Why All Religions Are Not Biblical

Why All Religions Are Not Biblical

alright guys my name is Dan McDonald host of truth radio show calm and I've got bringing a little presentation here because today we will talk about the psychology that the you know these churches out there the false churches false religions all used today and unfortunately every religion is guilty this so we're gonna quote quickly what the churches do to make debt doctrine which is not biblical in the you know the shape churches out there claim out we use the Bible but if you study every church you go to you go to your church and if you haven't seen it ask your pastor your priests or whoever ask him for a copy of the church's Constitution that's right most of you never heard of that alright I'll provide you one and the most the time it's on their website so when you go look through and it's very tedious and sometimes hundreds of pages long and you go through the church's Constitution you're gonna start seeing things that are not biblical you gonna stop seeing things that women I thought we were Christians here I thought we were Presbyterians that though we were this or that Baptist whatever then you just not seeing little things here that conform to Rome and not of God and you just not notice a lot of stuff and here's what they do and when I was talking about the psychology what they did is these churches know strategically string a bunch of Bible verses together they do this purposely they string together a load of Bible verses to make it sound like and make it look the Bible says this this is the way it is you know you're basically if you take one for us for example give one for us to ten of your friends just one sitting over us and say hey tell me what you think of this for us and all telling your friends gonna come out you know they're gonna give you ten different interpretations of that rose more than what and so and now you take those ten verses in its context not to either of the paragraph or the chapter you give that in your tongues and here's the rest by heat reading in its context and highlighted for that and all ten of those people are going to come back with the same interpretation why is it how is that done because you could take one for us and make you sound like anything you like to company with another us now if you notice every Church does this doesn't ask him hey I'm sure I thought Saturday was the Sabbath thing oh no no that was change that was chain job that was your laws Jesus changed well where does he say that so they do they told votive verses I mean every Church rule to give you these roses now most night and I put them that to some people like you know the Bible says it is that the pastor says that whatever I'm not gonna challenge it's in the Bible well did you have it evident to contempt ooh read every one of those Russell's we read them all in a context not one single one of them have anything to do what they're talking about they strategically string together say they use psychological methods and strategically string together water rushes to make you think set of sunday is the new Sabbath thing now what's in the Bible doesn't say then it's the fourth commandment I'm in the Sabbath day and keep it holy rest worship it's God's day the last day of the week which from the beginning to now is Friday when the Sun Goes Down to Saturday when the Sun Goes Down and you all dig 12 o'clock stops midnight stops the new day no it doesn't sunset doesn't get into that in a minute so now you think when sunday is the day of silence and it's just wanted men of many examples every religion today is guilty of us years ago who's just a Catholic Church was guilty of it because it's a peg in a stick raw Catholic Church that's what it is there's nothing to do a cop so when you go to his church you think you have seen a statue of Mary holding Jesus know you think it's Mary Jesus no that's my Madonna Madonna I'm sorry holding her son Isis and Tammuz okay Isis and chorus sama ramus and smooth but suddenly worship okay Sunday worship was forever in the pagan mystic world after Babylon okay the day of worshipping the Sun which is Horus Norma's two moves so the Catholic Church okay the Church of Rome was a peg mr. Church Constantine established the universal Church he took everything there was pagan and painted it over as a Christian thing like the statue I told you about the statue of these different satchels know that he said no that it's not that god no more now it's a saint now it's the mary now it's jesus now it's joseph no the peg Ennis the gods and the second commandment says do not commit adultery and with the Catholic Church though they remove the second commandment out there second commandment is do not use the Lord's name in vain that's not what the Bible says they took the second commandment now moved all the rest down made number ten into two to make it fit nine to ten that's not what the Bible says you know I didn't told Sunday worship here we go to sending worship every church every religion is doing this and they have it rating them great in the constitution of the church I don't care if you're Christian Episcopal whatever you want to call it if you want to church on Sunday okay you need to look into your own churches will adjust you will all be sorry the Constitution and you will find out your church goes by the Roman system not the system of God and again what I'm saying they'll string together a bunch of rushes to make it sound like the Sunday Sabbath was changed okay I'm sorry Sabbath was chase from Saturday to Sunday and they recognize the original Sabbath is on Saturday Friday night sunset to Saturday sunset they recognize that but they said no no it's change now because AAB after Jesus resurrected from the tomb they all met they all gathered at the tomb and they all met yeah they did that didn't matter if they did that Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday it wouldn't matter where's the same the Bible the Sabbath day this is the fourth two men were talking about don't you think God would have highlighted he would have made that explicitly known that the fourth commandment his holy day was changed not one shred of evidence at all to say oh well they would gather yeah they gathered doesn't mean that the Sabbath change not one shred of evidence you have the planet and I challenge well who can all the versus your church Constitution gives you study each for us individually look at them in its context again it's the paragraph for the trap duck of the subject they're talking about you will find that any every one of those rosters have nothing at all to do with changing the Sabbath God I mean Jesus himself says over and over again to honor the commander's blessing even one of the commandments and revelations patience of the saints which is us those who preserve the commandments and believe in Jesus but today's churches want you to believe oh no no no it was change and he has the biblical proof and I'll show you the Russ is like that sag buck go challenging every one of those verses and you'll see not what single one of those rushes have anything to do what they're talking about and I could give you tons of examples on this stuff tons of them and that for example Jehovah Witnesses they say they believe that one you know that watchtower they haven't thing called the watchtower that company is the Bible in the Catholic Church they use the Catechism they say it's like the two pillars and go hand in here no there's no two pillars but God okay that's Babylonian teaching God like the Catechism with the final the Book of Mormons with the Bible in the morning churches then you get the Jehovah Witnesses with the watchtower in the Bible no God says do not turn each me as to doctrines of men or of devils the Bible's only word you go by not the Catechism the watchtower of the Book of Mormons or the Quran or any of that other garbage okay the