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a hat a head wrap a misshapen wig you can tell a lot about someone by what they were on their head or can't you for me you know when I tie my Tobin every day oh I've got a prayer at the same time which is kind of like asking for protection from negativity from enemies from wrong-doers oppressors is definitely a prayer for preparedness there's this idea written by Emily style discussing the importance of diversity in education the idea is this windows and mirrors in this series I'm going to explore that I'm gonna hopefully provide a window into a new culture that maybe you don't know that much about while also providing a mirror into my own I didn't need to do that I left Texas and I went to London I enlisted to help a friend and fellow YouTube creator beliefs of fatherhood so my talk is it camera or to you I guess the camera will try to be like here is that easier or you can talk to me I knew that in order to have a true candid conversation to build this window I needed to ease the potential for any tension and acknowledge my own ignorance I'm gonna go ahead and I do not know a lot about Sikhism like at all hmm people always come at religious tolerance from like the white perspective thing why people need to be more tolerant another religion right but I also know within the black media at least in America like I'm sure they're aware of Sikhism but they don't really know what it's about mm-hmm so do you mind being the unofficial folk person for all Sikh people gospel I'm waiting for this role why do you personally cover I feel like I somehow need to sacrifice you know like God has given me a lot of things a lot of blessings like I'm healthy have I'm surrounded by a lot of awesome people I got so many good opportunities and families and everything and there's one thing that God told me there are other things but there's one thing that God told me you have to cover I mean I can't find any reason not to it made me realize that the worldly stuff is not as important I have to understand what to prioritize we are not alone in this world of ours a suitable side to behold I call it home which means the c20 nourished by love and understanding so what beautiful realities first thing I'll kind of begin with is even just the name people will refer to it as Sikhism definitely a westernized kind of labeling of so that's not even a word in our language for us we refer to our faith as sickie there's three principles that ground Sakhi one is to recognize and always remember and reflect on the presence of their being of one God what that essentially means is that you know it is present within everything and everyone that there's no single name for it that God is unfathomable to the human mind we exist within it while being a part of it the second principle work hard earn an honest living and the other is to give back and so the community so it's about being practical and purposeful with your life I'm moved to Germany in 2010 I took it off I took off my job apparently my intention was not so straight you know I was born in race as a Muslim but that was the time when I really dig in my religion and really learn everything from zero yeah because my warfare was a Christian and he was asking me a lot of questions about Islam I could not answer at all yeah and then I learned it together with my boyfriend he ended up converted and I ended up putting it back on that was like the point where I finally understood my purpose as a human being my purpose as a Muslim I finally understood that hijab is an obligation because before I thought her job for a Muslim woman was an option but actually it said in the scripture and everything it is an obligation but at the end of the day it is your option whether you want to follow that obligation or not yeah yeah so tell me a little bit about the Hitchin up you brat I just want to tell people out there that you can wear your hijab however you want and and the hijab is it doesn't have to be only like one color you can make it really colorful and this is actually one of my favorite two jobs because this is it's so colorful and it makes me happy you see it yeah what's um so there's like okay so there's so many different ways to wear a hijab right why do you pick the style that you pick so as for me why I chose this verse because I'm from Indonesia I'm so used to seeing this style and second because it's simple I can rap and everything but no I don't bother wrapping it's cultural is there a practical purpose to you or to your children yeah most definitely during the times the key was coming about it was like Tubman was reserved for royalty Sakhi has been against the caste system and cost division so the idea of gifting the community with hey you can rock a turban it's like this is your crown you are royalty when I tie my turban and I keep my beard the way that I do I wear my cutters my around my wrist it's one affirming to myself that I adhere to a discipline and a set of values and principles my uniform enables other people to call me out if they if they not you know to check me if I'm not adhering to that to those values but also if they practically if they need help like emergency situation it's like bond that's you you know Sikh is bound to help you my whole teenage years I was I definitely felt that minority thing and I definitely felt like detached displacement and I couldn't articulate it at the time yeah cab you Larry exactly yeah that's why hip hop resonated with me I was for the first time in my life hearing those themes in music but I could appreciate the values and the sentiments and the themes because it spoke to me more than any other style of music that I've ever listened to prior to that you could do it for love I could do it for peace you can do it for this but we do it for beats we can do it for money we can do it for Sikh we can do it for this or do it the least you could do it for change you know saying like but if I did it for him I was doing for ha you know the spot right you know the tunes almost like a slum village type style yeah you know these oh that's cool so very good oh there's a hook right there Naomi that's ready from Southwest Sydney represent that city of Liverpool you're talking I'm wearing right now is probably like the second time and it was originally not this color and I'm kind of sad that it's not the original color anymore but you just faded too much but in terms of like it was a it was a much lighter blue and I got pitches you know the pressures and all that sort of stuff sound like I reflect on that cover you know turbans feel different like each one feels different when you're tied on in terms of like the weight of the fabric how soft it feels when you want one for over a period of time it's it's it's almost like it you've wanted in know my style so original I don't want imitative you know I can think I cannot think of this where does she jump in that hit you job but in general the most favorite moments is always to be when I was on the street in Germany or in Berlin and then someone saying Salaam to me like I said I'm like because you know as a minority you feel free alone and everything you know that there are a lot of Muslims in in Germany but still you're the minority and then suddenly there's someone acknowledging that you are a Muslim so I'm really happy to see the Muslim at this point belief and I both had a similar thought as the window in Tikrit his life became a mirror for us how could we make sure that Geeta still felt appreciated when she saw us people who weren't Muslim but definitely understood the feeling of being a minority I mean just the fact that you guys are very nice to me I feel so appreciated even even if you don't necessarily agree with the whole submission and everything I mean it's it's totally it's totally okay I mean you can think whatever you like but the fact that you understand and you let me to be Who I am like this is my decision to wear hijab and everything and you're okay with it that's more than what do you want people that aren't in the faith to feel or know when they see that's part of your face maybe and separate from Ike just you as an individual there's a same with insecure it's kind of like it's so difficult to walk this path that's kind of like walking on the edge of the blade I think I'm at a point in my life where just on a personal level I don't have any expectations from other people that's how the community like I don't want anything from people outside the community in a sense of life I wish you would treat us better I wish you weren't so ignorant I don't have that expectation anymore because like I suppose there's part of me that feels a sense of futility there's also a part of me that's like I can't control anything outside of myself let me focus on that so what can you do now that I've shown you a different way of living through personal stories what can you do now to incorporate that into your life I think the most actionable thing you can do is seek out the windows if you live in a homogeneous area and it's difficult for you to physically do that that's fine you're watching me on this amazing platform called YouTube where 72 years of content is uploaded to it every day seek out the windows of different lifestyles on this platform use that search bar to your advantage and let the algorithm begin to work in your favor thank you YouTube and the creators for Change Program for giving me this opportunity it's been a real blessing I'll see you when I see you – what – what you do it for I get ya one-to-one so I guess yeah wants a one too short for this believer and it's the light what – what – what you do it for why you want to what you do it for one to one so yeah I do it for a bar I do it for everything around me his mouth I do it for world travelers in the unseen people of the unsung song you

