Why Charlamagne Tha God Cancelled On Kanye

As soon as someone has a different opinion they’re crazy….let Kanye wear a MAGA hat if he wants to, let him like Trump if he wants to….Is it doesn’t fit their narrative, they’re crazy….we see right thru that

Kanye was invited to the White House. And the "MAN" that pays your salary is making sure that you do his discrediting of another black man for him. You are not original just a mixed up individual. Since you were on TV, why didn't you take the time to give a shotout to the brothers about killing each other CHARLAMAGNE? Why doesn't the Breakfast Club have a 60 seconds public service announcement on stopping the violence in our communities CHARLAMAGNE? That's because the "MAN" has your daily script.

Wise guy who actually knows something about mental health! Multiple celebs commenting on Kanye’s behavior had no idea what to do with that topic. 👏🏼

I just wanna know I didn't understand why they were not happy when Trump said that a well educated black man has an advantage to a well educated white man.
I thought it was a compliment or just because it came from Trump's mouth means that is bad??

What you all don't seem to understand is that Kanye took the news of the cancellation from CTG well because he was in Uganda. Being in Afrika, for any black person who is treated as a minority or oppressed because of the colour of his skin, is therapy in itself.
So to all our brothers and sisters in America, come visit the Motherland, don't listen to naysayers who say we are different. We hv more in common than differences.

Whoever actually listens to this fool is so blind. Wake up and stop being a puppet. Do your own research and you will see that this charlemagne fool is a liar.

Not necessarily a fan of CtG (he plays devil’s advocate way to much when called out), still, good interview.

not to be in your meds is a good thing… meds is not a good thing too much side effects… he needs therapy, mutual support, many things NOT meds

I've known several people with bipolar. They all on a regular basis stop taking their meds and say that they have been miss diagnosed. If they are lucky someone cares about them enough to help them get back on them. If not, the results can be bad, such as slipping into split personality disorder or alcoholism,etc

Charlamagne is a very well spoken man with an impressive resiliency despite a lack of a structured learning environment which I think speaks volumes to his innate ability to articulate a very well-thought out argument in almost every stance he takes.. He does not simply rely on buzz words, fame or the inability for his listeners to disregard his opinions simply because of who he is,.. He backs it all up with thoughtful regard and I appreciate listening to him every day .. I hope never to be the donkey.. but as we all know, no one is safe. A donkey is a donkey.

Ppl rlly need to understand mental health. There is no such thing as a chemical imbalance. Bi polar, anxiety disorders, manic depression, these things have nothing to do with chemical imbalance. Chemical imbalances don’t exist. There is no way to see an actual “chemical imbalance”. Mental health is due to the vibrational state of the human being. Literally ppl have reversed all kinds of diseases mental and physical just by changing their lifestyle and diet. Intermittent fasting and plant based diets have been proven to reverse depression, anxiety, bi polar and even schizophrenia. And physical symptoms, including Parkinson’s, MS, dimentia, Alzheimer’s etc. Science is moving closer to prove that EVERY DISEASE STARTS IN THE GUT, NOT IN THE BRAIN. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research.
“Disease” was created by big pharma so they can gain money and trick the public into thinking they need them….

Somebody should cancel that outfit. Listen when you have to explain your outfit that means you don’t dress like that ever. Not periodically or sometime or once in a blue.

I felt bad for Charlamagne for his failed attempt to make people laugh with his "brazzers" joke, than i felt bad at myself for being a degenerate who misunderstood the joke

Sooo, well educated black guy here. I have two BA's working on a MA and a JD. I hate Trump, but he wasn't totally wrong in that clip. I have noticed myself that in the corporate world there is nothing rich white people love more than feeling like they are saving a black guy from a life of poverty, and by that I mean I have worked in several high paying office jobs that I am pretty sure I got them mainly because I am black. My resume was good but it was not spectacular.

In the two offices, I have worked at I was the only full-time black employee and the companies treated me great. They gave me the best office and the best projects. Everything I handed in they told me was great and I always got raises after every work evaluation. Now I am a good worker, but if you were to ask my former bosses, I was their best worker ever. (I was not, I had good days and bad days and slacked off some days just like everybody else.)

There is just a stigma that black people are lazy and violent (which is racist and terrible), but you can use it to your advantage because if you come in there and show a decent amount of effort and are "well mannered," an educated black male can go far in today's corporate world.