Bible is the firm Word of God you do not need nothing else with it a church should not have a constitution your Bible should be the Constitution but they love to string these verses together to make you think foolishly to worship on something the days of the Sun worship and people will you know skeet idea all this uses all the time come out oh no no well you know I God knows my heart okay and if I take one day a week out from the Lord he'll forgive me he understands really why why is that well we're gonna work and Saturdays and Duff tough day with the kids and nothing else we got sports programs I gotta work and all that stuff so you know and people come up with skews out the wazoo excuses out the wise oh but here's the fact can't hate to break it to you people God goes along quarter to whose schedule does he say go again what are you doing Saturday well I got to do this man so could you take an hour a lot of time to worship me well I could crank to a Sunday and Monday that's when I got my two days off for work or something or I don't have nothing going on oh yeah no no problem no that's not how God works okay he doesn't go along to your schedule okay you go along to his schedule you make time for him he's not gonna make time for you okay on his day his day is firm sentence stone Friday night when the Sun Goes Down that becomes the new day not 12 o'clock was Pope regular to the great in the 1500s who said change times like the Bible warns about these false prophets doing that to change times and change the wars they have changed the times they change the laws they changed the new day to stop at midnight to fit your schedules to fit that Babylonian system when God firmly says now the day starts the very second the Sun Goes Down off the horizon that's the new day that's why I took his gang the Jews still got it right sure they don't believe in the Messiah but they've got the Sabbath to them t they got a right okay the very second like what do you think I'm Jews don't get it the Jews on Friday night they get ready for Sabbath second that Sun drops off the horizon or work is done okay it's rested worship until all day saturday and told that Sun drops off the horizon then it becomes Sunday then they're free to go to work and do whatever they want why didn't they got this right you got it wrong okay people say well you know here's not excuse they use well Jesus thought New Covenant were exempt from those laws oh yeah absolutely were exempt from most of stuff that happened back then but we had not exempt from the Ten Commandments yeah I mean I had been to churches where the pastor actually told people the Ten Commandments are no longer about I might call it out what Bible you read it there's hundreds of verses in the New Testament long talking about the Ten Commandments Jesus himself explicitly warning you to follow the commandments but yet you think you would listen to Jesus you would think you listen to the top people in the Bible now you listen to the dogmas with me churches and all that who missed us through the Bible purposely to deceive you and they do this what money control they say oh we're not allowed to get involved with on things that going on in government I was you know they misused the book of Romans we're not allowed to get involved that we'll just pray for them and let let it all happen now the Comerica Christian okay should be involved with everything yeah everything that's going on in town hall everything that's going on your state and your federal government they should be involved and people say well all this separation of church and state hard-on separates the church of state well now don't give me that because of misquote again like you do the Bible Church separation Church the state was established for this wasn't to keep religion out of government or the schools or anything not it was to keep government out of wood so they could never establish an official state religion and abolish Christianity that's why I till this day congressional hearings are set of hearings all over the country all led with the prayer to God prayer was in school into the walk the 1980s then they rip they're all out and all over the country and God We Trust is some kind of God motto was on every state capitol the ten commandments were displayed in every state Capitol across the country they got ripped out because this new generation now never seen this stuff so they automatically takes up Russian church the state means we kicked God out all together and that's done know if you live twenty thirty years ago you said you see God everywhere in this country but they raced it from the minds of the young especially the new generation here they erased all that and they miss this shrew again going back to the things like the Sunday worship worshipping these fault Bobby it's ridiculous what the churches are doing today they are going out celebrating pagan holidays holidays I have nothing to do with Jesus our Savior Easter Christmas Halloween your churches out there having Halloween parties in their church Easter eggs puns in that church this is an abomination to have that putrid thing called a Christmas tree in your church Sunday I'm sorry I'm midnight mass in your church you think you're worshipping God the birth of Christ no you are worshipping Nimrod the Antichrist the one of the first Antichrist on the planet that's who you're worshipping that's what the global elite worship any secret society worships all the teachings from Nimrod which is Osiris that's with your worship me you are not honoring guiding people say well you know my hearts for God so that's okay no it's not okay ain't nurses not going to buy you a free ticket God puts it right in the Bible and you people do not listen because the churches they tell you oh you can't know and stuff I mean you can't teach you stuff you can't do any of these things unless you're ordained by an official cop Bible College or the Catholic Church other than that you have no authority to do anything really where in the scriptures that say you need authority by an institution to teach the Word of God let me ask you was Matthew Mark Luke John or any of his disciples ordained by university to Jesus say hey listen oh no you got to go to the Zion valuable Academy or to the Catholic Church whatever which didn't exist at the time but you got to go to one of these institutions to get ordained by the priest and everything else in the land to do this no he did not you said he ordaining down he said anybody who has him he hit me no he gives you the authority to do this stuff I don't have one shred one second into a Bible College at all not one second I don't have zero crew I have zero credentials when it comes to scripture in the educated world of being a Bible scholar somebody had an eschatology theology tomorrow stuff I have zero training and that stuff the training I got is what God gave me what men can offer you all these degrees and all these credentials from colleges that is nothing in the face of God God ordains the people not a man I know that's not a college or a trucks on earth God does and it's about time you Christians out there stopped going by the wool of Rome you Catholic still why do you think the Catholic Church being a Bible for hundreds almost a thousand years they didn't want you to reading the Bible for yourselves and today it's ridiculous I don't how many churches I've been into the past will say something I don't read blatantly wife I pull them out right out there you're lying and there's a proof you think he would say hey I'm sorry I was wrong no he sticks with his lies and not one member of that church out there maybe wanted to I can't say that because one or two did actually come out of this Babylonian system when I went to these churches and I'm not heading to my church I'm not but people need to know the truth but the pastors say you've got to give me everything okay yeah well ten percent your