Your Healing – PAID IN FULL! | Art Thomas | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Your Healing – PAID IN FULL! | Art Thomas | Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Is there a supernatural
dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural. Sid: Hello. Sid Roth
here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. My guest went, in five years
now, from zero miracles to over 3000 miracles. He has meetings where a hundred
percent of the people are healed. In fact, he just got back from,
I think, five meetings like that in a row, a hundred percent
healed. He says, and I believe him, that
he’s shocked when people aren’t healed. That’s normal. He wants to make you normal. Are you ready? My guest is Art Thomas, and as
you can probably see, he’s 30. What a great age. That’s when the Messiah started. That’s actually when I was
called into ministry, when I was 30 years of age. It’s a good time. But Art, I never did what you’re
doing. I’m going to, but I never did
what you’re doing. You just got back from Uganda. Now tell me about the meetings,
how many did you have where everyone was healed? Art: Out of roughly ten
meetings, we had five of them where we saw a hundred percent
results. Sid: You know something, when I
talk to him, he kind of thinks this is normal. You know that this isn’t normal,
Art. Art: It is now. It is now. Sid: Do you believe that
everyone watching us can do what you can do or you have just a
special gift? Art: No, no. Jesus said in Mark 16, “These
signs will accompany those who believe.” That’s the only qualifier. It was not if you’re old enough,
if you’ve got credentials, if you’ve had enough experience, if
you have enough fruit of the spirit. It was, “if you believe.” And so we have people, a lot of
these meetings, I’ll have someone just get saved. Usually I’ll grab one of the
kids. They’ve just asked Jesus into
their heart, and they come up and show everybody else how to
minister healing. Sid: Did they really get healed? Art: It always works. Sid: Always. I like always. How about you? Okay. I’m going to take you back to
2003, and you had a visitation from an angel. What happened? Art: Yeah. I was working with a church
plant and we were just praying. And I was wanting a life of
miracles so desperately. So what I did, you know, I’m
praying, God, would you make this happen, and while I’m
seeking miracles, this angel appeared to me. I saw it in my spirit, it wasn’t
my physical eyes, but it said to me, “The only thing necessary
for a life of miracles is the presence of God. So stop seeking miracles and
just seek him.” And I learned in time that it
wasn’t even about seeking his presence, because he’s always
here. Sid: Yes. But you know, I see when you
pray, as casual as you are now. Why don’t you work something up? Art: You don’t have. Sid: Shout just a little bit. Art: John says, “The anointing
you’ve received abides in you.” It doesn’t say it abides in you
if you’re in the right mindset or if you shout loud enough, you
know. He’s with you all the time if he
lives in you. So I just, you know, I’m down to
earth because Jesus is down to earth. In fact, that’s the whole thing
he did, he came from Heaven down to Earth to be like us. Sid: Okay. And then the latter part of
2003, you have a vision of Heaven. Already you’re provoking me to
jealousy. But you know that’s the call of
the gentile, to provoke the Jew to jealousy. Come on now, that’s your call,
gentile. Art: Yeah. You know, we were at a men’s
prayer meeting with a small group of men that I was a part
of and as we were praying, the best I can call it is a trance,
you know, like Peter had when he was, you know, seeing about the
gentiles being saved. And during that time, it was
like I was walking in the woods that was like a beautiful woods
that I had never seen before. Everything is lush and green. And even though it’s a thick
canopy of leaves over my head, everything is bright and
vibrant. And then I realized Jesus was
walking next to me. And he took me over to the base
of this tree and peeled back the grass as though it was freshly
laid with sod, ran his fingers through this rich soil, and he
said, “You see everything in my Father’s Kingdom is full of
life.” And I said, “What do you mean? The soil is alive?” He said, “No, no, no. I didn’t say it’s alive. I said it’s full of life. Everything in my Father’s
Kingdom is full of life. In fact, as a citizen of this
Kingdom, you, too are full of life. You are a life-bringing who is
full of life.” And then I realized in John 5,
Jesus said, “Just as the Father raises the dead and gives them
life, even so the son gives life to whom he chooses.” And I used to think that verse
was only about Jesus. But I realized it was right on
the heels of him saying that the son does nothing by himself. He only does what he sees his
father doing, which is also true of me. I can’t do anything by myself. I can only do what he does. Sid: Is that why you’re almost
like in an observer? You read what God does, in the
Bible, and you just do what he does. Art: If he says it, it’s true. It’s impossible for God to lie. Sid: I’ll tell you what. You have child-like faith. Did anyone ever tell you that? Never grow up. Art: I believe you. Sid: Okay. I’m commanding you, never grow
up. Okay. You saw a video with Todd White. Art: I saw a YouTube video. I saw Todd White on there, and
he said, “Mark 16, Verses 17 and 18, says, ‘These signs will
accompany those who believe,'” and it lists them. And he said, “And that means if
these signs don’t accompany you, there must be something up with
