Yaron Brook Lectures: Morality & Capitalism -- Seoul, Korea

welcome to our this second time hosting your on Brooke he flew in from Singapore and he was kind enough to stop by Seoul Korea and give this presentation my name is Jeremy kitty I'm the organizer of Objectivist Avanza my brand we study objectivism the philosophy of Iran in Seoul Korea we meet about once a month and we go through Iran's books and have discussion and I invite you all to come I'd like to thank Waikele market partners who graciously allowed us the use of their seminar room and they're one of the leading law or intellectual property law firms in Seoul Korea so thank you and dr. Brooke who most of you know is the chairman of the board of the Iran Institute and his published books equals a fair free market revolution the moral case for finance and tonight he's going to be talking to us about the moral case morality of capitalism [Applause] schedule you know really any productive and busy time here and now in South Korea so that's been great and generally in Asia this is country number four one more to go getting to Puerto Rico is colorful one listen Somalia capitalism up and we should talk about what morality is you know why be model what's morality all about what's this okay how can we even talk about morality of a social economic political system what's morality what do we mean when we talk about ethics or morality what is it in your actions what's that humanity humanity is morality does a man is just be human right morality is a way of guiding our actors morality is a set of principles to guide of choices I important choices you know not what should await your the day but what to do with your life kind of make one choices they gonna shape your life it's a its principles to guide you to figure out what is right and what is wrong what is good and what is bad what to do what to avoid in life in living life anymore only every more well II no matter what its content is is aimed at giving you guidance on how to live your life and how to live your life and objectivism the standard for that guy yes he's your life then subjectivism what is good is that what it enhances your life and what is evil is that which harms hoods destroys your life or more generally human life the good is what is in principle good for human beings evil bad is what is in principle bad that that's morality and ask the application if you will morality in objectivism because you have to ask good for whom in objectives and answers good for you as a human being other system of ethics might say good for whom good for other people good for whom good for God but objectivism it's good for you as a human being so what is good for you and me if we want to live good lives if you want to survive it's you mean if you want to be able to stay alive what is good what is the mechanism by which human beings stay alive survive what do we have to do to survive like other animals they have a program right they know how to I know is you know know it quotes but they you know what plant knows how to survive what does it have to do this life well they need to survive plants sunlight so it boot them in the shade they go looking for the light right whatever put it if they need wadis if you put them in dry soil they send their roots out looking for the water and you can say that the water the sunlight for the plan of values the things that they act to gain you know keep for the purpose of what what are they what's the purpose of it seeking the sunlight seeking the water their own life an animal she does but uh they they know that programmed into the DNA innocence is what they need in order to survive what they need in order to live it's determined if you were and they focus they go decide they don't have the the pre-programmed to survive they don't have the choice not to survive they do the things that they that they DNA tells them would lead to survival they you know they could be wrong right it can be eaten by a predator they can be run over by a car but they purpose is life or for human beings we are different why are we different because we get to choose we can actually choose not to live we can choose not to survive I here suicide rates in Korea fairly high unfortunately some kids choose not to live that's a choice like this a choice but it's a choice but once we choose to live we don't have it programmed in us what will lead to survival what will lead to death you can't just put a kid in the middle of the you know neighborhood and down know where to find food and they'll go out across the street now no they don't they don't have the instance we don't have it programmed in our DNA what do we have to do in order to figure out what to do just enough what do we have to do to think yeah we need to use our minds use our senses to understand the world integrate the information of our senses and think conceptualize from context think about stuff use logic figure out what's true and what's not what will lead to survival order lead to death what's good for us much bad for us what food is healthy what food is poison none of that is in schedule we attracted to lots of things that will kill us just shiny pretty things so human beings have to think in order to figure out how to survive how to live how to fight they can't and they don't do it automatically so for objectivism fun grand be number one value the number one thing that you want to obtain that you want to have that you want to achieve in life is reason is that capacity the capacity of reason the ability to reason you don't embrace that use it and make every decision based on it reason is all means human being means survival if we want to survive we want to live we need a think there's no alternative so for an reason is our cardinal value one of three cardinal values I mean even the basic stuff like I mean we don't have we don't have to gene that tells us how to hunt try to stick somebody grand a person in lieu of the Amazon they don't know how to survive they'd have to give it out hey how did how did we primitive man survive as hunters what did they have to do oh wait you have to build traps they'd have to organize in groups and hunters a group which meant communication and strategy and a plan it have to build weapons bows and arrows Spears knives we have no claws no fangs will weep was slow we're not an animal built to physically survive in nature you go up against a saber-toothed tiger see you two tigers in a win every time and yet you all sit here comfortable in your chairs this condition building although a condition not too strong but and a saber-toothed tiger was he in a museum somewhere stuffed wait why because we have smarted we didn't a muscleman we had smarted what makes us human I'm not thumbs some professors my teacher it's nothing to do with our physical ability its ability to think it's off building eating me rational top Billy need a reason plan strategize figure out ways in order to beat the saber-tooth tiger in order to hunt the food that we need to grow the crops that we need in order to survive as humans so we we need reason is out tiny Valley and we need to have we need to have a goal in life we need to focus on reason towards something we need to act out there in reality for a purpose so human being in order to thrive in order to succeed in life in order to survive they need to have a purpose you know purpose can be in you know in our most primitive state the purpose is to survive it's to live it's the catch it's a capture animals in the hunt it's to grow the the you know the the crops that we need in order to eat and in more advanced societies the purpose for most of us is the equivalent of hunting and for me which is what what's the equivalent of that today well buying is the outcome big Oh what's what's your publicani huge your life what's equivalent on out you working that's introduced they make you smell working having a career right we don't have to go hunt wait the buying is more like they're actually eating you know the cooking and eating bread so now we did buy it but but the hunting the being a farmer the equivalent of that is the working it's the producing it's they're going out there having a career doing stuff that produces the wealth that makes it possible to put food on the table roof above a handsome fly on vacations all over the world and do whatever we want to do right the hunters could even imagine doing this with is what much better it could you