What is a Myrrhophore? | Felicity Warner | Sacred Oils

What is a Myrrhophore? | Felicity Warner | Sacred Oils

– Within my work with the sacred oils, I am part of an ancient tradition, and my official title
is that of a myrrophore. You may not have come across that before, but I’ll explain what it is. A myrrophore is literally a
woman who works with myrrh, a woman who offers myrrh. Another word for it is
a mistress of the oils. My tradition links right back to the ancient temples of Egypt, and at the time where priestesses
worked with these oils for their energetic
frequencies and vibrations, and used them for the deep healing of the spirit and the soul. At the time, the medicine practice was called celestial medicine. It was all to do with the
placement of the planets, the placements of the stars, with music, with water, with
meditations, and, of course, with these sacred oils. So it is a temple tradition, and we observe certain temple
rules as we do our work. Nowadays, myrrophores, and
there aren’t many of us, we are, again, modern-day priestesses working within a tradition using ritual, as well as working with these oils. And, again, our work is very much to do with soul and spirit. I was very lucky to be
initiated into this work by another myrrophore, and that’s how it has to be done, it gets passed from one to another, when I was still a teenager
living in Copenhagen. I’ve only met one other one
since I’ve been an adult. It’s a very small community. I think the work, although
it’s very ancient, has really got a place
in these modern times, and the teachings are as profound as ever, and the healing is just as powerful, so I hope that explains just a little bit about what my tradition involves. The greatest myrrophore
of all, just before I end, was Mary Magdalene, who was well known for working with oils, and, of course, anointed Jesus before the Crucifixion at the Last Supper, from a jar a little bit like this, with an oil called spikenard, and she really was one of the leaders of the lineage that I belong to. So I hope that describes that
just a little bit for you. (soft music)

This is wonderful! What a sacred and precious tradition! I wonder if there are Holy Male counterparts of the Order or it's just women. Just curious 🙂

Wow so this is rooted from Africa in ancient Khemet. So it’s a form of Aromatherapy but primarily focused on Myrrh I’m going to buy her book it sounds really interesting!


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