your belief.” Now I was a youth pastor. I got credentials in the
Pentecostal denomination. Surely my belief is perfect,
right? You can’t tell me there’s
something wrong with my belief. So it made me mad, actually. And in order to prove Todd
wrong, I started searching. I threw away, not threw away,
but set aside every book I had been reading, every Podcast I
had been listening to. For three months, I studied only
the four Gospels, The Book of Acts and people who were doing
the stuff or had done the stuff like John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, and
many of the contemporaries. And when I saw the common thread
among them all, which was that they all believed it was always
God’s will to heal, and they believed that Jesus paid the
price for it with his own blood. He wouldn’t pay for something
that he didn’t want, that’s what tipped me over the edge. And I decided, all right, I
believe this, I’m going for it. Sid: First miracle, tell me
about it. Art: Well I came to that
conclusion three months later. I got up in my youth group and I
preached, God wants to heal and he wants to use you to do it. And I still never laid hands on
anybody and seen them healed. But I preached it with boldness. And I had these kids break up
into the groups and had them lay hands on each other and minister
healing. And I stood back because I still
didn’t actually believe God was going to use me, even though I
preached it with such boldness. And there was an intern at our
church named Josh who had an ear infection and some seventh grade
boys were praying for him. And he came up and he said,
“Pastor, I feel really bad. They prayed for me, nothing
happened. What should I do?” From what I had seen on YouTube,
I said, “Well just tell him to minister to you again.” I didn’t know, right? So he goes back to lay hands on
him again. This time the seventh grade boys
come up, “Pastor, I tried everything. What do we do?” Now I’m just, again, I don’t
think I can do anything. I’m just trying to be a smart
aleck youth pastor who thinks of something they haven’t tried
yet. So I go, “What did you try?” They said, “We laid hands on
him.” We said, “Be healed in Jesus’
name. We prayed for him, we asked God
to do it. Nothing worked.” I said, “Did you try this?” And I walked up to him and stuck
my finger in his ear, and I said, “Open,” just as a joke. And the intern goes, “Oh my
goodness, that worked.” Of course, I said the same
thing. Sid: Man of great faith. Art: What I learned out of that
is that it’s not so much about what you need to do, it’s about
who you believe. I didn’t have to feel the right
feeling, think the right thoughts, say the right word. Just let Jesus do what he wants
to. Sid: Okay. He says it’s so simple that his
two-year-old son prays for a miracle. I want to find out about that
when we come back. We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Simply, when you pray for
someone and they’re not healed, and it does happen, you must get
very discouraged. Art: It would be easy to. In fact, that’s something I talk
about a lot in my ministry, is how we deal with the process of
as we’re growing into the faith we need to do miracles like
Jesus. And it’s a struggle sometimes. But what I do is I say, alright,
if I were to successfully see a healing here, I don’t walk
around hogging the Glory from that. That belongs to Jesus, so I give
that to him. So it would be wrong for me as
well to hold the burden of it, especially since Scripture
commands me, “Cast your burdens on Jesus who cares for you.” So my job is to not hog the
Glory or the burden. All of it belongs to Jesus. And so sometimes people aren’t
healed, but that’s not my emotional weight to carry. I do, however, take
responsibility and go to Jesus and say, why couldn’t I do what
you could have done if you were standing right here. And to be honest, about a
quarter of the time I get an answer. The rest of the time, I’m left
wondering. But that quarter of the time
I’ve put it into practice and I see results the next time. Sid: You know what? That sounds like the way we’re
supposed to pray. What if you pray for someone and
they die? Art: It’s heartbreaking. Sid: It’s worse than that. Art: First thing you do, you
shoot for resurrection. I mean, Jesus commanded, raise
the dead, right, Matthew 10:8. But if they stay dead, you know,
you still process through it, but you let it fuel you for the
future. It makes you say, “I want this
to work, Jesus. Life is precious. You consider these people
precious and it always worked for you, and I want to be as
much like you as possible.” Sid: What if, and I know one
case like this, you were in Uganda and there was a woman
with an eye problem, and you’re praying for, and nothing
happens. So you pray for her again and
something happens. People get up and walk out. Tell me about that. Art: Yeah. I had just taught this
congregation how to minister healing, and I said, “I want to
demonstrate for you. So how many of you here have eye
problems?” And I think three or four raised
their hands. I just picked this woman at
random from the front. I said, “What’s your problem?” She says, “I can see far, but I
can’t read.” So I opened up the Bible and I
said, “Alright, look at it. Can you read that?” She said, “No.” Set the Bible down, hands on her
eyes, “Eyes open in Jesus’ name.” Opened up the Bible. “Any change?” She said, “No.” I did the same thing, I don’t
have to change my words. I’m not looking for the right
magic words to convince God, you know, and I did it over and
over, and 15 minutes goes by, and one woman gets up and walks
