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What causes much of the world’s
conflicts? Well, if you agree with these guys, they’d say religion is the catalyst
for almost all of the world’s violence. I think faith based religion is the mother lode of bad ideas. People will kill each other’s children for ancient books and caves and relics. There is a logical pathway leading from religion to the committing of atrocities. Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Richard Dawkins are considered to have launched a strain of thought called “New Atheism”. It’s a small but incredibly vocal group. But how accurate are the New Atheists in their broad claims about religion and its role in global strife? “It’s also the case that people do violence on behalf of nation-states and flags and kings and oil and the list goes on and on.” Hey guys, I’m Omar. And this Sunday we’re talking about the New Atheists, their problem with religion, and how that
impacts how we talk about faith. There are many different types of
atheists. Atheism is the lack of belief in the existence of a God or divine power and it’s been around forever. But in the United States, the number of people who say they’re atheist has doubled since 2007. A new political movement among atheists burst onto the scene in the years following 9/11. And they were everywhere. I’m an atheist with respect to the
Judeo-Christian God We are absolutely at war with Muslims.. You as a level-headed guy who understands.. Journalist Gary Wolf coined the term “New Atheists” a movement among non-believers who are united by what they believe are
rationalist anti-God claims. The New Atheists believe that religion threatens progress and ultimately breeds conflict. They also believe that if religion were
eliminated many of the world’s problems would disappear. They’re very confrontational as Professor Bill Cavanaugh explains. It’s an atheism with a certain kind of a polemical edge, creating a distance between people who
believe and people who supposedly don’t believe. So, the idea is that, “I have facts
but you have mere beliefs.” In fact, the way the new atheist aggressively challenge religion is what they’re most known for. They even mock faith and believers. Because if you believe something without
evidence then that justifies anything. But their ideas don’t necessarily
represent those of most atheists. The vast majority of them – 65% – say they
rarely or never discuss their views on religion with religious people. And some atheists like humanist chaplain Greg Epstein see New Atheist rhetoric as problematic. There are a lot of people in this world who see religion as their culture, their community, their family their ancestors. And when we openly mock every aspect of it in a way that is very likely to be interpreted as disrespectful, then we are driving a wedge between ourselves and them. Writer Luke Savage says New Atheists use a facade of rational arguments to legitimize Western military interventions. They’re people that see a
lot of illiberal and anti-enlightenment tendencies in kind of modern society and
culture and foremost among those is religion. One of the New Atheist central
arguments is that religion is inherently violent. They also believe that religion
is behind much of the world’s violence in both the past and the present. And the religion they happen to be most critical of is……Islam. But we’ll talk more about that later. Right now, let’s discuss where New Atheists claim to get some of their ideas: The Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was a period between the 17th and 19th centuries where the idea emerged that human beings didn’t need an institution like the church to live a good moral life – human rationality should be at the forefront of that. These ideas emerge during a period when political corruption and tyranny were rampant across many European monarchies. And they were propped up by the church which many even argue was used as an instrument of
oppression. It takes on a particular sort of polemical edge in the current context
because it’s really establishes divide between social orders in a lot of ways. One of the main critiques directed at the New Atheists is that they examine
so-called “religious violence” in a vacuum. Critics say their arguments completely
ignore the role that land, resources, money and power playing getting two
sides to use violence as a means of achieving their goals. The New Atheists
also dismiss, ignore, and erase centuries of history and simplistically pit
complicated conflicts as simply faith versus reason. We never go to war for a
single reason. Military historians tell us that there are always multiple
factors involved: Military, territorial, and above all economic as well as
political and social. That’s religious scholar and former nun Karen Armstrong and in her 2014 book “Fields of Blood” she argues religion is used as much to
promote violence as it is a sanctuary from violence. This hasn’t stopped New
Atheists from having a list of go-to conflicts that they repeatedly provide
as examples that religion is synonymous with violence. Like the Crusades. And then in Ireland there were “The Troubles” which pitted Irish Catholics who wanted to
reunite Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland against Irish
Protestants who were loyal to the United Kingdom. New Atheist Christopher Hitchens
said it was a conflict where religion spurred much of the violence which