see the devil they were very limited in what they computers so the equivalent on Monty today is us having in Korea having a purpose now is not just to survive our purpose now is not just to get the food to make it possible for us to live another day a butcher's now to live the best life we can live the happiest life we can live to live well and never quiet they request focus on a career focus on would focus on production focus on producing stuff then we can net trade with others and have the resources to be able to do the things we want to do in life and at the end of the day we want to we want to be able to to be happy in life right the ultimate purpose of all of this the ultimate goal of everything is your happiness it's not just survival quanta material survival such as survival I have enough to eat it's survival as a human being as a fully rational you've been with all our capacities and ability to enjoy life which is happiness happiness is a state of state of Georgia some momentary thing it's not something that comes and goes or you can be sad because something bad has happened but you can fundamentally be happy in life because your general view of life your general emotion it like is joy is positive and how do we where do we get that happiness father where does that Julie comfort what comes from achieving values comes from achieving rational values that are pro-life that enhance I like then make our life better and it comes from a sense of belonging in this world call that sense self-esteem some steam is the idea kind of it's a it's a it's a it's a sense that yeah they belong in this hood I can do stuff here I can achieve I'm confident in this world I know that if I set my mind to gold I can achieve that goal and that's that confidence that sense of of belonging that sense of achievement is is self esteem and self esteem purpose and reason a fine man the three cardinal values in morality so morality is about reason purpose self-esteem and all the principles of morality they tell you what you should do how to act all aimed at achieving reason purpose and self esteem quran' presents us with seven virtues that correspond to the reason purpose of self-esteem that help us attain those values through action so the things that we do in our life now what does this all have to do with capital what's capitalism free market free of what coercion free of code for your for your authority few people telling you what to do and taking your stuff and forcing you to do stuff you don't want to do it capitalism is a system of freedom it's a system where you're left alone to pursue your rational values now why is capitalism essentially a model system indeed wise capitalism the only model system that exists because if morality is about reason purpose self-esteem then what can mean what kind of life does reason purpose self-esteem require what kind of environment when we get into a social context when we're with other people what was required in order for me to achieve reason for this honesty what was I be well my condition yeah sweet a hat so free to think and feel act based on those thoughts free to use my judgment to determine my actions free to pursue my purpose as I see it based on my choices free to live a rational life so in order to be moral in order to live we must be able to act and we must be able to act on our own judgement remember morality is not about following orders Ronny's not about following Commandments rallies not following about doing what other people tell you to do where well is about pursuing your reason to achieve your purpose and your happiness which requires you to act in the world and what is the enemy what is the thing that could stop you from acting he can stop you from thinking incursion it's force it's somebody's of thumb somebody puts a gun to your head and says follow my orders or else I shoot what else you together your thinking is development it doesn't matter anymore what you think it does not matter what your purposes it doesn't matter what your goals up you can't have any self esteem all you have is yes sir oh you're dead so closure in any form is the enemy of morality it's the enemy of your ability to make choices with regard to your own life with regard to your own purpose in your own life Oh God you won't happens I mean think about about all the ways in which government today uses its coercive power to constraint to constrain the options that you have to constrain the actions that you take to constrain the thinking that you do I mean the taxes you pay constraint amount of wealth that you have and therefore the kind of actions that you can take and therefore the kind of things that you can do in pursuit of you want happiness in pursuit of your own values think about the way government regulates it tells you know these things we don't approve of this is how you do I don't know pharmaceutical research you do it this way I've got an idea of how to do it this way No so thinking with regard to this new approach is gone it's development you can't do it you can't pursue what do you think is your purpose and only you can search with your purposes what can you do now you might you arm they might turn out to be like but unless you try it well unless you try to bring it into existence how do you know every aspect of our cause is a way that it the different strict individual action it's a way that restrict individual choices and a way that restricts individual thinking and in that sense it restricts our ability to actually pursue our purpose to actually pursue our happiness and therefore to actually pursue a moral life to sue the best life that we can toss up so mobility morality necessitates freedom to live a moral life one wants to be free to make the choices to make the decisions to take the actions that one's own judgment determines it good for oneself and one of the primary butchers in objectivism is independence you have to choose the values for yourself nobody can choose them for you no you decide what's good or bad for you I can advise you somebody you can tell you oh look you might be making mistake but at the end of the day your choices are yours you have to stand back you will suffer the consequences or the rewards of your decisions your actions your choices so you want a political system you want an environment it's soso environment that leaves you free to do exactly that leaves you free to live your life as you see fit by your standards based on your judgment as an individual so coercion is the enemy of a good life coercion is the enemy of the pursuit of happiness coercion and force are the enemies of life the enemies of life and therefore to the extent then we have a political system that closes us did that extend it seemed all to that extent to say I'd like to that extent its antonym suit happiness and the only model system the only economic system of social system that actually leaves us free leaves us alone to pursue our values to pursue our choices to act in ways that we judge to be right for us is cathlin capitalism therefore is the only model system it's the only system that leaves the individual free to live their lives leaves the individual free to sue their own judgment and therefore their own happiness ultimately and even a little bit of coercion is a strain on your choices a strain on you action and it was Imam and therefore must be avoided in a political system we in politics we define as freedom of action this idea that you should act free of code you should act basis of your own judgment in pursuit of your own values without coercion and force and judge and uh and authority that's what individual rights are you know the concept of individual rights is basically a moral concept it says that in pursuit of your life in pursuit of your values in the suit of you're thinking of your reason you must be left free you must be left free to act on and on the address so it's kind of a it's a mall mall principle that is the bridge between morality and politics it is so capitalism as a shortcut basically it's the system that protects individual rights where the government protects individual rights and does nothing else and those individuals are the freedoms the freedoms of Funko's the freedom from force so we all know should know the capitalism works capitalism is efficient the capitalism produces wealth in any way we allow people to be free they produce they create they generate wealth but the wolf doesn't understand is