Why The Mind Hates Meditation

To avoid all evil, to cultivate good, and
to cleanse one’s mind – this is the teaching of the Buddha. Meditation has been scientifically proven
to have many health benefits, like reduced anxiety and better emotional health. While this is great, I also see many people
struggling with incorporating meditation in their daily routines. Even though it takes some effort to adopt
new habits, there’s one thing at play that doesn’t like meditation. At all. This is the mind. In this video, I’ll explain why the mind
hates meditation. First of all: thank you Kristine for your
support on Patreon. I appreciate it, and it helps me to continue
this project. So, I won’t deny that experienced meditators
won’t have too much trouble meditating whenever they want, because the wise part of their
thinking mind has become dominant. However, the average Joe, myself included
often experiences a mind that’s overly active: eager to solve puzzles, analyze past events
and calculate future possibilities, no matter if it’s past midnight. The mind is a precious tool. But when it’s out of control, it can be
a destructive monster as well. The quality of our thoughts is so important
because emotions are the consequence of it. As emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius
puts it: The things you think about determine the quality
of your mind. Your soul takes on the color of your thoughts. End quote. Negative thoughts most likely cause fear,
anger or grief. Positive thoughts most likely cause laughter. It’s not uncommon that people that are in
a constant state of negative thinking, end up being depressed or anxious. This makes overthinking dangerous, because sufferers may end up hurting and even killing themselves. The ancient practice of meditation proves
to be a cure for the restless mind. The Buddhists call such a mind a monkey mind,
because it tends to jump from branch to branch. Currently, Western health care has begun acknowledging
the benefits of meditation, so we increasingly see doctors prescribing it to their patients. The most common form of meditation is breath
meditation. It’s very simple, really. You just sit down or lay down, and watch the
breath. You can focus on how the breath enters your
nostrils, or how it fills up the lungs and belly, and you can also focus on the moments
between the in- and out-breath. The mind will do anything to divert your attention
to the thoughts it produces. And when that happens, you focus your attention
back on the breath. And when it happens again, you, again, bring
back your attention to your breath. The essence of this practice is that you don’t
engage with your thinking mind, but just let it be… ..watch the thoughts come and go like
clouds in the sky. By focusing your attention to the breath,
you anchor yourself to something that is not your thinking. Even though the practice is so simple, it’s
incredibly difficult for many overthinkers to actually do it on a regular basis. I experience that the more active my mind
is, the less I want to do it. Especially in the evening after a busy day
with lots of distractions, my thinking is often so amped up, that I’d rather scroll
down the Facebook feed or watch pointless videos on YouTube than sitting down for twenty
minutes watching my breath. This doesn’t make sense, because checking
social media and watching videos is even more tiring for an already tired mind, while watching
the breath gives the mind a break. So, what’s the problem? The Buddha also noticed that it’s difficult
to tame the mind. I quote: Wonderful, indeed, it is to subdue the mind,
so difficult to subdue, even swift, and seizing whatever it desires. A tamed mind brings happiness. End quote. The struggle is, that the mind that knows
that meditation is good for you, is the same mind that doesn’t want to stop thinking. This part of the mind doesn’t like meditation. In fact it hates it, simply because meditation
subdues its very purpose: thinking. Now, we can make distinctions between mental
states. A mindfulness based therapy called Dialectical
Behavior Therapy, that is used to treat mood disorders, distinguishes three mental states:
the reasonable mind, the emotional mind and the wise mind. The emotional mind is a non-logical state
that is dominated by emotions and creates a very subjective view on reality. The reasonable mind operates based on facts,
and is great at planning and analyzing. Both of these states, however, can be out
of control. The wise mind is a healthy balance between
the two; it’s the part that knows what’s best for you. In a state of turmoil, the little voice that
knows that the mind needs a break is coming from the wise mind. The emotional mind however, wants to be completely
immersed in feelings, no matter if it’s anger, grief or laughter. And the reasonable mind wants to solve the
future’s problems and sort out past events and it’s exhausting itself doing so. The stronger the reasonable and emotional
mind are, the harder it gets to actually listen to the wise mind’s voice. Meditation is a method to tame the mind, even
though it doesn’t want to be tamed. That’s why it’s so difficult to meditate
on a regular basis; it’s going against the very thing that the mind enjoys doing. Luckily, there’s always a part in us that
knows what’s best. The key is: listening to it. Thank you for watching.

I personally prefer not to use metaphors of war, battle, and conflict. Our minds are part of us, connected to us, however you want to view it, and we should learn to collaborate with it. Collaboration requires the building of mutual trust, and the willingness to communicate. This is all metaphorical of course, and it may be difficult to see what I mean concretely, but do we really want a battle in our heads, one part of the mind attempting to subdue another? Will this bring us forward? These metaphors are rooted in cultures and histories that have been laden with conflict, but if we want to move away from that, changing our metaphors might be an important part. Just some food for thought (or meditation, as it may be).

