Woman Sees JESUS CHRIST In Church!!!

I felt the presence of God moving nightly when I was watching this…thank you Lord for your servant prophet tb Joshua…remember my mother Lord

I have seen this video long ago and I did not think much about it and this is the second time I have seen this video and it has changed my life. God used her healing and pain and accusations and what her family had did to her, her healing helped me get delivered some from what my family had done to me as a child and what the church my ex-husband and I had pastored did to me, when he cheated on me and got the Assistant in are church pregnant and he divorced me and married her right away to cover it up, when the whole church found out they turned their backs on me. All my life I had great rejection from family and friends and people just conspiring against me at work at school teachers and students. I was a very shy kid so this was hard I never would stand up for myself. I told my daughter earlier today that I am defective and something is wrong with me because people do not like me right away before they even get to know me even at the last church I attended I was lonely so I have stopped going. I lock myself away in my room now and I don't want any relationships with people only with my son and daughter because I fear the pain of rejection. Today God told me where it started from and it came from my father who named me after the women he saw in the Tahitian Islands coming back home from Vietnams. When I was born he named me Tahesa and God told me my mother was jealous of me because of how my father describe the women he saw there he even told me the stories of how beautiful the women were there. Since then people would hurt me out of jealousy as early at 5 years of age. I was molested and raped by my cousin and my family new about it but did nothing and other men molested me as well as a child. I don't know why I am typing all of this on here, its so personal, but I have no one to talk but my two kids and right now they are with there friends. I hope this message will help someone else. I will be praying for Mrs. Comfort Itua and her family. And to whomever is out their reading this be encouraged.

God you're God, I commit myself into you ooh Lord God, I am a sinner , help me you know my problems Amen

TB Joshua man of God. Please visit our country Philippines our country need deliverance and salvation. We need JESUS in our country. to GOD BE THE GLORY

People will never stop accusing such powerful men of God while accrediting super natural powers to Satan.
But God is above evil and it's only God who can do this cos he is great and above all.
Thank you Lord

That is the Lord of host. He said; blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called, the children of God. SEALED.

If you have not tested persecution and humiliation,you will not be able to manage the honour when it comes,John 15:18 its says remember the servant is not greater than his Master, if they persecuted me they will persecute you also,now my prophet is going high and high cos we in Christ we carry grace..how I love TB Joshua

God is great..Lord of Lords…this video made me cry as i was watching. Lord Jesus have mercy on me a sinner.

Please my lord Jesus Christ bless my family in Fiji and daughter and land cases in courts in the name of Jesus Christ – Amen.

Ancient of days I declare that my problems are over by your shared blood at the foot of Calvary, no more shame, stagnation, progress limitations, sickness, hatred, curses, bitterness, accidents, hopelessness, tears in Jesus name I pray amen ๐Ÿ™

I watch this video to remind me the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ even if our natural eyes do not see him. Thank you Lord.

After o this , people still dont believe, God open our eyes , I pray that one day I go to sinagongue my greatest wish, Lord grant me my wish ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

To GOD ALMIGHTY be all the glory.Indeed I'm feeling GOD's presence as I'm watching this glorious testimony.GOD is alive and HE is with us.EMMAAAAAAANUEL.

Amen…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! THANK YOU JESUS…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! GOD Is With Us…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! As from now're days; we all will actually known ' That All The Universe has Belong. And Based Under HOLY TRINITY Belonging AT all the Time; unto Thou THEE Are THY WILL, our Heavenly HOLY FATHER…….!!!! YOU Are HOLY FATHER = THE GOD, YOU Are GOD = THE SON And YOU Are THE GOD = THE SPIRIT…….!!!! Without our Heavenly HOLY FATHER With HIS HOLY TRINITY At The FIRST Place As ALL IN ALL And THE ALL; there is nothing to be interpreting about thus collective we took stand off. Even as LIVE as Well…….!!!! LIVE To LIVE…….!!!! LIVE In LIVE…….!!!! Without LIVE…….!!!! There will be nothing to base off and have your being. Because THE Heavenly HOLY FATHER Is LIVING GOD = THE LIGHT, THE WAY And THE TRUTH…….!!!! IN JESUS HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! I THANK YOU. THE HOLY TRINITY…….!!!! THANKS.
Hallelujah. . . . . . . !!!! YES. . . . . . . !!!! INDEED OUR HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY OF ALL THE UNIVERSE ; ' By HIS Grace – Let Us Knew THAT -OFF ' Of All Names. If Anything Does NOT COME FROM OUR HOLY FATHER LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST; means it is from satan. Likewise. . . . . . . !!!! Through It All. . . . . . . !!!!ยดยดยดยดยดยดยด Emmanuel. . . . . . . !!!! How – ever, we should wait for GOD'S TIME…….!!!! And then also; we must pray AND ' Thanks HIM always, as we are waiting for THE WILL OF Our HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY to release us from any kind of moment in our lives onto HIS Glory. I mean we needed GOD 'S OPINION to move on at any – time unto THEE…….!!!! IN JESUS' HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! Hallelujah…….!!!! I THANK YOU, my HOLY FATHER LORD GOD ALMIGHTY with THY HOLY TRINITY. IN JESUS CHRIST' HOLY NAME. Amen…….!!!! Emmanuel…….!!!! THANKS.

The woman who saw Jesus is really blessed! U must be blessed to such a revelation,mano a mano. GD really loves U! The whole church is holy,if Jesus himself appeared…………if it was not a true church of GD ,Jesus would never appear. Bless U sista!

Lord Jesus you're the same yesterday today and for ever. Locate me today in your mercy. Where can I go from your presence

It is finished. Our problems are over. Our problems are over. Go into the world and preach to all nations. Be a light to the world. Amen Lord, thank you Jesus. Thank you Lord, Amen!

Many times people judge others of things that they have no knowledge of and they just make it happen because they cannot control others believe but only christ himself knows the truth only him can set us free

Thank you sister for sharing Gods love, that same iam also saw Jesus in my dream last in 2009 ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ


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