Why Is Theology Important? Isn’t Jesus Enough?

– [Russell Moore] When people say, “Well,
why do we need to talk about theology? Isn’t Jesus enough?”
The answer to that is to say, first of all, even when we say,
“Jesus,” we’re making a theological statement. We’re saying,
first of all, even with the meaning of that word, the “Lord Jesus Christ,”
“Jesus” meaning God saves, the Lord saves. “Lord,” talking about
Christ’s lordship over as Christ, the Messiah, the Anointed One,
fits together all of the Old and the New Testaments in terms of God’s promise.
So, even saying “Jesus,” is a theological statement. Saying “Jesus
is enough,” is a theological statement. And so, we have to understand that and
know that. And also to understand and know that most of the issues that we think are
practical issues or the issues that we think or are, sort of, devotional,
personal, spiritual issues, are also theological issues. The
reason why I am so often downcast and have difficulty really believing that God
loves me and God accepts me is because I don’t feel the weight of the doctrine or
justification. Now the reason why I tend to become discouraged when I think, “Well,
I’m just not making the progress in my Christian life that I thought I would,” is
because I have too high of expectations of sanctification or, maybe, I’m not
pursuing sanctification is because I have too low of expectations of
what God expects of me. I don’t have a theological understanding of the
Holy Spirit as indwelling believers. I mean, these questions are all
ultimately theological questions. Where do I turn if I’m seeking to pray?
Prayer is inherently theological. When Jesus teaches us to pray,
he teaches about the Fatherhood of God, he teaches us about the Kingdom of God,
he teaches us about what it means to fight against the evil one. That’s
theological. When I turn to the Bible, I’ve got to answer the question,
“What is this book that I’m looking at? Is this just a collection of, sort of,
inspired reflections on the work of God or is this actually breathed out by God,
His very word, that has an authority over me?” That’s a theological statement
too. If what I’m wanting to do is to go to the church and be part of the church
community, well, “Why do I have to worship with these people? Why can’t I worship at
home, by myself?” That’s a theological statement as well. So, we’re either
doing theology well or we’re doing theology poorly,
but there is no situation, ever, where we’re just not
doing theology at all.

Moore is a false teacher…he is far more interested in pushing his politicized message and currying political power and influence, then doing real ministry.

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