ties have to come to the church reduces with the Bible says Oh hon I'm but I'm past stuff why don't you show him where the stuff was abolished okay that was part of a second one just was back then but no you know it's a double standard because you claim that when it comes to the Ten Commandments oh no that was a sacrilegious laws we don't have to follow them but when it comes to making money oh now it downs gonna follow you know I mean so challenge your leaders okay that's what I suggest you don't read it yourself that's what you have to do you need any answer go to the Bible that's what I do I stop going to these ministers and when they give you a amending your light up give you stringer Bible verses and you're like you know they may over one people because because people don't have time during a week and all that they write the rest is down sometimes a church or just listen we don't the pastor says they hecho me in the Bible head that's it that's the way it is that's what the priest and he says in the file no doesn't really say in the Bible take each one of those were and it could be on somebody worship that whatever okay take every one of those Russ's read them in that context it might be long it might be tedious and they know that they do that purposely because they know you're not gonna go home and study it they know you're not gonna challenge it they know you're not going to spend the time to say hey I'm going to take each one of those verses and bring them into context versus paragraphs or the whole traffic they know that you're not going to do that and it's sitting all together frog hop all over the Bible John 3:16 Matthew 5:12 revelation 2:10 on such a bang bang bang all over the Bible like that si si si si si si si the new Saturday Sunday see some people are oh my god oh yeah you're right ok Sunday worship you know then that's the mentality of most Christians today they are lazy and I'm going to tell you right now pure laziness because you would rather take the man behind up hope it's word for it dire give you a dire allegiance to that man sure he might be it but now I'm not saying he's not sure they might have a great huh I'm not saying he doesn't but it's the institution's where they get the stuff from folks the manipulation that they got from those institutions of brainwashing they passed down to you it is your job and your duty on the biblical standards to hold your leaders accountable not just in the churches but your city you stay in your government that's a Christian job to do you think back in the days of our when Israel's beyond 1 by palestine's look with a sham God did this sham Gow say oh you know this is too much all the people in Israel a man that took the power cedes are too powerful oh man we're not gonna stand up to them let them do what they want we'll just hope they pray they go away sham Gaza no said what God's people why the heck we allowing these people don't warn us he took his ox God and it says long stick with two of metal things at the end for sheep herding he went out dance slayed over 400 Palestines by himself by the inspiration of God said thousands of Palestines running to the house because he was sick and tired of his people or nothing that's what's going on today in the churches today you people sending your pews all day Oh beating the Ned Flanders questions we're just gonna pray it yeah we're not gonna get involved the church we're not gonna challenge leaders we're not gonna go into the city halls town halls why they're pushing abortion all over the country and now very handful churches actually tend to these things at the Statehouse when there's thousands tens of thousands of people here in Rhode Island lone and go to churches not one of them attempted to say House to oppose the abortion because they get told by the ministers we don't would not to get involved with that you think God likes that look at David David for example Goliath and his brothers were humongous nobody dared to challenge them they stood up they love money men and all that Israelites all college every single one of them and they're you know glad to head it'll be a one-on-one fight you bring your champion to me and he start to have two days he pitched the tenants not there four days until Israel gave up one of the champions and not one person would step up then Along Came this guy and sheep herder everybody laughed at David huh what do you got against Goliath woo mighty warriors and and then they had the cocky confidence and you can't beat us what makes you think you gotta be glad you guys know what what separates from me from you people as I have God me he who is in me is greater than me and grabbing you and grinning and all the world he went out there and slayed the Giant slay Goliath and sent fear into the rest of the land that we are God's people and that needs to be restored today in this world today you need to get out here pews get up off your knees and get out there into the world go to your state houses your town halls the federal government say hey stop killing babies they stopped taking our civil liberties we're gonna stand up against you and that's what the people did here in this country back in the seventeen hundreds they had the fear of God and the love of God in them that's why we triumphed against all evil we overcome the world's biggest strongest and most armed I mean entire world and we one inspired by God now granted some of the fire Dias and the occult is nothing else but the people we're all inspired by God you could read all the right in to all the journals and all that as proof everywhere you know I mean so back to the churches today we are capitulating to Rome that's what we're done you are capitulating to that system the spiritual mark of the beast is worship on Sunday and yet the physical model of Beast is coming it's called the RFID radio frequency identification bracelets are right the chip implant that's coming the IMF the World Health Organization the United Nations Club of Rome trilateral commission Bilderberg meeting and all these people are pushing this chip okay for a global economic check by yeah oh no the churches oh no don't get the Bible cognate don't get involved you know you're supposed to do what your government tells you to do that's what the book of Romans says Shh don't you know we didn't manipulate dude the book around the set and submit to your government so every one of you sheep we're gonna get wound up at one of these kidnaps and bump or bump into your hand or forehead like the Bible says you got to get the mark of the beast then you gonna you know how did this happen I'll tell you how it happened God's gonna tell you the same thing I gave you my word you didn't read it but instead you drew listen to that full behind the pulpit that full behind the microphone to tell you not to get involved in stuff when I tell you alright over and over again and my holy book to stand against the faces of evil get off your knees get on off get our deep use get out into the world that's what Jesus then you did Jesus from running the synagogue's all day he wanted young him praying in the churches all day no he was out in the midst of the world he was in a middle evil being a beacon of light in salt of the earth that's why he goes on to say about people and their fortunes like most Christians today people who was that flavor was the salt he supposed to be the light and salt of the earth okay and he says he's gonna chew you up and spit you up because you want to Luke walk look one because you do not the gospel people said well Mia I read so many times I went back if Pythagoras st. versus really then I know most people can and I debate pastors all the time and priests nothing else they can were set up and down better than I ever could but here's the difference here's the difference there's a difference between knowing the bible and having a Bible written upon your heart sure you could go there and