It is so sad to see how people react to such topics and give more downvotes than upvotes. I think what you do is great work. These are interesting and important topics and I like to get a little bit an opprtunity to get to know what other people from other cultures, other countries, other points of live are thinking. Thanks for this and keep going. <3

Amazing video, do not worry about the comments from people without the competence to realise recommended content is not the same as prescribed content. Eye opening and much needed.

Just got done watching the indoctrination of children with the radical cram school. Here's a little history for you: In 1957 Mao Zedong launched a campaign known as the Great Leap Forward that aimed to rapidly transform China's economy from agrarian to industrial. This campaign led to the deadliest famine in history and the deaths of an estimated minimum of 45 million peoplebetween 1958 and 1962.

Another propaganda video made by low IQ individuals. The other guy “beleaf in fatherhood” turned his comments off. It’s all your fault white man! White man dont you dare say anything about how much you enjoy white culture. Don’t you dare defend the white race. If you do that, you are a
-ist or -phobe white man.

Hallease, this is seriously incredible. As I'm reading the comments and seeing a display of our societies hateful subcultures, this project only becomes more meaningful. Thank you for using your talents to show a larger audience what the world actually looks like, whether people like it or not.

Not sure where these ppl in the comments came from but know that your long-term supporters who've been subscribers to your channel for a few years support you 100%. I love how thoughtful you are, your ability to tell stories, how relatable you are. You make me think and consider and hope. Thank you and please continue creating. ❤️ (((((( good vibes )))))))

Hallease, I don’t know what to say to this comment section. Thank you for letting people tell their own stories.

I am confused..If you do not like the content, don't you have the option of not watching ? Are you obligated to leave a negative comment? Hmmm…sounds like some of you have nothing to do, but be negative. NOW TO HALLESE…amazing as usual. Keep up the amazing work and ignore negativity!!!!

