhea.” I get why my dad left. I would have left too.
He’s out doing his thing, saving turtles, fixing his truck. I’m here with these Doritos
man. d*ck on hard.

My family hates me when I start to sing this song I don’t know why because this shit is 🔥

My favorite part is at the end when he says
“I put my dick in a bag of Doritos and make a nigga bitch suck the dust off the tip”

You know what bro he said mad dog but I’m drunk off the mad dog right now so imma pretend we drinking the same thing I eat sand

He follows up "Take the condom off and drink my nut it's delicious" with "sometimes it's just about the simple things" lmao

I feel bad for the crew of Genius, like oh my gosh they much have been so uncomfortable.

I also am rm😔😭😭😭🥺

Kenny shoulda jus said fuck it and rolled with the bit Zack tried to pull bout meeting in the Trump subreddit lmfao. Say zack saved him from being a proud boy maga supporter LMAO Would’ve been amazing seeing how many racist undercover white folk would pop out the woodwork bout it lmao

“i know.. ten strippers that could do that show better than you… you greyhound” SKKSKSKSJNSNDN COULD THERE BE ANYTHING MORE INSULTING LMAO


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