resulted in more than 3,500 dead. 400 years and more, 400 years and more in my own country of birth of people killing each other’s children depending on what kind
of Christian they were. And sending each other’s children in rhetoric to hell. But Savage says that argument is flawed. The conflict in Northern Ireland which he’d
actually personally observed kind of omitting or overlooking at least
you know really the the central element in the Northern Irish conflict which was
British involvement in Northern Ireland. There’s one other thing we need to highlight in this debate about religious violence: The number of conflicts that
haven’t involved religion at all. If you ask the question, “Who has killed more people in the last hundred years, Muslims or atheists?” The answer is atheists and
it’s not even close. Let’s explore one the most infamous ones of our time the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which allegedly pits Muslims against Jews. But how true is that statement? Jewish atheists led the Zionist movement that created the State of Israel. They argued for a Jewish nation state as a response to European anti-semitism. Meanwhile, Muslim and Christian Palestinians live under Israeli occupation in the West Bank and Gaza and protest Israeli efforts to claim Jerusalem together. It’s not hard to see how Israel’s
displacement of and occupation over the indigenous Palestinian population rather than the differences of faith are the sources of the strife. And here’s what Hitchens said shortly before his death in 2011 on the conflict. Because of the divine promises made about this territory, there will never be peace, they
will not be compromise, there will instead be misery. I think that religious ideas are often used to legitimize violence. I think often a more useful
framework for thinking about, you know, the sources of conflict is nationalism. There’s one more example than New Atheists often use to make their anti religion points: ISIS. Isis is the militant group
that took over parts of Iraq and Syria, spreading its violent messianic version
of the Islamic faith. The group killed all who stood in its
path, whether they were Sunni, Shia, Christian or otherwise. Isis is behaving in a way that is sanctioned by a literal reading of the Quran and the hadith. But Isis and Islam may not be as closely aligned as Harris presents. I can’t think of a better illustration of this than the two young men, they were from
Birmingham, and they went to join the Islamic State. And they quite literally
bought a copy of Islam For Dummies from Amazon before they left. ISIS’ creation is a side effect of the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, which created a
political and security vacuum that allowed such groups to flourish. According to Savage, it’s pretty common for people to look at conflicts and tie them to some ancient disagreement, instead of Western military involvement, which actually creates those modern conflicts. New Atheists emerged
after the September 11th, 2001 attacks in the United States and have consistently
attacked Islam. I regard Islam as one of the great evils in the world The idea that Islam is inherently violent is a really widespread idea that’s not just
limited to the New Atheists, but they’ve given it a particularly sharp, polemical
edge. In 2017, a Pew Research Center study found that 41% of US adults believe that, “Islam encourages violence more than other faiths.” Half also thought Islam was not a part of mainstream American society, with 44% saying that Islam and democracy are incompatible. But many New Atheists consider themselves true liberals or guardians of liberal values In fact, 69% of the atheists in the U.S. lean Democrat and are more likely to hold liberal values. Yet, the New Atheist
views are illiberal. And that’s why Sam Harris and others believe there’s a crisis of liberalism because much of the left in the U.S. would criticize them. What we’re seeing on the left is a kind of censoriousness and really kind of an authoritarian moment. The New Atheists’ ridicule of Islam has made them allies of the neoconservative right. The New Atheist affinities for the right and for the neo-cons in particular are really quite explicit. There are a lot of people who are followers of New Atheism that don’t entirely realize that, you know, the
politics of it are often rooted largely on the right and might be appalled. So, why is it so important to examine the New Atheists ideas? Well, these guys are an influential bunch. They’ve had books on the New York Times bestsellers list and they’ve had large platforms to broadcast their ideas. It’s because the
New Atheists’ abrasive approach to religion is seen as driving a wedge
between religious folks and non believing ones, instead of finding common ground. So, when influential people like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins make
statements like, “Islam is the mother lode of bad ideas” or “I regard Islam as one of the great evils in the world,” Does that make bigotry more acceptable in our society? I don’t think there’s any way to kind of answer this in theory that belief in God either does or doesn’t produce violence. It all depends on the context. Hey guys, thanks for watching. Hope you enjoyed the video. Please let us know what you think in the comments I’m sure the conversation is
going to be really lit this time. Come back next week for another great video and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