out of the church, and I’m like Sid: I’m glad it’s only one. Art: I figured, I’ve got to do
something now. So I turned to the congregation,
I said, “Did Jesus pay for this woman to see?” And they sheepishly started to
nod their heads. I said, “Did he pay a very high
price for this woman to see?” And they smiled. I said, “Does it matter if I
look like a fool in front of all of you while I contend for Jesus
to receive what he paid for?” And without an answer, I went
right back, “Eyes open in Jesus’ name.” Any change? No. And that on for five more
minutes until.. Sid: Why do you keep doing it? I mean, most people when they
pray, I watch them on TV, “Be healed in the name of Jesus,”
and before you can even find out if they’re healed, then the next
person will be healed. You don’t see to work that way. Art: No. I want to see something
verifiable. So you know, what I do is I am
for now and I tell people, you know, in practice, sometimes we
see miracles happen the next day or a week later, or even a month
later, in practice. But as a target, I want to be
like Jesus, and he healed every single person the same day that
he ministered to them and almost all of them, it was immediate. Sid: Well what happened to the
woman? Art: Well she started to see the
large print. And I turned to the congregation
and I said, “Alright, you can see this is starting to work,
but I’m going to go back to her and keep ministering until we
have a hundred percent. But now that you see how this
works, if you need healing, come up to the front.” Ten people lined up. I said to the rest of the
congregation, “You know how to do this. You’re the prayer team. Come on up. They gathered around and started
ministering to these people. I went back to that woman, “Eyes
open in Jesus’ name.” Opened up the Bible and she
smiled and started reading all of it out loud. And then she goes to sit down
and I said, “Where are you going?” She sat down. I said, “No, no, no. You come pray for somebody.” She smiled. She found the one man no one was
praying for yet and he was an old man who was completely
blind, and he was the first one healed out of that line of
people. All ten of them were healed. I only prayed for one. Sid: What do you believe as far
as, does God really want everyone healed. Is it because we don’t have
enough faith that we’re not healed? Art: Well Hebrews 1:3 says that,
“Jesus the son is the radiance of God’s Glory and the exact
representation of his being.” And Jesus went around, there are
nine different scriptures throughout the Gospels and The
Book of Acts that say Jesus healed all. There’s no question about it. There was a never a person who
came to him and he said, “I’m sorry, my Father is building
character in you” or no, or not yet. You know, all these things that
we’ve come up with in our American ideology, right, of,
you know, why people aren’t healed to make ourselves more
comfortable. It always works for Jesus. The only time someone tried to
minister healing in Jesus’ name and it didn’t work was when the
disciples tried to cast out a spirit from an epileptic boy and
then Jesus was still able to do. And they did what I do. They asked Jesus, why couldn’t
we do it. So I believe Jesus always wants
it because he always did it. But second of all, it’s what he
paid for. Isaiah 53 talks about the
atonement, “He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for
inequities. The punishment for our peace was
upon him. By his stripes we are healed.” So Jesus paid for it. He wouldn’t pay for something he
didn’t want. And for that matter, I tell
people, you can answer most of your own questions about God’s
will to heal by just replacing the word “heal” with
“forgiveness”. Would a sinner ever ask for
forgiveness and he says no or not yet? Or would he ever say, I’m sorry,
I’m building character in you with this sin and once I’ve got
that worked out then I’ll forgive you. It would never happen. So why do we believe that about
healing when he paid with the exact same blood for that. Sid: Okay. I have to ask you this. You prayed for me and I am not
healed. Is it my lack of faith? Art: No. I never, ever put it on the
person. Sid: Who’s lack of faith? Art: I put it on me. You know, I have faith in my
wife. I trust her implicitly. But if she says, hey, jump off
the roof, I’ll catch you, I don’t trust that because I know
my wife’s limitations. But the beauty is God has no
limitations. The only limitations he has are
between our own ears. We think that he can’t do what’s
in front of us. And so as a minister, I take the
responsibility, I go to the Lord with it, I process it with him. But again, I don’t carry the
burden. I know my salvation is secure. That’s taken care of. But this is faith for this
specific instance. Something was amiss. And many times, he wakes me up
to what it was and corrects me as a son and then we see results
in the future. Sid: Okay. When we come back, I would like
Art to pray for you. Would you like that? We’ll be right back to
It’s Supernatural! We now return to
It’s Supernatural! Sid: You know, here in America,
if someone becomes a believer and they go into a good church,
Art, the pastor will usually say, “Sit, sit,” year after
year, after year. Is that really necessary? Art: Hopefully, that’s not
happening anywhere, but I know it does, but not necessary at
all, no. Jesus was sending people out
even before they were ready. Luke, Chapter 9, he sends out
his 12, and before the chapter is even over, they’re arguing
who’s the greatest. They’re proud of themselves for
shutting someone else down and he’s like, no, whoever is not
against is for us. They even wanted to call down
