Waves of Spiritual Awakening & Ascension Symptoms

Hey everyone, this is Bridget. And today we’re going to be talking about the waves of awakening So the different energies the different things you might be experiencing at various stages of your spiritual awakening journey Which includes Ascension symptoms and different things that we can do to make the whole thing? so much more fluid and easy and also to see where we’re at so that we’re not say comparing ourselves to other people or just Really taking in the journey. So let’s get into it. So at the very beginning you many of you have probably already had your spiritual awakening as everyone calls it and In this space. It’s this paradigm shifting Moment. It could be something that’s very spontaneous. It just happens or it can be something that happens Maybe over few days weeks or months this paradigm shifting experience where you Psychologically are just blown, you know, you just understand what’s going on with the matrix You have a new awareness of the world and you probably experience some kind of energetic shift in your body or in your capacity to Communicate with say higher realms or some kind of contact experience so something in that capacity, which we are calling in this community this spiritual awakening now, this is just the first Thing. Okay. This is just like, okay We just cracked open the door but there is so much more and there’s so much more for us to experience an understanding that it’s not just like Alright, I have my waiting I’m good to go is actually really really helpful as I get into some of the things that go with this Process because then we can continue to know that we’re on a constant path of growth and expansion We haven’t already arrived and so in this space there can be a lot of learning so this initial opening creates a vast and accelerative Expansion, right? It’s just like you’re all of a sudden on like the freeway or that fast track and Mario Kart I go let’s talk about all the time And you’re just going and this might look like oh my gosh All of a sudden I’m having like contacts of guides or like feeling other energies like my empathy is opened up Maybe you have some kind of Kundalini experience. Maybe your third eye opens I mean, it’s just kind of like oh like everything might happen at once on various levels Maybe you get some kind of level of purging or sickness To where then it opens up your physical body or you know that your life is no longer Working and you have to make drastic shifts to become and to align with that person that you now are so in this energy you might be having increased synchronicities the whole 11:11 thing more contact experiences. So all of this is happening because this blowing off of the top of your initial awakening is an Accelerated energy. You’ve hit a new octave of frequency And so in that you’re all of a sudden like at a higher space where you can perceive More and so it’s always kind of been there but you just haven’t had the capacity so it hadn’t been that time yet to really Experience it So Olson, you’re at this new octave experiencing all these different things especially in the energetic realm and then when we get to this space and it’s just like oh Uh, like different perceptions and this desire to learn and explore all these things These may be hidden things that you’re finding on the Internet all this kind of stuff. So then once you get to this space Many of these frequencies are anything we’re talking about the energetic stuff that’s happening and also the psychological stuff that’s happening now what needs to happen after this pool of energy is it needs to come down and start to manifest into your physical body into the physical reality around you into your everyday life because that’s what this whole thing is for to bring heaven on earth and to bring it into the Physical and so all of a sudden what starts to happen is some level of integration Now this might look like a few different things for you and might look like the physical integration being These experiences maybe diminish and there’s not as much because you’ve integrated it. It might not be as exotic or exciting because it’s something that becomes more normal and it’s something that you’ve taken in as Truth rather than it just being like whoa and being mind blown So it might be something in that capacity that just serves to feel Resonant and in flow with your daily life, and then also it can be this necessity to change Again in the physical reality. So this might be in your relationships. This might be your diet This might be feeling a real clarity around your mission and purpose and what you’re meant to do on earth Which might mean shifting jobs are going towards new excitements so there’s these paradigm shifting things that then start to happen in your life as you Integrate and bring this energy and because you can no longer be that other person that you are you’re entirely different So this is where ascension symptoms come in I have maybe a different perspective from other people but I just want to Share that because I think that it’s going to be helpful to clarify and really get the most out of this process in this journey, so I categorize ascension symptoms into two particular categories for this conversation So one of the first reasons for the Ascension symptoms is because of new energy new waves of frequency coming into the planet and also you then Opening to those frequencies and that experience so it’s actually a real occurrence of the energy actually amplifying say with solar flares or certain eclipses certain portals sorry a openings that then actually have an expanse of energy that then activates certain aspects of your genetics and accelerates your frequencies So these are real phenomenon actually happening and in this space it’s important to realize that not every Alignment right not