You guys really lack integrity to make this video filled with deceit and lies. You claim "new atheism" is propaganda filled but this was pure propaganda.

thank you for this video,,, atheism is another fake ideology which claims it is based on science and facts but it is not,,,replacing belief system with some BS science not so facts,,,, humans they have a need to believe , in anything even in nothing,,,funny!

religion is merely the excuse used to justify war, if you take away religion, power hungry people will just find another excuse to continue justifying their behavior.

Why am I still subscribed?
It my deliberate attempt to stave off (as far as possible) confirmation bias…

I'll listen and make an honest attempt to keep a rational lid on any (inevitable) cognitive dissonance that I may experience whilst I test my assumptions.

I cannot however assign credit to this attempt by AJ+. Please make honest attempts to eradicate logical fallacies from your arguments (of the quote mine type of course)

Islam is the religion where most terrorist come from and most muslim countries are at war, so don't say about religion but single religion islam

Lol, you find common ground in logical debates that don't centre a higher power as the premise for that middle ground. Religion has had centuries worth of a head start, and so far, it's done a terrible job of it.

Religion cause a severe lag in the US when it comes to embryonic stem cell and regenerative medicine research

Most if not all religion centered countries are behind in human progress. Connect the dots, break the cycle, rise above people, focus on science.

The world MAY not definitely be a peaceful place but at least no one will find an excuse for committing atrocities!

Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot were communists and probably not religious and they collectively slaughtered tens of millions of people. Religion is not the problem. People are the problem. Lack of education is the problem. Poverty is the problem.

I tell u, islam is the only religion that will take u to heaven…. make ur commets and jokes and mocks…. but the hard truth will come when u die and u see u wasted ur life on idols and fake religions..

Japan, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, France, and several more countries are comprised mostly of atheist or non-religious people, so I guess I'm in good company (though some people apparently still equate atheists to pond scum).

Are you trying to lose followers? This piece was shit. Go read the top comments section, it's better than the video.

So you seem pleased that atheists "never ever discuss their ideas with religious people", but it is ok for religions to make non-stop propaganda!? For religion organizations to start brainwasing young and impressionable childen practically from birth!? This shit couldn't be any more biased!!

I thought AJ+ is a glimpse of light when I watched your first video which was about the picture of Arabs in Western media, now I realized that you are just another media outlet with shady propaganda. don't quote someone out of context. SHAME ON YOU

people commenting that those quotes were cut to deceive the viewers should also ponder that verses from Quran are quoted out of context to show it islam in bad light

Hitler was religious, staline was a theologian student. FFS try at least to net be so blatant about the fact your are funded by the quatary governement.

The bottom line is this, throughout this video, there was no mention of any Christian militant group.
There was no mention of any group that fight to kill in the name of Christ or Christianity..

Yet you can point to at least 10 world class terrorist groups that kill and attack in the name of Islam and Mohammed….

So ask me, who's really the militant and who's really using religion to kill and attack…

It doesn't just end there, even nations that have majority of a particular religion, tend to use their religion as a basis to threaten other nations, who's to blame? For example, Iran and in general the middle eastern countries have over time threatened to annihilate Isreal, quoting the Quran and also saying that Jews are pigs… Now this is a nation or a country that has been able to use its religious beliefs to mould even it's attitude towards other nations.

Those who are saying that athesim will serve as a cure to the violence that's been spread by religion are wrong… Stalin and even Hitler, who were staunch atheist committed some of the greatest crimes and wars against humanity in history… Napoleon also an atheist committed some of the greatest wars in history…

Those who are saying religion is a problem in this world have they been kind enough to objectively look at the matter, are you trying to say that religiom hasn't contributed positively to the world too?

Please let's be objective in our arguments!

Good video, I agree with most of the points made. It's only the point about "how many people have atheists killed" that I take issue with, even besides the flaw in using Hitler to illustrate the point.

LOL, these people are ridiculous. Most violence and world problems comes from politicians around the world. Religion has nothing to do with the wars going on around the world or the hate and violence people have towards other people. Atheists sound so stupid..

And ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. ISIS was created by Western Zionist to start wars in Northern Middle East in Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon. So, it was the Zionist Western people who are Atheists NOT real Christians who created most of the problems in the world and most terrorist groups were created by Zionist Western Atheists. It's a well known fact not many people know about.