fire on a Samaritan village that didn’t receive him. Like that’s murder, that’s
wrong. But he, you would think he’s
going to think. Sid: They should have been sitting for the next
20 years in the church. Art: I know. But the next thing he does,
Luke, Chapter 10, he sends out 72 more. And in Luke, Chapter 11, one of
them asks, “Lord, teach us to pray.” You know, they’re not even
confident in their prayer lives yet. So I tell people, don’t wait
until you’re perfect to do the commission or you’ll never do
it. Do the commission. Jesus will perfect you along the
way. Sid: Okay. Kenya, 300 children. Tell me. Art: Yeah. I was invited to this school. Sid: Were these kids perfect? Art: No, they weren’t perfect. In fact, it was probably a good
number of them were maybe Muslim. You know, this is a part of
Kenya where that happens a lot. And so there’s 300 of them. I was invited to speak in this
school. They were probably about third
or fourth grade in American age group and I preached to them
about Jesus. And at the end, I told them
about people who I had seen in Uganda who were thrown out of
their families for choosing to follow Jesus. I said, “I can’t promise you
that if you choose to follow him that your whole life is going to
be wonderful, but I can promise you that it’s worth it.” And I said, “If you want to
receive this Jesus knowing what it could cost you, I want you to
stand up now.” And as far as I could tell, all
300 of them stood up, and they walked through a prayer of
salvation in their own language. And then I said, “You know Jesus
says these signs will accompany those who believe. How would you like to see what
Jesus can do through you now that you believe?” And I taught them very briefly
about healing, three minutes maybe. And I said, “If you’ve got eye
problems, ear problems, pain in your body, sickness, disease,”
and I made the mistake of saying, “a bump, a scrape or a
bruise,” because every kid stood up. Right? So I paired them off. I said, “Alright, just lay hands
on each other and say, ‘Be healed in Jesus’ name’, we’ll
see what happens.” They do it and some of them,
I’ve got it on video, some of them are goofing off, some of
them are taking it seriously. But it’s not these signs who
will accompany those who believe if they don’t goof off, right,
or if they’re old enough, or anything like that. At the end, I calmed them down. I said, “Now test it out. If you know you’re healed, pain
is gone, you can see, you know, your skin is healed over,
whatever it is, I want you to sit down. The rest of you stay standing. We’ll minister again.” Half the group sat down. Sid: Wow. Art: And so they did it again. Half of that group sat down. Did it again. The rest sat down except one boy
in the front row. And when I watched the video
later, no on prayed for him a second or third time. So I said, “You, what’s your
problem?” He said, “My eyes. I can’t read.” I put my hands on his eyes,
“Eyes open in Jesus’ name”, opened the Bible. He smiled and started reading. Three hundred kids, all of them
saved, all of them minister healing, five minutes later, I
only touched one of them, so it’s not my fault. Jesus did the work. Sid: Okay. Jesus is doing the work right
now. I want you to know this. Anyone with a wrist problem, if
you’ll just move your wrist, if you have a problem with your
hip, just stand up and walk a little bit. You’ll see you don’t have a
problem with your hip. Art, would you pray. Art: Absolutely. Jesus, I thank you for those
watching this right now and I know that you have even touched
some already as we were talking. And so right now, I just speak
to everyone who’s there watching start to move something you
couldn’t move before. Try to do something you couldn’t
do. I think you’re healed already. But if you’re not, in Jesus’
name, right now I speak complete wholeness to your body. I’m specifically feeling right
here just under my right shoulder blade, somebody’s got
something going on there, maybe a rotator cuff going on. So just move your arm around, be
completely healed in Jesus’ name. Sid: And you know what? I am hearing that someone’s
elbow, I don’t know, it doesn’t matter what’s the matter. But if you’ll do what Art said,
if you’ll start moving it, the pain will just vanish. You’ll see. I also believe that God is doing
healing in teeth. I saw a gold tooth, someone is
getting a gold tooth. One nugget that is going to
really stick with us, tell me. Art: Yeah. I would say minister with the
authority that Jesus has given you. Don’t ask God to do something he
told you to do. Most of the time, my whole life
not seeing results, I was asking God to heal the person in front
of me, when in Matthew 10:8, Jesus commanded his 12, “You
heal the sick.” Everything he says is an
invitation to partner with him and let him move through you to
do what he’s commissioned you to do. Sid: Are you ready? I can tell you this. I want you to become like a
little child. I want you to forget what lies
behind and press forward to the high calling God has on your
life. It’s not an accident you’ve been
called to the Kingdom for such a time as this and it’s time for
you to start laying hands on the sick and seeing them recover. Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My guest has chutzpah, that’s a
Hebrew word, it means “nerve”. She would hear her mother and
father say, in front of a group of a thousand Muslims, if this
man is not healed, don’t believe anything that I say. That’s chutzpah. Your gifts to this ministry will
help Sid air It’s Supernatural in Israel 28 times a week and
distribute his evangelistic book to the Jewish people worldwide.

