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It’s the Wednesday Wisdom Show and you want
to know – What is spiritual love? I think that maybe the most fascinating topic
across-the-board to all humans, no matter where they exist – other than survival, once
we have that covered – is love. We tie the value of our life very much to
our experience, our access to the experience of love. We also feel that the solution to our problems
lies in love. Songwriters say that, philosophers, also politicians
say it. What do we mean when we say this? I’ll tell you this now – that spiritual love
does not exist in human nature at all. It’s really opposite to our nature but we
need to know the difference between these two things. The human level of love, what we know what
any adult knows -that it’s not the Hollywood version of love. We know that love as we experience it, that
fills our heart and makes us see beauty and a changed world for awhile – you know, where
we’re floating on air! This is something that happens to us but it
doesn’t necessarily last and we try to prepare ourselves for the fact that this is so – to
accommodate in our situations, but we’re still being run – even though the quality of absolute
beauty and Springtime may leave, depart from the setting of our marriage or relationships. We’re still looking for the same essential
quality of human love that keeps us in it. We make compromises but we’re still trying
to do the same thing. When we do that we are trying, within a certain
level, to get what we need out of the relationship – to also give – but the reason that we’re
giving is to make sure that there is some kind of quality that’s coming back to us. Now I know that already you’re saying no – that’s
not true. I’m not like that in my relationship, but
let’s look at it a little more closely so that we can see the difference between these
two levels. First of all, that sense of beauty that we
have in relation to each other is triggered by a system that’s owned by Nature, not by
us. If certain hormones are triggered, certain
needs are trigger towards another, then they are important to us while that’s happening. When they are no longer triggered by the functions
of nature we begin to lose that sensation and they are no longer important to us in
the same way. What do I mean by important to us? We’re not relating to the other for the sake
of the other. We are essentially relating to the other for
the sake of personal fulfillment. This is true actually even in parent and child
situations, even with a mother and a child. Now mother will give everything for that child,
will take care of it while she’s ill, while she herself, the mother is ill, will sacrifice
everything for the child – but in the end when we look at what is happening there is
a fulfillment that is coming to the mother through this act – and this is love within
Human Nature. Now you must be saying to yourself “what do
you want from me! I mean how can you – first of all, I don’t
believe you, secondly what kind of a standard is this? Who can possibly act completely altruistically
in every level of connection with other people!” The fact is that spiritual love is actually
against human nature. It’s not made of the same thing that our natural
love is made of – so we need to know the difference between the two. Many, many people feel and say that it is
impossible to love another unless I can first love myself. But this is exactly the point. The reason that we don’t love others is that
we love ourselves to the exclusion of others. That’s why we feel shy. That’s why we feel inadequate. That’s why we feel burdened by our self-criticism. What are those things? – They are a love and protection of everything
that has to do with me. I want to make certain that my feelings won’t
be hurt, that others will not look at me in such a way that I would begin to disrespect
myself, that in some way I would feel inadequate, that I would be unprotected, that my ego would
be laid out there and all of my faults would be evident to others. I will not put myself in a place like that! Why? – Because I love myself and I’m focused on
myself to the exclusion of others. Think about it – It’s this crippling constant
evaluation only of myself and my own condition. My thoughts can’t move to others. I can’t feel what they feel. We’re unable to open our hearts and sense
what’s going on in the other and to think about what would be good for them, to sort
of lose ourselves in the connection with others. It’s not that I don’t love myself – it’s that
I love myself to the exclusion of others! That, in a nutshell, is what the two-dimensional
human nature, natural love is like. So all of this drama, pleasure, romance and
giving isn’t spiritual in fact it isn’t even love – it’s just an attraction or repulsion
to something that is pleasurable, sweet – or something that is bitter. And we always go for what sweet and we run
away from what’s bitter – because nature is running that level of our nature. So if we’re going to look to spiritual love
to save us from the situation that we’re in – I mean look at America, look at the condition
of the world, look where we are with nature, look where we are with the economic system,
how we’re invested in claiming that the other is racist – all of these things that are rolling
us towards terrible confrontations. If we all have in common the idea that love
and connection is the answer, then what’s the degree of love and what’s the kind of
connection that’s actually going to do this for us? Love is a spiritual force that holds opposites
together. It’s a sovereign, primordial intention that
stands above two things that are absolutely different and opposed to each other – and
gives life to both of them, and brings them to good. If we want to understand how we can experience
spiritual love we need to understand – how does a human access this? How do we have to think? In what way do we need to relate to each other
