Walter Veith: Roman Catholicism, The Jesuits and Jesus – KONSPIRATION 2017

Walter Veith: Roman Catholicism, The Jesuits and Jesus - KONSPIRATION 2017

so I'm sitting here with the professor Walter White's here in Denmark thank you for coming to Denmark and wanting to do this interview and I've been watching some of your stuff and that you've been making some extensive stuff on the Roman Catholic Church and about the Jesuits and you as being a Christian I would love to hear your view on who are the Jesuits and what are the Roman Catholic Church I remember for instance in your soul onslaught the secret behind secret societies which is a video that I would hope people would see after watching this interview that you quote Cardinal Ratzinger who later became Pope Benedict for saying that the Roman Catholic Church viewed himself as a mother and not the sister of all churches but the mother of all churches so kids and you can you elaborate on that well the Roman Catholic system has a very long history and Paul when he was speaking to the early Christians warned of a great apostasy that would arise and this apostasy would arise when a certain power was taken out of the way now the early church fathers interpreted that power as being big and wrong that when pagan Rome was removed as a political power then this Antichrist system would arise and reformers later picked up on these explanations and then together with Daniel chapter 7 they interpreted the symbology there as representing the Roman Catholic Church and all the reformers were United when it came to this prophecy exposition even in pre-reformation times there were many that arose and identified the symbols of daniel and revelation 13 and revelation 17 of the great Whore that sits on many waters they identified it as the Roman Catholic system and Wickliffe was one of the ones who explicitly said it later yon hosts within the Reformers Martin Luther Valentin and Calvin and hosts and Cranmer and Lattimer and you named them and Spurgeon they all followed this logical exposition Wesley and this was the reformed position based on Biblical prophecy they used the de jure principle in interpreting the times that were presented and as Spurgeon said it fits like one of chubbs keys fits chops locks and refuses to fit any other system so there are so many parameters now I myself grew up a Roman Catholic and when I was confronted with all these prophecies in the Bible they certainly stunned me and I had to come to the same conclusion based on prophecy and history so that was the reformed position and of course it led to the Great Schism the great separation between Protestantism and the Roman Catholic system and the church had to counteract this or else they would find themselves bleeding to death they would lose their adherents and the system would lose its power and at that time after the Reformation the order of the Jesuits was created and the order of the Jesuits had one explicit ideal and that was to destroy Protestantism and they set about it with great fervor the system that they used initially was to put learning against learning and the way in which they did this they used Greek philosophy and the the system of Greek philosophy and put it into juxtaposition to the Protestant philosophy which was based on Sola scriptura the Bible and the Bible alone what the Bible says is the standard for what is right and what is wrong and the system would would question everything that the Bible said and they use methodologies which were not word based but experiential based so they would use theatrics in the beginning they started with theatrical performances using Greek mythology there was a system of right and wrong and a system of morality but it wasn't based on biblical morality it was based on humanism and they basically started the great educational centers in the world the universities the schools and eventually if you were part of that schooling system well then you were part of the prestigious elite and slowly slowly the ideas were eroded they would question the basics of science they would question all the the physical parameters of the Bible and out of this then grew the higher criticism and later when it was integrated with scientific ideas like Darwinism and communism which basically is atheistic from the beginning and communism was actually started by the Jesuits they practiced this and their reductions in South America the system of working and these philosophies have their basis in Jesuit ISM can you elaborate them how they've started communism well when the great wars between Protestantism and Catholicism were taking place they needed money it was run on money and in the old system which was not like the systems that we have today where you have sovereign nations with standing armies a lot of that was contract so you would have Legionnaires joining and these had to be paid and this cost money and that is when the Jesuits developed their their systems in South America for shipping gold from South America in their Spanish galleons to Europe in order to pay for the wars that Spain was having with the Netherlands and finance all of the wars in Europe against the Reformers and the history is actually quite fascinating because the the Protestants who would have pirate systems to try and pirate these ships and confiscate the money and turn it against them and it was very interesting how they operated but in order to to dig up the gold and in order to make the financial situation possible they use the Indians basically as slave labor and they would pay them with with the pittance and they would use the newly discovered cocaine plantations in order to you know enable them to climb the heights that were needed to gain access to the gold mines etc and there they developed the system of using the populace to work basically for the state which was the Jesuit Order which controlled the governments that were being established and and this is how they developed it do you still think that they are controlling governments just do a little bit of a search and find out who are the great speech writers of the of the presidents of the world you will find many a Jesuit in those ranks and if you look at the political intrigues in the world there is no doubt that the Jesuits are highly influential in running the affairs of state so to this day that is one of their methods so when they started introducing the system of learning against learning they would erode the Bible than the system of higher criticism which would question let's say the relevance of the biblical flood and whether it was real or whether it was not they would then put science against it or