every full moon or new moon or eclipse or this is going to have an energy that maybe affects you We have to figure out what really? Moves us and what accelerates our energy and start to get into rhythm with what does that for us and some of these? Alignments can lead to certain Kundalini awakening whether that’s from the base of the spine It can lead to energy coming in through the top of the head which can lead to headaches Energy into the heart which can lead to fatigue and headaches and a lot of these common ascension symptoms and so these are real occurrences and I have experienced these and for me particularly as I’ve gotten to know my own energy and how that interacts with the acceleration of the energy on the planet for me Eclipses are really my accelerator portals certain other Alignments, I might not really feel much or say solstices and equinoxes I feel openness and I feel an expanded higher frequency of energy, but it isn’t something that’s like alright Let’s take it to the next level like eclipses do for me. So it’s really important to start Noticing what you feel in these particular waves of energy because it’s not the same for everyone and there’s a lot of energy updates and stuff like that and take those in and then say like what do I really feel from this and then you can begin to just Understand your energy more which is really really helpful And the more that you do your energetic work and you look at stuff, which we’ll talk about in a minute the more that you can receive these downloads and receive these energies you might be where you don’t feel anything on these days and that might mean that you need to dig in there a bit more to create room in your vessel to Go through these expansive energies and let that light up your beam Now the other reason number two for the Ascension symptoms which you might not like to hear but I’m real talk here and we’re gonna be honest is through it’s because of resistance so many of us including myself and other people we have resistance to change right and this can cause friction this can cause Turmoil conflict dis-ease like all these kinds of energies because we have expanded to this new level of energy Which means that it is light on more aspects of our own internal Space which means that for energies to continue to flow and harmony We need to look at those spaces and it can be uncomfortable and not very fun and when energies aren’t allowed to flow in Accordance with the natural rhythm of your energy and the alignments then it causes Blockages right where energy can’t flow and then this causes issues and so one of the things for instance As an example. Is that often many times throughout my wakening journey I’ve gotten headaches when certain really big alignments happen because a lot of energy comes down into my head and then I’m like I have this headache and which is known as Shakti fever right in the east and What that is is the energy is stuck in your head because you aren’t bringing it down into your body so some of these things they’re not just like oh I have a headache or I have like the stomachache or half the team just like sleep it off It actually is gonna require us to do the physical and energetic work to let the energy Channels flow and this might be an energetic thing. And this also might be looking more of our stuff So it’s like okay say like the energy isn’t flying Kundalini isn’t rising and it hits this block. The block isn’t just to necessarily sit and do the energy work It’s also to see what beliefs and what maybe blocks we have in our own like life. So it might not seem associated because it’s not energetic but it’s all energy and so looking at some things like relationships that aren’t working for you or like a job that isn’t working for you and actually moving into your passion that actually creates energetic alignment in your body So the energy can flow which means that we’re not going to have as many of these Symptoms right because we’re in flow And so when we’re in flow We’re riding the wave rather than getting like bombarded and crashed by the waves right learning how to surf and so it’s really important because things are just ramping up and energies are moving and we have to be more grounded and aligned and in flow than ever before and so in this space We got to do this personal work and I’m gonna do a whole video on personal work because it’s like what does that actually mean? and I thought about that is I was creating this video I’m like does anyone know what actually doing your work means and so like going into that I think would be helpful So I’m going to do that coming up soon. So it’s this idea really? courageously being able to look and pursue your shit and Really dive into it. It might seem super mundane, and so Annoying or irritating or triggering or those kinds of energies and those are precisely where profound Energies of further awakening and harmony exists is in that space. It might not be Contact or my guide communicated with me but it is so profound and the more that we Go into it the better we get at it so it’s gonna be really really helpful so the other so the reason a lot of the reasons why the Ascension symptoms happen is because we’re in resistance to shifting our energy and our beliefs so that we can be more in accordance with the energy of Expansion. So another thing to notice along this journey, is that not every physical? manifestation is because of these accelerating energies they can also be because they were in a physical body in the world and it’s really important to begin to discern those two things because one of the things that can happen is someone is an extreme example could have cancer and be like This is just an ascension symptom and it’s it’s like that’s that’s irrational And yeah, okay We can look at it through that lens where that is an ascension symptom of you