Why Is Theology Important? Is Jesus Enough?

– [Jackie Hill-Perry] One, Jesus is
enough. He absolutely is, but that doesn’t mean that theology doesn’t matter.
Even if you think about the book of Colossians, you’ll see in Chapter 1,
Paul is praying that they would grow in the knowledge of Christ.
And then in Chapter 2, he says that, “I’m saying all of this so you won’t be
deluded with plausible arguments.” But in between that, sits that,
what we call “Hymn to Christ” where He is the image of the invisible God,
and how He is preeminent over all creation, and He is the head of
the church, and how He has reconciled us to Himself and delivered us from the
domain of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of His Son.
In between his prayer for maturity of Christ and his concern that they would
not be deceived sits his exaltation of Christ, which is a right.
We have to understand God rightly to know Him intimately. And so,
theology is necessary because one thing we don’t want to get wrong is Jesus. And so,
we need to know Him rightly, and theology does that.
Theology informs our right understanding of God. We need doctrine because God has
given us His word so we may know Him, and we want to know Him in the ways that
He has explained Himself. We don’t want to concoct ideas about the
Trinity of God because we’ve seen, consisitently, what deception does to our
souls, and our minds, and our joy. And so, yeah, Jesus is enough,
but we need to know who He is to know that He’s enough.

Is anyone else completely sick and tired of Calvinism versus Arminianism versus traditionalism vs etc? When I hear Calvinist defend their position all I hear is what Augustus believed compared to what Palageous(sp?) believed. Arminians just compare themselves to Calvinists and traditionalist combat both but reconcile a whole differing view on election calling it corporate. Without bending scripture, twisting words, or participating in Hebrew Yoga i find verses that accredit all 3 beliefs. But somewhere in the mix I lose the emphasis on salvation. If I study reformed theology footnotes I find Calvinism. If I read Arminian articles i come to the Armenian conclusion and if I read most traditional commentary they don’t even know Calvinism and Arminianism exist; for example most of the Baptist churches I’ve been a part of are unaware that there is a “battle of elections” going on. My Calvinist friends still say I’m saved but correct all my doctrines and hermeneutics with RC Sproul commentary or Matt Chandler (never expected folks to take Chandler seriously). RC Sproul says I’m “saved, but barely.” Whatever that means. Just curious if I’m the only soul who wants to read my bible in complete silence and never listen to another sermon ever again???

I grew up Mennonite/baptist and joined the prosperity gospel from my teenage years till I was 25. I started reading the Bible and stumbled across reformed theology. I agreed with reformed theology until I more clearly understood the doctrines of grace. There were a slew of items I couldn’t reconcile without reformed commentary and that’s the same way I was taught charismatic/prosperity doctrine. Without commentary I never came to those conclusions. I’m convinced I’m either mentally handicapped and can’t read the Bible correctly or I need to learn Greek and Hebrew. Whatever the case…. many souls are torn and folks headed for destruction while the rest of us battle about election.


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