Wednesday – By Faith, Abraham – Pt. I

Wednesday - By Faith, Abraham - Pt. I

good morning class hi I'm Keith Moore and this is faith school faith school is the place where our spirit is fed my faith grows stronger and I learn how to be an overcomer the reason we say these things is because the Lord works with what we say he is the Apostle and high priest of our confession and whatever we confess him to be to us he's able to be to us he manifests that in our life so we've saved you a seat again today I want you to get your Bible get something to make a note with and come right on in here and we're going to pray release our faith so that we hear exactly the portion that we should hear today the Lord knows what everybody's dealing with he knows the time the season and the exact answer and so that's what we're going to ask for and believe to receive it's not just faith school where we're talking about faith we're actually releasing faith right now about what to get how many knew you needed faith for faith school so father in Jesus name we agree together is touching this we asked you for utterance for the anointing for your hand on us for your grace everyone everywhere that is joining us quicken them strengthen them thank you for feeding them and helping them and causing us all to know the next steps to take the next places to come into and for the help of your spirit to do so in Jesus name Amen if you would turn in the great text book to Hebrews chapter 10 Hebrews 10 and let's continue talking about by faith by faith Hebrews 10:35 says cast not away therefore your confidence which has great recompense of reward for you have need of patience that after you've done the will of God you might receive the promise this is another way of saying through faith and patience we inherit the promises verse 38 now the just shall live by faith not just get born again by faith not just get an answer when it's an emergency by faith we are to function by faith 24/7 all the time we're supposed to open our eyes in the morning by faith we're supposed to get ready to go to work to go to school to do work at the house whichever by faith and that's not just a religious phrase you you can dread getting up and going to work you can be frustrated you can just have to make yourself do it all the while expecting problems and expecting it to just get worse every day well then you're believing for something but you're in fear not faith fear expects something – but it's expecting something bad is expecting something negative and so we're to use our spiritual abilities for the good for the positive not for the bad and instead what what I mean open your eyes in faith in the morning you open your eyes and with I don't care who you are where you live what you're doing there's always things that are not exactly like they should be they're all because it's the world we live in there's always problems there's always issues don't imagine that some people have this amazing life with no problems that you wish you could live everybody's got issues it's just not everybody talks about them all the time as much as people that are in unbelief and fear and you you can choose to dwell on that or you can say thank you Father you with me today you'll show me what to do and start off the day in prayer doesn't hurt to wake up an hour or two early before you have to get ready and go pray in the spirit talk to the Lord about it tell him you believe him tell him you trust him and if a problem comes across your mind what are you gonna do about that today Lord show me what to do about that today and start praying in the spirit and just start praying and and can you see every one of these is faith if you didn't have faith in God you wouldn't pray to a god you don't believe it's there if you didn't believe he would hear an answer and give you some help you wouldn't take the time to talk to him about it can you see every one of these is faith faith faith you are expecting you have confidence you are convinced that's what he goes on to say the just shall live by faith basically man draws back my soul I have no pleasure in him but we are not of them who draw back to perdition but of them that believe to the saving of the soul now faith is the substance or confidence of things hoped for or expected the evidence or the conviction of things not seen living by faith is living life confidently living life sure of what you believe we theirs we live in a generation where there's so many people around us don't know what they believe they people you hear people talking about you know well you have to stay true to your truths and I have to hold to my truths that is confusion and deception truth is not relative it's not your truth my truth and you'll see people that talk like that they are not committed to what they say is their truth that is a pliable changeable thing it's whatever suits the situation or their mood no truth is not relative you've got the truth and everything that doesn't agree with that is lies untruth and all thank God the Lord Jesus said thy Word is truth and what will the truth do for your class the truth will make you free all praise God the truth will make you free well what what will all that other stuff there for you it'll confuse you and bind you and hinder you we need to know and be convinced of what we believe which is why we need to read the word the truth we need to hear the truth explain and exposited taught and preached anointed we need to be immersed in it and hear it again and again and again so that when things come up we're not in the process of deciding what we believe we are already established in what we believe and then you're ready to deal with things when you're that way so much of the torment in life is because of indecision you know not knowing which way to go what to say what to do and the vacillation the instability comes from this but when you before something ever happens you know what you believe it's not you don't have the torment of trying to make the decision in the midst of the turmoil you just take stand on this and and you you don't consider all the other stuff because you know if it disagrees well this can't be right it gives you such clarity it gives you such stability hallelujah it's an anchor this this truth and this faith and this hope of expectation based on it the scripture says is an anchor