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hey guys welcome to puerto viejo we are on the caribbean side of Costa Rica and I’ve got another yoga workout class for you today this yoga workout class is going to be focused on your legs were going to be working through different pilates exercises infused with yoga postures to give you a nice strengething and lentheing workout for those of you that are looking for a longer workout today go ahead and combine this video with my ukranian lower body workout video to give you exactly what you need otherwise if you’re ready grab a mat and lets do it alright were going to begin in a seated position starting by simply rounding the spine arching the back inhale again rounding the spine and then coming into neutral position reaching the arms forwards scooping the belly come down about half way single legged hold extending the left leg shoulders staying diwn go ahead reach for that leg until you slowly release stretch out the hamstring a little bit feel free to massage the leg mentally prepare yourself for our next move single legged bridge to start arms up go ahead lift the pelvis then tae it down doing eight of these and three and five last one hold it up lift the bottom heel off the ground all were doing here is just holding that leg deep breath in slowly from here release the heel bend the left knee give me baby pulses hold grab that knee pull to chest extend the right leg rock the leg side to side then open just breath think about pulling knee to shoulder looking over your left shoulder deep breath in come back to center straight single leg stretch lift the bottom leg above the ground focus on the breathing inhale into your nose bend one to chest wonderful releasing the leg reaching the arms over your head forward folf allowing yourself to sink little deeper go further by trying to grab your big toes if you can pulling your body forward if thats too hard continue to hold on or behind the knees awesome releasing the legs lets take a reversed upwards plank lifting the pelvis throwing the head back squeezing the glutes just holding this position make your day down reverse the whole sequence on other leg shoulders down extending the right leg engaging through that core reach for that leg with control come down bend the knee or keep it straight go ahead extend the leg give it a nice stretch when you’re ready go ahead and point your toes 8 bridge lifts for one back heel off the mat on tippy toe hold and engage breath lifting as high as you can towards the sky bend the top leg and take baby pulses drop the heel to the floor slowly take it down grab that right knee extend the left leg stretch add a rock of the knee hug right knee pull to the side deep breath in exhale spinal twist right knee across right arm opens looking over the right shoulder and just breathing here inhale into your nise let go of tension as you exhale come back to center go ahead with single leg stretch pulling as close to your body as posisble lifting that over leg holding this position forst forhead reaching towards the knee prepare ourselves for straight single legged switches modify by dropping the head down keep going awesome grab the leg releasing the body reaching over the head exhale roll up arms up and take your seated forward fold wonderful job this time see if you can go a little bit further do not fold from your back fold from the hips only reach the arms up exhale arms to the side come to seated arms reaching side stretch slowly come to centre other side make sure you’re grounded feeling that nice stretch let go of tension inhale into your nose awesome come back to center arms forward hollow the belly coming into boat posture bring the hands to the floor to make it easier toe touches were doing 12 here hold allowing the shoulder to release were going to come into cat cow rounding the spine exhale arch the back round and arch rounding the spine slwoly come up to downward dog take the time to release the hastring deep breath into your nose exhale walk your feet to the top of your mat rounding through to your plank nice and slow shoulders over the wrists hold the position belly bottom right into your spine then slowly rounding through into plank take 4 pushups take ti down you can come down to the knees two more take a flow upwards facing dog then exhale push back to downward dog walk it out reaching the right leg up hold for a moment bending the right knee plank touch right knee to elbow extend all the way up repeating 3 more times hold for a moment bend the top knee deep breath in exhale come to plank touching the right elbow two more times last time inhale exhale exhale release the foot downward dog chaturanga upward dog downward facing dog walk out the dog right leg up pigeon pose right knee to right thumb finding your center come down with your body awesome this is a great time to let go inhale into your nose exhale out of your mouth allowing yourself to surrender to the floor inhale into your nose lift your body tuck your toes come up downward facing dog take your flow chaturanga upward gacing dog exhale downward facing dog lets take it to the other side exhale out body melt into the ground inhale into your nose exhale let it go from here step back into the downward dog one last time come down to childspose taking a deep breath in exhale let it go slowly roll yourself up taking a breath come to seated position rest your hands on the knees big head roll to one side letting go of any tension other side arms reaching up to the ceiling exhale hands down bowing downt o your heart thanking yourself for your wonderful practice thank you guys so much i hope you have the most amazing rest of your day namaste

wow i love this so much ! i wanted to get back to yoga and i found your Channel, you are amazing ! thanks so much