I won't go as far to say it is easier for us holistically than whites, but there is some truth to the argument, because getting ahead in the office requires getting noticed, and if you're black in a room full of white peoples, they are going to notice you, the trick is to use that fact to your advantage.

This show is literally here to try to shape the way you think. The people that know truth are they people they bash.

Wait so trump is wrong that black men ain’t smart ijs nothing trump said was wrong ever blk person I’ve met through life is smart an make things happen

Charlemagne just casually saying "his talking about penis size" wow😂😂😂. However that clip of Trump has always puzzled me because for him to say such just makes me question whether he was and still is leaving in "Reality". I think this man has his own universe, I swear😂😂😂

If what happened with Kanye was authentic and came from a place of love and sincerity then I really respect him for that. He has a quick wit, too. He does piss me off, at times, but I will give credit where it’s due.

I wonder who gave this guy authority to always speak for black people it's way more important people to talk to I think charlamagne is another Steve Harvey in the making

I wonder if he knows Charlamgne means Charles the Great, so technically, his name is "Charles the Great tha God"

He is as racist as they come about white people he even hates on all white rapper's check it out if you don't believe

Perhaps Charlamagne's anxiety is playing tricks on him regarding the whole Kanye thing. Kanye said he was misdiagnosed, so why not take his word for it and be happy that he's off the meds? There's no use in speculating about someone else's medical issues when you're not a doctor–especially when you're the one with anxiety issues.

Charlamangne is just a shill for the establishment with a black face he knows nothing about what he is talking about and he attacked Tulsi gabbard for holding kamala's feet to the fire for her atrocious record as far as keeping minorities locked up and throwing away the key his defense of Kamala is inexcusable and his reasoning is idiotic so listening to him attack Trump is meaningless because Trump is THE lowest hanging fruit in the universe and instead he should be supporting Tulsi or Bernie who will most likely be the only candidates who can actually beat Trump but he won't do that because he is just an asset of the CIA and simply is thrown and as a talking head to further identity politics in this country to divide and conquer he should be ashamed of himself is a selfish idiot that cares nothing about his community and is only doing what he is told to enrich in his own pockets and if he denies this he's a f** liar or just a complete moron

pot calling the kettle black. These fu.cking idiots thought the president was a Russian spy for 3 years, lmao.

The whole reason Kanye even talks to Trump and tweets like crazy is because he’s bipolar and having a manic episode but people are just so ignorant about mental health

Mental health in the Black community GTFOH no mental health in the white community when they of they Meds 50 people may die what about WS when will that be classified as mental health issues no matter what happens the black community will always be mentioned.

Here's my question how can the black community ever deal with mental health when you get abused everyday by your oppressor. This world is filled with high IQ dummies who love the oppressor but blame everything on the oppressed sick disturbing world.

So basically Trump wanted to be Obama. He technically took his place, but the shoes were too massive to fill. And according to Charlamagne, his trunks too!😂
Trump is a global tragedy, more pressing than the climate at this point! When will the nightmare end?

It sounds a little bit like they’re saying that Kanye must just be that crazy-negro-running-off-the Democrat-plantation and not taking his meds to be cosying up to orange bad manTrump. Not a very sensitive way of talking about mental health, or black people for that matter

KANYE MUST HAVE BEEN “HEARTBROKEN” w/CHARLAMAGNE CANCELLING!! Kanye would’ve made a billion dollars , instead of just being #1 at just 152mil , if CHARLAMAGNE DIDNT WOULD HIM SO BAD MENTALLY!

CTG is being unbelievably fake in this interview. I've watched TBC for a long time and he is a racist, ignorant, hypocritical piece of shit. Feel for the people that don't know this.

CTG is nothing but a lib biased chump sucking up to PC culture .
Everything Dave Chappelle was talking about being wrong in sticks and stones is being played out in the way CTG lives these days .
What a chump

I was in high school the first time I heard him on the air, and I never used to listen to morning shows on Hot 97. But I loved how articulate and insightful he was, had me listening every morning. And I agree, Trump wouldn't want to be a black man. If Trump had grabbed a woman anywhere on her body as a black man he'd be sitting in jail cell, not the White House.

Someone who calls himself “GOD” can’t be taken serious in any possible way!!!

That people actually take this guy serious says a lot more about them then about the fact that he calls himself a “GOD”

Charl silly, talking about MEDs; does he even know what MEDs do a person? Charl should do some legit research about what's been going on. Like most, until he's actually been through it, he won't understand.


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