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Brethren, I need healing from Parkinson's disease, chronic fatigue, prostate enlargement/possible cancer, peripheral neuropathy and sebaceous cyst on my right back. Thanks for all your prayers.

Dear Brother Art Thomas, my name is Devanand and am from Mauritius. Please kindly pray for me. I have abdominal pain or gastric pain possibly caused by acidity reflux or may be any other cause, at the region of the navel and slightly higher since March 2017. I also have sciatic lower back pain since about 3 years.  I am highly convinced that the power of Jesus will for sure heal me through you. Blessings and Love. Thank you so much.

This was a very strong and powerful word! However, when he mentioned the epileptic boy, and when the disciples questioned Jesus about why they weren't able to cast out the demon or infirmity, Jesus said that it was their unbelief that hindered him. Also, some things do not go, but by prayer and fasting. For those of you who are unfamiliar with fasting, the act of fasting humbles and weakens your flesh, so that your spirit can have super or stronger power or authority. Unbelief stems from thoughts in your mind, and your mind is a part of your body (flesh). So, if you weaken your body by fasting, believe that you are already healed, meditate on the word of god regarding your problem or sickness and believe that by his stripes you are healed and that sickness has no home or authority over your body, then the word of god will overpower your body and his word will become flesh. So basically, if your healing hasn't manifested, it isn't because you aren't healed, it's because something inside of you is pulling you away from reality, and the reality ISN'T YOUR SICKNESS, the reality is THE WORD OF GOD! Believe that you have already received and you shall have what you ask. also, when you think you are having a symptom, cast it out of your mind and body in Jesus' name. Remember, you have all of the power and authority, sickness doesn't. God bless.