that would be called spiritual love, in such a way that this spiritual force would be evoked
and really help us in our situation? Well, the good news is that real love, spiritual
love can only exist when there is hatred. Love has to make a bridge. Love has to have the medium of hatred before
it can be felt in any way, before it has any work to do. Hatred, meaning separation and opposition,
is the medium through which the force, like the force of electricity, the force of love
can be experienced. We don’t experience electricity directly,
we feel its action. Unless there’s something for it to work on
and work against you don’t feel that there’s force there. We’ve spoken about this before, but the matter
in which love can operate on its ultimate level – is above hatred. It’s got to have disconnection in order to
evoke the Supreme force of connection. Try to imagine a situation where you have
the ability to maintain a connection, in which you’re looking for the well-being of a person
or group of people that you hate – meaning you don’t want anything to do with them, you
want them to be wrong, you want your position and the things that you think are very important
to dominate. You want to eradicate that opposition – whether
it’s in society, whether it’s in family, whether it’s a personal thing, whether it’s in you
know, where you work. You hate – meaning that there is a profound
disconnection there. You feel as though you’re polar opposites. Now imagine the ability to maintain a connection
– not on the level where the difference is, not where the- disconnection is, but at another
place where you’re not considering how this is going to affect you – but the only thing
you care about is that the connection should be there. This is going to be in a place that doesn’t
have any of that opposition in it. It’s going to be at a point at which you actually
are connected with that person – and that means that there is actually nothing in nature
that needs to be eradicated. Everything in nature really has a right to
exist – it’s supposed to be there. Why? Because it’s intended to get us to experience
love not in our nature, for our own well-being – and focused on what’s good for us or what
might be dangerous to us – but on what’s good for everything. Because that is the connective force. Think about it. What else would hold everything together but
a feeling that wants to make sure that everything that exists serves its proper purpose, fulfills
itself in the way that it should according to how it was made? Are you thinking about that? Because if you really are then all of these
other things are coming up aren’t they? – “I don’t want to be a doormat. Other people will take advantage of me. That’s too dangerous! We actually don’t have anything in common! I’m afraid to speak to these people! I’m afraid to look for that point of connection!” That’s an indication of the difference between
something that is actually true – that there is such a place as that within us and within
our hearts and in everyone that is possible to reach – BUT we don’t reach it by using
our regular nature and our regular definition of love. This is work, and the only place where this
sort of supreme primordial force of connection can happen is in situations like that. And we have plenty of those situations right
now, So that means we’re primed for it! There’s this beautiful article from a little
book called the Shamati, a Kabbalistic article called the Profit of the Land. I’ll read you a little quote here… “It’s known that nothing appears in its true
form, only in its opposite, as far as light excelleth darkness. And this means that every thing points to
another and by the opposite of something the existence of its opposite can be perceived.” For us, everything first appears in its negative
form. Everything good first appears in our experience
as its opposite form, and the degree of opposition tells you something about the coming good. So love is this force that connects everything
and this is the thing that we need to get to. Everything means – despite whatever its nature
is. It’s very lofty. It’s what we need and it seems that it’s impossible,
but it’s not impossible – it’s just not on the two-dimensional level of human nature,
it’s not on the mechanical level. We can learn to function above that level
and that means that in order to discover the spiritual nature, the nature of the Creator,
the nature of the light – we do that by exposing our own nature. We do it by exposing what we call the “revelation
of evil” or “hatred”. It’s not a bad thing it’s a functional thing,
it’s a good thing because of what it leads to. We don’t learn about spirituality directly,
we learn it by revealing what the limitations of our nature is, and by learning to function
above that. So that’s it for this Wednesday but I would
really love to do a show where I can just answer a lot of questions that you may have,
so any kind of question that you have about spirituality about Kabbalah, about life problems,
things that you’re curious about – the deep questions that you have – put them in the
comments and I’ll do a whole show just taking all of your questions and trying to answer
them all – that should be fun. If you think that this is fun in fact, then
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Thank you for the amazing message. I had to pause many times to write down what you were saying because I found it so profound. The concepts were not new to me but the way you explain them is deeply revealing. It was my day to hear this message. I had an opportunity to purchase The Zohar and would like to study the volumes. Here’s my question, do you believe that a person needs a formal training first to read The Zohar or can a person obtain a scanning chart and read for themselves? Thank you again.