Your mind is like pet, when you don't train them they will do whatever they want, but once you trained them you can control them just like you tell you pet to sit down.. It just simple like that. The thing is that we need more consistency training to archieve this stage.

My monkey mind is hopped up on bannanas and crack. Its hard to deal with sometimes, but sometimes its my own universe. Like thinking just brings me joy. Sometimes i can just think for hours. Ive meditated daily+ for over a month now. Now when eating breakfast turns into contemplating the nuances of my time in elementary school (or whatever) i have the ability to think "wait im just eatimg breakfast right now." And it feels like im a space ship touching the ground after a long journey.

Disclaimer: my monkey mind only acts that way, i however do not have a bananna addiction

2:15 I'm all for meditation but if my doctor "prescribed" me meditation, I'd slap em and say "I'm not paying you to do nothing"

Meditation has a ver long – yet forgotten – tradition in the west. The word itself is of latin and classic greek origin. What's wrong about those meditation formats that are actually part of our heritage?

Swap out “mind” with “ego” in this video. I would be considered an “over thinker”, and anxiety comes from the ego and living from it. The solution is meditating on which part of you listens to your thoughts. After getting used to this practice, the level of your brain activity will never change, the level of your peace does.

I haven't seen this comment here before so here it is: The mind is a blank space. It's like an ocean. When u throw a rock into the water, the water becomes disturbed. More rocks = more waves = more anxiety. Also it can lead to a point where your mind becames numb to itself, that is the point where you loose awareness and forget that you put those rocks into it. Anyway the mind is always neutral. You can throw in sexual thoughts so it'll think about sex and you'll have a constant erection or you can throw in hateful thoughts so it will hate everything. So who ever hates his/her mind has thrown too much shit into it and he/she no longer likes those big waves. And now he/she thinks that his/her mind became a problem which needs to be fixed and the GAME BEGINS lol. If you turn to your mind with hate or think that your mind hates you, that will only lead to more stress/anxiety. Also if you try to let it go, it won't work. As Alan watts said: Flatting the water with hot iron. What you have to do is just let it be with no more thought.

Put your headphones on and listen to someone else… Guided meditation allows the beautiful, positive words spoken within, replace the thoughts you’ve cultivated through life experience. Interrupting your thoughts with a short mantra such I AM POWERFUL or I AM AMAZING during a loop of negative talk will support the guided meditations. Do this in a concentrated time, consistently daily and you will reset the subconscious. I went from depressed, unwell and locked in by fear to awakened, which opened me to dissolving worry, fear and negativity in about 90 days. The first signs of it succeeding occurred within 20 days. There is much more to this experience that I cannot share it all but basically you will transform your self into happiness and positive energy. Then you simply maintain it daily. By then it’s far easier as the subconscious does the majority naturally. Life is still life, it’s down to you to keep out the wolves and attract the good, all whilst thinking positively, loving openly and being a good person.

True meditation is to strengthen connection with source. Connecting with source can lead to abilities some would seem to find unnatural.

Every winter in recent years I seem to get heavily into meditation, spending half an hour or more at a time in the absolute dark, with ear-protection gear to allow absolute silence, and I listen to my tinnitus or OM or whatever it is. It is truly amazing when your mind begins to quiet down.

Foreigners just One Correction
Its Budhh not Budhha ..
Similarly its Karm not Karma
And Shiv not Shiva

Have a Nice Day !!

When my mind is not working properly(sleepy), meditation is so easy. But when I feel all the power in the world, i can't even stay still.

when i used to do traditional meditation regularly, it was difficult, now after listening to my inner nature of freedom i left doing it as a discipline or habit. now i try to sense the meditative state whenever it comes.

You say that the mind doesn't want to be tamed, but the mind doesn't want anything. It doesn't have any will by its own. It's just thinking happening and to tame the mind it's just a matter of reconditioning and develop new mind habits. Great video!

I did meditation for a month, on a regular basis. After a month my reasonable and emotional mind started dominating my daily routines. I would analyze each and every situation like a machine and then act accordingly like seen in video. If I were talking to a person then I would fuck with his mind with my loop talks. But wise mind was missing. It took me a lot of time to get rid of these dominations, actually a vacation with my family. Thus if you are doing meditation then also read about its negative consequences. I am not promoting the negative side of it but I had been through that phase and it was not so good for me afterwards. And if you find me wrong then don't mind to reply on this comment.

People not used to practice sport, trouble starting
People not used to self control, introspection & meditation, trouble starting
…just start.

