Warning: This Story Might Change Your Beliefs!

hey what do you want to do to die and then we do every night pinky try to take over the world this is Justin from you our creators and I wanted to share this wonderful story with you I have read tons of near-death experiences all types from different religions cultures and backgrounds I have even had multiple interviews with people that have died and come back after all my studying in research one conclusion remains what you believe is what you get there also seems to be a connectedness between all things even with what we call God there is no separation this story also reveals that we are actually creating our reality at every moment and in every dimension we're currently in I asked my good friend Steve white to narrate this insightful experience this story was first documented by in de RF org click the link in the description for more of their documented stories this story was written by Richard from Los Angeles who had a near-death experience after being hit by a car in 1965 I was eight years old and growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley and a town called El Monte I was riding my bike one day with my best friend Felix along a busy street I was on the right side of the road going with the flow of traffic my friend was on the opposite side riding in the same direction I needed to cross the street to join him so I looked over my shoulder to watch for oncoming cars the cause of the curve and the road I couldn't see much more than a hundred feet the speed limit on this road was 40 miles per hour but people often drove much than that so I knew that I didn't have enough sight distance to safely cross I realized that Felix would be able to see further than I could so I called out to him hey see any cars coming he looked back shook his head and said all clear I veered sharply to the left across the last thing I remember was the sound of screeching tires looking over my shoulder and seeing the front end of a 1962 Chevy Impala not more than 10 feet away blue gray smoke was coming up from the sides as the brakes locked up the tires the next thing I remember was the sensation of floating about 20 feet up in the air I looked down and saw some kid lying in the middle of the road he looked familiar he was lying there spread-eagled left leg was at a funny angle his clothes were ripped and bloody he wasn't breathing I felt a strange sense of calm and detachment as if the horrible scene below me really wasn't important I watched as several people ran up to the boy one of them started breathing into his mouth I could hear him speaking with two voices that's odd I thought to myself I heard him say call an ambulance he's not breathing I could also hear him say oh my god oh my god don't die on me at the same time I realized that he was thinking this not saying it I could hear others thinking as well yet I could make out everything they all were saying or thinking at the same time and still being able to understand all of it I watched this scene for what seemed like about a minute then I noticed a bright light shining above me I looked up and saw a light streaming out of what looked like a pinhole in the sky the hole was slowly getting bigger I could see that it distorted things around it like a line' spending light the light was like mother-of-pearl in color with streaks of blue pink green and yellow gold it was very beautiful and very bright yes I could see it clearly not like looking at the light from the Sun which can be uncomfortable I started to hear a buzzing sound that quickly became very loud as the sound increased the hole above me got bigger the light got brighter and I felt myself being pulled up towards it I felt as if I was being squeezed through an opening that was too small for me the buzzing sound became a wishing roar as I entered the hole with a Doppler like effect as I passed through it the sensation was like speeding down a tunnel at Lightspeed not unlike the warp effect you see in movies I wasn't alone in there either I felt the presence of others but I couldn't see them a pass through some kind of dividing line a barrier of swords hard to describe I was surrounded by light misty shapes began to form as I looked around at first they were just moving swirls of light but they soon took the shape of human forms there were a lot of them around me I heard soft whispering coming from them like a crowd murmuring and talking among themselves from his crowd three shapes came forward and approached me as they drew near I could make them out better as if they were slightly out of focus and my eyes were attesting they were tall and slender wearing what looked like flowing robes one of them had a beard they all had long shoulder length hair one of them spoke to me you're not supposed to be here yet you have to go back know what you agreed to he said I told him that I didn't want to go back I liked it here it felt like home I felt like they were amused by my response you must go back you have work to do we'll send you back soon I looked around me at the crowd I saw familiar faces these were friends family enemies people I had known before but I couldn't remember from where or women some of them I knew I had known for a very long time many lives many places many times I flashed on visions from those lives and events there was a continuity and connectedness about all of it a sense of purpose and order that spanned the centuries I looked back at the three people in front of me these people were ancient I don't know how I knew that but I knew that they were old souls who watched over my group we all had sprung from them like children each going their way yet connected to the source I felt nothing like judgment of our actions from them if anything I felt a kind of amused benevolence from them like parents watching their children playing even if the really bad things we did in our lives there was no judgment the one would the beard spoke to me you can ask questions we will answer them and you will remember it is important that you do this my first question was is this heaven it can be if that's what you want it can be hell as well if that's what you believe this really is an extension of you instantly realized and formed you always create your own reality no matter where you find yourself for we are all co-creators where is God I don't see him I asked they became visibly amused like they were snickering at my question under their breath how can you see that which you are yourself apart ah we are all expressions of God when you see with your eyes you see through the eyes of God and he experiences reality through yours when you speak to God you speak to yourself we are one and the same there is no division or separation you can no more see God than your hand can see you for it is a part of you and functions because of you and for your purposes as well as its own there is no separation any that seems to exist is an illusion the light that surrounds us here is God it is our source of feeling and is given freely to all next question why do I feel like this is home because it is home all begin here and return here it is the starting point for all journeys and lessons a strange question I still don't know why I asked it but at the time it seemed relevant when I come back again can I stay I got an even stranger answer we don't think you'll want to stay long you never do you love your lessons especially the hard ones you can do as you please it's your choice this went on for what seemed like an hour I asked 15 questions that covered a wide variety of topics and ideas some of them I would rather not discuss either they're of a personal nature things most of us aren't ready to hear or things I'm not supposed to talk about yet one day I'll maybe write a book about it after the last question I was told it was time to go back I still didn't want to go back but because of what I knew I didn't argue the point I don't remember any kind of specific event that got me there but I suddenly found myself in an ambulance I felt a terrible rush of pain throughout my whole body I felt like I was choking it was a tube in my throat I smelled and tasted blood I looked over at the attendant sitting next to me and I was hit with a very strong sense of deja vu it was a memory of a dream I had a couple of days before this very scene was in it I remember one thing that really stood out two words I remember here are a few questions and answers from Richards near-death experience did you feel separated from your body yes I clearly left my body and existed outside it how did your highest level of consciousness and alertness during the experience compared to your normal everyday consciousness and alertness more consciousness and alertness than normal I was able to be in multiple places at the same time and experience events and conversations on many levels at once I had no problem with keeping track of these multiple experiences the sense of time seemed to be much more expansive kind of like a moment point that is stretched out both into the future and the past at the same time where your thoughts speeded up incredibly fast the time seemed to speed up or slow down everything seemed to be happening at once or time stopped or lost all meaning as described in my narrative above time seemed to be stretched out I like to use the term expansive because it seems better suited to the experience where your sense is more vivid than usual and incredibly more vivid did your vision differ in any way from normal when I was floating above my body I could see 360 degrees around me at the same time but I only seem to focus on a smaller visible area similar to my normal physical vision people I saw below me appeared to have a kind of streakiness about them kind of like being smeared when they moved colors seem normal no transparency noted did your hearing differ in any way from normal during the OBE none noted during the events immediately afterward when I was on the other side I heard sounds inside my head as opposed to coming from outside like normal hearing did you feel a sense of harmony or unity with the universe I felt United or one with the world it seems from your past come back to you my past flashed before me out of my control I experienced life events from the past but they didn't relate to my present life I also experienced events from the future as well both in this life and future lives what was your religion prior to your experience liberal Lutheran have your religious practices changed since your experience yes I no longer attend church it is a waste of time and energy God isn't interested in being worshiped he's only interested in our experiences and our growth what is your religion now none during your experience did you gain special knowledge or information about your purpose yes everything is connected there is no separation between us and what we describe as God what's the experience difficult to express and words yes some elements of the experience are difficult to translate adequately into words the feeling of experiencing multiple points of view and events simultaneously is one example do you have any psychic non-ordinary or other special gifts about your experience that you did not have before the experience yes very empathic I can easily sense feelings and emotions and other people even total strangers when they are physically close to me those that I have a close emotional bond with I can sense it very far distances I also have many prophetic dreams about events in my life and global events have you ever shared this experience with others yes the first time I related this experience it was the pastor of my church he dismissed the experience outright and told me it must have been a dream it was many years before I told anyone else most people I tell seem very skeptical what did you believe about the reality of your experience shortly days two weeks after it happened experience was definitely real it happened it was real I fully remembered all of the events as I was told I would I remember them all just as clearly to this day is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience I'm looking forward to going back

