What Is Grace? | Why Jesus Brought Grace To Save Us | The Power In The Blood Of Jesus

in the previous episode we learn about
the mission that Christ came to fulfill during his first coming to the world and
that he executed only two objectives to rescue us from sin and hell and to set
us free from the enemy’s bondage we learned specifically that he came fully
loaded with two substances to fulfill this mission Jesus Christ our Messiah is
coming back soon to fulfill another mission in our lives
the final mission and that is to bring us the promise which had been long
foretold by the prophets in the scriptures there are two objectives that He will be carrying out in this mission as well
the end of this current world and the beginning of the new one but in the meantime we must continue to
grow in the knowledge of Jesus fixing our eyes on him as we develop a more
intimate relationship with him daily until the very day he appears on the
cloud he already gave us two substances to leave by grace and truth we must
cling to these two as our lives depend on them to prosper on earth and eternally what has grace been packaged to do in our lives before we get into that
let me do some simple term breakdowns grace can be defined in several ways but
I will be focusing on four of them in simple terms grace means favor which
also means gift it is also an unusual act of kindness it can also be defined
as a show of special love for someone or something in another context grace can
be defined as the period of time given to someone for compliance with a law or
condition especially an extended period granted as a special favor there is
something very interesting about the second definition an unusual act
of kindness the word unusual has a strong significance here before you can
consider something as unusual there has to be the usual I mean the norm that
happens before the unusual came into the scene and when something unusual happens
it either will contradict or supersede the usual for a particular reason if
grace is an unusual act of kindness from God to mankind
the question is what was the usual kindness God showed mankind before the
unusual happened we are able to find out from the scripture what this usual act
of kindness was and how it played out in the past in the old Testament men used
to put in so much hard work just to earn forgiveness and cleansing of sins from
God they would burn offerings of bulls and rams to make atonement for their
sins every year this was the only way out back then no burnt offering no
forgiveness no cleansing men had to go through some serious protocols before
they could even offer sacrifices unto God otherwise they would be in danger of
death if the high priest who had been obliged to offer sacrifices entered into
the Holy of Holies where the deal was done and he was not in the holy state
then the sacrifice would not be acceptable and the high priest would be
in the danger of death it was always a delicate and intense process if we look
in the Book of Leviticus chapter 16 and 17 we will be able to see how this
process was done in the Old Testament and what happened when protocols were
not duly observed now the Lord spoke to Moses after the death of the two sons
of Aaron when they offered profane fire before the Lord and died and the Lord
said to Moses tell Aaron your brother not to come at just any time into the
holy place inside the veil before the mercy seat which is on the ark less he died for I will appear in the cloud above the mercy seat so the first
thing God was very strict about was timing Aaron and his family thought they
could come into the holy place to offer sacrifice since their family held the
priesthood in the entire Israel they probably felt like they were in control
but look what happened to their family after they broke the protocols Aaron’s
two sons died after he had entered the holy place and made a rude
burnt offering to God at the wrong time that is serious right there and the Lord
continued to speak to Moses about this intense procedures for the sacrifice thus Aaron shall come into the holy
place with the blood of a young bull as a sin offering and of a ram as a burnt
offering he shall put the holy linen tunic and the linen trousers on his body
he shall be girded with the linen sash and with the linen turban he
shall be attired these are holy garments therefore he shall wash his body in
water and put them on and he shall take from the congregation of the children of
Israel two kids of the goats has a sin offering and one ram has a burnt offering
so Aaron had to present himself in a certain way before God he always had to
wash himself before putting on the holy garment it was mandatory for the priest
to be in a holy state prior to the sacrifice otherwise he will die the Lord
even gave a time he set the month and the day if you go further to verse 29
you will find these details there the shall be a statue forever for you in the seventh month on the tenth day of the
month you shall afflict your souls and do no work at all whether a native of
your home country or a stranger who dwells among you you will also see in
verse 34 where the Lord concluded his message to Moses he said these shall be
an everlasting statue for you to make atonement for the children of
Israel for all their sins once a year you and I are so blessed to be born into
this generation after Christ we don’t have to worry about finding bulls and lambs for sacrifice we don’t have to look for the most holy priest in the
world to make atonement for our sins all that stressful work has already been
taken care of by our heavenly father over 2,000 years ago
he offered by himself his only son as the sacrifice who gave up his life
willingly and was made our high priest who entered into the Holy of Holies and
many atonement for our sins and God accepted him on our behalf we did not
contribute any effort into this God did for us all by himself once and for all
this is why Paul wrote in his letter to the Ephesians
for by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourself it is the
gift of God not of works lest anyone should boast
you get gift from people not because they think you deserve it but because
they see you in need and out of their kindness go out of their way to bless
you there is a thin line that separates deserving and something and needing it
when you get something you deserve then it should not in any wise be considered
a favor but a reward of effort and diligence you put to achieve something
while you were wrestling with the enemy and sin by your strength God saw you in
need of salvation he saw the struggle the agony and pains that the enemy has
afflicted upon your soul and he provided a way out for you in his son Jesus
Christ when you would have been destroyed he sent His only begotten Son
who gave his life for your own since his death and resurrection brought you
victory and released abundant grace into your
life no possible way you could have done this all by yourself all thanks be to
God for his loving kindness and mercy upon us and for lifting that burden off our
shoulders that one offering of his son has been sustained us till today and
will be till the very end any time we fall short of God and need mercy from
him all we need now is our faith in Jesus and remember that one sacrifice he made on our behalf and this we shall do daily in repentance until the end of
time for Christ has not entered the holy place made with hands which are copies
of the true but into heaven itself now to appear in the presence of God for us
not that he should offer himself often as the high priest enters the most holy
place every year with blood of another only faith in Jesus cleanses us and
saves us from our sins now come to think of it if the blood of bulls and rams
could cleanse men from their sins in the past how much more what the blood of a
man would do the blood of Jesus Christ has set us
free from sins and sorrows forever this blood supersedes the blood of bulls
and rams not with the blood of goats and cows but with his own blood he
entered the most holy place once for all having obtained eternal redemption for
if the blood of bulls and goats and the ashes of a heifer sprinkling the unclean
sanctifies for the purifying of the flesh how much more shall the blood of
Christ who through the Eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God
cleanse your conscience from dead works to serve the Living God and for this
reason he is the mediator of the New Covenant by means of death for the
redemption of the transgression under the first covenant that those who are
called may receive the promise of the eternal inheritance keep unlocking great treasures of the kingdom as you follow
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Do you believe we will be in the tribulation and be killed by the antichrist? Or do you believe we will be raptured before the tribulation starts?

“Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty;….”
-‭‭Exodus‬ ‭34:7‬ ‭KJV‬‬

The blood of bulls gave them forgiveness of sins but couldn’t take away sins. The blood of Jesus takes away sin, so we can go to heaven.


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