the top Bible schools in the country you could recite the Bible back and forth what I've been looking at it doesn't mean it's written upon your heart and it doesn't mean you know it there's a difference between reading the Bible and knowing the Bible big difference you know I'm just a regular person I'm a talk show host whatever I'm a regular person not a pastor priest and nothing like that haven't met any these colleges at all but why is it how is it that I love the stuff in these people with all these credentials don't because they've been brainwashed by the enemy good people good how do people I'm sure who these people live to serve God and God bless me for that and I'm not condemning these people but they need to know the truth and you people out there need to put me you're supposed to challenge our leaders okay especially people in the face that's supposed to be held accountable that's why I don't want to become a pastor minister because I fear that I preach something wrong and there's been times years ago when I first started I was wrong about stuff when I do come right up humble myself say hey listen I was wrong about this this is the truth and if I'm wrong tell me you know I mean enough people show me stuff and yeah I mean and that's where those that's where the pastors and churches should be but now no no no the churches need to go by the church Constitution and their supplement balkanize know once again like the Catholic Church they open state that thou the Catechism and they Canada laws go with the Bible you got the Church of Mormons with the Book of Mormons go with the Bible they say the watchtower and y'all witnesses goes with the Bible the Quran I mean you know people in Islam sure that would say double conferences they take them out of context of course and they say Jesus prophesized Mohammed coming no do not one shred of Scripture that proves Jesus even talked about Mohammed or another prophet coming that's a false fallacy again all these religions every one of them an equally guilty manipulating religion I'm sorry you've written a minute plate in the Bible and the Bible itself folks hate to break it down to you people said well how do you know which ones are true logic what religion do you block you wanna know the world you and I belong to none not one single religion I don't want to I belong to God I don't need a pope from middleman I don't need Mary for a minute woman I don't need a sink for a middleman I don't need Pat Robinson Bill Graham Muhammad or any of these clowns for a middle person I've got one mediator between me and God I got Jesus you know here's the thing with all these woods all you have to pray the Saints for help well this one helped and you're married to help out and everything else really you just say you work for a top trauma corporation right yeah you got all the to chain of command now the boss comes up to you says hey listen then here's my pod with my personal cell phone number don't worry about going through my management you call me direct if there's a problem that's what God does when you septums to you ha he gives you that one he gives you that his direct communication phone line you don't need to go hey Ron Pope or hey Pat Robinson or Mohammed or any of these clowns or saints or Mary you don't need to pray to them or even your relatives just say hey 777 hey God how ya been number one commit communication skipping everybody there's the only one mediator between man and God and that is Jesus Christ but that's not what the churches teach most of them know they teach you there's steps and everything else all these rituals you got to do to get saved and when the Bible's will say that and his people say well you have to arm the Pentecost and the sacrum sacraments and baptism and yet baptism is it's a beautiful thing about kids should never be baptized and you baptize on your own accord okay you get baptized when you are at the age of accountability and you do not need to be ordained by any ministry or anything to baptize people will you do it in the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit baptizes you're not the person so me that's your question if you take all these rituals okay because uh Nell said well I got the Bible rest and you can do it the Bible verses the Bible verses doesn't say what try and say so let me ask you a question right the two men on the cross next to Jesus both thieves one was the murderer bad people David they were armed they were hanging out at any second we're on a pass and they will straight down to hell that's where they were going and one of the thieves is looking at Jesus is that why are they hanging in the sky for this guy is guilty of nothing and he recognizes when I got this is this is the Savior all his life he did know all bad stuff just at one moment he said Jesus please remember me in your father's Kingdom what did Jesus say did Jesus say behind no problem but get off that cross go do your you know catechism go do your baptism go to the Pentecostal Pentecost and all this other ritual stuff did he say to do that now did he say you have to go do all these are special prayers and do this not while he's no he said one simple thing he said from this day forward you shall be with me in paradise just like that he was saved that's salvation right there again that guy who's hanging on a cross moments from his death didn't have time to get off the cross into any of those rituals now I'm not saying baptizes him is a bad day I got baptized and I mean and I it's a great thing you know means because it's a it's a symbology way to say hey God I belong healed I mean and I encourage baptism and I'm not discarding and nothing but you don't need to go through these all these rituals and you got the Cavs mad people said you need to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to talk in tongues to be saved did the guy on the cross do that did he say orally get Holy Spirit talking tongues no he did not say that instantly he was saved for this day forward you'll be with me in paradise just like that that's what salvation is what the churches don't teach that because we won guess it doesn't make searches morning baptism they have a big celebration when somebody gets baptized especially kids where the kids are not supposed to be baptized they have the families have big parties they give the priest in church a lot of money and it's a big money-making day the stores I saw this stuff are a big money-making day all the rituals they do the catechism classes the first communions of the huge making I was a Catholic when I was younger okay I was born into Catholicism both watching baptized as a Catholic went to my first communion the catechism all that and God freed me from the hell of Babylon I had the rebaptised get we baptized in the Holy Spirit to break my explint is my soul the splits is on my soul away from that Babylonian Church and I'm not here to bash you Catholics out there okay I'm not talking about you great people god bless every one of you all right and people in the Mormon Church's of jaw versus other Muslims okay you need to seek Jesus Christ not these false prophets and your churches or anything else Jesus is the only way to heaven only with it and you need to stop challenging your bomb your pastors and ministers you need to start standing up taking action in your community taking action in your town city hall on state hall to the Statehouse I'm sorry the federal government you need to get involved with your community don't sit there be like Ned Flanders from The Simpsons do look a little pathetic question okay that's not what a Christian is supposed to be now I'm not talk about a religious question that the ones you are I'm talking about a biblical Christian soul a Christian means you follow Jesus Christ you don't belong to a religion Jesus when he says Peter you are the rock of the church did he say he'll go build a building get a pope come the Pope