not looking at your stuff Which then has manifested from the energy all the way into the physical body and is having those repercussions So we can see here that it’s really important then look at Physically, you know, like I just might, you know be allergic to that thing And so I’m having the inflammation and I have a stomachache ER it’s making me have a headache you know, it’s really important to just kind of Honestly, look at what is happening making with our bodies With our minds and stress, right? It might just be that we’re stressed out because of a job or relationship that we we haven’t figured out how to be in harmony with yet or or we need to shift and then all of a sudden it’s creating like these headaches and stuff or we might be in like vast like EMF fields like showering in Their shit water, you know, it’s like, okay well, so we have to look at those things, too And that’s really important to begin to discern those two things. And that is a part of this awakening is to be able to distinguish like what is what like is that energy because of an alignment of Acceleration or is that just because I had like a really crappy bag of potato chips Right, and it’s important and actually honestly It makes things kind of less serious and a little bit more playful, you know Because some of this can be like so intense, you know, it’s like oh my god, they energize you notice. It’s like, okay let’s just chill out here for a second and ground in an anchor in and be in our bodies and be in flow in our everyday lives and we’ll be able to Navigate these energies with much more fluidity and grace So we are surfers of this awakening and in this space, too one of the things that happen just to close out is that over the span We integrate these energies as I said before and so it might we might not be having like profound, you know crazy Experiences like we did at the beginning and that’s okay and what that’s actually doing is ushering us into the subtlety into the refinement and the gratitude surrounding that which is very Subtle is the best way that I can put it which has as much profund as something my my You know, it’s it’s it’s honestly just as profound Because it has a different it just has a different nature Its it might be more like delicate or rich or deep and that has just as much significance and so that’s really important to remember to and I’ve gotten down on myself, you know, like over the years where it’s just like Hello Like anyone out there and I’m just not having as many experiences With guys or ETS and stuff like that and that’s a okay. Like that’s totally fine and what that’s asking us to do is to go deeper into Having spiritual practices. That’s why I did the video on meditation Which I’ll link here really recommend watching because we have to do and cultivate these these things because this is the initial Awakening was something that just you know, it just kind of happens, right? It’s it’s like okay the timer goes off and like we have like this You know kind of genetic shifting awakening and then we’re like, oh wow And then later in the journey, it really takes some discipline and Dedication to go to these deeper states. It’s like do you really want it? Do you really want it? Like are you really ready for this? And it’s it’s asking us to meet it halfway, like our higher selves halfway Which is really really special to be honest because if these things just kept happening, you know, oh my god We wouldn’t actually develop this fortitude and this depth and again like this discipline to continue forward with them with humility and with Dedication and with discipline, which is a whole other energy. So it becomes this kind of like rich aged Wine or something? That has a different quality to it. So that’s important to remember along the journey too so that you don’t feel like well Why isn’t happening and then people often in that space? they’re like I’m I have and you experiences and so then they just like go do mass amounts of like psychedelics and It will open you back up but to get there on your own the next step is discipline and dedication Yeah, I know that it might sound sucky or like dang it it’s so much easier just Treat the medicine but it is a requirement for us to become Really really really developed and truly awakened because there’s this initial awakening the Spontaneous opening and then after there’s so many other levels and stages to actually truly become like ascended and awakened and also just freaking really good human being that’s balanced and Expressed and of service to earth like that’s really to me what it’s about And so just keeping all of that in mind It’s a really fun journey, and it’s really fun. And I hope that this has been helpful for you I’ve been wanting to do this video for awhile. I hope that this video has been helpful for you This is some of what I’ve experienced along the way and watching, you know thousands of people and their experiences I can see that there’s these certain Trajectories of how this works and it might not work this way for you and that’s great to it So you don’t have to listen to videos like how it’s gonna go? That’s the most important thing is to really start listening to yourself and see what is an alignment with you So I really appreciate you watching comment below to let me know what stage you are in your journey because we’re all on this together like surfing on one like giant surfboard and Thank you so much for watching. Please subscribe hit the bell button so you get notifications every time I do new videos I say that because it helps the Algorithm so that more videos like this can actually make it bigger on YouTube so it’s very Important and very helpful, and I’m really grateful for that as well as check me out on Instagram because I do it daily updates on Instagram story, which is really fun I will see soon. Why?