the capitalism small and the reason it doesn't understand it's not because it's not because you know they don't understand capitalism and they'd understand how it works they don't understand so the reason they don't get it it's because they don't get more out it most of the world believes that morality is about other things morality is about sacrifice morality is about living your life for the sake of others the whole the whole way that's morality is taught and thought of them is about the other and the dominant morality is called altruism all true meaning other other isn't your purpose in life is to serve other people your purpose in life is to sacrifice to other people that morality is incompatible with capitalism capitalism is about you being free to make choices for yourself I'll choose them if it's all about other people then why do I need to be fit if morality is about all about other people then it's okay to force me to help them it's okay to control my actions talk to to enhance my altruism I sacrifice my duties other you cannot build you cannot defend capitalism on the basis of morality volunteerism and that's the big failure of the 20th century in the early 21st century is that how economists sell thinkers the people who really advocated for capitalism will all ultimately growl grounded it in a morality to try to ground it in around about Rossum and it fail it doesn't work it's inconsistent the two don't match and the only thinker who saw the capitalism needed a new mall coal not that that's why she developed it but needed a new mo called assignment now if the assignment didn't do it in that order she did install with the love of capitalism and then develop a morality what did she do why did she develop a new morality what's that yeah she hated communism that's not why she developed on you morality and you Marco it's not what caused it think about a new mall code why don't you think of it what did she come up with a new mall code what was the motivation I mean she hated mall you should get capital communism if you love capitalism all of that is true but what is the driving force of who to really as a philosopher think about what is morality and what's waiting about morality and what's waiting morality and what's good and what's evil and philosophically to struggle with coming up with it with truth with regard to well yeah it's what what motivated who is who love of human beings of individual human beings did she want and understand whatever I yield human being would be like what is the ideal because she's a novelist right she was written novels and and then almost wanted to portray great human beings and ideal of what a perfect human being would be like and she witnessed read the Philosopher's and on the Fosters say is oh man is low man is defeated man is a wimp man needs to live other people with grovel and it's a servant and she said that's how that ideal human being she loved it the business man she looked at adventurer she loved them the individual went out and did something with their lives and live big lives and she needed she needed an explanation for that what does it take to be a great individual human being and how do i portray such human view what characteristics were given to be an ideal and that's how she basically develops the morality with that notion or motivated by that notion of the grandeur of mankind the potential to be quit she saw that you know the wonderful things post 90 cent she posted us to evolution that man kind of produced that it created she asked herself what kind of individual human being makes this possible what kind of human uses the great art the music the great sculpture the great painting but the main industries do mean technology that we produce during that 19th century early 20th century that's all humanity writes from poverty for the first time in her ministry ladies did you guys the guys thought of recognizes the idea that morality that ethics is not at all suffering it's not about other people it's not about living for other people it's not about other people's about you from Aristotle morality is about figuring out how to live the best life you could live how to achieve eudaimonia achieve happiness success flourishing there be the best human being you can be and she she basically is is is continuing that body she's refining and I think dramatically improving a bastardos project in identifying the values and virtues that lead to a successful life but a goal is a successful life the goal is to be the best human being she can be and to portray in a novel the best human beings possible I healed the perfect and then inspire us inspire us to live up to that idea to be the best immediately so our motivation is individualistic she said in she said he wanted one of Si she says I'm for capitalism because I fought rational self-interest which is what she calls her morality right she's she's for evil but I'm for egoism because I recognized the importance of Reason the reason is only means of knowledge so all rests on this idea that we must use our mind to survive and we must survive survival is a necessity but you know that's life like the survival and then we must use our reason in order to survive capitalism is the only system that makes that possible that leaves us free to do exactly that all right I'll take questions yeah it's probably just to the camera yeah yeah I have a question about reason purpose and self aesthetic values I think I can visualize my purpose might be a value because you're you're achieving certain things that you've chosen to achieve I can see how self-esteem is a value because you'll do things to kind of raise yourself up reason I seem to conceptualize that my mind is just as faculty in your head and not nestling you already have there were students kind of odd for me it's it is the learning is that the planning is it what is it what is pursuing reason as a value visually as beings it's using it so you have the faculty yeah everybody has the faculty but just from observation you could tell that many people don't use it it's the engaging in its taking it seriously it's not it's not saying how I'll think when I would walk but I won't think when I'm at home or I won't use it because it's uncomfortable if I think about the stuff over there stop over there it's gonna make me feel bad if I think about it I just get ignored it's avoiding that evasion in other words it's it's you've got a faculty but the faculty is in a sense it's just there right and part of it in a sense automatic well we see stuff that's part of the reason we use our senses but to actually fully utilize it requires real effort thinking requires you to focus it requires you to engage it requires you to and that's why the virtue is rationality in what personality means is do it do the actions that involve logically thinking observing reality collecting the fact you know not not going by your emotions really digging in and figuring out what's true and what's not so it's the action that leads to this idea of taking your reasons seriously which means acting which means you don't engage in it so think of it think of all the people who have reasons don't use it and so then it's not a value because I'm using that I'm pursued but I'm driving they're not using it in every part of their life they're not taking it seriously so it's not about easily and questions you can ask questions buddy so how do you think we get around this kind of like it's kind of related to an anti rational thing and I guess it's so it's related to tribalism because so so in 2016 obviously we have the u.s. election and everyone loves to see kind of you know Lib cards lose the election and so on and so on you know even though I know Trump is a bad guy I know he's on directional I know his policies a bad but but his victory makes me feel successful because we meet we meet the Liberals like how do we get past them how do we first those hard right like yes because I mean like I feel like at least like so often life and in the I read I'm R and I understand a roll off of me but but still I have a tribal mentality of like unhappy trompe l'oeil yeah I say two things one don't call it liberals the ball is way too critical word for them like liberal means pro living liberally starkly made pro limited so the liberals in every tradition except American tradition means good guys and and now we have to call you know people call themselves classical liberals to differentiate