Atheists are bunch of confused angry people. I will never be fooled by their ideas. My religion will always be Shia Islam(Shia Muslim) and proud that my religion is Shia Muslim.

Professor of theology got his feeling hurt. Religion is a tool and it used for cultural colonization. I get wars are not fought over just religion. Religion is used as a tool…like how the crusades were fought for religious territory or how Constantine unified Rome by getting his counsel to write the bible. Guns….people don't fight wars just because they have guns….but simply ignoring the weapon does not make the problem go away…it just makes it stagnate. People in my area…are so new to the concept of atheism…they think it's blasphemy and the bible is historical fact…..When people like that believe they are somehow predisposed to be of higher moral ground….they can justify murder, racism etc.

Also as a former roman catholic…catholics hated jews…We call mean frauders (( des Juifs)) HITLER WAS CATHOLIC….Like most Germans. If you want to see old catholic churches….germany is the place for you. HE JUST WANTED TO DICTATE THE CHURCH….that is where they had their fall out.

Can't we see dark ages and nearly every single war has been due to a basic difference of what they believed in. Can't we just be human beings and live in peace rather than killing each other.

World War I = not caused by Religion
World War II = not caused by Religion
Vietnam War = not caused by Religion
Korean War = not caused by Religion
Cold War = not caused by Religion
Gulf War = not caused by Religion
American War of Independence = not caused by Religion

most wars caused by politics, even Crusade, the real reason is about "who control the holy land" not "Christian vs Islam" itself because the 3rd and 4th Crusade more likely Christian vs other Christian.

+AJ+ At 5:53, Adolf Hitler was a Catholic Christian. Do your research and get your facts correct. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o8VFFW0sbF4

if an athiest police officer didn’t have moral code , he will kill families & burn children ( to hide the crime place ) and he will stealing money & behead people to be rich in this “ only life “ and he think that this is the end and no one will punish him afterlife..
** athiests are brain- dead & mad people ( we came from nothing to make nothing & then we died and become nothing ! ) & science against their beliefs

Atheism is the most violent mental illness that killed more than 110 million human in 40 year ( Stalin, mao tse tung ) & madness ( we came from nothing to make nothing & then we died and become nothing !)

The Jewish and Christian symbols at the front in the video thumbnail and the Islam one in the back, hahahahaha! Can't make this shit up. To answer your questions: yes, the world would be better off without Islam.

This video is so terribly wrong ! I can't believe how you navigate around the obvious fact that doctrines led religion is harmful to the world. AJ+ would go to extreme lengths just to protect islam ideology.

So many misrepresentations here…I'm not even sure whether you're being dishonest or just stupid…probably a bit of both.

This video is so biased towards Islam, and prejudice against atheism that has forced me to unsubscribe.

The world would be a better place if we all come to Christ and have a personal relationship with Him.

this video is shit ..you guys turn to legitimize religion ..why not include slavery and the corruption of the church ..religion is dangerous ..your video is against atheist not balance at all ….what about george as a christian legitimising the war in iraq.

Without religion we wouldn't need guns to protect ourselves.
Without religion there's no need for military or police.
Without religion there is world peace.
All Dictators in history were committed by religious people.
All crimes were committed by religious people.
Without religion there is no taxes and no corrupt governments.

Its because a vast majority of atheists are the same ones who caught on to the trend where being atheist was somehow the new hip 10 years back. Its so eDgY I cut myself with the thought of it.

This sort of troubles AJ+ cus they hate the western religion that is Christianity so they want to shit talk religion but at the same time if they shit talk religion that includes Muslim, which is their soft spot, so they completely deviate from how some religions are violent.