I just wanted to thank you for all the videos you do Bridget! They are always so uplifting and helpful along my journey. ✨ Also, loving that tree wall background, the room you're in is beautiful!!

Gosh I just loved the whole surfing analogy!!! I've been feeling so tired lately and it's incredibly frustrating. I loved all this information. I feel subtle pressure around my head as if two hands are wrapped around it with the thumbs pressing into the base of my skull. Maybe my energy is stuck. Thank you. I will further investigate and watch the other videos you mentioned. Your smile and enthusiasm is lovely!

Yessss! Love this! I used to get migraines and chronic body pain as well as extreme digestion issues and it stemmed from childhood trauma. Done the work and now no longer suffer from these chronic pains and stomach issues that my Dr said I'd have to live with for the rest of my life. ❤️🙏

I am changing my career to match my vibe. I agree about doing the "work". I believe it helps us appreciate and control abilities, senses and thoughts.

Nice reality check. Like going to the gym, you can’t go a few times and expect a big transformation. Good reminder we need to proceed with our practice of meditation, clean diet, and diving deeper to get to the next level of spiritual opening.

haha… I use Super Mario 3 as my Mario example. Thank you from a heyoka. I like your jam Kiddo . I talk about doing the work jazz too. peace

That happens me every time I am manic or euphoric, I dunno if is correct to feel all that while I am in an euphoric state of mind, I mean in my case I feel this not because I have meditated or do something to do it on purpose, it just happen to me and I even can't sleep nor I don't need to.

Hi Bridget, I always enjoy your take on what’s happening, yes I have had many ascension symptoms over the years and sometimes they’re very subtle and sometimes a little more like a hurricane, and the reason the subtle ones are so subtle is because I’m not used to dealing with things in that kind away, spirit is a lot of times more subtle Where as the ego doesn’t have a whole lot of subtlety, still learning how to pay attention to the spiritual side is something I’ve been learning to do, although there are times when spirit can be like a ton of bricks too, Anyway much love to you and yours

Was there some crappy energy that came through last month? It was a really tough time for me. P.S. I'm a Sedona resident too. 😊

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Spiritual awakening just dosen't come and go. Spiritual awakening can last years it just has its highs and lows of how strong. Mine started years ago and got stronger and hit hard 2014-2017 leveled out but, is still going on

Love the videos but I still don’t understand how exactly to awaken and start the process. Think you could help?

things are going incredibly faster. I've cured spinning scoliosis by myleft, meditating, listening to my body and stretching by following my intuition !

Interesting! For a long time moon phases haven't resonated with me. Samhain and the equinoxes really move me, however. As do music, time in nature (especially spending time with rivers and trees) and creating art. I was concerned about not feeling the moon phases because they used to have such power for me! My contact has lessened with guides and spirits. However connection with myself is a lot deeper… it's all good 💟💜💟

I am so sensitive ❤️right now that I can tell you whether it's full moon or new moon without seeing calender…… 🌜🌛🌙🌕

I cannot even express my gratitude and love for all of the content you put out on YouTube and Instagram. It has all helped me sooooooo much on my journey. This video in particular has been huge for me as I am transitioning into a new phase of personal evolution. The things mentioned in this video were exactly what I needed to hear. You are absolutely my favorite spiritual leader I follow on the interwebs because you are truly the most authentic. I again thank you for everything you do and your existence here and now. I'm super excited for this financial abundance that is beginning to manifest so that I can soon attend some of your retreats. Until then thank you from the center of my being 🙂 <3

Peace and Love,


Thank you so much for all your hard work to share with us! Thank you for your wisdom in this video! Yes, it’s time for me to “do the work”. Really looking forward to your video about it. 💛💛💛
On a side note…I’m actually really curious about the concept of “timelines” as well…whenever I hear the phrase “timelines are changing” or any comments about timelines, my ascension antenna perks up and I get the message “I need to understand more about that”. Just wanted to toss that out there in case yr still interested in video ideas ✨

Bridget Nielsen how come whenever I google search New Age stuff it's all this hore shit about being deceived or "I was once New Age but now I live in Jesus" or some other garbage why is it so bad mouthed? New Age is beautiful….. Wim Hoff or the "Ice Man", psychology, Carl Jung, spiritual archetypes, psychological motifs, ancient mythology, poetry, existentialism, raising vibrations is all new age but it's beautiful and freeing…. I feel so alone and so condemned by christians….. I don't agree with absolutism it's all relative….. yet i feel so alone

Perfect video and perfect timing for me! You explained why I am not getting the "wow's" anymore. I have to discipline myself to meditate in a daily basis again….yes you called me out on my own shit on this one, lol THANK YOU! Lots of love & light to you!

