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Here on Living Healthy Chicago
we love a good healthy habit that promotes mental well-being. Today we’re going to
check one out that’s very popular for that, yoga. So let’s meet a woman
who describes it as an essential
part of her week. (upbeat instrumental music) Sometimes the best way to
pick up a healthy habit is to find out what
works for others. – Hi, my name’s Olivia and
I’m an RD Nutritionist. Yoga is my healthy habit
because it helps me come to my breath. – Keep this up, inhale here. Exhale, twist a
couple more inches. – So Olivia, yoga is a
really great healthy habit and a popular one at that. Everyone that practices has
their reason for doing yoga. What’s yours? – In the class I’m able
to focus on my breathing, move slowly. I’m able to release the
small things from the day the were stressful,
frustrating, and I get to focus on my self-care. – Mindfulness is
big part of yoga. Does that help you have
any other mental benefits? – I have found that the
more consistent I am with my yoga practice, the
more that I can bring that into my life. Slowing down and having to
hold uncomfortable postures can help me to sit with
some of the discomfort that you might feel
in your own life. A space where you can
kind of center and focus with your breath and be
really present in the moment. It’s helps me do that on
a day-to-day basis, too. – I mean how often do we
actually take a deep breath in our everyday life? Not enough, shallow. Let’s take one right now. You talked about holding poses
and we know yoga is made up of a lot of different poses. How does that help you
in your physical being? – Holding those poses I
think really challenges a lot of smaller muscle groups
that I don’t often engage if I’m just focusing on
triceps, or biceps, or glutes. I always notice that
when I’m consistently doing yoga I feel like my
core is a lot stronger. I feel like my muscles are
a lot leaner and longer. – As a registered
dietician, nutritionist, you are taking care
of other people. You’re making sure
they’re staying healthy and this is allowing
you to stay healthy. – My self-care. – How do you find time for it? – It’s something
that’s non-negotiable. If I can’t take care of
myself I can’t take care of other people. So I make sure that I
can either carve out time in the morning or the evening. If I can’t make it to a
class, it’s something that I’m doing at home or doing
some sort of joyful movement. – Can we try some yoga? – Let’s do it.
– Awesome. (lively instrumental music) – [Instructor] Turn the
biceps a little more forward. Broaden the shoulder blades. Exhale, side bend to the right. Inhale to center,
exhale side bend left. Inhale center, separate. – If you have a healthy habit
you want us to check out, let us know on
Facebook or Twitter, or tag us on Instagram
at livinghealthyTV.

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