This is true as most follow the 'Jesus' religion instead of YAHSHUA message. God said 'Thy shall not kill' and Yahshua asked us to forgive our enemies, and to pray for them, not to kill them. I'm working on a book I've titled 'YAHSHUA vs YOUR JESUS' How Christianity is being used as Satan's Foot Stool…

AJ+ is showing it's true agenda.
This video completely ignores the point of atheism's agenda for a more secular society. Whoever wrote this script is absolutely unaware that almost all democratic countries with secular laws and values are the safest and most peaceful. I don't see homosexuals thrown off buildings and sent to prison for being gay in America, Europe, and the U.K.? I don't see women banned from driving cars in the Western countries?
I read somewhere that people have to be very vigilant of foreign news outlets, such as Al Jazeera, CGTN, CCTV News China, and RT as they serve specific biases when it comes to certain issues and topics.
CGTN and CCTV: Chinese Communist Party bias
RT: Russian government bias
Al Jazeera: Islamic bias
Sure, they might be 90% objective with their reporting on many other issues, but when it comes to topics of their interest, they show their bias to only those who can see it.

So what now AJ+, subsidiary of Al Jazeera, you think that shaming people who criticize religion brings peace? Or does it ignore the fact that religion based laws and policies bring chaos and inequality?

The most pathetic video. This is such a lazy attempt at understanding the issues of religion and what atheists comments about religion. AJ+ should done better research and interviews that this unfinished junk content they decided to put out. Or unless this was the intent. AJ+ is a subsidiary of Al Jazeera, therefore certain topics such as religion, also that concerns the Middle East and Islam, have a noticeable bias. Sort of how CGTN doesn't discuss issues about the CCP.

First off, Adolf Hitler was not an atheist. Next, men the like of Stalin and Mao never killed in the name of “atheism” (how is that even possible, atheism isn’t even a thing, it is the absence of something), while religious zealots irrationally commit heinous acts in the name of faith.

The 65% who don't discuss their views with religious people it's because they get f**king offended and pull out the racist card when clearly religion isn't a race.

There are two things that cause conflicts in this world: religion and nationalism.

Both of these bring way more harm than good and both of these are things humanity should get rid of.

so the world at the arabian desert was better before islam? if you knew what they did and thought it's okay then you would know if the arabs would been better in keeping their ways.

Not all religions only without islam islam is a religion of hate and violence 99% world's problems because of Islam finished Islam finished all problem

The problem is dogmatism, extremism, irrationnality, and religion is the mother lode of all of that. So yeah, without religion, BUT with more education, critical thinking and rationnality, the world would be a better place. Not just erasing it, but replacing it, that's the way to do.

Other people have commented on AJ+'s shameless quote mining of Sam Harris, but the video goes even further than that. Savage tries to refute Harris on ISIS by pointing out that two young men from Birmingham who joined ISIS bought "Islam for Dummies" shortly before joining, in an attempt to disassociate ISIS from the religion of Islam. However, Harris himself already brought up this point in his podcast with Graeme Wood, podcast #82, "The End of the World According to ISIS." As Wood and Harris point out, first off, the fact that these two would buy a book on Islam before joining the Islamic State only shows the importance of Islam to that group's goals and actions. Moreover, in any religious groups, there will be people with less religious knowledge, like novitiates, and far more knowledgable religious people. The average Catholic may not know about fine details in canon law if quizzed upon them, but that wouldn't make them any less devout. Indeed, what AJ+ fails to mention is that Harris' point is bolstered by ISIS' own magazine, Dabiq, where the actually wrote an article entitled "Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You" where ISIS literally listed their reasons for fighting their Western enemies. Geopolitical reasons were on the list, but were ranked lower. The six reasons are:

1. Because you are disbelievers

2 . Because you are liberal
3. Because some of you are atheist

4. For your crimes against Islam

5. For your crimes against Muslims

6. For invading our lands

Indeed, the article explicitly states that the geopolitical reasons were listed last because they are secondary to the far worse offenses of being disbelievers, allowing atheism, etc. While it is true that the American invasion of Iraq helped lay the groundwork for the rise of ISIS, the US has invaded plenty of countries – most do not spawn terrorist armies in response. That the Islamic world does is in no small part attributable to Islam. This sort of distortion is wholly unsurprising coming from Savage, who has shamelessly misrepresented New Atheism in general and Harris in particular both on Twitter and in the Jacobin, going so far as to imply that Harris is promoting white nationalism and racism, based on spurious connections.