Been experiencing pain anxiety and shaking and alot of energy moving through me and chakras. Fatigue and depression. Went from bliss to this the past few weeks hopefully it's the last of shadow just sorta scary but it's slowly getting better. Just meditating and resting letting the energy do it's thing.

OH my, you nailed every experience I've had in the last four days! Almost completely in the same order, in the first fifteen minutes of this video. I have been desperately processing so much, then bam ,there's your video. Now? Well I'm just prepared right up and seeking more. 🙂


Hi , Just found your channel today as I was looking for some info about the Matrix..
Very good ideas and significant messages you have to tell us and we could all benefit from them.. but I could not reach the end of this video because of your way of passing the message trought .. You speak so fast, give important ideas/messages so fast that our brain hasn't the time to process them.. and you speak too loud and in a nervous way..
Sorry for being sincere but I think everyone would benefit a lot more if not only the content was good but also the way of giving the content to the audience was also good, calm and peaceful ..

I love that u spoke about discipline. I'm at that stage right now. After an out of the blue awakening last Sept. I'm looking forward to learning about the "Personal Stuff" we have to work on. Everyone talks about it, but what does it mean. Lol. Thanks for being so thoughtful.

I just really appreciate your strength in keeping positive through all this because I can tell you're for real going through it but you're like farther down the road than I am and I really needed to hear this because I'm a lonely alien out in Utah working at a call center trying to progress you know and my anxiety has been so loud and I have had to learn to sift out what is just plain anxiety that I need to face and fix vs. "Ahhh! It's an attack! Im gonna die!" I've been just keeping a cool head the absolute best I can and keep with the flow with what i know i gotta do. So thank you for just putting this out there so like purely and positively I like that you remind to keep playful with this shit and dont let burps in our chakras turn into something more just let it flow and trust our abilities and strengths

The west is an ego planet, such a dark and especially unconscious environment. All the West's civilizational advances are egoic, the east's down predominantly spiritual avenues. A number of seekers accepted a great challenge by carnating in these denser western environments. Europe is ego planet, can feel incredibly depressing and like a straight jacket after the rawness and happiness of "developing" areas of earth, it's a pigpen of misery, sternfaced welldressed human beings who've been running from their true nature their whole life and never searched for any higher way rushing around under overcast skies. A surroundings like Bhutan has a MUCH lighter vibration.

what is the key of practising to become awakened? It was not mentioned in the video… 😊 only that it needs practices and disciplines ….

seriously, GET OUT OF SEDONA FOR A WHILE. Go anywhere else and calm down. …then keep up the good videos 🙂 try Strawberry.

So I have been seeing angel numbers 111, 1111 and 911 like crazy. Every time I look at these numbers I can't do anything but to be happy and smile. But I feel as if my angels are trying to tell me something more. But I'm not sure exactly what is. I looked up what they mean but they always seem to be general things like "think postive" and stuff like that. Any advice you could give to help me better interpret their messages

I have been on the journey for almost a year now. I have been experiencing synchronicities and epiphanies. I have been feeling overstimulated on some days, like I wanna get up from from chair and start throwing things on the wall, without feeling any anger inside. I felt ripples of vibration in my fingers that day, it was a tough day and very very energy draining, i felt over emotional and stimulated, idk why I was not able to deal with so much energy flow that day. Maybe it is the blocked energy so I am doing so much art lately to calm myself down

The way you explain so well and i feel everything you say here. Exactly what im been through and going through ❤️sis💫

Lol! Just this morning I was like, “Hey! Where did everybody go?” I felt like they are all still there per se, but that they are letting me use my new life skills I learned during my initial awakening.
Anyway, THANKS Bridget for this video. It’s nice to hear it’s not just me!! 😀👍🏻💋💖🎉

I have stopped meditation and spiritual work, because I often get a very hot pain in my solar Plexus. It helps a little to drink a litre of ice cold water. Can you say something about this and if there is anything else I can do. I feel like I am in a limbo and unable to get back on my spiritual path. I had a Kundalini awakening, with light in my body in 1980, but the cleaning process after that was long(20-30 years). My biggest mental fight was accepting "instant karma" 😉

straight up great information. In very beginning stages of awakening … I think. HA!!! appreciate your upbeat help.

