What is the value of awakening?

Untill the moment when i started to practise
, i have been in a really serious search, in a search for an answers to fundamental
questions. These fundamental questions like ‘who am
i?’ and ‘what is going to happen in my further life?’. Also i was interested in what does it really
mean ‘ unified level of consiousness’. The experience of it i have always wanted
to receive. Untill awakening this search was always present. It was interesting and lighting me up and
at the same time it was bringing constant restlessness because i haven’t reached it
yet and i didn’t even know how to get there. This search have always been creating a chaos
inside of me and this chaos didn’t help at all. It brings only discomfort , only pain. And after awakening this search is gone. Only the clarity came up, purity. This search is gone and it took away that
inner restlessness. Peace has appeared. Silence has appeared. And this is what is important for life. It is really valuable. Especially from this search and this restlessness
i have been trying to run away before. I have been trying to run away in to music,
i was trying to take all away somehow. But now it is gone and the silence is there
instead of that. I started to feel that inside of me love is
appearing, unconditional love. These borders which were because of some judgements,
i realized that they just disappeared. Now there is no need to prove anything to
anyone or to persuade. The need in some kind of unmindfull things
is just gone. Simply mindfull life have came up. I start to see the difference of what is really
important what is not important. What brings some benefit to people what brings
some benefit to me. This differce makes me realize that in this
moment there is some kind of meaning. Not the meaning that i create for myself,
but the value which is there. Thats why i realized that it is important
to give to people the understanding the value of life. To help them feel that among those casual
activities such as feeding, dressing yourself,going to work, creating my good family there is
another value. It is a value of a Life itself. The growth, the awakening, this life inside
yourself, it is the most valuable what is possible to give to people. And when i saw this value inside of me i realized
that this needs to be givin to people. And when people come to us, to me for the
classes, they feel it. What can be better than that? When people start to appreciate their life. For what i am present here, for what they
are here present? For a short while they forget about their
messy things, temporarily is it gone this chaos and only the pure moment is there, this
exact moment, without any suffering, without pain. Silence, peace, joy and value, value of the
Life itself.


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