you know Peter had nothing to do with that stuff but the first pope didn't exist almost 300 years after Peter had already gone they had nothing to do with the Catholic Church or any other religion nor the Jews or nothing there was his own the church okay that Israel is we the people the Church of Israel's we the people that believe in Jesus Peter was the rock of this tractor cake and the churches the people not to build an establishment religion or anything like that controlled by one person not a Pope not as 700 for profit but the man upstairs not the idiot Joel Osteen bake our onion these clowns you see on the television we are stealing your money now Jesus there's a one-on-one personal relationship and that's what the Catholic Church says you have to do this in the church in front of everybody you sacraments your baptism to show everybody show your Christianity show my Christianity show up show up no it's not like that what goes on between you and God is nobody's business and sure yeah you lead by example you show the world hey look at that guy he's doing a lot of good stuff and show you know show by example why you're a Christian and believe in Jesus but don't expect rewards and I port for like they're doing the churches you know do these things a secret like the Catholic Church look if I look weak they have ties all the website we help these kids and we stop this abortion stuff and they glorify themselves for those Jesus say give what your right hand and your left hand not know what you did give in secret and your reward will be great in open heaven and I mean enough so I just wanted to come down on all the stuff here because it's very important that people are not reading their Bibles so before we go here I'm gonna do a lot of presentations like this before we go and again I challenge anybody to do all the scriptural research okay again go look at you Church you belong to and sure again god bless the pastor please whoever you may have a good relationship with I'm not saying nothing bad okay about that but the system made are under is a capitulation of Rome it's a bad pagan Babylonian system folk and go to your church be a web searches website because most you've never even seen it most people in the churches do not know and realize they have a constitution for the church it's not the US Constitution but it's his own entity okay that in that Constitution everyone will see something capitulates throne Sunday in Russia which is not biblical they compete register o me then one last thing that a lot of people are not aware of a lot in the pastor's won't tell you this folks the others will not tell you this it's called government control of your churches there's a stack status anybody knows anything about the IRS it's a tax status when nonprofit organization is called 501c3 501 C 3 grits nonprofits tax exemption in other words the church go up by stuff they show the tax exemption form they won't be charged tax they can collect donations but they don't have to pay taxes to the IRS and in fact the government will give them grants and handouts with the 501 C 3 so sounds good it is good it should be an excuse my dad was starting to go here and it should be good so 501 C 3 what they don't return together hold on church hold on you tell your congregation don't worry about the coming tiles you stay in tune you can watch some Jesus all day long just stay in your pews don't get involved the city state or federal government don't get involved has to go the state of gum and says this is new wanna know what it is you're supposed to follow it and they misuse the book of Romans to say that yeah I mean not and the Bible says you are supposed to you know yes father laws of the land pray for your elected leaders but if it violates your conviction what the Holy Spirit and the gospel and Jesus Christ needs for Messiah oh the whole you have one father God Yahweh you are suppose to challenge that and fight that stand against that so what's gonna happen you could pitch right to all this stuff now what's gonna happen when it comes time to take the mark of the beast oh oh that's right because most churches are telling you you're not gonna be here for the mark of the beast we're gonna be magically raptured before that happens that's now what the Bible says read the book amount the tribulation is against the Saints okay they trade the hope of the tribulation is against those Saints not the non-believers the Saints me a meal and it'll be our final test to see how much we love God for those who stand strong and endure through this not take the mark of the beast I'm in the commandments and love Jesus Christ and not walking with Allah that's the endurance we got to face in these end times but your churches won't tell you that no yeah because they are watching blow smoke up your rear end to make you feel all smooth and comfortable don't worry you have nothing away but what you done but they make you so complacent so lazy so lukewarm so when Jesus comes along test fit you right out because you're useless them useless because you should be out in the midst of the world helping people challenge an evil skin fearless light in the face of evil no matter that you state government or whatever the hell it is stair face rape the face of evil and declare the Lord's authority over it that's what you're supposed to be doing and anybody that knows me but follow my krafayis knows exactly that's what I do I have no fear when I go into these are evil people's faces because I know he is within me is greater than mean especially that person that evil spirit in front of me so I'm going to get more into the stuff as you go along which is what want to stuff this is kind of series off about telling you people you need to challenge everything read every verse and again study it strip before I want you to do homework right now and stop being lazy do the homework right now go right now you could walk most like on these charges website right now you could probably do it go look and read your church's constitution very carefully and you'll see what I'm talking about and understand that they are 501c3 most oh and understand they always have another doctrine that accompanies the buy them some other form that matter they when the canonize was they honor the arm or to scripture you know they they believe that description okay today's scripture we have Bible is infallible yes the Word of God absolutely but they say no other books are the Word of God that the Book of Enoch I could attest for the Book of Enoch I went for the Book of Enoch is ordained book by God they took the white he dick is still needs the opium Bible they took it out in the 1500s the Catholic Church did they took out several books out of the Bible several because they didn't want you to know the real truth because if you knew the stuff you wouldn't be fall for the deception of what's going on today you would know the creation of the earth not the garbage of the school's teacher you'd be laughing at yeah wait this is what God says you would know biblical cosmology you would know the how the world was created you would know spare to walk there which move 99% churches like today number one thing you've known as Jesus absolutely amen but the second thing is spirts warfare which 99.9% churches today highly lack of the the Book of Enoch teaches that Jascha do you believe and spot that in the testing of job Enoch for example and I'll talk about the good need enough not Cain Sonny and that does the evil one the what was great grandfather Enoch why does he mention in our today's scripture he glorified as men that walked with God he was raptured up of God so and they even make reference to the polina so yeah if this man is such a glorified figure whiteness is booking it why isn't Moses books in the Bible one of the biggest characters in the Bible yeah I should say historical figures he's not a character he's real why is this book to net