Why Do Parents Worry So Much About Their Children? – Sadhguru

SG: People are not stressed because they have children. This is not because of marriage. This is not because of B schools This is not because of employment. So Don’t blame yourself for anybody’s sufferings. They are like that. They have practiced. Many have become veterans in suffering. Well, You should have this kind of freedom, is n’t it so? Hmm? “Even if I go to hell, I will live well.” Why Do Parents Worry So Much About Their Children? Questioner: Actually, many parents in India, they have tension about their child about fees, one lakh, two lakh, how should I pay this, then I will become a beggar, what shall I do? (Applause) Sadhguru: Hey, if you were a beggar, there would be no problem
with one lakh, two lakh. Questioner: Then they have a peaceful life, the parents says the child, “I have a very beautiful life, enjoyment,” then after that we think that how do they live happily because they have these many tensions about the child. That what do they do, how will they fall, why will they kick someone and all that. Then how do they still have a peaceful life, the parents? Sadhguru: Yes, yes, go on. Questioner: How do they still have an enjoyment
in their life, by having a tension still for the kid? Sadhguru: Some parents manage to forget about
their children for some time. That gives them the respite. You are something! What’s your name? Participant : Sanjana.
Sadhguru: Sanjana? Sanjana, I want you to observe, not just your parents, just observe people around you. Just watch them carefully, because this’s all I did in my life
when I was your age, simply observing everything, not saying a word about it. If you observe people, you will see today we are creating a world, toddler means they have, you know, the napkin problems. Adolescent means they have puberty problems. Middle age means it’s a crisis. Old age, terrible! Tell me one stage of life
that people are enjoying. Those who are poor, suffering because they are poor. Those who are rich, they are suffering the taxes. Those who are not educated, they are suffering because they are not educated. Put them to school – enormous suffering. That’s what they are saying, “Tension
in the B-School.” And, those who are not married, they are suffering. Get them married… See, I did not say anything. They are saying it. No children, they are suffering. Give them children, constant suffering which
you’re saying. Tell me one damn thing that people are not suffering. Everything! So somebody comes out with the philosophy, “Life is suffering!” So somebody comes up with a solution, “It’s all right to suffer. If you suffer a lot here, you will go to another place where everything is fantastic.” You’ve heard of heaven?
Not been there, right? No, no heaven! Heaven is the most fantastic place. The reason why we suffer is, there everything is fantastic. But I’m asking, do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven
and messing it up? Hello? Sadhguru: Do you have any proof that you are not already in heaven and making a mess out of it? Just go out and see, I think it feels like
heaven, the B-School. Maybe you’re making a mess out of it. Look at this planet – from outside the solar system – look at this planet, all the other planets and planet earth, does it look like heaven? Participants: Yes. Sadhguru: So, you already landed on heaven
and making an absolute mess about it and you want to go to another heaven now because you made a mess out of this. So people are not stressed because they have children. They don’t have children, they are continuously miserable. Children came, little bit spurts of joy, rest is only crying about it. So this is not because of children, this is not because of marriage, this is not because of B-School, this is not because of employment. This is simply because human beings have not
figured how to handle themselves. That’s all! Wherever you put them – something. You give them what you want, make them the king, they are miserable there also. Yes? Yes or no? People have become risen into very high position, still miserable or no? So this is not because of any situation, definitely not because of a wonderful girl like you. They haven’t figured because right from the day
they went to kindergarten they were focused, “Who is first, who is second, who is first, who is second.” Hmm? Yesterday, I was at my school. After forty-five years I went back to my school,
how does it feel, how do you think? So I went there and I was just telling them
my experience of school. When I went to school… You know these monthly marks card? When these marks card comes, when the teacher gives it to them, some look at it and they are strutting around because they are first,
second, whatever. Some are sitting in one corner and crying because they are not happy with the numbers
that they got. I never opened the marks card in my entire school. When they gave it to me, I took it and gave it to my father. He blew! I couldn’t understand why just this card? I never opened it and saw because I thought this is a transaction
between my teacher and him. I had no interest in it whatsoever, so I never bothered, but I always saw it. My father is a well-educated intelligent man, but it disturbed him. For three days, he blew like a volcano. Looking at this yellow card… They always gave a yellow colored card. Still like that? So, I was wondering, three days volcanic experience
he is having. Why I am saying this is, we have set this kind of things. We can’t change the entire system
tomorrow morning, but we can change ourselves, how we handle this, isn’t it? Why is it so important that you have to be ahead of somebody? Why? Why is it so important? Is it not important your life should be beautiful? You must be joyful, you must be wonderful, you must explore your full potential, is this important or you want to be better than somebody
sitting next to you? Well, if what’s sitting next to you is a piece of dung, you will be a little better dung Yes? That’s not how life should end up. So, don’t blame yourself for anybody’s suffering. They are like that.
They’ve practiced. Many have become veterans in suffering because they are acclimatizing
themselves to go to hell. Acclimatization process! They want to make themselves such a suffering here, even if you drop them in hell, it’ll feel wonderful. You never blame yourself for
somebody’s misery, okay? It’s all right. What to do? It’s individual choice. Yes or no? Outside people, what can we do? What can I do to you? I can create a easy situation or a
difficult situation for you. Suffering is your business, isn’t it? Yes or no? Suffering is your business Either you can be a challenging child for your parents – I wish you will be – otherwise they will become like bisi bele bath. You must be little challenging for them. So, whether they enjoy the challenge or suffer the challenge, is left to them. Am I…? It’s okay? Because what I see is it doesn’t matter how many arrangements you make, those who suffer, anyway suffer, isn’t it? Just see the western countries as an example. What everybody is dreaming of or what even people don’t dare to dream here, an average American citizen has. You think they are all bursting with joy? All the arrangements have been made. You think they are bursting in joy? No, misery! Forty-two percent of population over forty-five
is on, you know, psychiatric medication. So this is not joy for sure. Even mental health is not being managed because just making external arrangements is not going to fix this life. It’s very, very important that you make inner arrangements that even if they send you to hell,
you will go joyfully. You’ve heard of Gautama the Buddha? Heard of Buddha? When everybody was talking about going to heaven, Gautama said, “What will I go and do in heaven because you say everything is
wonderful there? What will I do there? Let me go to hell. Because you say everybody is suffering there, let me go and do something because
anyway I cannot suffer. I made myself like this I cannot suffer, so let me go to hell.” Even now the Buddhist texts talk about Buddha being in the lower world. Well, you should have this kind of freedom, isn’t it so? “Even if I go to hell, I will live well. Nobody has to send me to heaven” (Applause)