to the soul praise God and man when the water gets rough and the storm comes you need a night right yeo-eun it is wise you're gonna be blown all over the place liable to be blown dashed against the rocks it's the same idea and concept of Jesus talking about the man that built his house on the firm foundation of the rock versus the man a woman that built on the sand and he said the rock was being a doer doing what he said what his word said and if you do that of course you have to believe it and then do it if you do that no matter how hard the rain pounds and the wind blows and lightning flashes when it all passes by you'll be standing there praise God with the answer with the victory but if you're unsure what you believe your house is built on sand and if you're not acting what he said you won't stand and that's why you see total collapses in lives and families and marriages and etc etc thank God we do not have to be so insecure so unsure even in this topsy-turvy world we can be firm on the firm foundation how to lose stable and strong somebody say standing on a sure foundation the Word of God that make you happy makes me happy we see in Hebrews 11 he gave the definition of faith then he gives living examples of faith by faith Abel by faith Enoch by faith Noah and now by faith Abraham and we saw that every one of these when it says by faith this person the next thing is an action some type of verb describing an action that is the result of their faith we saw James telling us that faith with no action is dead non-productive gets no results so living faith axé has an action by faith Abraham's actions when he was called so when he was called that's where he got his faith to do the rest of the sentence by faith Abraham when he was called to go into a place which he should have to receive and for an inheritance obeyed we know his faith is demonstrated and shown in his obedience but obedience to what what did he obey that's when he was called when he was called he heard something from the Lord and that's how faith comes right faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of the Anointed One the anointed Living Word of God and we know go ahead and turn back there and look at it again in Genesis the twelfth chapter we have a record of that call of that word that brought Abram his faith we have to watch about using faith terminology in such vague and general ways religious institutions have developed over the centuries that talk about faith and talk about belief in general terminology we hold to these tenets of faith etc etc but again if there's no living action on these so-called beliefs it's just a bunch of empty talk it's dead and when we say belief God there should be the rest of the sentence believe God to do what based on what we especially need to watch it these days so called word and faith people of which I'm one I'm right in the middle of the word faith people but that's what why I'm talking about it you'll hear people say well I'm believing God I'm believing God it has become a standard filler phrase but oftentimes since the Lord talked to me about it I hear it and I noticed it more when people saw him believe in God immediately I realize I don't always say it but I'm thinking you're believing God to do what based on what and then of course if they are saying I'm they did hear from him I'm believing him to do this well that will be followed by some kind of action there there's some kind of follow-up and here we see how it happened with Abraham who is the great one of the greatest examples in in the Word of God the Lord had said there's how the faith came the Lord said to Abram get you out of your country and from your kindred and from your father's house get out of here leave mom and daddy leave brother and sister cousins and uncles and aunts leave you town leave your country now everybody's God's plan for every individual varies but the principles are the same and like we talked about on yesterday's class why would God tell you to do that well he wants us to walk by faith not by sight one part of walking by sight is clinging to the familiar to the comfortable yeah your flesh likes routine why because it doesn't have to think about it what I'm gonna get up I'm gonna do this I'm gonna come back I'm gonna do that same thing I did for the last 15 years you don't have to think about it it's already planned you just get up and do it yeah but that doesn't require any faith if you're just doing the routine that was set for you and here the Lord is breaking Abram completely out of his routine come on can you see that I mean he's he's plucked out not to say that his people were bad people now I'm not saying that at all I don't believe God is saying that and I talked about yesterday about how that he gets you away from the influences you've grown up with now anywhere else you go in the world there gonna be other evil influences it's not like you know all that was a bad place I gotta leave that place now wherever you're going there's going to be plenty of evil influences there also but they will not be as familiar to you come on can you see that and you tend to recognize evil influences you didn't grow up with but if you were if you were born into it and grew up with it you tend not to even recognize that it is a wrong influence I know I grew up good place good family you know I'm so thankful for it but when the Lord told Phyllis and I leave Leave you folks leave you you know your little possessions and your land and everything like that and and after I got out of that environment was into a completely different environment for a while the Lord began to show me that the more men had a bunch of pride and I thought what I even talked to my dad about it later after a few years he said really of course everybody has pride to deal with everybody but being in the midst of it and everybody else is the same way you see what I'm saying you don't notice the influence but when the Lord got me out of it and begin to teach me what humility was and what pride was I begin to see oh man a lot of that stuff we banged on about being a man it's pride and it's the nature of the enemy and it's ugly to the Lord I needed to get out of that for years to begin to see that come on do you see what I'm talking about it so you begin to understand what's one of the reasons there were more reasons than this