ah because the Catholic Church with the Mount that's why how the canonized version of battle yes all 66 books are ordained by God that infallible the world of God not not gonna argue with that but there's more and I'm not saying that that sea scrolls no there by the Gnostics with who would which would be considered they were like Illuminata tech people they did everything opposite to what the Bible teaches and everything else so no I'm not talk about Gnostics text oh it's all garbage okay I'm talking about what they call the Apocrypha okay the books from that inna josh of Jubilees these things are what the word they dummy they fill in all the blanks nothing new Genesis and they just make I mean I can't describe it they give more real science that NASA could ever do all right book these books are amazing and it's not once read in the Book of Enoch not one single verse that contradicts oppose against description it highlights it and the reason why they took the Book of Enoch out it wasn't just a count of church but the Jewish Kabbalah they took Enoch out because it talked about the coming of the son of Messiah Jesus Christ it talked about the end times giving vivid details that not only matches Genesis matches Daniel and revelation as well and everything about Jesus is description where we come from come to when everything out the caballus who hate Jesus who do not want to teach Jesus they want you to believe that this coming fake Messiah the Antichrist is the Messiah they were a big part of responsibility of taking the Book of Enoch because they did not want people knowing the Messiah and the pass of church teaches a false messiah and every church is capitulating today to say oh gee the Jesus I thought was not born on December 25th that Jesus I know was not resurrected on a pagan Easter Sunday the Jesus I know okay was not crucified on a pagan holiday on Good Friday that's not what the Bible says and Christians in this country for hundreds of years knew that we never celebrated Easter we never celebrated Christmas we certainly never celebrated our Father Easter Sunday and Halloween on All Saints Day with the Catholic Church because of these holidays were outlawed Christians and twelve year olds this country knew that they were not of God and Jesus he was here the userid here sensibly to be in equation he was just born in the flesh he was already here and it's not one mention the Bible says don't celebrate his birth in the first place he wasn't even born anywhere near December so why do we saw Brandon December v which is the birthday of Nimrod Osiris why we doing it because you people fell asleep at the wheel and allow priests and pastors to manipulate you with twisting the manufacturing they're onto us spin of Scripture that's what you did instead of challenging yourself and that's why for hundreds of years these things did not go on in this country people want to even went to churches on Saturdays because a new scripture twelve-year-old knew it better than most you pastors today and that's pathetic and it's the truth but being young adults at that book I went to battle of Zion Academy I want to it years in this school the best Catholic school and we're all I know the Bible really yeah no you don't know the Bible sure you know it but you don't know it there's a big difference between knowing it and having to written upon your heart big difference and that's what you really need to grasp at yeah I mean that's discussed and people could pitch right to all these pagan istic things and they'd really think that serving God and he has the other screws everyone who tell me well you know what God knows my heart and we take and stay back for Jesus those are the two biggest excuses no the day is not Jesus is Jesus in fact oh you stay the hell away from that stuff over and over in the scriptures stay away from these mechanistic things the ways of the heathen he wants you about the Christmas tree were about definitely pegan ways of decorating his trees with silver and gold that's a Christmas tree but yeah you people have the nerve to put a Christmas tree in the church that supposed to be a house of God have Easter Egg concepts been thousands of years old of people doing this for arm but it's talk okay the celebration of birth on earth versus all paganism nothing to a god but yet somehow you manufacture it to say that's the day Jesus was resurrected no he wasn't resurrected then he died on Wednesday died about three o'clock Israeli time 72 hours three days three nights not three days just like he said three days three nights in seven different ways 72 hours when's Wednesday Thursday Thursday Friday Friday decide 3 p.m. he rose from the death and only reason why they didn't open to my on that Saturday because it was the Sabbath they were not allowed to do anything like that so on Sunday morning when they dug the second day woke up for very Magnaflow down to the top arm to the tomb and Jesus appeared to her in the spirit so of course she ran back and told everybody they all went to the temple and gathered dad oh my god you know which was the great thing he's been resurrected by he didn't resurrect Sunday he had already been resurrected to David before Saturday so it didn't matter if they open the tomb of Monday Sunday Monday Tuesday once a year from now ten years from then I mean it wouldn't matter he already had risen Saturday at 3:00 p.m. and that our time is over that 72 hours three days three nights' clearly stated a twelve-year-old can understand that but no you want us to believe that 72 hours there's a Friday night and 3 p.m. to Sunday morning that's not even 48 hours started with weenies ridiculous that people cannot have the common sense nor all the arm know how to do math normally you don't learn history knowing especially even though the Bible and it just makes my head rattle I just want to whack it to a wall because how dumb people are now I need to sound rude like that well I'm just aggressively angered righteously be by the stupidity that's being taught in the churches today if people buy it because it makes money they'll never tell you about the truth about Easter cuz it makes money Christmas is the biggest day for making money and you're out there oh I feel so good with some great Jesus birthday I'm when I got his midnight mass the second strict midnight oh yes oh praise Jesus no you're not praising Jesus like you think you are you're praising Nimrod that's what you praising you're praising the birth of the first Antichrist on the planet the money meal called Nimrod which is also known as was Osiris in ancient Egypt that's who you're praising the King deity of the Catholic Church that's what you're praising and that statue you blow man the statue of marriage crying has blow coming from sighs oh it's so blessed oh she's holding the Virgin Mary on the baby no that's the Madonna okay that's Tammuz she's holding that's awesome Oh Horace the Sun God the Madonna okay that's Isis notice a Moranis okay know your Bible and know your history that's not Jesus Mary in the in statures and that's why they took up the second commandment the Catholic Church said the only religion that did that by the way because they don't want you all to highlight idol trees a saint it's a big one of the biggest sins it's the second commandment call you no means the second commitment do not bow down do not make any witnesses or images of statues any such things even heaven or the US or anything above it or anything or in it do not do it but that's why they remove number two slide the restaurant and made number ten and two nine and ten thou shalt not covet covers everything you don't need to say that should not cover the neighbor's wife thou shalt not cover the neighbor's house you don't need that how about national not covet copies everything planning something it sounds ten commands a real one number one is have no other path before you love God with all your heart