I absolutely loved this Hallese! Pain is often the impetus for change. Change can be uncomfortable and scary. Continue to challenge yourself, to force yourself to be in pain, to be uncomfortable, to be a visionary, by telling the stories of others. Many people don’t have the opportunity to meet someone who is culturally different. YouTube is a vehicle that connects each of us. YouTube provides exposure to others. I absolutely loved this and will continue to support! #beblessed #stayblessed

WOW. I came back to see the video because when I watched it the reviews were mostly positive. This is a beautiful video Hallease! Keep up the amazing work <3

Thank you Hallease for your intelligence, curiosity, and creative ability for putting this video together!!! I learned some things. Keep doing you. YouTube needs more creators like you!

I'm guessing these comments were organized. Very 4chan, 8chan, old school Reddit, Stormfront etc. Basically the underbelly of the internet. Hallease don't let the bastards grind you down.

The comments on here are so strange 😂😂 I'm wondering where all these people came from. Anyway beautiful video, thanks for making it Hallease. Also thanks for the education in regard to the people that were in the video. It was helpful and sincere ❤🙂

Love this video. Love your dedication to shine light on the topics that too often get lost in the shadows. To the people commenting negatively: fear less, understand more. Blessings to you Hallese.

Wow the comments really are full of triggered yt trash. Hallease, your work is an inspiration, don't ever stop. The comments are an indicator you're doing something RIGHT.

Biodiversity builds the resiliency within a population of organisms. Since humans are multi-celled organisms, we can assume that diversity does strengthen humans.

Video: this is why I choose to wear my hijab for my own spiritual purpose and if you're different that's cool, because we're all different. 🙂

Comments: wow fuck this anti-white bullshit >:(

Thank you to everyone who is speaking their mind respectfully whether they agree or disagree. This video is meant to start a dialogue and engage understanding. It is a detailed look at two individuals and does not showcase or educate on an entire faith, because for everyone faith encapsulates different things. Be blessed, and I'll see you when I see you.

Wow this is cancer. It's ridiculous that people promote Islam when it persecutes gays (violently) in it's current form.

There is no truth in religion. Religion will not save you. There is only truth in Jesus Christ. His name alone is the only name that can save you. When you die it will not matter the set of disciplines or rules you adhered to. The only thing that will keep you from the wrath of God is trusting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. See God loves you so much! But he is perfect and just, meaning he must punish evil. And the fact is, at some point in our life we were all evil. We have all sinned. And God is perfect. So to be in his presence you must be perfect. Which is impossible for humans. So God Himself became a human, to walk out a perfect human life in our place. Then God punished himself in Jesus Christ to justify me and you. God/Jesus paid your fine! SO NOW YOU ARE FREE! There is no freedom in religion. There is only freedom in Jesus. And Christianity as a religion is great but is a human adaptation of God. That is why even Christianity as a religion can be flawed! Religion, can be great(Christianity, all other religions are lies) but follow Jesus not humans. And the reason why all other religions are lies is because they are based upon good works. Christianity is the only religion where you cannot earn heaven. The only one IN THE WORLD! That is why it is the truth. It is not about what you did but what God did on the cross. If it was about what we did we would alllll fall short of Gods perfect. Love you all! Even if you believe in another religion or are atheist. Lets talk and have a loving conversation!!

I don't get muslim women. They put on scarves & hijabs while wearing ton of make up & other accessories. What part of being humble & simple you do not get? You want to cover yourself because of men(one of the reasons) & yet try to look like a barbie doll with that ridiculous make up.