I just got a sign of Ascension and solarflash today and it basically said that Ascension is just near so I'm so excited and can't wait.

Oooooo! Do you have a vid on psychedelics? Cannabis in particular?

I’ve experienced some things, so far wonderful and beneficial to myself an others. I am very careful to be clear about my intentions before my use of it, like I speak with the energies around me and the plant itself (also energy I know) with but yeah just wondering your take please?

Thanks for the vid.

I m in that stage that things are happening how you want and you are so surprised of that that you may stop and reflect about the incredibility about this experience

Being tired AF with crappy sleeping patterns for me lol. That's the main annoying thing.

Every full moon makes me hyper active even though I'm tired smh.

Bridget, the amount you’ve helped me is beyond words. I really appreciate what you do here. You’re also helping me put the pieces together and remember what a part of me already knew; strengthening it with comradery. Your energy alone is activating as well, on top of the quality of your message. 🙏🏻🙌🏻

I do have a question, if you have time for such things, and that is on the subject of water. I’ve put some crystals/charcoal into a DIY shower filter, and as much as that helps, i think it could be improved. I’m betting you have a lot to say on the topic of water quality, but i haven’t found any videos/blogs from you on the matter – so if you ever feel inspired, i would truly appreciate your take.

Rain water seemed like the solution, but the city matrix air tends to gronk it up!

Opening conversation about experiences with energies and choices helps us see ourselves in a wider sense. I like what you said about humility. We have real gifts and there is more we sense with others with our heart. When you said work I am thinking it means owning personal path wisdom. It does take acknowledgement and valuing parts of us that know and sense if we tune in.

Oh thank you so much for explaining what I am going through. It's like loads of synchronicities all at once. Like you said it is mind blowing!

I am by far not an expert on the subject and fairly new to the experience. My alarm as you mentioned was set off out of the blue about 2 yrs ago. I had no idea what it was, yet the feeling was so intense th that was impossible to ignore. Since then I felt very strongly to allow down, let go and believe in my heart, my intuition to guide me to the path I needed to be on. Along the way, I had made decisions that I would've never ever expected to do in my past. Looking back, it is that courage to trust in my inner guidance based on feelings purely at that moment rather than calculated thoughts as I did through out my life. Only then. I was able to detach from so many things in my life which created so much room for manifesting my true self.
Basically what I am trying to say is that, from my experience the biggest lesson I have learned is that the most important thing is to keep a high level of SELF AWARNESS AS ALL IT IS THAT WE NEED IS INSIDE OF US. WE GOT ALL THE ANSWERS ALREADY. Till this day, I still go through the experience where I get sucked back into life and start feeling those stressful ugly feelings all over again. Which I catch and deal with right away with the help of self awarness. And once again, as soon as I declutter my life from the things that are not serving me in life, I right away feel as if I have completed another piece of the puzzle and a step closer towards the final image.
I actually just thought about this in puzzle terminology and made perfect sense.
My awakening was a blessing (not sure exactly why, why me, why now, for what exactly ….). The awakening for me was that the border part of the image in puzzle was completed. And all of my work from that poin on needed to concentrate within this border as I had no business being outside of it. And as soon as I finish putting all the pieces together and complete the image, that is when I know I have completely mastered my self and became one to the fullest. That's when I would know my purpose and live the rest of my life fulfilling it.

I love everyone's enthusiasm for this stuff… Had awaking last year. I personally don't get it. It's just left me flat in mood and nothing matters everything's pointless. Worked all my life. Now am like not doing that job or this job. This worry me. I'm not the sort of person that buys into things with out hard evidence. Even had someone other day telling me am still sleeping, I Dono what or where I am, so that really helped this situation.