so-called science and state that they couldn't have been a universal flood therefore any reference to a universal flood must be based on mythology and even down to the New Testament where Jesus would say and the flood came and took them all away well that must be an allegory or ignorance or whatever and so confidence in the Bible was eroded Martin Luther took the stand that if the Bible didn't form part of an educational system then that educational system was doomed to become corrupt and what kind of education do we have in the world today and who introduced it well the ones who introduced it was the Jesuits the system that we have today is a system of learning against learning which negates what the Bible says the other thing that was of course important to them was that it could be perceived that if you were warring against the Bible that the Bible was your enemy but they were supposed to be representing God and Christianity so this created the conflict so they got around that by saying we're not against the Bible we're against the Protestant version of the Bible and then you had this conflict between which version is the one that should be paramount that's what happened that the Council of Trent then they condemned the Protestant version which was based on the received text and claimed that the Vulgate which was not based on the received text was the the correct version of the Bible and the Jesuits actually were instrumental in bringing out the Douay version as a counter to the Protestant version and one text that comes to mind is where the Protestant Bible or the received text says I'll put enmity between thee and the woman between thy seed and her seed and he shall crush thy head and thou shalt bruise his heel the QI version would feminized that and say she shall crush your head and therefore the Messiah would be not Jesus in that sense but Mary would be the one to supplant him and the Jesuit Order in that way managed to undermine the authority of the Bible that was one of the ways in which they operated the judge during the period of the Reformation of course been heavily involved in suppressing it at all levels not only the level of education but also physically and arresting people handing them over thus to the state for execution the Inquisition and the Jesuits who weren't actually involved directly in the Inquisition but they became involved in Rome where they ran the Inquisition other orders took care of the Inquisition elsewhere and so there was much bloodshed much planning and the Jesuit general assumed a very prominent position in Rome and as you know he was called the black Pope and for reasons that are apparent he wears black robes and so you had the white robed Pope and the black roped Pope and the Jesuit general is really the one who calls the shots behind the scene the one is the face and represents the white site and the other one is behind the scenes and he represents that the dark side and he really is a general and a general is a is a military term and there are other military orders of course in Catholicism such as the Knights of Malta which is a military order the oldest military order and there was even a conflict between those until the Jesuits eventually gained control over even the Order of Malta and today they are basically working as a unit so when you look at these military orders they are literally involved in military affairs the head of the Knights of Malta in the USA for example is always the Cardinal of New York and he's also the patron of the you military and as you know that when you have these political gatherings then they have the read affair where the political entities from different parties come together and they associated with this Cardinal so the church is very much involved in politics and yeah and you have also I think was Jeremy Scahill who who showed in a book that that Blackwater known later as the Academy and now XE is also heavily involved with the Knights of Malta they are seeing this as a holy holy war against Muslims yes there are there are many orders that are involved in gutting government well activities you have the Knights of Columbus you have the orders that we've already spoken about the Jesuits which of course run many major universities in the United States and elsewhere in the world Georgetown University being one of them there are many that run under the auspices of the church but really behind the scenes are also controlled by the Jesuit Order and they they set the tone for the thinking that many presidents and children of presidents or educated in these institutions for Clinton being a case in point and even Donald Trump has some of his children educated at Georgetown University so yes we have in now you're talking about that there is the the right but the best Jesus and there's mary roman catholic catholicism and in the conspiracies which transmission which is magazine that we are publishing we have had a three-part article about the conspiracies but behind Christianity and focused on the Roman Catholic Church and how that developed out of that and in this latest magazine we haven't we have an article about Jesus not being real historic figure but being something that has been filled out as it and you talked about that also on a Greek mythology yes and their astrological symbols so so what is your view on on Jesus is he a historical person or is he built on old mythology well there is no doubt that Jesus is a historical person there is an abundance of archaeological evidence there are many writers ancient historians who make a reference to it the Talmud makes reference to Jesus as a historic person with much animosity as you can imagine Josephus writes about the events around the crucifixion and all of those events and there have been archaeological finds of even the people associated with him Pontius Pilate and all of these and the records of the biblical events have been well collaborated by history so I have no doubt that Jesus was a historic figure the difference between the mythological messiahs of the past you can go all the way back to Babylon where you have the system of Nimrod who was apparently rendez-vous counterpart sent apart then ascended to the Sun became part of the Sun impregnated his virgin Semiramis and was born as Thomas so you have the mother child and the father figure you have those in ancient Babylon you're taking through to Egypt you'll find them in the Greek mythology you'll find them in the Roman mythology they just changed their names and there are many attributes which are similar there is the victim Vishnu for example is depicted with holes in his hands and holes in his feet but then the