When Religion Went Wrong - Swedenborg and Life

Gen 9:27 God shall enlarge Japheth(whites), and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem(Judeo-Christianity); and Canaan(Africans) shall be his servant.

Wonderful enlightening episode!! IMHO the greatest lie of Christianity is: God loves unconditionally but His/Her acceptance is 100 percent conditional on being a Christian and on being straight. It took me many years to figure out that this is 100 percent wrong. Thank you for your awesome channel ❤️❤️❤️

i can't thank you enough for this. i always said that His word has gone from man to man, show me what has not been destroyed by man.

If " the darkest ambition is wanting to have total control over other people" , i would say that would include men wanting total control over women and using religion to justify it. And this seems to have happened all over the world, and still goes on in many places.

Hey guys, what do you think about the dead sea scrolls, particularly the gospel of Thomas? It seems like it's rejected by mainstream orthodox Christianity, maybe because it threatens their 'authority'? Kind of lines up with what swedenborg teaches?

I imagine they knew that they could not build something higher than the surrounding mountains to get to heaven. Rather, they were building a great edifice / temple in which they thought they could qualify to go to heaven. As happens now, they were replacing God's revealed, true and narrow path back to him with man made religion. God broke up the fraudulant religion in a quick, effective way.

The part I needed the most explanation to never came. Did Borg explain this? In Genesis 11:5 it states,
But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.”

This implies a fearful God who believes the people could accomplish their goal and be equal to God. I believe it shows the untruth of some of the bible since back then the person who wrote it didn't have the ability to understand that man could not build a tower to heaven and God would look at what the were doing as foolishness. Even if the story is not meant to be literal this part really needs further explanation.

One writer wrote, It simply means that man would continually come together in disobedience and rebellion without restraint of wickedness.
But why is that any worst than not building the tower, and man still went on to this day to continually come together in disobedience and rebellion without restraint of wickedness.

I may be opening a can of worms but here goes: The Babel story seems to be going on with the Trump administration, the Republican agenda, and the religious right. They all are in it for themselves, and to put the people of America under their control. Trump is so much in it for what he can get, he even has family members in the White House. What is happening is too much like the rise of Nazi Germany. I pray to God I am wrong, but I doubt it

what I would really like to know … is did we exist before birth. I have not heard this being talked about. Swedenborg doesn't go along with reincarnation so I wonder what his view is in this respect.
thank you so much for these shows, there's nothing I love more than listening to them. Your wonderful Curtis along with the rest of ur crew. Thank you so much.

This actually makes a lot of sense. I don't believe I've ever heard of such a logical and comprehensible interpreting about the Tower of Babel story. This is the first video I've ever watched on your channel; and I've heard of Swedenborgianism and the Swedenborgian Church, but I wasn't entirely sure who he was, what they believe or teach, etc. But I do like what I'm hearing. I'd say I'm mostly a Mainline Protestant Christian of a mostly Lutheran and somewhat Reformed orientation, but mixed with Anglicanism as well. Don't know if you can synchronize Swedenborgianism with it all, or mix it and one other thing, or you have to convert entirely, but I am intrigued and open to this.

Love the show, recommended it to many. Provides a new perspective and a true appreciation for Swedenborg. Thank you.

I wanted to say something about the statues question. As protestant which I am I was taught that the catholics were this and that cause of the statues and the other things against them but after going and investigating for myself I can tell you its part of a beautiful experience. Everything they do they back up with scripture or have ancient reasons for doing it as it is tradition for thousands of years. The tradition was there for thousands of years from the time of Christ , the bible wasn't. Also protestant is a young break off when compared to the old religions.The catholic and the orthodox were the first christians is what i learned studying religious history ( the buddists and hindus were already there but I am talking Christian) But i wanted to explain the beauty of it all as I took it in…..when you go to mass its to worship God, your not there to hear a mans sermon slanted toward their apologetics, it is a priest reading directly from the bible. In classes your reading from the bible. I visited Anglican which is catholic lite, when you walk into experience mass all your senses are engaged: your site: you see the beautiful paintings, statues, stained glass (this varies with the budget of the particular church) your hearing: you hear the pipe organs and the beautiful hymns that are 200-400 years old, the smell : you smell the incense is when they walk by carrying the cross and the bible, this guy swings the incense back and forth (not sure what he is called) but its a beautiful experience to me. Everything there is a reminder of what was and still is. In any religion or denomination if your love for God grows dry, move on to a type of worship that revives it cause you always want to be in love with God and have your love in general growing. LOVE is the bottom line we are to learn from God.But each person needs to find what works for them but still love God, Jesus, higher power. I have a question though, the sister church to anglican is episcopalian and they accept gays and also ordained one bishop that was openly gay and the anglicans as well as most protestant /catholic were in an uproar but I'm thinking shouldn't we be about love and let God sort it out. I mean if sins are all the same and we all sin, how is it worse then the sins we all have? This is my problem about religion is it doesn't accept people for who they are, with the exception of the episcopalians.