because we're so I wouldn't call them liberals that left us that progressives they're even progressive I hate because progressive easier for progress and they're not report progress their anti progress so I was just called them lefties you know left um I mean I I was very mixed during the election right so because I am the one hand I was happy Hillary lost but that was sad from one so I I was torn in the one hand I was watching CNN during the election night and watching them all cried and go yes and it was watching Fox and what she wall reaching who ever was and be sad that they woke up I was completely torn apart but but what you really you know tribalism has a real book in to us it's really hard to abandon because we raised very much on this again and tribalism is also the lazy solution right it's when you don't think for yourself it's easy to to let the group do the thinking for you because the group has to have a leader to do things for you it's easy to associate yourself with a group and then whatever the group you feel comfortable in the group it's it's come you know it's like having a group of friends over you know you don't have to think too much of yourself just follow them so tribalism is appealing if you're lazy do you be lazy but if you like if you tell actually lazy right it's very because you don't have to think through all the problems of looking a lot of the issues a complex they're not simple particularly the world in which we live right if we live that in a purely capitalist society life would be a lot easier decisions would be a lot easier but when we lived in this mix world with people with mixed motivations and mixed model characters and and and and and mixture good positions and bad positions it's hard to subtly think through every issue out there and I think it's much easier to thin a sense okay I'm just you know whatever I just thought they're right got you hate those guys so whatever is the opposite of those guys I'm for well but it doesn't work that way because the world doesn't divide itself into what they believe in the opposite of it and then I be and usually is a third of alternative to the two that are presented so tribalism is is appealing and of course they're all kinds of tribalism the most primitive form of tribalism which are fortunately with the rise up in the world right now is ethnic tribalism racism of different format so I'm gonna I'm gonna associate with people who look like me I'm gonna so see what people who have the same color skin as me or from the same try real tribe that's why it's called triangle is okay because the real tribe and you see that you see that particularly Europe these days but you even see in the United States now unfortunately you know we only associate with people who look like I said it's easy that way because people who look like us yeah they must think like us and and they must know and and we can trust them and you know we don't have to we don't have to be shocked but it's a difference in an unusual and strange so everything is comfortable it's very emotionally pleasing what it is but for them if you tell it so easy it's very most implicit to me is emotionally but but there are the kinds of tried so what's right is political party I just I hate the left I'm on their way and therefore even though as I'm opposed to it or or other forms of tribalism you know we're married well Marian there for the Chinese they look different from us and you know they put tariffs on us by much first I saw a hood there so anything that would stand that's good I'm for that right so that's a try that's a type of listening attitude tribalistic mentality you know America anything that's so-called good American is good anything that's outside of America's bad only Drive American caused by America right and that triangle is I have to say it's the saddest of all trials because America's the first country and really the only country to human history to be founded in the opposite idea America's founding an idea that you're an individual and you should live for yourself you don't pursue happiness and it's not what America wants it's what you want in that and America's they just to protect you and to protect your freedom if you want to buy stuff from China or Korea Japan or Germany or whatever that's your business nobody should tell you what you can cannot do what to buy what not to learn and it may be that America means nothing don't need important things with you what what is consistent with your values and there's no such thing if you're an individualist there's no such thing as an American job this is a Korean job this is just a job for an individual and somebody else can beat some away then you don't have the job anymore and it doesn't matter if the person competing you're weightless 5,000 miles away in a different continent or lives next door to you it's competition it's your job to get better it's your job to do a better job it doesn't even matter if that guy competing with you 5,000 miles away is getting a subsidy you might not like it that's your responsibility is your life and to do the best that you can with your life not as an American but as an individual and America is a great country because what's a great turkey is a great country because it protects those words it protects your building you live as an individual but not because it makes good cause not because its farmers are good who cares you buy the best food there was delicious food the best cause the cheapest cause that what what is considered with your value so we've seen this shift to tribalism and it's very sad particularly in America because then the rest of the world to some extent always been tried there's never had this and it's gonna be hard to combat because individualism requires effort individualism requires work it requires you to judge it requires you to value it requires you to pursue your values as an individual not to accept what the group says not to accept what your neighbor says not to accept what people look like you say but to make decisions for yourself to use your reason to make decisions and then act on those decisions in pursuit of what you think is right for you what's good for you it means engaging that reason it means really being rational and consistently laughter and that's what an erequest effort and in too many people today either lazy or be taught not to use their mind or the best just not taught how to use them up you know so many young people in American educational system in America such that the students have taught much more about emotions then they all about thinking thinking skills critical thinking skills are not developed that's why you get students not wanting safe spaces cuz somebody might say something that offended but but if you're thinking if you're critical thinker that somebody says something Falls to you they say that's false it doesn't offend you somebody says something that is negative towards you get well they're stupid you know so what but that's a thinking approach right but if you're MOT somebody says something inoffensive oh I feel bad long cuz I feel better my feelings of the standard my emotions are the standard of what's good and what's bad what's right and what's wrong and if and I gives you undercut reason tribalism will always follow tribalism is what you get when you undercut people's capacity to think critically for themselves they're looking for comfort they're looking for somebody to tell them what to do and usually that's the group or that's the leader who's gonna tell what is the world's moving to its tribalism which means the world is moving towards authoritarianism which is where what we're seeing in Europe and in the United States and in China and I think also um so I'm a bit new to rent so this might sound like a stupid question but I read on an article that strand called the romantic relationship between man and woman from a woman's point of view it should be a romantic surrender it was quoting like that and I felt a bit like the word surrender was vivid anonymous with sacrifice and I read a bit more and she said it's a surrender but not super tall one and who told you yeah and obviously all of it I was a bit confused about that so I was wondering if you could explain it a bit more that's one of the toughest questions there we go because I mean I had a whole theory of femininity masculinity and sex and relationships between men and women and I'd say most of that is