Furthermore, the video goes so far as to accuse the New Atheists of being "illiberal" without backing up this claim. It also claims that New Atheists are criticizing the left merely for criticizing the New Atheists, yet then cuts to Harris explicitly criticizing the Left's capacity for censoring and silencing New Atheist criticisms of Islam. Savage goes so far as to say that the politics of New Atheists is rooted in the right, when in fact Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Richard Dawkins, the three New Atheists featured here, were or are all leftists. themselves. Finally, the video goes so far as to imply that Harris and Dawkins' statements on Islam are making "bigotry more acceptable in our society" an asinine statement on the face of it given that Harris, Dawkins, and Hitchens' criticisms of religion in general and Islam in particular are rooted in ugly manifestations of religious bigotry and authoritarianism, much of which comes from the Muslim world.

I am sorry, I had to dislike this video. It puts things out of context. For example, Islam being one of great evil or motherload of bad ideas are misrepresented. They don't mean Islam is just about violence, of course, it has many other aspects, and I heart all of these people (Sam, Richard, and Hitchens) giving the credits for benefits many times. But the central message these guys are promoting is; we don't need organized religion to form a social unity/culture/piece/support etc. and the violence part is indeed is a serious threat to be addressed. 
You shall first acknowledge that groups like ISIS get their main dogma/motivation from Islam/Koran/Muhammed!! And there is no authority to tell that their way of doing things is wrong according to Islam. All believers cherry pick. They just prefer to cherrypick the violence part while people like you cherry pick the parts that are more suitable for today's standards. 
Last, of course 'belief in God' does not create/lead to violence on its own. But Islam is not just about 'belief in God', is it? Doesn't Koran tell how to beat a disobedient wife? Or you guys don't read it???

If all the world were atheist would it be peaceful. It would if knowledge are well preserved. If all the world were Christian, would it be peaceful? It would if the meaning of faith is well understood? Not fear of god nor fear of priest. Islam? Hinduism?. So what will make the world at peace? No one knows. Wealth and food and may be woman are easy answers, entertainment.

I would agree on the fact that humanity is destructive in it's nature but having a religion gives one more reason to wage wars, moreover religion was and will be used always to manipulate/brainwash people. Religion itself might not be bad but some people are using it as a tool for gaining power/influence/wealth. Thus removing religion altogether would remove one of the tools for manipulating people and also one of the reasons to wage and justify wars.

And yes, it is possible to imagine that morals have some roots in religion, but you must look a little bit further because some people had to write and spread the words of the religion. These people had some moral aspects which they wanted to incorporate into religion. They wanted to use religion as a tool to spread the ideology of what they thoughts was good.

Religion is a very powerful tool because it is in the human social nature to want to belong, to be part of the group, to not feel alone, to not feel desperate, to want to have something/somebody to rely on.

Bottom line – religion is a tool and it depends on people how they use it. Moral and good behavior can be taught and learned without religion as well. Removing this tool will prevent it's usage for bad but also for good reason. The question is: Would removing religion have a positive or negative impact on society? And there is one big problem: without brainwashing and just reasoning it might be not even possible to remove it, because a lot of people does not listen to reason, especially adults who had been raised and manipulated since childhood. I do believe though that educating children reasonably, which means not filling them with lies, telling them it is in their free will to believe or not to believe would produce a lot bigger percentage of atheist in our modern society.

As usual the internet atheist types are brigading any video they don't like. Been like that since 2008 or so. *Rolls eyes.

Some people use religion as an excuse to satisfy their bloodlust. Some people also use religion as an excuse to not satisfy their bloodlust & then there's the people who found they were happy, because they met someone who was self sacrificial,which ultimately helped both individuals balance each other out.

I love to read all these atheists nazi's crying and calling this propaganda while they see how it really is.

You ask the question who killed more people in the last 100 years christians or athiests, and then use Hitler as an example of athiest. He was christian a catholic. So religious people are still missrepresenting the truth. As Aleays.

I believe in God but agree with the new atheist. The scary thought is what would replace religion if it went away? Racism and nationalism can be much more dangerous. Without a fear of the afterlife and God, what will people be willing to do?

I am not an atheist. I am spiritual but strongly believe that organized religion is responsible for most wars, most violence, and most of these mass shootings. Religion is problematic and hypocritical while Spirituality is loving, tolerant and kind to others. Since when did Jesus say "own lots of guns" and kill innocents?


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