What On Earth Is God Doing?

What on earth is going on just when we
think we’re over one crisis in the world another one seems to come along right
behind it is it just the media reporting too much news for us to absorb or could
we be approaching the end of the world as we know it maybe things are not
really as bad as some would have us believe or that the world has always had
bad times and things will soon get better
whatever the answers are to these questions we can know one thing for sure
God knows what’s going on and he tells us that he is in charge and promises
that the world is not going to be utterly destroyed yes there’s good news
around the corner but I have to tell you the Bible predicts that things will get
worse before they get better on Tomorrow’s World we show you what is
happening around us in the light of Bible prophecy we want you to know how
you and your family can face the days ahead with trust and confidence in God
do you want to know how you and your loved ones can receive God’s protections
and blessings as prophecy is fulfilled then stay tuned Warm greetings to our regular Tomorrow’s
World viewers as well as those of you who have come to us for the very first
time many of us are concerned about the changing world around us too often the
predictable is well frankly not that predictable for many people this new
fast-paced world with all of its gadgetry is not always easy to accept as
the world hurtles toward its future with computers and new technology some it
seems get left behind if you don’t have access to a computer or even if you know
how to use one you may feel uncertain about the future so much of what we once
did by telephone is now handled only by computer where are things headed is
there something that you can do to prepare for the future think about it do
you find yourself living your life as if God is irrelevant that He has no say in
how you live or maybe you are seeking Him so you can bring your life into
harmony with His purpose and will if so get down on your knees and ask Him to
show you what you should do to please Him ask Him to guide your decisions and
John in your life he will hear your prayers and answer them he’ll not force
us to obey but would rather that we choose to obey Him Can you see the choice is ours to make? God wants us to
respond to his call so many people in Western countries are coming to
understand that the 60 or more years of the so-called good life that they have
enjoyed could very well be coming to an end are you concerned well God tells us that he wants to take care of
those who obey Him When we understand that it is God who holds the affairs of this world in
His hand we can set aside our cares and worries and seek Him in our life in
Dr. Roderick Meredith’s opening statement in his book “Prophecy Fulfilled: God’s Hand
in World Affairs” he writes the following So many people nowadays are fascinated by prophecy and even go to
fortune tellers often such a person is a woman who sits in a darkened room with a
crystal ball she’s believed to be possessed with psychic powers that
enable her to look into the future many have been convinced that the
prophecies of such soothsayers are true and plan their lives according to them
the Bible reveals that these people may be influenced by spirit powers that are
not from God and tells us to have nothing to do with them
a similar source of prophetic utterances comes from astrologers who follow
complicated movements of the stars and the planets they believe that a person’s
birth date including the very hour and the minute of birth determines the fate
of every human who was born notice what God says about such for castings in the
Book of Jeremiah chapter 10 and in verse 2 Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 2 H also instructed the ancient Israelites in
Deuteronomy chapter 18 and verse 10 With a decline in traditional Christianity in the Western world it’s
understandable that old pagan and witchcraft practices will regain a place
in our society you have a choice to make as to who will educate you in spiritual
matters God makes no room for astrology in His prophecies. He’s the Great God the
one who determines the future and He reveals his truth to his servants
believing that the stars and planets rule our lives is not according to the
Bible but God does let us know what the future holds through his inspired prophecies
in Amos chapter 3 in verse 7 He says, He also tells that only He
will reveal His prophecies and that no human can interpret them one
rule that we adhere to on this program is that the Bible interprets the Bible
the age of the prophets is past but the ability to understand what they wrote is
available today but only to those who are obedient to God’s will notice how
the Apostle Peter put it in his second book in Chapter 1 and in verse 20 How does the Bible interpret the Bible?