more the realm of psychology than it is the moment philosophy and you know I'm you know my understanding philosophy is okay but my study psychology is not she viewed the essence of femininity not you know not that a woman was all this but in that aspect of any human being that you were family right she viewed femininity as which he got he rose looking up to a human and that hero was a man the man who went uptown time to the man who goes out to to do what he does right and then that's what it meant to be female to have that attitude to with the male the masculinity and then not in and if you know novels you see this not in kind of the surrender is not in you know we're having an argument so I'm a female so I surrender to you whatever you say that's right right it's really insects so she viewed she did sexist is incredibly important fundamental fundamentally important to human agent fundamental to the human experience I said that the essential characteristic of femininity and sex is the surrender the being penetrated now again you could accept that or not but it's more psychological than anything else but it's a woman is to the extent to the extent that the feminine part of hope is to kind of worship to worship the masculine and to surrender its sex to him and the what masculine means forlán his masculinity is about controlling nature it's about an orientation to reality it's about changing nature if the woman is away until if the man the man is oriented towards reality towards nature's was towards the challenges of survival and in that sense men are stronger and they protect women right – is that that kind of relationship has been historically that tight relationship you know ho ho if you had any advanced models which one so now it's not even the part that you the small part that you read or whatever part you ate I mean it here is a woman a woman and this is his book is written in 1957 this is a woman who was a railroad she's smarter than anybody else in the book except maybe what that right she's the smartest woman posted in the whole book she is a little passionate person in the whole book she nobody could run a railroad better than she can she's the most confident person in the book right but she's looking in the novel in a sense she's looking for a man she could look up to she's looking for somebody she can really admire and that's her mutation what a feminine side but plus sex quadrille magic relationships and yeah I mean and that surrenders that you know the masculine dominating in a sense the feminine in the sexual act not in business business she dominated everybody right she was strong as she was powerful but but in the relationship and that romantic relationship manifested sex she was looking to surrender and that would be that would be kind of the I think the psychological interpretation and there's a is a beautiful painting that actually by painted name of capillarity that hung in a man's living room and it's above the fireplace or whatever and it's a it's a it's a painting that's divides people very strong the arts is very powerful because it rejects this and I find the painting the painting really projects this vision of femininity because it's a beautiful woman a powerful woman with penetrating eyes eyes remind me if I a man's eyes these strong eyes but she's on her knees perhaps she's naked she's on her knees that hands her behind her back and she's looking up and she's got that sense of power strength dominance and surrender at the same time and and I think that was the ideal woman funny man that that vision of what a woman could be but that's again most technology that's awesome isn't surrendering itself to like an act of power once right like the like that act of surrender is like a woo it's also quite sure it's a woeful action it's a woeful action over yourself you have to be willing and you're not going to surrender to anybody I don't need to surrender to that which you admire an act which you love and that which you want to surrender to you've chosen to surrender to so you know I you know I personally think it makes sense and my experience with men and females it makes sense but I understand you know I know particularly people find out I think I think it's I think one of the potent observations is and philosophically and I think gesture period is matter but women are different they're not the same that it's not what is smaller than the other it's soni men are stronger than women but they psychologically there's something differently and defining what that is I think that's what that's what man is doing I do you know the v2 movement I mean I'm to me to movement very interesting right I mean III hollowfied by the stories that they tell with how man treat women is just disgusting and awful but you know you know one of the you know during Cavanaugh's hearings there was this thing about this guy jumped on the goal and he like lay on top of her and you know this traumatized that she says for life right well guys jump on one another all the time right and and that's not as threatening as when a guy jumps over when a guy comes in a go that is not acceptable and that is very threatened and it should be so there's something about the fact that men generally stronger than women that has psychological effects rational psychological effects on the relationship it's the best there's talking about the the idea of surrender and masculanity and feminity femininity and then and women are not the same biological basis for that especially in the context of family where a woman is surrendering or at least a great deal of trust in a man when they choose to start a family for example a woman is making herself incredibly vulnerable and saying hey I trust you yes I think there's a I think that's right I think there's a certain vulnerability there and and you're gonna stick around you can take care of this child but if because women can take care of themselves say it particularly in a modern context and this is this is the child like 500 years ago we wouldn't be having this conversation because it's obvious but in a modern context in which most values of most wealth creation and most jobs and most careers affect them on when there's no where there's no difference between men and women you can see why people have checked to the idea of differences so woman today can have a baby and if you didn't code that and take care of it and live with it by yourself without a man and you fine I know I don't think there's any question about that because a world is different today because I will relies less on muscle less of strength and more on mine but there is no differences that want to spend the whole time and talk about them you must get the biological differences I think although matter the woman has to carry the child and you know the fact of the differences biologically manifest itself in differences psychology but I'm not a psychologist to tell you exactly what those differences are from what I've heard today the reason people portion we need to choose some spots of the moral principle well what is the materialism right because the opportunist is a very loose term and it covers people who I mean that is the famous story of it you know you know the Mont Pelerin society the Napolitan society is a society of classical liberals libertarians Hayek Mises Milton Friedman was there and they used to get together they still get together in once every two years a big conference and they were and in one time you know for Mises looking for Mises got up drew you meeting assist you all a bunch of socialists and why did he say that because in the room who were a bunch of people who believed that a central bank was necessary and Feynman considered great libertarians a man who said you can't believe in liberty and believed in a central man I mean it's just not consistent right so first of all she's principled right says she's consistent she's both free markets and everything that entails but true freedom true protection of individual rights and everything that entails without exception and libertarians have people who want to dabble in economic regulations that need to Kannamma controls and all kinds of stuff all the way to a locusts we think you know we don't need government at all and we could just have private police forces or whatever right which is in my view and I arranged you completely nuts you can ask me about that come on but but there was a video there's a video online