according to big bang theory universe create itself…there was no GOD to create the universe.there are no super powers..religion created by us..that's ok.my request to a specific religious people grow up man after death no JANNT is waiting for you…all you have in your livings…now you choose "Lo ve or HATE"….

A friend has introduced me the Swedenbord Foundation and have been viewing these videos. I am an initiated disciple of AC Bhaktivedanta Swami and have been studying and practicing Krishna consciousness for several years. I truly appreciate the conclusions presented here. At times I find tears in my eyes and I always gain something invaluable. I find no contradictions at all. Just a different angle of vision on the same Truth. Thank you.

I really never considered myself a religious person and since I've started watching these videos I've been thinking about what I do in my life and how it affects others around me. I have been thinking about doing some volunteer work in my community for a while now and watching this channel has given me that final push to do so. People should help one another, I always thought that and now I'm finally going to start doing so. Thank you for inspiration.

Swedenborg is so great at this thing! I love Swedenborg, If Swedenborg still alive today, I want to say something to him
"Swedenborg, GG"

Your answer to that last question was beautiful, Curtis. Succinct and powerful. You should make an excerpt of that.

As usual, I agree with Swedenborg. The early American Baha'is over 100 years ago read and quoted Swedenborg concerning reincarnation because there were no Baha'i books in English at that time. Reincarnation was in vogue at the time and some Baha'is thought that it was a Baha'i belief, but it wasn't. It actually is much the same as Swedenborg's explanation. It's interesting that the Revelation of Baha'u'llah was born in Iraq, the land of the Tower of Babel. I like Swedenborg's interpretation of the oneness of belief in ancient times being based on love. You're right that if love is missing, then doctrine doesn't matter. If love had not existed in any of the religions, then they would not have been successful. This love was the attractive core of each civilization. When love fades away, then the civilization withers. That's when the Divine Will sends down another Christ or Buddha to renew the love, and a new civilization is born. ….Harlan

All these videos always makes so much sense to me. It is almost like I knew it before and had forgotten it. I have always believed that the original church was formed to enslave the masses.

I'm not sure why he said the corruption of power with religious organizations mushroomed in the last 30 years. It's been going on for centuries. And the most ancient religions did not have God as a man but as a woman. The stories in the bible are not the oldest stories nor are the teachings or religious beliefs form the bible the oldest either. I did find it interesting how you talked about the most evil or corrupt thing that happened to religion was the desire to control and have power over people and how abandoning charity was also something that was a cornerstone in religion going south. It makes me think of the Republican party and how they try to spin moral reasons for their evil corrupt agendas. They always talk about tax breaks. Taxes in a way are charity. The top 2% wealthy paid almost 90% of their profits in taxes before Reagan. After Reagan they starting only paying about 15 to 20%. Since that happened, the cost of living went up, the cost of education went up, parks have closed due to lack of funds, the cost of parking tickets went up, many incomes has stayed almost stagnate (teachers for example) and Americans have to work more than twice as much just to have what they had less than 40 years ago. If that's not power and control and a lot less charity, I don't know what is.

History lesson, yes indeed Christians did colonize and enslave parts of Africa. What about the Muslims? The Muslim slave trade in Africa was much larger and much more brutal. It's been estimated the Muslim slave trade in Africa killed over 100 million Africans over the centuries. Another unknown little fact was that Muslims enslaved more Europeans then Europeans enslaved Africans. No one teaches this in our public schools here in America because the narrative is to teach you to hate yourself and be ashamed of yourself if you happen to be white. It's also a plot to shame the Christian religion by only teaching European colonialism but ignore Muslim colonialism in Africa and India. Christianity didn't invent slavery it's been going on since the beginning of time in all cultures. Christians ended slavery. Before you start hating your western Christian culture remember the truth. Christians didn't commit the worst atrocities on Earth and Christians ended slavery, be proud of that.


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