Where do atheists get their morality ?

Where do atheists get their morality ?

The social contract is God, though. I don't believe in God in the traditional sense, but as humans our minds have formed a "God" construct. That is as much a God as anything else.

I know many passionate atheists who validate the core values y'all are discussing and a few who wallow in a permanent misery that I do not know what to do with, but these comments are why so many have had opinions of atheists as a whole. Part of the problem is the younger 'atheists', who use the same rehashed arguments and can't yet develop their own feelings of what existence means… and there are those who are passionate in the worst way – trying to tear down those that raise any opposition. I just learned how to make words bold in YouTube.

what a great question!!…….OK, yes it is a social agreement….but also I think that is more than a social agreement……..I think it's more related with empathy and how affects you the effects of your actions on the other people…….so morality is going to be different and unique for each atheist and I would say for each person…..atheist or not.

(continued)…"morality" is about human well-being first of all, and then apply objective standards that can be measured to avoid the trap of moral relativism.
If however, we rely on dogmatic thinking–especially religion, then the sky's the limit, and there's no end to what horrors a person will do if he believes he is following god's will, up to and including flying a plane into a building full of his fellow human beings.

What we call "morality" can have multiple layers or ingredients. First, there is an innate faculty, similar to our language faculty. All human cultures will have a version, and there are some universals–what you would expect, like proscriptions against murder, theft, perjury, rape, etc. Then there is a cultural layer, which is why no two human cultures have the exact same morality, and this is where religion worms its way in also. Finally, we can apply REASON, understand that… (continued)

oh and incidentally Thomas, the remorse felt is NOT for our actions, rather we have remorse for who we are apart from God, vile and depraved. It fascinates me to no end just how many souls feel otherwise…..Jesus died for us while we were YET sinners….

im not an atheist but i dont have an innate desire to follow any manner of social contract. I actually used to enjoy hurting people. Any semblence of morality that i currently possess did not and never will have any origination with me, it originates via an objective lawgiver. my hope for you is that you decide to dispose of the foolishness of atheism and accede to the existence of God. Remember that your truth is not necessarilyTHE truth…

You do realize that every single religion has a form of the golden rule, right? It's not exclusive to Christianity. And it's not even religious in nature anyway: it's a pretty simple concept to take the feelings of others into account and applying them to how you would feel in the same situation.

you just shot yourself in the foot you rateard. You say your an atheist? Then why the fuck did you just quote the main sentence in the whole of the bible " Do unto otheres…etc" THAT is where Morality derives from – The Golden Rule handed down by God to moses.


Professor Grayling said that the "golden rule" shouldn't be a standard of morality because… well, people have differing views on what they would like done to them.

e.g. a sadist might want to hurt you and he has no problem of you hurting him.

How would you respond to that?

I am no Buddhist but I recognise that Buddhism has one of the highest moral codes ever created – without any creator god(s). It is my belief that our early ancestors learnt that when they hurt someone, it hurt them too. Like all of us, they felt bad, felt remorse for their actions. So they taught their offspring to be good and kind to others and this was handed down generations, and then got mixed up with religions, whose leaders were all too ready to claim that morality came from them.

@Anonymous49292 Knowing that what I feel are chemical reactions in my brain doesn't alter the experience.
I am interactive energy which one day may be completely explained in equations. I'm also a conscious being and no amount of knowledge can change that. Everything I experience is extremely relevant to me. I can't help laughing when I hear something funny. Why try?
Yah, I'm not one of those who waste time arguing against religion. I just try to explain myself and clear up misconceptions.


But what is love, science cannot explain y we feel love or even laugh. Beauty? beauty relevant to what, to the endorphines ur brain releases when u see something pretty, beauty is just naturally made chemicals. Enjoying life for what, life is irrelevant and meaningless.

It's really funny how we are almost the exact opposite, I was raised by devout atheist and u come from a christian home. But i wanna say thanx for having an intelligent conversation with me 🙂

how can being man made, explain humanity? How can religious being interpreted by man,explain humanity?

Me personally speaking without religion, I could not say that according to atheism I had no soul, no spirit, no worth, no meaning, no reason (other than reproduction), or that I was just this one dimensional, worthless, purely hollow being.

I think there is so much more to the world, that nothing can explain.

@Anonymous49292 OK, so if you don't believe in Shamash, then Hammurabi just made up the Golden Rule on his own. It's not difficult =D
As an atheist, I feel there is no goal to the universe. There's nothing driving me to survive and reproduce other than biological imperatives. Don't you think that the ability to love and laugh and enjoy all the beauty in the world is fulfilling enough? We can even appreciate the bad times in life, we learn from them and become better.
What more does one want?

@robtbo As I responded to chronicbudha.

The golden rule" originated from the code of hammurabi, who was the king of babylon, also a god fearing man. Who believe that the god he served, shamash I believe, chose him to bring fourth laws his god wanted his people to follow.

But survival for what, what are you surviving for? to continuously reproduce? tell me y do lions want to live,is it because they dont have the capacity for religion or science? what is the goal of the universe? udk

@Anonymous49292 (cont'd)
Parents should determine what morals their kids learn. These days, parents are more apt to lay down rules than to explain why the rules make sense, and I admit, religion can pick up the slack, but it claims morality is handed down from divine command. In all honesty, it's really simple. Wolves, lions and even ants can figure out that it's better to work together for common survival.