of me debating this polish because body and economist who's an anarchist on this issue but Anarchy is incompatible with capitalism Aniki is incompatible with freedom Aniki kepada with liberty it's basically a bloodbath it's the Mafia so you've got a big tent you call it libertarians some of them believe in a low key and therefore nothing don't believe in capitalism don't believe in freedom in my view you even have some communist anarchists all the way to people who believe in some a little bit of government intervention right and everything in between and so what is the return ISM I don't know and then on top of that red would say look the economics and the politics of it that's important but that's not what's really important which really important's the philosophy which really important is how you gonna guide your life how are you gonna live your life and that's philosophy and indeed she argued that you can't justify the political system unless you first define how you live your life how human beings are supposed to live so what I tried to do very briefly today right unless you understand it human beings are beings of reason and they were quiet a for freedom to think and it forces the enemy of thought and at therefore you must extract force of society you don't allow them to reason to think and to produce then the politics me nothing so what she says is the philosophy is what matters but the libertarians don't agree with applause wait the libertarians want to be subjective or they want to be religious or they want to be conscious or they want to be platens they want to be whatever the hell they want to be and she said none of those philosophies did you all advocate for a consistent with actual freedom so what's the point of having a political swap political philosophy if you will if it's not grounded in a natural philosophy for living as an individual human being and if the philosophy that you hold in terms of how individual human being should live is incompatible with your political system then there's going to be a crash and you're never gonna get it and most of them you know if you read Hayek he's so confused philosophical he's so I think mixed up when it comes to his social ideas he's a great economist but when it comes to his and years about life he's conventional is just average and therefore he's not convincing when it comes to economics or what do you think about Milton Friedman is a utilitarian identity well the number of critiques of utilitarianism that philosophers have thrown right and presented and they're all true utilitarianism is a flawed philosophy so if you're gonna build the whole system you should sell it ISM and utilitarian is this flawed then nobody's gonna buy your whole economic philosophy you have to build this economic theory political theory on a proper foundation and that's what you that I think your subjectivism that's what granted was objectors so she said unless you're willing to accept this philosophy you know we don't have much in common a Dana today yeah we can't even say similar things but do we mean the same thing but not always as the fact that mobility believe in a central bank code or as you know these anarchists believe in in competing you know military forces of competing police forces suggest so she said you all you know as the contradiction that happens between let's say Christian religion and and capitalism which is I think inevitable so that's the fundamental difference objectivism is a philosophy libertarianism is a unspecified mixed-up political theory the great that has a huge range in terms of what it and that's where I think we people are moving to to the term classical liberal because at the very least classical liberal excludes them at rest's anarchists a lot classical liberal so they're trying to go backwards in order to resurrect some kind of small umbrella right small the affiliation that is more cohesive but even they what's the philosophy any other questions you talked in your podcast about mr. sunshine yes to Nisha sorry for another six question you notice and I thought quite exactly that despite the great romantic relationship between the two yeah they didn't cancel yes feeling cold hands anything on the screen they hold happens a couple of twenty-eight oh yeah that's right does that say anything potentially about the culture that produces that kind of up and it's so to what extent is that irrational or destructive yes I do think it says something about the culture of it but this show is so good that I hate to say anything negative about the colors of the news of it because I think overwhelmingly the culture to produce it you know has to be positive because the show is so romantic it's so positive in it it's it's fewer values see what makes mr. sunshine so powerful is that both heroes they heroine and hero both of them Basu values seriously though all in for the value they believe now the values are not consistent that's why they can never get together but they're all in on the values as she's a patriot she will do anything for Korea to free Korea from the Japanese that is a highest value she loves this man but rightly or wrongly she loves the cause of freedom in Hokkaido what she uses Feder more important than the man that's what she said he loves her more than anything he will do anything for her he doesn't love Korea dammit Korea treated him badly people in Korea TV men in a bad child right so his focus is his selfish and on the woman he loves and anything but the thing that makes this so unique unique relative to America shows or welder to European shows is they take each takes values suitors it takes life series and it shows life is beautiful even when it's tragic it's a gorgeous I mean film good everything about it is just beautiful and it gives the sense of life can be beautiful and I suppose anybody likes it because it's so not yummy maybe you guys like it but it's so not modern it's so anti-monitor it's so anti cynical anti cynicism anti you know the naturalism and realism was so used to in television and film everything is realistic the way it is with mr. sunshine is the way it should and could be hey and the conflict is a big conflict right it's a conflict of love versus Japanese occupation of code you know big political issue it's not some little you know case right it's big passion big values big like that but it suffers live it suffers at the end from a certain platonic view of love and a certain disdain for the physicality of love and I think it's the only weakness I could find in the show you don't even kiss I mean I I think the show would be much more fulfilling and much more positive if even you know they ended but you know he dies in so but if just before the night before two nights before whatever they had cat they had had sex I think it would have made all the difference for sure because they at least you would have you and the show would have ended with with the idea that maybe they physically manifested they loved they realized that love fully and then it didn't you know in a sense it doesn't matter after that but here it's a love that's unfulfilled even to them so he dies with the love being unfulfilled reciprocated but unfulfilled and and so it makes it more tragic than it needed to be so it could be just as powerful just and yes I think there's a certain aspect in the filmmaking whether it's a projection of the culture of rejection of the writer because I don't know how much if this is the culture is is a certain view of of pure love is is his platonic love is onion you know I'm sexualized that that's an it's beautiful so yeah the only the only weakness of the show because I loved it I don't know how many of you've seen it you know I encourage you to watch it it's a Netflix I don't know what it's funny something to be opening you know you it wasn't television I guess and it's just one of the best shows I've seen in decades you're so you and it's a tribute to Korean culture that not only was it made here but it was successful wait because it could have been made in America and in America it would have been deep and just the so far and nobody would have paid any attention but it's not a soap soap operas silly silly conflicts and unimportant I'm you relative this was this has a grandeur of hate to say versus you know kind of who grow novel poems be conflict be love be you know powerful powerful thing and you will just share you and in understand that visual that