number two okay let's do not commit adultery do not worship these statues do not bow to them or anything like that don't even make them number three do not use the Lord's name in vain number four on the Sabbath day Saturday the seventh day of the week not Sunday that's what the Bible says and the New Testament says as well hundreds of verses it says about the commandments number five honor your father and mother number six don't murder number seven do not commit adultery number eight don't steal number nine don't ye number ten don't come that means no Kobe neighbor's wife a house tools.com what on the horse they got whatever don't covet Perry's play the temple so yeah I mean this is not rocket science folks all you have to do is read the Bible let's all read the Bible and you see for yourself that's all I have to say right now and gonna get details about everything I've talked about because right now I know a lot of you had to spit into my home edit you're like whoa what the heck did this guy just say he's speaking blasphemy he's on he's wrong he's not speaking of God well you know follow me on these next videos and you'll find out because I'm gonna bring scripture into it and everything else I just wanted to get the base out here we talked to people who touch it with the truth okay the sword of the truth and it's got to be a lot more common now I'm gonna explain everything I said and anybody you've got questions comments or anything you want to challenge me or whatever 10 I'm a very friendly person please feel free as thousand ways to get hold of me contact me with your concerns questions or anything else and most of all smash that like button on the bottom there leave your comments and I'll share and subscribe to my channel because there's a lot more the stuff where it's coming from and everybody knows me also is a very activist reporter I worked for info wars.com for 6 years I was a investigative reporter for them and talk show host nothing else and I'm also a reporter for several other independent news sites like before to news calm truth radio show calm as you see here and a few other places I'm talk show host on 990 WBO be calm and then on many other channels as well I've been around the block ok been in the world exposed needle and confront a corrupt police and now I'm against police I'm not saying that I confront the corrupt police politicians and everyone from town city to the federal even Obama confronted I confronted the highest politicians in this planet down to the lowest some I'm not saying that they're low people whatever the smallest politicians down to this town council and state level and federal or whatever he had confronted people from almost all the federal alphabet agencies at one point when they were doing bad things I've been around ok I know evil looks like he's not one person up there is gonna tell me was I've seen demonic forces with my own eyes ok and then to these major major things okay I'm not gonna say well because right now I'm being targeted by the social media and also certain people that wait for me to say certain things so they could use it to me to sue me like they do now extraordin info was so I'm gonna leave it at that so I've seen evil at the top local folks not just on some guy in the graveyard playing Satanist I've seen little evil at the highest orders I have friends who bless them bless to be friends with now who will form Illuminati not on their own ministries who will form a Satanist who a former which was new ages former Catholic priests and all that who I'm now blessed to be friends with I interviewed them over the years got to know them became good friends with them yeah I mean and so I I know a lot of stuff folks so my speech is not on top of things I'm not even the most articulate person or the most well-rounded or the most well-spoken I mean I don't eloquently read off scripts or anything like that you've seen the media I'm a real person so I know my accent is – a lot of people to absorb but you know what hey it's the message not the messenger I come from the smart little blue gently the smallest town from Central Falls Rhode Island in a small state Central Falls is the smallest town in the small state and whole country and I've made worldwide news several times we're up news not just national international local world news international world news I've made several times and it shows you that one man can make a difference and it's not me or glory to God because anyone could accomplish anything with the wholly spare with them with the blood sanctified in Jesus Christ once every young whose true Messiah now Heavenly Father God kiawa Abba Father the creator of all things that's what gives people life okay that's what gives people the ability to reach out to the whole world – hey listen I'm gonna grab you and I'm gonna stab you with the sword of truth the sort of truth is the Bible folks that's what the sword is and the sort of truth we need to piss everybody with it even our own selves I piss every day I piss my own stuff because yes I'm not a perfect person I said things come into my mind when I see a pretty girl hey I mean they I don't like it I mean I got I don't like the sin but we don't and that's why we have saw the age before you know I mean so I'm not a perfect person I'm not sitting there making myself to be some saint okay is I'm not just a regular person out here who sends daily like you doe I repent daily like you do hopefully and by everyday I gotta take the sword of truth and stab myself with it so it's how about stab myself with it your guests have to put it to you know I mean and this metaphorically speaking so people don't take out of context so that's the thing context is a key so before you leave here when you study those all those brushes that your church gave you context context context context might take you an hour to do it they'll give you a string of verses to say how the Sabbath station been changed a Sunday one example go through every one of those references and you will clearly see in that context that has nothing to do what they talk about and it's not one shred of evidence that says that not one so guys I thank you for joining me we've got many more videos coming about this so and it's a great responsibility to do something like this and because I that's why it took me so long to stop doing this stuff walk because I don't want to be wrong and it's not because of ego problems not because God wants strictly about false prophets and I do not want to be on God's false prophet list did I mean so please challenge me do you're doing this to even the people who follow me and say oh yeah you're right again and I know it's people right now and get right on spot then that's cool thank you but I don't want you to say get in your own spot I want you to go through the research they all right Wow the Bible's online on spot God's like because this God speaking through me it's not me speaking you know I mean so I don't want no glory honest I don't want to thank you just thank the Lord and deck yourself for actually taking the time out to go through the research for yourself that's all I ask for you and I mean so what I said just taking this grain of salt and you it's up to you to take that seed and put it in you and if it's a seed of God the Holy Spirit will flourish that's not to say anyway guys love you all God blessed show check me out truth radio-show calm also check out my buddies now you see TV that's the NYS TV talk with John pounders J grant and David Kerr ago awesome show they have a show every Saturday at midnight 11 p.m. sorry Eastern loving p.m. East and every Saturday night which is Sunday it's not the Sabbath because the Sun Goes Down but they have a show every 11:00 Saturday 11:00 p.m. Eastern you to banana also Nye STV dog I'll check them out what a great show great people anyway guys god bless me declaring war on a new world order truth radio show calm