Do the three levels of soul, Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, exist simultaneously at the same time or does this describe a situation of progression, grows over time ?

I look forward to each Wednesday just to hear these messages! LynnAnn here. I just finished the intermediate course and am hoping to be able to join the Graduate program. I've experienced so much because of authentic Kabbalah; thank you!

A summarized description of my conflict and question:

My mother has Narcissitic Personality Disorder and has also sexually, emotionally and physically abused me throughout my childhood. I have discerned over many years now that she had also experienced such abuse from her father. So there is deep trauma within and surrounding our relationship. I ended contact with her 9 years ago.

After so much struggle to come to terms with how all of this affected me, I've since come to recognize her immense contribution of Love Above Reason in my point in the heart, and have deeper compassion and understanding of her, but am afraid of contact due to the nature of her disorder.

Does the Creator need reconciliation beyond forgiveness between individuals like us in the physical world? Does the forgiveness require closure and continuing relationship between individuals like us?

Why isn't meditation practiced in Kabbalah? One would think that going into the quiet, boundary dissolving space, where we lift ourselves out of Ego and the delusional self would be encouraged.

Out in the Pacific Ocean, years ago I was on a 40 ft. boat with others who wanted to see whales and other natural wonders with the scientists of the Oceanic Society. It had taken 5 hours to reach this point far away from any land and the port of departure in the San Francisco Bay. I had recently left Israel from where I had just previously thought of marrying the “love of my life.” Although I still loved him, I felt very unsettled for many reasons and had many dreams indicating that I was not to get married after all. I was heartbroken, and felt certain that I would never feel the intensity of love that I had with him…ever. Well, I had a friend who had never gone on the Oceanic whale and nature tour in the Pacific, so I told her that I would go with her, but warned her that it was not a touring trip and the waters naturally would get extremely rough as far out as the ship would take us. She took Dramamine, as so many did, but it could not prevent the seasickness in her that everyone around us experienced too. I never got sick, but felt terrible for her and everyone else – but, then a terrible storm swept over us and conditions only got worst. The boat was tossed about furiously and slammed against the ocean’s waves as the captain shouted for everyone to hold on with two hands. Suddenly, a humpback whale appeared to one side of the boat. Everyone rushed to touch it as the captain said that it was a 30 foot baby who was instructed to help steady us by it’s mama who was looking on from the other side of the boat with a keen eye. At first, I put my hand on the back of my friend patting and trying to comfort her – but she angrily told me to leave her alone. She wasn’t well and I wasn’t helping… so, I was drawn to the side where the mama humpback was staring at our boat with an intensity that I could feel. Nobody was on that side… just me looking into the eye of the mama. The captain looked over at me and yelled again “two hands” as I could practically touch the water as the boat hit the water, each rhythmic time as if the boat may tip completely over. I was telepathically told to enjoy the ride, and then I was told that it didn’t matter whether I fell into the water or stayed on the boat … the result would be the same. The most intense love imminated from the whale… it was otherworldly and she let me know that we are all connected. There was nothing to fear, and this spiritual love was the greatest and well beyond the romantic love that I had with Shachar or any love I ever felt. It was beyond deep, and now I feel this with all people, animate beings, plants and inanimate objects when I reminisce about this mama and baby whale who steadied our boat at sea until the storm subsided well enough for us to head back to shore. We are all from one Source; the most powerful force of love and so abundant – yet hidden much of the time. – Jan (in Dave, Jim and Vesna’s Young Group for women) 🔥

Thank you for the light. My question Tony is about our human alien nature where does it come from and how to deal with it?

Please do another show .. I m having a a lot of issues with the love of opposition especially when I have 2 beg for help. N pay cash for it. N suffer due 2 idiots who know better n lie . Explain it to me

What is spiritual love? Does it exist within human nature? What is the condition for spiritual love to enter our hearts? Why can't it be experienced directly? Why can true love be built only atop hatred? What quality makes love divine? Check out the answers with KabU Instructor, Tony Kosinec. Find out about the difference between physical and spiritual love and get practical tips on how to experience spiritual love through Kabbalah.

Thank you Tony,
What does Kabbalah teach about proper prayer and does centering prayer, as practiced by contemplative, organizations, speak to actual communion with nature (the Devine Force)?
Thank you.

OMGosh. What a revelation. Interesting how in this "self-defense" mode, it was always "the Other" that closed off my heart. I failed to recognize the three fingers pointing back at myself.


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