In Geeta, Lord Krishna has shown to path for perfect meditation,
Chapter name is dhyan yog, chapter 6.
Even how can you controller timing and place of death is also mention in it.
Its a thousand years old science, even before Lord budh🙏🙌

Is it true that meditation for long time like if you do it half an hour every day for 2 months ,you could imagine or see things you don't really want to see?, I need an answer to this question as I am hesitant to meditate since I hear this which I don't know if it is true or not,and is there different kinds of meditations?I want to do the safe one

‘Monkey mind’ wants control. But if you practice meditation long enough, it finally shuts up. Most people want a magic bullet, a quick fix, and so give up when it doesn’t happen right away. You don’t even need to ‘follow the breath’—that’s a myth, and another way to control the mind…in shikantaza you just sit and watch your mind.

I love taking deep breaths and listening your sageful words . Combining it with the relaxing , soothing and overall subtle ambient music you put , it's lovely .

Hey wassup guys, can I please get suggestions on good meditation videos, or advice. I'm an overthinker I need a break 😅

My problem with observing my breath is that every time I try to observe it, it becomes a voluntary process and I end up controlling my breath rather than just observing it. What do you guys think about focusing on an object? I read about people staring at clocks or candles.

Using the word "hate" may create unconscious guilt. The "I" believes it is the mind.
Its wiser the see the "hate" as a dislike.
Prefrence doesn't judge or create guilt.

I guess your mind hates it, i love to do meditation. If one has no time for him or herself. Than thats not human mind, but an animal.

When needing to stay up late I have found blue-light-blocking glasses help prevent my brain from being stuck in too much of an alert mode, making meditation a bit easier. I am doing the breath meditation in my Drukama school and it is great.

If you are almost constantly bringing the mind back to the breath, then you are not "letting it be." That's a contradiction that can turn into a struggle. The other problem is not seeing any positive results. In other words, it seems not only unpleasant but pointless (think of Sisyphus).

I've been practicing meditation for 4-5 years now. It grieves me to say that very seldom have I accomplished sth that remotely resembles to what meditation really IS. Not blaming meditation – obviously it's my mind's fault. It sucks. I feel completely useless not being able to shut it up even for a while. There – I said it!

The best of meditation is when one comes to the point of stopping the breath,like the gurus does, no concentration on mantras, not fololowing the thoughts just be the watcher..

The Mind is a good servant but a Bad master.When one meditates,the mind becomes the slave.The mind hates being a slave.Great message.

Mind doesn't hates meditation and if your mind hates meditation that whatever you are doing or making people do is not meditation…it's just a forced act.

Buddhist monk and 15 year meditator here. Interesting video with some good points and good quotes from Buddha Gotama. The first thing people who want to start meditating should know is that it is HARD, and it's supposed to be HARD, once you realize that then you'll go into it with less worry and judgement when you can't do something as "simple" as following the breath :).

Even if you've been meditating for many years, your mind can still be a "monkey mind" a good portion of the time, especially during the day if you are not practicing mindfulness in all your activities. Your mind will STILL try to convince you not to meditate and to do something more "fun" or "interesting" instead. For a seasoned practitioner it just happens less because you take things less personally and worry less, so the mind has less to want to mull over and plan for. Your mind has also seen the benefits of being calm and quiet and how much less suffering it is, but you're not quite wise enough yet to totally let go of all the "fun" stuff that agitates the mind.

An Ancient technique discovered by Gothama : The Buddha called VIPASSANA MEDITATION . Courses are freely offered all around the world on Donation basis .

I used to hate meditation in school days i don't want to meditate but we have to meditate every morning but now it help me lot….

I used to be unparalleled at meditation and emotional control.
On my family and peers, the key is to feel everything to the fullest, balancing the polarity of your thoughts.
For example, if something bad or negative action is directed or applyd to you, you must apply equal opposite energy to it.
By doing so, you will neutralize it's result 100% of the time.
The key to success in life is the opposite. You must unbalance and destabilize the world arond you while maintaining balance within you.
And only allow balance if it absolutely benefits you.
Easier said then done.

But now that you mention it, yes is true when the mind is corrupt.
You will be met with variable levels of resistance.
The thing is people dont realize cause it is not on the text books.
Or the religious books cause it goes against religion, but the truth is as I've find out.
The so called mind extends well into the body not just the brain.
That is how you can enslave a person especially women, you first get through the physical and little by little into there mind.
Once you've possessed them body and head, they will be yours forever.
And because the "mind" is not part of you but merely physical, you can't escape even if you wanted to.
That's how niggers brainwash white women and make them there slaves
Here in the us in 2019.
They wanna escape but they never do
They want to be happy but they rather
Stay in debauchery until there body and mind dies.
Sadly, we cannot exist without this vessel we call body and mind.
Dreams and fantasies will destroy your life possessing your mind and enslaving your heart, wich is the only true gide in this life.
But a enslaved heart is truly… Worthles

If you want try to meditate…

I recommend picking up on exercising the body also.

It’s all breath-work

Which ever you pick up on first… will help you do the other.

If you exercise regularly, meditation becomes easier and vice versa.

Start small… 5 minutes, then 10, 15, etc…

The day you meditate for a whole hour. You’ll fully understand how powerful mediation is.


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