You know it’s really quite simple prophecy uses signs and symbols and
they’re common both to Old and New Testaments let me show you what I mean
in Revelation chapter 12 we read about a great red dragon in verse 3
let me read what it says Who’s this red dragon?
verse 9 gives the answer Some biblical interpreters have tried to identify the red dragon with
China but that’s not what the Bible tells us once again we’re told that the
red dragon is Satan himself it’s the same serpent or snake that we encounter
in Genesis chapter 3 who deceived mother Eve we also read about him in Revelation
chapter 20 and in verse 2 when a good angel will bind the dragon that serpent
of old who is the devil and Satan we also read of other symbols such as
mountains representing governments and waters being armies or a multitude of
people remember today’s program is titled what an earth is God doing
it is a good question because many people think that he is not interested
or does not care about the world they think that he created the world and
mankind of then walked away and left us to our own fate I was talking with a
person recently who said that she is an atheist she went on to explain that she
could not believe in a God who will not stop all of the evil in the world
I explained to her that God is most certainly concerned about all humans and
he will intervene but only when mankind has finally admitted that human efforts
have totally failed it’s interesting how many people do not want God to meddle in
their life all but when they were in a crisis they cry out for his help so it
will be for mankind as a whole only when we face extinction through the nuclear
war or mass death by chemical warfare we cry out to God to save us Jesus Christ prophesied in
Matthew 24 verses 21 and 22 If you would like to discover more about
how this topic impacts you life visit us online at
www.lcgcanada.org To read our featured literature
free of charge let me explain an important point that
is not well understood I’m going to explain it this way this is not God’s
world what do I mean by that most professing Christians believe that the
great God is the God who is controlling the politics and the culture of this
present world but that’s not so does that shock you let me prove the point in
second Corinthians chapter 4 and verse 4 we break into a sentence that is
explaining that the gospel is veiled to many Did you notice that the
god of this age it’s not as you probably imagine there’s not some great battle
going on between God and Satan to save the souls of all of mankind in this age
or at this time there’ll be a new age in the future when Satan will be chained
for 1,000 years and Jesus Christ will reign on the earth it is then that God
will rule this world but not now then the true potential of this earth and
humans will be achieved this is why we call our program Tomorrow’s World and
it’s why we so passionately believe that salvation is coming soon for all mankind
the devil tricked Adam and Eve into believing that the tree of the knowledge
of good and evil would make them wise do you realize that we all practice a
mixture of good and evil in our lives what is needed is a complete repentance
of individuals as well as the whole of society when we admit that our goodness
is not good enough and is tainted by the evil that is also within us we can ask
God to rule our lives it’s God’s goodness being lived in us
through Jesus Christ that makes us righteous longtime viewers of Tomorrow’s
World know that we uphold the important key to understanding prophecy and that key
is understanding that the founding fathers of the United States and their
British cousins are descended from Joseph the son of Jacob who was also
known as Israel the Jewish people of the modern nation of Israel are also
descended from the same Israelitsh stock but are only one of the twelve tribes we
fervently teach that God has preserved the house of Israel and they had to be
found amongst the anglo-celtic people as well as many in northwestern Europe
there have been critical moments in the history of the British people where God
has intervened to save them one of the most dramatic was in 1588 when a great
naval Armada of a hundred and twenty four ships was assembled by king Philip
II of Spain it sailed from the port of Cadiz with the blessing of Pope Sixtus v
their mission was to overthrow Queen Elizabeth and reinstate
Catholicism in England this Pope described his
great amassing of ships the invincible Armada let us hear a
quotation on page 18 of Dr. Meredith’s book ‘Prophecy Fulfilled’ Queen Elizabeth
commemorating the Spanish defeat issued a silver medal burying the inscription
God blew and they were scattered she knew who took charge of the winds at
that critical hour in the history of her people let’s ask the question how does
God know in advance what will happen well the answer is indeed interesting
and we find it in the book of Isaiah chapter 46 and in verses 9 and 10 God is the one who makes things happen
according to His plan! He, and ONLY He can do so it would appear that the demons
have limited knowledge of the future but only as God allows them to know we know