The Sabbath is the seventh day, do not think of the week, man created time, God said work six and then rest. man has forced you into thinking it is Friday, Sat whatever. also the Sabbath is the Millennium.

This man is teaching wrong. Place your child into The Word and let their Father teach them. To teach them into another religion is just wrong. He tells us all religions are wrong then lead us into the Jewish religion. To know who, what we are we need The Word of God to teach us all. It matters not if you are 2 or 100, He teaches His own. Get in Him and learn to hear God, not men!

Jesus is The Word, John 1:1-5

The Word God spoke: Exodus 20:1

The Word God wrote: Deuteronomy 4:13

and The Word God made flesh John 1:14. He is our example of The Trinity.

Psalms 40:7

Then said I, Lo, I come: in the volume of the book it is written of me,

Hebrews 10:7

Then said I, Lo, I come (in the volume of the book it is written of me,) to do thy will, O God.

Set your borders (Deut.6:8-9), protect your family, times are getting touchy, hold your ground and trust in our Lord. Be prepared both the physically and spiritually. Build up the body of Christ by 'putting on' The Lord. Cling to, dwell in the law (Ten Commandments) and testimony (Sermon on the Mount). We know His voice. His words are spirit and they are life. Hear Him. Prepare for your future and the life of your loved ones. God's blessing is His Word. Look close upon the face of Jesus, for we may not be able to see the face of God, But we can see the face of Jesus for He is in the image of The Father. Grow strong in our Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God for His Word.

I Feel yur Pain, when one member Suffers they all Suffer, if One rejoice, they all rejoice together. I already Got rid Of My Bank Account (becaused they fee'd it to death and took all the money in it and closed it On their own!, this bank i was with for over 20 years! of course it changed it names a few times) .. i got rid of My cell phone.. cuz Someone close to me died of The effect of It on the Human Brain ie Tumors.. Yes dan We're all gunna Be tested and Are. Prepare for the Day.. hopefully god will continue to keep us hid in the spirit if we draw nye to Christ, because the devil flee's.. though We face tribulations.. trials.. mocking,.. scourging.. yep. The Holy Spirit teaches one ..all Ya gata do is Ask god for wisdom, whom he gives all unbraideth. O Boy Dan,. . god makes Forehead like Flint. I'm grieved in a lot of Ways at whats all going on. Especially the Darkness of Everyones Eyes concerning The truth! …the things They do to me, for no fault of my own, but just because they Hate Christ and don't want to Come to the light of the love of god because Their Deeds are Evil! ….lots of People selling themselves short.. for the sake of a Food Stamp.. or other subtil petty benefit. What a trial of Affliction we walk through.. a furnace of Hate all around,, hate for the Good things,.. and Love for The bad & Evil!! I'll keep Praying for you In the Spirit. I'm Sorry you Have to face all this Crap. Theres to Many Dropping the ball. I Better put my mouth in the Dust if there is to be any hope. If one speaks truth, they maketh themselves a prey, because there is No judgment Here on earth. Just Doctrines of Devils. Bible says ''by my spirit' sayeth the Lord of host.. not By strength or might, ………..work out your own Salvation with Trembling and fear ..because it is a Fearful thing to fall intot he Hands of the Living god, who is able to throw body and soul into hell. I'v had a Headache Splitting Migraine for 3 days now.. last night i prayed i wouldn't die as i went to bed. Their Spraying the Sky's aluminum and Heavy metals etc.. the Towers are Going up everywhere.. and people Thinks its all Good.. but it is Simply For our Collective Destruction,.

Hey dan… It's Jason in South Florida. I'll call u in a bit. I just lost my best friend over three past weekend, & it's Benn extremely hard on me. But… I hate to say it but "It's is just another sad part of life" is the expression I keep hearing, among others. I hope all is well w/you. I didn't4get Abbott thwart laptop we talked Abbott either(just so you know). Well talk soon brother. Until then, take care!

Amish do not spread the word of god nor do they welcome people to their cult. LANCASTER county Amish don’t know one bible story and they can barely read. They are not reading a bible. I’ve questioned many and they have no idea what I’m talking about. It is a glorified cult that worships the $. They have the largest bank accounts in Lancaster. My sister worked at a bank and it blew her mind. The state of pa protects them as they are money in the pocket. Sickens me. I have no respect for this community and I thank god everyday I was not born into it!


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