I liked your video. I really like how you showed diversity, in today's world. The only wrong message which this video is sending (personally I felt), is promoting and trying to make your point correct on the wearing of Hijab and turbin on a person from Sikh background. wearing hijab or covering the head for the female during worship is a routine in many eastern cultures. For instance, in India women as a part of cultural practice cover their head during worship in the presence of God, including Hindu, Christian, Sikh, (although Muslim women cover all the time). The lady in the video said, for Islam, ' it is an obligation' or if not wanting to choose, then an option. Quick question, Can a woman walk in the street of Saudi Arabia without cloth on her head in a public place? The answer as far as I know is 'NO'. The women can actually lose her life for that. So this is a nation's obligation, which is primarily Islamic in nature, while there are many Muslim women in the world who do not choose to do so if they are cultural free to do so. The difference with Christianity, making this not an obligation for women to cover their head is, Through the grace a person is saved, not by external appearance or what the person is wearing Ephesians 2:8-9, 1 Samuel 16:7. In fact, Apostle Paul in the Bible gives a reason for women covering: According to Apostle Paul, either hair or cloth on women's head is a protection for women, showing the authority of her husband, protecting her from Angel. So women must have hair on her head to worship God or should cover her head for worship if no hair. ON the other hand, for men to cover their head is a disgrace according to the Bible. Mans' authority is from God (So Godhood is covering for Men, not covered with cloth on men): Such prayer from men is unacceptable to God. I don't know what led your boyfriend to change to Islam, as a true believer in Christ Jesus would know that, 'Jesus is the only way to eternal life". The funny thing is Muslim believe that Jesus is going to come back to judge the world. Quick question, why would God give all authority in heaven and earth to Jesus to judge and condemn the world and not Mohamand. In the Quran, prophet Mohammed says to all Muslim believers that if 'people have any doubt in his writing then refer to the Torah and ask the people of the book. Prophet Mohammad is talking about Christians and Jews. In fact, at least Jesus is living alive in heaven, while Mohammed was poisoned by women. Please, my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, think about these things? Another clue, Bible (including the old and the new testament was written 5000 years to the 1st century AD, while Islam started around AD 500, think if Islamic teacher is saying the Bible is concept and Quran is right, then every copy of the Holy Bible and scriptures from the entire world from everywhere must have been collected and rewritten to change the truth. Is this even possible? Why would a true Christian believe the lies of a book written 500 years after the holy scriptures (old and the new testament talking all about the messiah-Jesus is fully filled)? Even Quran refers to Jesus Christ as a Messiah (the Meaning of Messiah is The one who Saves). Jesus came to the world to save human beings from their sinful life and to promise eternal life with God. Jesus himself said you cannot come to father unless you believe in the SON of GOD. For Muslim, Jesus is just a prophet or a teacher. The Islamic teachers are misguiding dear Muslim brothers and sisters. No person in the world will be saved unless, they believe this: Jesus Christ came in Flesh, is SON of GOD, died for our sins, rose on the third day, is living in heaven seated on the right-hand side of God (GOD, JESUS, HOLY SPIRIT live in Unity, they are trinity one person is three different essence), all will come back to judge both living and dead. So think your life and videos again. Example to the parallelism of the concept of the Trinity: Think about Air (we cannot see air, but it does exist if we solidify Air (solid carbon dioxide) we can even liquify air (think water, same thin wood all are one substance but exist in different forms). When God came to Moses to send him to Egypt, God did not appear in the form of a Man but came as the form of Fire in the Bush which would not burn the bush. God can exist in any form anywhere, that's why he is omnipotent. Bible and Both Quran say, Jesus is the light of the world, a sound or word in the beginning and confirm that this light was in the beginning from this light God created everything. So technically God created everything through JEsus who is from the begning.

I‘m sorry to be the person that destroys your illusion, but religion, regardless wich one, or how much you believe in It, is the reason for almost every war. It‘s only a tool from powerfull people who want to controll as much people as possible to increase their might and wealth, and you dont even know it. Don‘t be foolish, just think for yourself. I think most of the people in the video are rather smart, but they believe in an illusion people created hundreds of years ago. Please dont do so either! Please be smarter.

The reason Islam is so harshly criticized is because it encourages barbaric practices that by no means will be allowed in the West. Minorities and other faiths are seen as nothing but property and are horrendously abused in Islam. If you're gay in an Islamic country, you're to be tortured and eventually killed because your sexuality is a crime against Allah. Women are nothing but servants to men in Islam and if they act up, they're to be tortured for their bad behavior. Sold as sex slaves, and oh boy. A man committed a crime against you? Tough shit. Because you're a woman, your word means little in his trial. Oh, and cover up. Show your face or body off, prepare to have it pieces of it chopped off in Islam. Showing some skin is very offensive to Allah.

And followers of Allah are expected to do this in point blank text.

So that Turban is a symbol for many as a symbol for oppression and thus is met with disdain for many.

But what's truly baffling is that nobody wants to admit that the criticism towards Islam and similar faiths to it are fully valid. Especially in the west nowadays as progressives seek to ban or punish the criticism as "hate speech". Meanwhile, other religions are free to be criticized till doomsday. Particularly Christianity. Banning criticism doesn't make it go away, it only further makes it popular. And until it's addressed, Islam will continued to be met with hostility.

Not every culture leads to good , and not every culture mixes well with others. Islam and Western Standards simply don't mix. That's a fact as old as time, take it or leave it.

I'll celebrate this channel – when YouTube "features" a channel that talks about how awesome Christianity is & how much good it has generated in America & the world. You want fairness? Great… But it's not about fairness, is it?

The problem with Radical Islam is that they want to impose their Sharia Law onto Western civilizations. We can see the disaster of Soros funded forced migration into Europe. You call any one who disagrees with that a racist and that is wrong.

Quran 8:12 – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

Yeah, fuck off with this "diversity is our strength" horseshit. YouTube propaganda at its finest.


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