Why the Soul Stone must be in Wakanda and be revealed in Black Panther | Detailed Explanation

Before thor ragnarok ,a lot of people asssumed that the soul would be inside Mjolnir But hela,she broke it to pieces and in some other part of the trailer we see her glow in some orange light which also happens to be the same color as the soul stone,so many of us assumed that the sixth infinitystone was already with hela or she tooked it after destroying mjolnir but actually there is no soul stone in the movie The previously popular theory that Heimdall has the soul stone on his chest is also losing its weight. He can see everything but I don’t know how that can be related to the soul stone. and I am pretty sure he can’t temper with anyone’s soul and besides everything thats orange is not the soul stone,right?? So where exactly is the soul stone?? Well the title of the video makes it pretty obvious where I am heading. The soul stone has to be in wakanda. Before the Universe began, six singularities existed. Some time after the Universe exploded into existence, these were formed into the six Infinity Stones namely….. …….namely space,mind,reality,power,time and soul stone by the Cosmic Entities. Each stone represented a different aspect of the universe. And Infinity war is going to be all about infinity stones. We know where all of the first five infinity stones are located.But the location of the soul stone is still a mystery. Chris Hemsworth said in a recent interview that the soul would be revealed soon. Many predicted that it will be revealed in thor ragnarok but it didn’t happen. Thor Ragnarok wasn’t about infinity stones at all. And now we are only left with one movie before Infinity war hits the theaters and infinity war is going to be all about infinity stones and it makes absolute sense to reveal all of the infinity stones before infinity war. And there is a hype that its going to be in The Black Panther. Not only is Black Panther the last film before infinity war but it has been confirmed that ‘Black Panther’s story will lead into Infinity war.So the Soul Stone has to be in Wakanda, the secretive, isolated fictional nation in Africa where Black Panther reigns, and it makes a lot of sense when you break it down. A major part of the Black Panther title, a mantle passed down through generations, and the culture of Wakanda is the spirituality of its people, specifically their connection with tradition and the dead. Its Necropolis, the “City of the Dead” where Black Panthers go after they die and where they draw their power and knowledge from their ancestors. It is confirmed in the new Black Panther trailer that Necropolis is a part of the MCU. But Wakanda already has the indestructible metal vibranium and the special herb which which gives black panther its enhanced abilities So would the placing of the sixth infinity stone there prove to be too much for wakanda. Not really.Infact the soul stone would help to explain certain aspects of the wakandan
universe. It is very much possible that meteorite that blessed wakanda with vibranium might have had the soul stone at its core. The concepts of multiverse,multi-dimensions and black holes have already been brought into the marvel universe.But the MCU hasn’t really showed us much about after-death except that Black Panther chat with Black Widow in captain america civilwar So it would be very wise of MCU to tackle the concept of Necropolis-the land of the dead panthers with the help of the soul stone. In the comics, The Black Panther derives his powers from a special heart-shaped plant or herb that only grows on the site of the underground vibranium meteorite The soul stone could be the reason behind those herbs. The soul stone might enrich the soil that leads to the growth of the special herb and whoever consumes that herb gets connected to the soul stone. As a result the soul stone enhanches the person’s capabilities while granting the person immortality by letting him travel to a dimension created by the soul stone itself. The Herb produced by the soul stone also lets the person travel to the after-death dimension where he can gather knowledge from others that previously consumed the herb. In this case it is Black Panther travelling to Necropolis, the “City of the Dead” to gather knowledge and wisdom from the previous black panthers. It makes perfect sense as why black panthers exist. They exist not only because of the advanced vibranium tech but also because of the immortality bestowed upon them by the soul stone. Not convinced yet.You might be questioning as how can so many infinity stones be at earth at the same time. Why is earth so important? Well for starters it is only a movie and the planet thats making the movie is earth. Had Xander been real and making an infinity war movie then I guess that they too would have put three infinity stones in their planet so that the citizens of Xander that would be watching the movie could connect more to the movie,Right?? Or lets put it this way-
In the football world cup do you like it more r do you like it when north korea makes it instead of your country. Still not convinced?Well as a matter of fact the infinity stones attract each other and so it makes sense that more than one stone has showed up on earth. And when thanos gets all the stones,all of them would be in a single gauntlet, Now compare that to the size of the earth. To put the final nail in the coffin we have Thanos sending the black order to wakanda and we see in the leaked D23 trailer
that winter soldier and black panther get ready for a battle along with the wakandan army. So why waste your resources if you have nothing to gain from fighting the wakandans. I am pretty sure that he is not looking for some vibranium to make his own shield that defies all laws of physics. Or wait maybe captain america takes vision to wakanda,the most advanced place in earth to protect the mindstone from thanos. So what about the time stone,shouldn’t doctor strange take it to wakanda as well so that they all can fight the black order together. Or we all know that doctor strange can travel through time and space so they can take vison and the time stone to xander where they already have the power stone. I am pretty sure the Nova Corps would provide much better protection than the wakandan army. You see it is only a movie.Events take place in an movie according to the plot and no by what makes more sense Take Suicide Squad for an example. You already see in the trailer that there is only the black panther and the winter soildern with the wakandan army Wouldn’t it make sense that Captain America would be standing with them if he had taken vision to wakanda. The conclusion is that captain america taking vision to wakanda to safeguard the mind stone is pretty unlikely. The Black order must be there to get the soul stone.Hence we have confirmed that the soul stone is in wakanda. Alright thanks for watching the video. If you have your own theories as to where the soul stone is then comment down below.

