Why Don’t Jews Believe In Jesus? (in one minute)

Why don’t Jews believe in Jesus? The most famous of all
Jewish-Christian debates was between the apostate
Jew, Pablo Christiani, and Moses Nahmanides, in
Barcelona, Spain, 1263 CE. Nahmanides argued that the central issue
separating Christianity and Judaism was not the issue of
Jesus Messiahship but whether or not
Jesus was divine. There was no basis in Judaism,
Nahmanides said, for believing in the divinity
of the Messiah, or indeed, of any man. To Nahmanides, it seemed
most strange that the Creator of
heaven and earth resorted to the womb
of a certain Jewess and grew there for nine months
and was born as an infant. And afterwards grew up and was betrayed
into the hands of His enemies, who sentenced him to death
and executed him. And that afterwards, He came to life
and returned to His original place. The mind of a Jew or any other
person cannot tolerate this. Nahmanides told the
Spanish monarch, “You have listened all
your life to priests who have filled your brain and the marrow
of your bones with his doctrine. And it has settled with you because
of that accustomed habit. Had King James heard these ideas
propounded for the first time when he was already an adult,
Nahmanides implied, he never would have
accepted them. For more, please visit
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In a sacred othodox christian site in Bulgaria there are stones with the symbol of the cross amazingly appearing on them and it is clear that this they were not man made because I went there and checked them myself. Being Jewish this disturbs my peace of mind ? could othodox christianity be the only true religion of God.

@hotlio I think its because of the western worlds influence on the world, and because of christianity's influence of the western worlds. The Muslims know what year it is as we do, but I am sure they dont believe in Jesus as the saviour of all people.

@Atheistx82 True. Its not only jews who reject christianity, its everyone whos not christian! As you said, no evidence of him, at least not his divinity.

@hotlio No! if you asked a young jew, it would be 5770. Those who count 2010 believe in christ, which is ok but not necessarily true or right.

@hotlittleenago Jews are not saying he was any less of a man, and not a great on at that, but that he is not Devine. Saying someone is devine just because they did good things is like saying gorge Washington is a Devine person because he did great things.

so..if christianity is the continuation of judaism, and islam is the continuation of christianity, and christianity and islam both believe in jesus, why doesnt Judaism?

I love the Christian argument that Christian ignorance is superior to Jewish scholarship.

Or, "I may not know anything, I may not have read the Bible, but I know Jesus!" That's another good one.

It always amazes me when a street evangelist tries to persuade me with a tract that would be more appropriate for a pre-schooler. Aren't the Christians embarrassed by their own ignorance?

I don't understand Christianity how can God be his own Son and Father and then come down to Earth Pray to Himself and teach people about himself in 3rd person. Sacrafice to Himself and ressurect and joins back with himself. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!

This video alludes to an important point in that Christianity is that is not really monotheistic. For example, in 2003 I was singing the Terry Macalmon song “Blessings and Honor Glory and power riches and wisdom and strength be unto you unto you Who sits at the right hand of God.” I just knew it was wrong, and in 2006 I finished my conversion to Judaism. There is no reason to believe that Jesus was the Messiah, and many reasons to believe he was not.

@simpletoremember J did none of these. He is NOT the messiah but nothing will change the minds of xtians who claim they know Torah better than we do. Sad but true.

@sofia78221 Though there are quite a few 'Jews for Jesus' followers who claim to be Jewish because they claim to observe Jewish traditions and law as prescribed in the Torah. Though they take no part in the Jewish community – the very same that keeps the Torah and observes the Religion of Judaism, nor do some of them have any semitic ancestry. It is not possible to observe the Judaic tradition and law while following Paulianity..err rather Christianity. Pun intended.

What this video fails to provide is any reason to accept ANY religion? What gives any of them any more credibility than the other?

So if I'm not a jew because I wasn't born a jew then how do I become a jew? Is it Free For All like the other two desert dogmas?


"I have seen bullets stopped in Jesus name"

Do you have any evidence for that?

If not, why should It treat that statement any differently than someone saying "I saw Elvis in the parking lot"?

@Icanseeu123able You've actually seen bullets halt mid-flight like in the Matrix? You've actually seen a demon banished with your own eyes like in Constantine? Are you Keanu Reeves?

Amazing considering the Christian faith was founded on the teachings and acts of a Jewish man, and nearly all the early Christians were, you guessed it, Jewish.


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