"Women Leaving Religion" Panel | CFI's Women in Secularism 2 Conf 2013

"Women Leaving Religion" Panel | CFI's Women in Secularism 2 Conf 2013

Most of the atheists I know are rational, honest people. I agree with Thomas Paine that church has twisted religion to terrify and control the world, but I've got a question I want you to answer…honestly…

Near Death Experiences have not proved life after death… frontal lobe stimulation can simulate the experience. But now “post” death experiences are proving that there is life after death.. “Post” death experiences are reported in patients who've been clinically dead for 1,2 or even 3 hours!

These “corpses” have gone hours without heart or brainwave function. They are dead, but after miraculous resuscitations, doctors are witnessing these patients give accurate accounts of things that happened during their “brain dead” hours in the ER or morgue. They're noting that they recall verbatim conversations and activities of the doctors, nurses and even family members in and outside the hospital. *Confirming NDE's, patients still say it's better on the other side and they'll never fear dying again.

Notably, many of the ER doctors witnessing “post death experiences” have been atheists who now concede that life absolutely goes on after death. These scientific atheists are accepting the irrefutable evidence that patients experience life hours after they die…

How would you feel about life after death if you were in a morgue, and a corpse sat up and commented on your recent conversation? Be honest! And please… don't say this is a bio-chemical, nervous reaction!

We should talk… watch YouTube: Google: “Look at profound evidence”

Brad O'Donnell, Richmond, Va.
Author, "Where to Now Saint Paul?"

I am happy to see this, as it's my personal testimony with not just AND liberating other women to do the same or at least find their freedom song. We don't have to curse our former religion or the choices we made in it but we must EXAM them. Until then we only get tested in other ways. Kudos to this panel. ~ ReBirth Int'l

I believe atheists and agnostics are just rebelling against church's oppressive Roman theological model of fear and control. Most people don't understand that the church's “Roman Christianity” of judgment is the opposite of the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world. Fear will always be the opposite of love.

Our forefathers were Deists and rejected the church because of its long history of terror and abuse in Europe. They were inspired by Thomas Paine who wrote, “All national churches appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

Joseph Ratzinger (pope) quit his first seminary because it conceded that there were two separate and opposing Christianities in the second century. The first was the original Jewish Christianity of Jesus and the second was the Roman gentile Christianity of Paul. They noted that “Paul was indifferent to the teaching of Jesus, and the opponent of the religion of love Christ came to announce to the world.” Catholic Encyclopedia

“When Constantine became Emperor of Rome, he nominally became a Christian …but being a sagacious politician, he sought to blend Pagan practices with ‘Christian’ beliefs, to merge Paganism with the Roman Church. (Roman) Christianity was the last great creation of the ancient Pagan world.” (www.hope-of-israel.org/cmas1.htm)

It's daunting how many people don't understand that judgment, Satan, hell, Easter and Christmas are all 100% pagan religion. Original Christianity had nothing to do with judgment and consequences.

Anybody would be a Christian if they knew that Christ's only message was that God is love, and that He wanted us to love and help one another. These were Christ's on;y commandments. Paul changed Christianity to being the church's religion of judgment and consequences for those who don't accept Christ… That's not what Christ was about.

Bishop John Spong concedes “the church has always been in the guilt producing control business and dangled us between their imaginary heaven and hell as a control tactic.”

I don't believe Atheists would oppose loving and helping one another… they just resent being controlled by a church that threatens them for compliance. This is the legacy of Roman Church Christianity since the Romans altered the religion 300 years after Christ.

Brad O'Donnell, author “Where to Now Saint Paul?”
video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQVyZ74HmiA

Thing is, you can find likes and dislikes about anything food, work, stores, fashion… ANYTHING, no matter what it it or how perfect its supposed to be, some ppl call whoopings abuse, when u see things how u want, they become as you think they are

I find Teresa's comments very interesting because they show how Christians think. She said that she was "the enemy" to atheists. I don't know any atheists who think of those who are trying to convert them as "the enemy." Perhaps that is because we are confident in our non-belief, & we are more than willing to have ourselves proven mistaken if possible. No aspirations of heaven nor threats of hell hanging over our heads if we change our minds. Sad that believers are so frightened & insecure

Yes…very good. This needs to be seen widely! Wish I could've been in this audience. Teresa is my Facebook friend and I'm about to be moving back to Birmingham, AL and am not looking forward to the religious climate there. I love hearing from others in this situation.


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