about a bunch of reasons but one of them that the Lord told Abram I want you out of here come on this was the call I'm calling you out of here into where I will show you you know his whole first covenant people he called them out of Egypt out of bondage out of all that idolatry worship and all that junk that was there and he had a place he had picked out farm praise God the promised land the land that flows with milk and honey that God said I have personally picked out and I have blessed I caused it to be rained on in the right season you won't have to irrigate it like you did over there in that desert land this is typical for every one of us God calls us out of bondage out of restrictions out of deception out of confusion out of a bunch of junk and tradition that's not him you got to watch about being so proud of your natural heritage because where did it come from who started it yeah but we've been you know we've been holding these traditions for 800 years yeah but who started it 800 years ago right and what was their influence where did it come from just because it's been going on for 800 years doesn't mean it's right if it was wrong 800 years ago it's just old and wrong [Laughter] but still wrong so he said get out of your country get away from your kinfolks go from your father's house very specificity I mean he wants you to cut ties and go to a land that I will show you and I'll make a view a great nation I will bless you and make your name great and you shall be a blessing and I'll bless them that bless you and curse him that curses you and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed the blessing is connected to the plan would he have experienced the same blessing if he had stayed home and not obeyed he would not he could not if that wasn't God's plan so many times folks talk about you know the blessing the blessing the blessing I want the blessing give me the blessing you don't have to try to get God to give you the blessing what we need to do is obey can you see this if you obey what he tells you to do and you're walking in the path that he's chosen for you the path of the just the path of the righteous shines brighter and brighter does that sound like a blessed path it's a path full of light it's a path full of blessing and the path that God was calling Abraham to travel the path of life the plan he had for him he said you you do that and I'm gonna make you a great nation I'm gonna bless you I'm gonna bless them that bless you it's it's all tied together the plan of God intersects the blessing of God if you're on the wrong path you go through wrong places you experience it's just like traveling on the road if you get off the the right Road or direction and you get on the wrong road and you don't know where you're going you might go through some bad places right you may go through some high crime places you could have something happen that shouldn't have happened if you'd have been on the right Road you'd never go through that maybe you come you're on the wrong road and you're going too fast you hit a giant pothole there's a tree across the road you wreck tear up your car break your arm well if you'd have been on the big bright road that God had intended for you to be on you'd have never hit that pothole you'd have never hit that tree and yet and they said this is kind of bugs me as you can tell you got a lot of people they over here on the wrong road hit the pothole tear out their axle hit the tree break their arm and say God why did you do this to me God why why did you God's plan is so mysterious but it's so hard no dummy you're not even supposed to be over here no this is not God's plan for your life if you'd have been over here no broken axle no broken arm come on can you say that if you're in the wrong place wrong things happen you're in the right place good things happen right there not to say that you'll never have any challenges going God's path but every challenge you encounter on the path he has for you you'll have grace to overcome he'll be with you there's direction you're not in disobedience you're in obedience and that's what we see is one of the big manifestations of Abraham's faith is that Hebrews said he obeyed when God called him he obeyed everybody say obeyed they obeyed obeyed obedience the very word most of our generation finds unpleasant right if you say what you need to do is obey their like obey obey people find the word unpleasant they find it you know objectionable tell me to obey but that's exactly what faith is glad to do ready to do and why would you obey when you don't know where you're going because you trust the one who told you to go come on can you see that for him why would you just pack up and go and leave everything you've known and don't even know exactly where you're going somebody say trust trap because you trust the one who told you to go we have faith in Him because he's faithful we trust him because he's trustworthy right we depend on him because he's dependable how many think that had preached man that was glory to God verse four so Abram departed as the Lord had spoken to him and lot went with him and Abram was seventeen when he departed because that's about what age need to be to leave everything start on a big journey like that no he's how 75 now how many folks that's 75 75 is long enough to have you know almost a lifetime of experiences associations you built your business for the last 50 years whatever in this area 75 yeah and what are we doing we relocated we're outside the country we're 75 a lot of folks who said no I retired 10 years ago I can't be packing up everything and moving out of the country friend you never get too old to obey God huh never too old to obey God and we need to be willing and open to whatever he tells us and how many knows if you're not 85 if you're 95 and he says I want you to do this and then it just disrupt your life how many understand if you're smart you'll do it because he's got some big reasons why he's telling you and it'll go better for you than you ever had then it ever has can you save me well our times already begin let's say it out loud how do we live we live by faith we walk by faith we overcome this world by face somebody say I'm strong in faith giving glory to God hallelu we'll see you next time in faith school you you

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