What we all fail to see is that we live in Haven. Because of your good karma in the past life is why you are born in a way to be born today. One suffer is because one wants what one cannot have, that's why it is said be happy with what you have. Sadhguru is a master, if wants one can be happy with what ever situation there in now. Sadhguru is spot on…….

I have suffered in living hell but I was happy because I built joy of it and learnt the lessons with a bliss of living the teachings of it, which I learnt looking back of my life.

0:45 is that green guy a kabaddi player… Even in some previous videos, that was his mode of applause!! 😂😂😂😂😃🙄🙄

Make a biopic on "sadhguru". ji. It will help a lot to mankind.

Hard to believe that you can say if you suffer it is your business ..might be right but it is not a reason not to help and not to be concerned… .by helping this person not to suffer too much is natural otherwise it feels selfishness..the heart chakra is not open

Dear Sadguru. I learn to follow your english subjets. But to send thèmes to a some french persons is no possible with out french traduction. 🙇‍♂️

In class 3 I failed for maths and got a red mark in report card.
I was doomed.
I was going through lot of stress during those days…now people like sadhguru spreads a valuable msg to all parents that marks are not evrythng in life. 😍 still many indian parents are obsessed with marks which make kids life hell


Sir ji
Mera bhai jo h, muje pta chla ki… He drinks… What should we do?
Kya muje puchna chahye..what to do? Now he is only 19 years old

I wonder if you are a professor we like to have this everyday as education and Marcos then I will know how to make not mess in my life because if I am in heaven I'm making a mess here that's mean if I'm going to die I will be in hell

There are do many different beliefs out here and its everdently okay with The Creator so why is everone so up tight. Which ever way you believe you must be at peace with yourself. Stop depending on others to make you happy. School isn't for everybody .But that dosen't mean that they are any less smarter then you. Find your confort zone and what you like and can do. First and far most to your ownself be true . I climbed the letter in life without an education , Its not because i didnt want one because i had my children young and i did my job and took care of them . I wanted them to be better then me . No matter what kind of grade they recieved it was alright with me i didnt care if it was an A or E as long as they did their best. Then one day they just all started to make A's . I dont know what happened . But it did. As parents we learn to except our children abilities. And our own. Our Creator have a plan for it all. So im just learning to except. Its hard but as of now im at PEACE . He has a Bigger plan. Alot of times i dont conprehend so if i dont comprehend what im reading he i have a diffrent path to walk .

I am a Christian by birth and belief but I think we all need to learn something from every religion .We all are one and have answers to all aspects of life

Nice but I I definetly dont want to go to hell.If there is no other choice..I will accept hell .But I want to become one with the Jothi…bliss infinite

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He is without doubt a holly man….a soul so great that he has been appointed with the task to enlighten our dark world.His words shine with simplicity and depth and his heart can embrace us all.I You may stay forever young Sadhguru!

Love this man…he is humble…intelligent..practical…and oh so sexy…absolutely love this man…marry me Sadhguru.

She made the question that I made to myself today while my kids screaming and shouting. Here is the answer. Universe always answers 👍👍👍

I have a question sadhguruji… I have 14yr old daughter and 10 ur old son. And now I feel very difficult to handle them . You said make friends to them because we are biologically parents. And some article said that don't be friend to your children because they have so many friends but by the grace of God they have only one parent so enjoy the parenting…..please suggest me what to do ….I am confused….thankyou.

Why there is lot of difference in men and women clothing. ,. Difference in looking , why cant a women accept how she looks instead of putting a layers of make up….this difference seems difficult to understand to me….

Gud mrng sadhguru, sir I have a very humble request, sir please make a video on parents of special children.kindly convey my request to sir.

I m punjabi married to rajasthani n every day is like making dal bati churma with lassi… 😂😂😂😂

Can anyone tell me word sadhguru said at 9:43? i think its a telugu word and i dont understand telugu language.


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