Bucky and Captain America are hiding in Wakanda. They showed this in the post credit scene at the end of Captain America: Civil War. Vision isn't anywhere near Wakanda. He's with Tony Stark, War Machine, etc (team Iron man basically) still in America. So they is no immediate connection to Vision and Wakanda.Also in that Infinity War D23 trailer Captain America is also fighting in that battle scene in Wakanda with Bucky, Black Panther and the Wakandan army. Remember team Cap is in hiding in Wakanda after Captain America civil War (again the last place we see Captain America was in that post credit scene in Civil War in Wakanda with Bucky and Black Panther. Very good video mate, one of the smarter fan theories.

Boooooo… no soul stone in black panther.. boo! Marvel has already made black panther "op" AF, and now you also want to give him an infinity stone! Bullshit!👎👎

I am kind of hoping and kind of not, that the Soul Stone is a part of Wakanda in some way. While it does make sense, given BP history, it is also a dangerous item to have.

NO NO NO, it doesn't have to be revealed before Infinity War.  It can absolutely be revealed in Infinity War itself.

The soul stone is not in Wakanda. It would be so weird for all these stones to just be magically on earth. The soul stone is in The Sovereign with Adam Warlock. The “H” stands for either “Him” or “hive” because of the beehive he is created in. Pretty obvious it is the soul stone if you watch the post credit scene in guardians 2. Just look at how big the soul stone is in the gauntlet compared to the rest of the stones…….

'Events take place in a movie according to the plot and not by what makes more sense'
finally someone understand how the directors think

The infinity Stones can't be in the same place, that's why there's a gauntlet that can hold the power of these stones. The stones must spread out.

you said in the video that the soul stone would be too much for wakanda but I don't think so. arguably the soul stone is the 2nd weakest stone above the mind stone

Damn, now that i watched this it makes sense, i just figured heimdall would have it just cause he can see every soul and see through them, and he managed to make thor see what was happening and talk to him in thor ragnarok

I am pretty sure it's in wakanda but they should have kept it somewhere else. Because infinity stones are supposed to be scattered through out the universe. Soul stone in wakanda would make 3 infinity stones on earth

Cool vid.

It wasn't kept in Xandar b.c I doubt the Wakandans would give it up. Plus Xandar falls to Thanos. That is where they kept the power stone and he is wearing it in the Infinity War trailer.

I think Heimdall has the Soul Stone. Because look, I think this is how Marvel put it into. Let's put all the stones altogether. Tessaract, Aether, Neckclace(eye of agamotto), Orb, Scepter (Chitauri)

Put all their first letters together,

If H is missing I believe it's inside Heimdall considering he can see everything. Or it's The Hearth or the Eternal Flame.

Yes YES Yesss .. its in Wakanda it just makes sense.. Thor, Guardians, Capt America, Iron Man, Doc Strange, Avengers all have scenes related to the infinity stones … Why wouldn't they bring up the SOUL stone in the first Marvel debut of Black Panther months before the infinity movie?? They can even use the the H in Herb to spell out Thanos(if you know what I'm talking about) … also why would Thanos send his army to Wakanda??

After Thor Ragnarok I started to think Soul Stone was divided into pieces after Infinity Stones creation. First one was explored by Odin, and he placed it into Heimdall's body to watchover his Country and other 8 realms. Other one is comes to the Earth with a meteor, and it crushed to Wakanda. It gives whole Earth life! But it's still at undergrond and changes their mine sources to Vibranium matter. Wakandian people don't know the Soul Stone's existince in their country. They only think some area is magical in their place, and at this place they can see and talk with their died relatives.The last piece of Soul Stone is in Eternal Flame which we saw in Thor Ragnarok. We never seen such powerfull thing in MCU (except from stones) Hela gave whole dead army life. And former Thor films they never mentioned about it.

So what do you think about my theory guys? I found all Heimdall and Wakanda theories logical, and added Eternal part by myself.
MCU will surprise all their fans.

Because WE are the People of Soular Plexus in real life.. We as Carbon Beings are the nature of the Sun….so the Stones has to be with the Source! WM>NF

If it's in wakanda I'm dead lol its so racist of marvel to give the black ppl the "soul" stone lol.. so why would the celestial put more than 1 stone on earth? What makes us so special gtfo it should be on Adam worlocks cacoon

What could possible be in Wakanda that starts with Letter H that can hold the soul stone? the Heart flower thing that you're talking isnt enough to convince me but good theory tho.

the soul stone must be in wakanda as we know that all the infinity stones containers first letters spell T?ANOS there must be the letter "H" for it to become THANOS,, so the soul stone must be in the herbs of wakanda because the word herbs start in the letter "H",, it must be like a gas, as we seen solid stons, liquid stone and the one which is left is the state gas

To know about the true location of the soul stone, see the photo of the given link.In this photo, the keepers of the infanity stones have been highlited by the glow of their respective stones.As: loki is highlited by the blue glow of space stone, vision is highlited by the yellow glow of mind stone, dr.strange is highlited by the green glow of time stone, and guardians of galaxy are highlited by the purple glow of the power stone.Simillarlarly, the keepers of soul stone have been highlited by the orange glow of the soul stone, only left is the red glow of reality stone, which is with the collector.It is seen that, the keepers of soul stone are unknown to us.They will be shown in Avengers Infanity War.I found the photo on Avengers Infanity War facebook homepage.Link:https://www.facebook.com/AvengersInfinityWarSaga/photos/a.314135675451550.1073741827.314129392118845/881543228710789/?type=1&theater


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