Bible is pretty explicit as to who the Messiah would be what the attributes of the Messiah would be and also prophetically when he would be born and what the circumstances around his life and death would be if you take Daniel chapter 9 it gives you the exact year when the Messiah would be anointed and those prophecies by the way don't work unless you apply the day your principles which the Reformers did and there is great consternation in many circles about these prophecies because you cannot refute them why can't you refuse because if you if you look back at how how the Bible was put together it was a Bible meeting and I think it was was it 391 in India where they put these Testaments together so why can you tell me why should we trust these these scriptures you see them the Roman Catholic Church claims that it gave us the Bible nothing could be further from the truth they never gave us the Bible the Canon was established of the New Testament within the first hundred years of the Christ when there was no Catholic Church around and the the Canon of the Old Testament was established four hundred years before the new testament era era so Catholicism of course adds other books such as the apocryphal books now if you look at the apocryphal books that were added to make the canon complete as the roman catholics say and your anathematized according to the council of trent if you do not accept these books as genuinely part of the canon well then you come up with ridiculous notions like driving out demons with a gall bladder of a fish and worshipping objects jacob worshiped the top of his staff instead of like the received text says jacob who worshiped leaning on top of his stuff so there are so many ridiculous things the worship of the dead all of these issues or the veneration of the dead let's put it that way you will find these in the apocryphal books but these always come many centuries after the completion of the Canon so wrong never gave us a Bible in its canonical form it corrupted the canonical form by giving us other versions and in the 4th century they found the the texts that came apparently from that era as more acceptable like the Codex Vaticanus and the codex sinaiticus which was found in 1844 and these have additional books in them as well like the Codex Sinaiticus has the Epistle of Barnabas sinner and the pot epistle of Barnabas is is pathetic to say the least and and yet these manuscripts that contains such spurious documents are claimed to be you know the best documents that there are most of the beginning of the Bible most of the end of the Bible is completely missing there is no book of Revelation in the Sinaiticus text so how could you verify it and compare it to anything the creation account isn't in there so the beginning and the end of the Bible aren't present then the Epistle of Barnabas has the cross all walking by itself behind Jesus and the cross talking and such excuse me idiocy such as things like those it has animals changing like the ena and the weasel giving birth through the mouth or changing their sex once they have given birth I mean it's it's such a ridiculous rubbish and yet these are considered the best documents now if that's what Catholicism has added to the Scriptures then they should best have left it alone so you do not agree that that Christianity was set up as a control system to control people and control their minds you think that the very formation is actually in the word yeah annuit and and and and and the Protestants have the right word of well I don't know how much of a study you've made of the Bible that the Bible is actually an amazing book written over millennia and to find such harmony between books written over such a long period of time to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word they have no light in them so Society was 20 and now I could stall I could store envisioned somebody putting books together but to put a book together that has historical data that is being corroborated by archaeology even in the face of great opposition and even ridicule to come up trumps every time mentioning certain cities which the critics would say it didn't even exist and then they find them mentioning name's and the period of rain of certain Kings that the critics say never existed and then they find them archaeologically not only that but the prophetic scenario and provably written hundreds many many years in advance of the actual events history written in advance to such an extent of accuracy that must boggle the mind of many people then you have typology where you have typological prophecy written into the stories of people's lives I don't think the human mind is capable even of putting something like that together it takes years and years of study to unravel it I've read many many books and I've read many occult books and so-called channeled books which are considered by humanity as you know the ultimate in in knowledge and compared to the Bible they are like garbage there is no doubt that there is a divine aspect associated with the scriptures and then the fact that you are prepared to give your life for the changes which it brings about and not only your mental change but your understanding but also in terms of your moral change that it can change a person from being morally questionable at the least and base at the worst to someone who strives towards a higher morality that is something which is unique about the Bible and then the fact that people were prepared to give their lives for what discovered how many Reformers died how many people in the Reformation era were prepared to die rather than to give up what they had found and if you go to the pre-reformation era the vault in C&C all begins ian's the host sites weren't they all prepared to sacrifice their lives for this truth and even today you find people that are willing to sacrifice their lives for this great truth that they have found because it's not only what you find written in black and white it's what it does to the heart that is important and to me who was an atheist it is incredible that I could have been so ridiculously foolish as to believe that there is no God so yes I believe what the Bible says and by the grace of God I would be willing to give up my life if it came to that I'm not saying that I have the courage within myself but by the grace of God I would put my money on the Bible book thank you very much for that view and there was great to hear you elaborate on how you look at the Bible now you look at the secret societies the Roman Catholic Church and so on thank you very much and have a nice stay here Nintendo thank you blessings to you we'll continue