Peace, this is from a 17 year old Muslim girl, as far as I’ve learnt (by the will of all mighty God ) – I mean our creator above the seven heavens. What you are doing is completely delusional. This life is a delusion, we are here for a short time, there are plenty of evidences that prove that Allah (one all mighty god) is god, his attributes and names are found in the Quran, the Torah, bible, gospel and many other religious books. You will completely and mark these words, COMPLETELY regret what you are doing, you are misleading many people from this channel, just learn Islam properly and accept, and I promise you 10000% you will not regret it at all. This life is a test, you have been created to worship no one, but Allah (who is above the seven heavens and the earth). If you try worshiping him (as is your purpose in life, you will understand that this is what you have been missing out on, trust me, by Allah, you have been made to worship him alone without associating any partner to him. There is a huge pleasure in worshiping him alone, you just need to accept him. That’s all and he promises you a greater gift in the hereafter, things you have never seen, touched or felt before. Come to islam people, it’s your only way out of this delusional life. Just look into it deeply, what’s your purpose in life, about why Muslims are Muslims, why Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and others are becoming Muslim. The thing is that all religions lead to Islam (pure monotheism), science came after the Quran, your tooth brush that you carry with you was only known after the prophet Muhammad pbuh, the toilets and they way to use them was only known after the prophet Muhammad pbuh, medication came after the prophet Muhammad pbuh. I’m telling you, I swear by Allah all mighty that you will not regret it, look into Islam, I recommend that you go to an Islamic book store and buy books about Islam from there, because nowadays as you know, majority of things aren’t as accurate. So get things from Islamic book stores and study from there, there are also signs of the day of judgment, we are living with them in our presence today, the scholars say that there are only major signs left. So I urge you, by the will of ALL MIGHTY, stop misleading people, change your channel or either delete it because it will only lead to your destruction in the grave and hereafter. Again mark these words, YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN CREATOR but YOU are a CREATION of a MAJESTIC AND MIGHTY CREATOR, his name is ALLAH, and his signs and name is present around you in every country & planet, as well as within you