Its so exciting to see you all enjoying this video and sharing your positive energy! Thank you all sooooo much. ♥
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love and light…
Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

You're quickly filling up my Youga playlist. So many different and good moves, it's invigorating and much welcome!

Thank you Juliana for such great workout! For years I was used to do Pilates for recovering from an injury; now I'm definitely out of shape compared to back them and the workout killed me hihihi but it made want to continue and get fit again and stay positive. Thank you and thank Boho Beautiful. All good energy wherever you might be!

Thank you so much for bringing the Yoga back, I love how I feel after! You rock and love how you Roll 😉

hi, I love this workout and the video's music 🙂 thanks so much for making it!! Is it possible to find out the name of the music artist that produced the video's soundtrack?

Amazing! You are changing the way I feel, physically, mentally and emotionally. Much gratitude to what you are putting out into the world. It is gracious and lovely and making a difference.

my very first video!! I love it!! Its the perfect workout style for me since i cant do too much cardio! Keep up the good work

I've struggled with an eating disorder for awhile, and today my thoughts have been so negative.  I realized these thoughts have become louder since I've abandoned my yoga practice.  I found your channel a few days ago, and I decided to try this out.  I feel so much better.  So much gratitude towards you <3

that last vidio was so hot love those black yoga pants so sexy a lot of yoga girs do yoga but not like you your the best love you so much you steel my heart your husben is a lucky man lots of love and kisses

Juliana, you are such a blessing! I love your blog and your workouts. I am 9 months postpartum and haven't felt this good about my body – strength, flexibility and endurance – since before I was pregnant. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

I wanted to do yoga, and strengthen my this is absolutely perfect!  Your videos are great, and it makes me happy to know that you are vegan, since I am as well…thank you so so so so much <3

thank you for gymnastics!
благодарю за гимнастические упражнения!

Awesome!! The day after I feel this in body parts like between the shoulders or the ribcage muscles. Great that these 20 minutes train the also important parts of the body!! Thank you

Thank you for helping me loose my pregnancy weight! I been doing your exercises for half a year already and the results are great! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

شكرا Namaste,
have a nice holiday , it is to easy to say, love your Videos and you, my life is better since i joined your class

Loved the workout! Where do you get your music from? I relish listening to it so I would be happy to support the creator(s) and get to know more of their work ^^

Wow! This is a great workout, esp. if you're short on time! Challenging and a sense of serenity at the same time. I'll be back.

Your channel is really good and thanks for sharing an amazing combination of yoga and Pilates 🙂 lots of love to you beautiful 😊

I love your workout and watch you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

You can learn more about workouts on Unflexal . Awesome solutions for health and bodybuilders I think.

Does anyone else find that their wrists and arms crack and pop everytime we change into downward dog on these exercises? I feel old that this happens to me!

занималась с вами! только в конце не поклонилась

Good morning from Upper Austria. Thank you for this perfect start into my day! Sending you lots of love & light! ❤️🧘‍♀️✨So, I guess it's been two weeks now since I found your channel and I so enjoy doing yoga and workouts on the morning and evening with you!

Thank you for making this pilates video. Your moves are beautiful and your guiding is very clear and in a great pace :D! The music is soothing too. Great job!

I've been sick in bed for two days and this was the perfect flow/workout/stretch I needed while I'm still getting my energy back! Thank you! I'm wondering, how are you so lean? Is it diet/exercise or genetics? Very beautiful. xo

Perfect combination of yoga-flow- flexibility mixed with pilates core training, it makes working out more fun ! do you have more of these excercises ?

I always struggle with my breathing when doing yoga or pilates. This video really helped me feel like I could let go! Thank you! 🌸🍀


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