the movies and television is a visual art so much of what you know other movies uh because they're so realistic and you know so lucky we do the visual gets lost and here every frame was composed was thought through every touch every movement was it was choreographed the scenes that I still remember I can't remember movies that I've watched in last a few weeks I can't even remain anything about them never mind seems particular moment but here I can remember them because they're so they were so beautiful and so powerful in the emotion a vote big fan could you just touch on oh really you really are the morality of Christianity versus the morality of capitalism and how the contradiction is sure I mean I think that the otherworldly Christianity the essence of Christianity of the morality of Christianity is sacrifices its suffering for cause a cause external to you a cause that you have no interest in this life in only in another life in a mystical life attender so it's all about sacrificing for others so think about Jesus on a cross I don't know how many of you follow Jordan Peterson watch your peers like jumpiness infused Jesus is not across as a superhero he is the ultimate human hero why because he's willing to give up his life in the most brutal horrible death for sins other people committed it's the ultimate altruistic act it's the ultimate act of self negation and of living for other people and that's them all simple so you to be modeled the ultimate to be mom the standard of all of these the super you die not for sins he committed that would be understandable if you commit sins you pay for them but for since I love you equipment right but nothing he did for no reason he does and so the whole idea here is that you should do it for other people you should sacrifice to other people you should dye other people if you look at Saints Christian saints ever seen a painting of a Christian Saint smiling no that would defeat that give a saint what makes you a saint is not helping other people if helping other people make you a saint then Bill Gates would be a saint then Carnegie and and what's his name Morgan and Rockefeller would be Saints the great you know entrepreneurs and industrialists in Korea would be Saint because they help those people they changed all they mean over the better place from millions and billions of people made business for the Saints but no they're not Saints Christianity doesn't think this age why because they benefited from helping other people they helped themselves while healthier and that's not acceptable in Christianity it has to be pure you have to live for others you have to suffer in helping others to be a saint some mother Teresa who helped very few people relatively speaking it's a safe because she suffered she had a miserable life that made her sick if you have a good life while helping other people you don't get it lots of people have helped more people than on trees lots of people have helped I mean from businessmen hope the world more than Mother Teresa but even charity workers you know social workers go out there and work with poor people lots of people who've done won't good – Mother Teresa but they didn't suffer as much they didn't reject that something they didn't become a deal of this something she did she became sick that's the standard so Christianity at the end of the day is about is about sacrifice it's about altruism it's about living for others and that's what gets you into heaven and when you don't do that Christians who soon they were only interested this world and you know accumulate wealth maybe but a business do stuff like that if you're guilty so the guilt is part of Christianity because yeah altruism is anti liking when you live you feel guilty because you should have beat another to reach that you should have something I think this is real confident that's why you can't grow you can't base capitalism a Christian because capitalism is about succeeding it's about trading so a win-win relationship not about something not about sacrifice it's not about giving so I'm making could you sing pretty and there's nothing Christianity is not about that it's not essential of it you want to ask about this yes those who describe Christianity and an essential element of Christianity as being oh there's a spark of the Divine in everyone potentially I'm not exactly sure about what the Christians totally believe but that every person is a value or potential value that's kind of opposed to the sort of low-hanging fruit this oh hell truism is evil well I think the Christianity is mixed right at any any primitive philosophy which is what religion is predicted this makes their contradictory and I mean Rand said that the one good thing about Christian you know one thing that Christianity added if you will to Western civilization the only thing really that it added in terms of value is this idea that need to be dramatic right then you had this spark of divinity and they for Yoon added in some way see I think she overestimates that I mean that's my personal I think that already existed increase individuals matter look at Greek sculpture and tell me that they didn't care about individuals so I don't think that contribution you look Christian history it doesn't matter Christian history doesn't care that you have a divine spark right because if you look at the periods where Christianity dominates it oppresses you it crushes you it commands you it doesn't care about your opinion it doesn't care about anything about you as an individual sacrifice to God sacrifice the church sacrifice your fellow man that's it right so when Christianity is dominant during the Dark Ages during the reign of the Catholic Church or even in Calvin's dictatorship right if you want the Protestants right what was count what did Calvin do with the spark of divine divinity in every human being he created the dictatorship because these little sparks he didn't told what to do and how to behave and pain he to be inflicted on them and if you eat Martin Luther what does mom Luther Lane about this world he says this world is horrible this world is disgusting human beings are awful and disgusting creatures and then we only can attain the beauty and the full manifestation of our humanity in the afterlife that's when the world is beautiful and divided so you have to die in order for that to happen so all of the history of Christianity negates this idea of the spark and and to me that's what's important because even if it's someone who in the New Testament right it doesn't play nobody cares now Aquinas kiss right so any questions as the world but Aquinas changes the world cross secular philosopher not quite Christian for us so I'm very down on Christian and down the two-digit right my right because I read the Old Testament as saying you have no freedom of religion no freedom of speech no economic freedom you know and you're supposed to obey it's very a filter I mean the essence of religion is authoritarian God says you go kill your son yes sir off I go and that's what makes you a mall hero is if you don't question right you don't question a man I'm not saying God go to hell which is what he should be obeyed and that is model authoritarian and that's off it's a clean cut it's what they call the ball you know another showcase right thousand example players right Moses comes down with the Ten Commandment comes down for month sign over to ten commanders and he sees a few Jews would be the golden calf he doesn't call me put the gelatin go over to them and saying you know you doing the thing we do I think we just don't have anything to do with you go over there and do your surfing we believe in one government that's not what do you get angry drops the tablets that shot he goes to his brother they get a bunch of people they catch a sword and they kill if I remember like thirty thousands of people that day and God who what's the concept good job Evan you could be the priests of the Jews from now on because you did such a good job defending my religion from those pains and autism is full of this stuff slaughter and mayhem in the name of God and a baby a baby a baby why doesn't Moses see the Land of Israel this is what Fourways done right but as Moses is never allowed to go into the state he takes the juice out of out of Egypt he could be did all this things he travels with them for forty years in the desert he's not allowed to going he stretched the rock instead of just you