Most of these people still didn't even understand dis video if u don't have & high conscious level or high frequencies level. U won't

Yes!!! Right on point. We are all apart of the Christ who is one with the father.. we are all apart of father

I died a few different times and each time was completely different and the experience was always related to my life at the time. Its hard to explain but i had a nihilistic phase and that time i dies was just black cold empty, another time i was a teen and i grew up catholic that time was warm and heavenly i guess yad say, another time i was exploring hindu and buddhist ideologies and that experience was in correlation with an eastern vibe, but human words dont really explain death tho but thats how i try to explain it

when I first read about these, I talked to my Baptist preacher. he was ready to take me out side the city gates and have me stoned to death for being a heretic

I had an epiphany at the age of around 7 or 8years after I had a series of questions running in my mind. I took time out one day to sit alone and ask myself hoping I will find the answers. It was on a sunny afternoon around 2 pm and 5-10minutes going through the questions of who am I, how did I get here, why am I here, are my parents my creators etc? This is when 5-10minutes later I heard a voice so crystal clear at right side of my ear say "there is a creator"…I swear to this day now 41years old that there was no one near me, behind me or any car passing by or machinery in the distance or playing music that could have been distorted my hearing. And I have never suffered any mental, hallucinations or any other thing problems of the mind or hearing that could have tempered my judgement.

This began a life long journey to want to know more of this creator/God and thus I became more religious and spiritual…studying everything I could find in my early 20s. I had concepts, inituations and revelations about God through the years. When I began to move away from family Christian faith to a more liberated open mind view…I would ask myself questions like : what if we are all God? What if God is us having a human experience? What there is no heaven and hell but these are our own self creation due to the way we live our lives?

Boom and I had these questions answered when I read convesations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. And this video is now opening my heart to the affirmations, answers and coincidences that I am indeed on the right track. Nothing that happens in your life is a mistake. Every event, book, video, conversations with your neighbor it is God communicating with you, through others and God communicating through you to others…thank you

Its all electric. Did you know that ancient Hebrew came from earths magnetic field? Ive died before too, it all ties together.

The demonic have the power to fabricate ANY reality. The Bible says that no humans have seen, or mind conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.
So be very careful what you believe. The agenda of the demonic is use any deception to destroy you. Most NDEs are used to lead us to Hell.

It's obvious some just can't get the message. Many are called but few are chosenMatthew 22:14 . John 10:34 Psalm 82:6. If I am created in the image and likeness. No different than a person saying look at my Avatar don't call me no dog. But if you spelled dog backwards what will it spell? Parrables the Bible is written in. Let us. It's obvious that's more than one. Who was them that said let us? See how it goes?

What u b leave is what u get…? In that case I should be a wealthy beautiful woman… Cus is dat what I fink about.

Listen up all you religious dogma twits, did you hear what he said? “god doesn’t want to be worshiped”, now start putting your extra time towards helping spread unconditional love, protecting this planet and helping evolve consciousness, it’s time to wake up to the fact that we are all one. Cut the ego, cut the beliefs and cut the fear.


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