that the descendants of ancient Israel are primarily the Americans and British
people God tells us in prophecy that they will go through a time of testing
in trial in the near future after this time they will be restored by God listen
to what he tells us And then in chapter 40 verse 15
we get an idea of just how God sees us He also says in verse 22 What is God doing on earth he’s letting us learn a great
collective lesson that he is God and there is no other as an individual you
need to learn this lesson as well God is in charge of our life we’re approaching
a time when the peacefulness and the serenity that has come from the
blessings of Abraham which we have enjoyed will vanish it is a time to get
our houses in order it’s a time to put our lives in God’s hands it’s a time to
cease our human goals it’s a time to change how do we know we are living in
the last days or at the end times as they are called in the Bible we know by
the signs around us Jesus said in Matthew chapter 24 verses 32 and 33 The prophetic fig leaves are budding on the world scene right now we live in the
most sobering and yet exciting times ever future generations will ask us what
was it like to live at the time of mankind’s failed experiment on earth
just before Jesus Christ returned how will you answer will you say something
like well I was just not interested enough for to see the signs I got caught
up in the hustle and bustle of life to do anything oh but I do remember a
television program that told me what would happen but by the time the events
they talked about came upon me it was too late you don’t have to be one of
these people God is offering you a chance through this program to consider
your possible inclusion in his plan for saving mankind in tomorrow’s world
it will require changes in your life today let me tell you it will be worth
the effort so far we’ve shown you that there are false prophets peddling their
ideas about the future we’ve also shown you how the great God the creator of the
universe is vitally interested in world affairs He has not just gone off and
left us He is however wanting us to make a choice and the choice is His way of
life versus our way my experience when I first listened to the truth is God
revealed that to me was to think I need really need to look into this further
there were some things that I didn’t agree with and I put some of them on the
back burner but as time went by I came to understand the big picture I could
see that this world did not have the answers to life’s problems as I realized
that Jesus Christ will return and that He is preparing a people now to Co rule
with Him on the earth I wanted to be a part of it I began to bring my life into
harmony with what was revealed to me from the Bible maybe the same thing is
happening in your life fulfilled prophecy is a major key to
understanding what has happened what is happening but more importantly
understanding future prophecy tells us what will happen the Apostle Paul was
inspired to predict 2,000 years ago what life would be like right now at the end
of this age notice 2nd Timothy chapter 3 verses 1 to 4 The list goes on to include Does this all sound familiar?
too many of us are becoming victims of such wickedness but
God promises that he will protect us if we will put our lives in His hands if
you have watched the program thus far it is because you want to bring your life
into harmony with God’s will you really want to turn it around and take charge
of the way you speak think and act if you consider the impact that you have on
others lives you will be conscious that you can make other people’s lives happy
or not happy would you like to take this one step further would you like to be
counted worthy to receive a crown of life and a reward when Jesus Christ
returns to this earth that is what He promises us notice what He said through
the pen of James in chapter one and in verse 12 And your reward? Let’s read that in
Revelation chapter 22 verses 12 and 14 right at the end of the Bible A glorious eternal life awaits all who have made the choice what choice
remember the words we heard at the very beginning of the program from
Deuteronomy chapter 30 and in verse 19 To help you gain a deeper understanding
of what we have been talking about today I have a booklet to offer you it’s called
“Prophecy Fulfilled: God’s Hand in World Affairs” please visit our website
which will be shown momentarily to read this informative booklet be sure
to join us again next week for Tomorrow’s World Gerald Weston or
Richard Ames we’ll bring you more good news about a new world that is coming
and the opportunity you can have to play a vital part in its implementation Jesus
Christ is preparing a people to help Him bring peace prosperity and plenty to a
weary old world in the world tomorrow do you want to be with him be sure to come
back next week to hear more good news of tomorrow’s world goodbye friends If you would like to discover more about
how this topic impacts your life Visit us online at
www.lcgcanada.org To read our featured literature
free of charge The preceding program has been produced
by the Living Church of God

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