Why Can’t Jesus Just Be a Great Teacher?

– [Ligon Duncan] One reason you
can’t just think of Jesus as a great teacher is that Jesus claimed
to be more than that. You’ll remember at Caesarea
Philippi, Jesus asked the disciples, “Who do you think that I am?” And Peter answers on behalf of
all of them, “You are the Christ. You are the Messiah,
the son of the living God.” And Jesus says to Peter, “You’re right. God has revealed this to you.” And you can even see the
tremendous truth claims about Jesus in the shape of the gospel. Jesus is an amazing teacher. And so the gospels had things like
Matthew 5 to 7 that contained the Sermon on the Mount. But think of it. A third of the synoptic Gospels and up
to maybe a half of the gospel of John focused on the last week of Jesus’ life. Why? Because Jesus didn’t just come to teach. He came to die and to be raised again from
the dead because he is the Lamb of God, who comes to take away
the sins of the world.

the most important teaching of Christ
"The world that you live in is not the world God created, but the world they created…….Be like God and create your own world"


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