I am praying & requesting prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ to heal my heart from all of the loss, grief, trauma, & broken relationships in my life. These barriers are preventing me from creating mutual love, companionship, & joy. I pray for the right doors to open so healing & life can begin.

Please pray for my daughter and I to be released from our abuser and allow us to enter into gods plan for us. I have been spiritually trapped for 31 years!! Help!!

Please pray for salvation for my daughter, healing for my son, healing for my friend Clore ….thank you for this program…I have received great uplifting and been blessed

Please pray for my son Nathan who needs a healing miracle in his body. He has partial brain, his body is twisted , his hips out of their sockets. And He has seizures. He needs a miraculous healing for his teeth. He doesn't walk, talk or feed himself. He wears diapers etc. I love my son. God blessed me with him. I made arrangements to adopt him before he was born. God has poured His love in my heart for my beautiful boy . Please , pray for complete healing for my son. He's now 27 years old and he has a mind of a child but he's so joyful. My miracle boy. Im thankful God blessed me with my Nathan.

Please pray for my husband Gary Black. He has been diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia and is having significant memory problems. He is only 66 years of age. This has really torn my family apart. My children are college age. This is very hard. Gary cannot carry on a conversation anymore.

Please pray for complete healing on my pelvis, lower back and also sacrum and my right SI joint misalignment and injury. My both legs will receive back full feeling. I can sit, stand and walk without pain, no need for surgery n expensive treatment. In Jesus' name. Amen

My grandson was born with motor skills disability until now he can't move alone. His 3 yrs old he needed a help he uses a baby bottle for feeling. I need Jesus to heal him.

Can you please pray for my son Patrick Jason Lee and Thaddeus Nicholas Lee to returned to God they became atheist . Pls I beg you to help my son before it’s too late.Please pray for us .Thank you in advance From Anita Sydney .Ausralia

my wife's father mr.sriman narayana aged 69 years is suffering from liver cirrosis not functioning at all, kindly pray for him
with burden that Lord Jesus restores new organ.

I thank God for dis supernatural program and l want my people to know dat God is the first thing in our life , without Jesus our life is useless , God love every body ,but let us put our mind on him and prayer he will review him self to us , God bless us Amen

THANKS BILLIONS OMNIPOTENT GOD✌אֱלֹהִי manifesting DIVINEs Empowering & Firing on thy's servant isisfong once of my life time LOVING GOD יהושוע marriage together serving in *GOD JESUS POWERFUL MERCIFUL NAME of glorying THE unique ***LORD ALMIGHTY GOD HEAVENLY FATHER✌ יהוה ** its done amen✌ thank you Evangelists Sid & Art

Need heart healed…lungs and breathing healed… throat healed… legs, back…. everything….mind…. also almost every part of my body needs healing … thank you for your prayers

Art please pray for me that my speech will become more articulate when speaking and more organization of thought when speaking of God to others who have doubts


my name is perikles.please pray for me to be filled with the Holy Spirit and  to be healed  from all my illness. My LORD JESUS please heal me.Thank you


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