@Anonymous49292 Coming from a Christian family, I admit I was exposed to tenets of Christian morality, specifically, the Golden Rule- do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
BUT: that didn't come about until the first century. The Old Testament wasn't about that at all. Confucius was hip to it 500 years earlier. There are many atheists who will argue that that the major religions borrowed their moral codes from existing philosophies.

@robtbo Some who I have spoken to already seem like they are really. lol

I don't think you should kill ne1, I just for once want 1 atheist to admit that some of their belief are based upon religious background. Even my father who is a die hard atheist (probably more confident and knowledgeable about it than Ricky Gervais) admits that without religion in the world,humanity, morals and ethics as we know it today, may not exist. Not even science. It takes true faith to be an atheist.

@Anonymous49292 You completely ignore that when we work together our survival needs are met more easily. This gives us reason to coexist, cooperate and avoid conflict with each other.
You sound like you want atheists to be emotionless killing machines. lol

@robtbo Also other animals have survival and reproduction instincts and they operate just fine killing to survive. No human contract or golden rules, so really u shud. As atheist u shud want humans 2 revert back 2 our number 1 scientific obligation which is to reproduce, no morals tie into that.

@chronicbudha Actually I did watch the video. You said you're morality comes from "the golden rule",which to u comes from human logic. But really it comes from laws based on religion.

"The golden rule" originated from the code of hammurabi, who was the king of babylon, also a god fearing man. Who believe that the god he served, shamash I believe, chose him to bring fourth laws his god wanted his people to follow.

So therefore as an atheist "the golden rule" should be irrelevant to you.

@robtbo But I've never read in ne science or atheist book that based upon experiements we shud b kind to our fellow man.

Now, I have nothing against atheist, I'm a christian not that religious and I don't take myself that serious.

I just kinda got upset recently when some atheist guy who I've never met, came up 2 me and bashed me just bcuz I was wearing a small cross necklace.(we had never spoken b4 and he went crazy!)

I have atheist friends but I've never had a ? about ur morals til then.

@Anonymous49292 No, atheists should not abandon morality to be atheists.
Before there was society as we have it today, morality came from biological imperatives, logic, and emotional development.
Humans have survival and reproductive instincts, so there is a natural behavioral obligation to the self and the species. Logic and history shows that survival needs are better met when we coexist, cooperate and avoid conflict.
It's as simple as that until emotions and selfishness come into play.

To an atheist humans should just be a product of a huge scientific accident, so theres no reason a life or anything should have meaning to you.

atheist abandoning their civil morals should be the meaning of being a true atheist. right?

I don't wanna get slammed for this, I'm just commenting but…..

to me as a non-religous christian, who has many atheists, gay, etc. friends, moral/social contract comes from a guideline. Guideline originating from people who had religous beliefs. Once u become an atheist shouldn't you abandon all morals. Morals, at least current morals, being influenced by all types of religions.

B4 any religious documents the world had no morals so y is it bad to kill some1 when theirs nothing governing u.

Morality is interesting. You can't say that the sole reason we don't hurt others is so that they don't hurt us as in an agreement. You can't say this because we choose not to hurt even those who we know cannot hurt us. We truly care. We care about a person whose pain we will never feel. That's irrational. I don't believe in a god though.

85% of all US prisoners are Christians who pray daily. Ironically, 85% of the US population is Christian. Coincidence? One might think this means that 15% of prisoners are Atheists but nope, only 0.21% are. Also, last week on march 8th, 2011 in Philadelphia, 21 priests were removed for sexual abuse. Thats 21… from 1 district of 1 city. People claim religion is needed to live a moral life. That claim fails miserably.

Something I learned in psychology in college is to NEVER speak about morals. Morals are made from personal point of views.
Everybody is entitled to their own opinion

btw I am a Christian

Christians over time have had less morals than atheists. Religion has killed millions and millions and millions in the name of some make believe fucking god in the sky

from that angle with that white beard he kind of looks like how god is portrayed to be. or santa claus. it's pretty much the same thing anyway, though.

@chronicbudha I agree with you all the way. If anything, an atheists will to do good is much more noble than a christian's desire to do good, because there is no implied reward, no heaven or hell. Atheists are good for goodness' sake. But what I've always thought is that 99% of Christians don't really believe in heaven & hell. If they honestly did, how could they possibly ever risk going to hell for eternity. Why would you ever cheat, lie, steal, etc? If they really believed it, how stupid

doesn't exist, so you end up frying in a pan of fire forever!!!! Why would he create a system out of nothing and create such horrible eternal suffering!!! What does he get out of it!!!

Answer: Nothing! Because he doesn't exist. It's just a boogeyman story to scare all the children (aka grown men and women) into thinking you better do as we say, lest the boogeyman gets you.

Your answer is ignorant, you are obviously not a good atheist. Atheist derive their morals from a combination of logical thinking and a rational response to a continuous narrative.

I find it confusing that we'd swear to tell the truth in a courtroom
while holding a book of lies.


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