Thank you SO MUCH Bridget! This video was exactly what I needed to hear right now. I've recently been in what I felt like was a "slump" in my spiritual awakening process (the first real slow down of downloads and crazy reality shifting realizations and stuff) and it was really beginning to bum me out, and I felt it starting to drag me back into the muggle/3D world and making me anxious again that things weren't happening fast enough, but I knew deep down (and everything you said here confirmed it) that it does take discipline and dedication and you gotta meet halfway. So thank you so much for everything you do, please keep up the good work, infinite love and gratitude 🙏💕

I have been watching you for years but took a break from this due to injury and stuff although I can sometimes see the near future in my minds eye and I know I get signs about important things for example- Last week I went to the dollar tree with my teenage daughter and I was drawn to a purple and blue elephant luggage tag which I was going to get for my 6 year old daughter. I ended up getting her the lady bug but couldnt stop seeing the elephant in my mind and when I got home I decided to start watching hybrid baby videos again. The only youtuber(hybrid videos) I clicked on last week until now was Leeor’s and she’s Supurb. Purple and blue elephant is her sign then I saw her video with you and now I am back with you again. I have dreamt of babies that are not with me for years even pregnant with two babies at once who were implanted at different times. I would love to know If I have hybrid children and if one has black hair with blue eyes named Jacob. He was in my dream ten years ago and I have loved him ever since. If you happen to see this, do you think I have hybrid children?

Hi Bridget As usual directly what l need to hear Thankyou 🙏🏼once again Tris. I have been having some incredible experiences since I did a reiki 1 course it's opened up all sorts of things WOW trouble is it takes me some time to come back to the body fully and it's sooooo amazing I want to stay but at the same time I'm really grateful to be here and my head hurts and I feel crazy but I know it's ok . Thanks though I love to listen to your experiences and opinion it really helps me on this wild ride XXOO ❤️

this is fantastically helpful and validating….more so than about any i have seen. you are so good, Bridget! thank you <3 namaste

lots of videos mention about the matrix, care to share is it history, schools, religions etc.. that you feel is keeping your vibration low with the use of fear, guilt, scare tatics etc.. it will be intresting to see if the new wave of energies and any active team light can actually remove old past ways and remove any negative energies and any karmic ties to help with this ascension process. this is quite a bumpy ride it's like you have to re-program and re-learn everything again lol alot of people have that inner knowing but they can't quite figure it out but i like to say a forgotten memory hard to find, it's like your trying to discover the bigger picture.

Hahahahahahahahaaha yes your correct soulless clone synthetic Human abomination many soulless clone synthetic Human abominations get awakened/dying symptoms before they ascend into the lake of fire from self destructive energy back manifesting itself in parasites bacteria viruses causing VERTIGO headaches nausea etc Because these soulless clone synthetic Human abominations are pretending to be who they are not while committing there evils/lives and by laws of energy they get self destructive energy back to such extremes they awaken/die then ascend into the lake of fire hahahahahahahahaha good riddance

Hi Bridget! I love your channel but I feel a bit confused about the ascension thing. How do you know that you have shifted if you have been experiencing all the signs and symptoms all your life? I have always felt very close to angels and guides and they have always been a part of my life. I was born with all of this so I'm not sure if I had the awakening process when I was a child or if I always had it. I saw an UFO once when I was about six years old and it was terrifying and I have felt the same way when I have seen ghosts. I was so afraid of them until very recently (I am 29 years old right now). I feel so confused. Can you please help me? I would appreciate it so much! <3

I'm into my Awakening but I seem to be going through a negative stage, sometimes smart sometimes funny, but negative. I'm seeing shortcomings. ❤️💙💞☝️👩‍🏫🙌🌈🌱🦋💪🏻

i’ve been tired, had gastrointestinal issues, headaches (third eye), burning ache in the middle of my shoulder blades (heart chakra), had a weird skin rash for a few months that thankfully went away, started cutting out meat, etc etc. excited to keep soldiering through this crazy process.

Thank you ❤️🌿 I’ve been a little lost and confused on my journey for a couple of months, just super fogged up. I was consuming too much alcohol and substances and was surrounding myself with low frequencies and I didn’t even realize where I was. After the lion gate portal opened up it was like a light switch turned on and I have made some huge shifts and it’s like I can finally understand the words you are saying. Like you said , some of the phenomenon can be really useful to you and I think the fact that I’m a Leo made it so the lion gate portal was super helpful. And ever since then it’s been a really cool process of cleaning up and radiating a lot brighter, new friends, little to none consumption of substances, which leads me to connect with nature a lot better, I really loved your video on how to connect with the earth spirits too, I went out on a hike yesterday with bare feet and entered the woods with a lot of emotional term-oil and left feeling so freaking good. Your videos are seriously awesome and I appreciate the work you do. Thanks mama ❤️🌿 namaste


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