know because God is gonna bring the water out of the rock and he stretched the walk instead of just letting the you know what to just spring out of it and God says you of little belief you had a hit it so that the water would ecology to believe I could do it without you hitting it so you're not gonna see I mean really 140 years to get the people yeah you know the DPS give me a break I mean it's bad stuff okay so back when I was a student the Objectivist club is harbors was predominantly minority was it yes wait was this uh well 1989 okay yes and now the thing is I actually I went around and I started buying used copies of the print yourself and others any other black people saying read this okay and when they read the essay of racism Allah okay this is great the part of my individualism but then they're saying why did she spend so much time attacking the black leaders at that time yeah and so I got two questions one people respond to me why is she taking up so much and then the second thing is what is it that she did or said at that time with black people word and fighting against the government they know yes a but was there anything else that I should have mentioned wow I mean any any questions I've never gotten before this is great these are good questions I mean you really pull it down to what did I do about the civil rights movement into what extent did she fight on the side of the civil rights movement and she didn't do much other than the racism and if I had a if I had a criticized young man in terms of the areas she focused on during that period because she was writing extensively in the 1960s about issues political issues I I think it's sad that you didn't write more about civil words I think she should I think it was a bigger issue than I think she realized and I think it boils down to she thought racism was such a disgusting ridiculous horrible thing that nobody could take seriously that it wasn't a big deal because you know it's just so stupid and I don't think she had full realization of what was going on in South and what had gone on himself Judy did quote you the Jim Crow area I mean think of it she came she came as a 21 year old from Russia her focus was my ability in communism and fighting communism she then went a lady was Chicago then LA then back to New York right she never lived in the south she never experienced the south she never knew the south I'm sure I'm sure she here and there I mean she at least once that we know of encountered anti-semitism great so she knew it existed in charge the achieved her through World War two she said on one occasion she said she never considered herself with you except in the face of anti-semitism well then she would probably state that she was Jewish when she faced an anti-semite and she once said somebody in her home talk positively about Hitler she got furious would keep the person of the house so I don't think she fully understood how much a part of American history was and in it and I think during that period if you lived in the North I think it was somewhat I think it was around but I think was suppressed a lot of what was going on in the south and a lot of what had happened since we construction so her focus was really collectivism versus individualism and again racism is so obviously he is so simple in her life and I think correctly so that she what would you like after you write who has a racist she made it up that's it I wish she'd applied it more to the issues going on in the South I wish she had acknowledged more the evils of what we're going on down there and condemn them more strongly and more but I think her irritation was much more towards communism much more towards the threat of statism and collectivism and and that's specific conflict between individualism and collectivism I think she felt like by writing the essay racism it covered it but but I do do I wish you would have done warn her and she condemns the leaders because what she sees in them is the collective and she can but you condemn so do you want aspect of it right now she condemns one aspect um and that is condemnable right they're still condemned and I and I wish we got rid of it right it's the one aspect that says did you have did you can't discriminate and and that's wrong you should be allowed to the screwed right but you know but but again I think the reason people are so object to that is because collectivism is deeply ingrained in so many people it's therefore right if if if you're an individualist you don't believe in the government forcing discrimination or anti-discrimination of the UV people free and now she saw that as the bigger threat in this and and I think and I think it was the bigger threat right it is the bigger threat and at the end of the day it's the collectivism that has led I think America back to racism I think racism is an issue again in America but I mean today she'll get in America because we've been so collectivistic and I think to some extent that part of the Civil Rights Act has led us back to with more racism because the reverse racism in a sense they the left by by latching onto identity politics by using that aspect of the civil rights act for their identity politics has led people on their right to say play identity politics we could do that too and and and that's you know some wait Americans are doing that in a sense of you know we're white and this is important well I mean it's all primitive barbaric collectivistic nonsense and I met identified it as such and I think she felt that that was enough now but I do think that it turns out civil rights were more important looking backwards and there was a lot more to say about the civil rights movement and there's a lot more positives and people I want to Luther King's in spite of the negative aspects to what they did and and she could have focused on that but again it's like you know a man won't very little about religion because she didn't think religion was enforced in America part and tope until the very end in the last few years of her life she realized well it was a big force but I think in the 60s and in the 60s and 70s when she was writing most of stuff early service religion was dead about religion so she didn't quite much about religion and I think Hopi was racism is dead and the big mistake is reverse racism because this isn't finished I mean racism stupid nobody will be erased so I don't think she probably appreciated the power of racism and tribalism in that form that really really primitive form collectivism and its power and I don't think she fully realized how religious America was again she was she didn't visit the South often she didn't really have religious a powerful religion was in America and she didn't see I don't think she saw the turns religion that was coming and she saw it at 76 she suddenly saw it in 1980s she refused to go through a Ronald Reagan because she she said Ronald Reagan were Greek religious religion into the heart of the Republican Party only make religion integral to the Republican Party and she was right whatever you think about Ronald Reagan that he did and that is destroyed or about components Pony now is not the party of Liberty not the party freedom not the party of even a little bit of capitalism it's the party of Donald Trump he's his exact opposite of that and that's thought of Reagan's fault and she would condemn written for that today but that's you know so you know she didn't see it well she didn't see that everything I mean she saw everything cuz she commented on her face if you counted religion but she doesn't see them and then maybe in the fullest to stop you know future context she couldn't have and maybe she could have comment and she should have I think commented more on civil rights and racism and actually if they see we're trying to do more of it because because particularly now that the rights of racism in America I think the increased racism in America we're trying to comment more on those kind of issues and there's a huge backup a lot of people don't like US policy decisions okay thank you Thank You dr. Brooke and be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel and he's on stitcher and all the iTunes and all that so he has a podcast that comes out thank you again [Applause]

Trump is not a bad guy , he is not irrational. Those are Democratic views you got brainwashed. He was an icon before he went for President.


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