Why are you promoting Jesuit Walter Veith who's a member of the Satanic SDA Cult which is just another false church created by Satanists who disguise themselves using the guise of religion a fake version of Christianity? This church like the Catholic harlot are never a Christian church… All you Jesuits who are deliverately deceiving your viers will have to face the mighty creator of heaven and earth soon so if you're cocky now then let me tell you that pride comes before a fall…. Jesus Christ is coming soon to put an end to all this political corruption which deliverately deceives the masses with the agenda of implementing a one world government and order. BE NOT DECEIVED, because real Christians like me are exposing your wicked evil plan..

When you listen to a man with such extensive knowlege and intelligence, whose life has been full of interesting experiences, give his opinion regarding the truth of the bible, you really have to sit up and listen. Particularly when he has been convinced enough to do a complete turn around from being a full on atheist. And the evidence for real Christianity – not the fake stuff popular these days – is the change in a person's life. That is the most telling evidence for the reality of what the bible says.

Good to hear a man say that he is able to believe the bible over man's teachings ,can we that say we believe say the same? I can and why it hold more truth than any of man's teaching and it changes lives for the better not to the worse.

Last days cymbalism is which day is holy saturday or sunday, saturday was and is the seven day of the week a day of rest started by GOD, but the sunday was given to man by man even the church itself says this is why the people that go to church on the first day sunday can not say they follow the bible but follow man not GOD.

The Adventists TEACH when a Catholic goes to CHURCH on Sunday and prays to Christ: "Lamb of God, you take away the sins of the world, have mercy on us", (THE VERY WORDS OF SCRIPTURE) The Catholics are praying to SATAN

WHAT THE HELL KINDA OF PEOPLE WOULD PREACH THAT CRAP?!!!! Page after Page of the New Testament is filled with the Sabbath keepers, falsely accusing Christ and the Apostles, murdering Christ and Apostles, slandering, murdering and persecuting Christians. And, that is exactly what the Adventist's have done since Ellen G. White. Well said, Jesus to the Sabbath keepers in Matthew 23:31 (KJV) 31 Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.

They are soooo holy!

The mentality of the Adventist is, that if they blame the Jesuits for the SDA's illiterate doctrines, that somehow Christ will excuse their heresy. Not so, my friends! Some of the SDA stuff is pure stupidity. Not the least is their, "Jesus was a Jew, Paul was a Jew, therefore every Gentile must become JEWISH before they become Christian! That was already tried and condemned in Acts 15:5-16:4. And the Judaizers LOST. The Adventist movement is nothing more than the recycling and resurrection of the Pharisee's which believed HERESY!

When you get your fill of that, then learn how the SDA teaches that Christ sends your pets to "eternal punishment" when they die. All this is supposed to show how inspired Ellen G. White was! Can you possibly imagine!!!

Page after Page of the New Testament is filled with the Sabbath keepers, falsely accusing Christ and the Apostles, murdering Christ and Apostles, slandering, murdering and persecuting Christians. And, that is exactly what the Adventist's have done since Ellen G. White.

They are soooo holy!


The Adventist Church loves to talk about how Jewish they are in every manner. Yet, they don't see how evil and self-righteous they are just like the Jews didn't. Now, Isaiah 47:7 Explicitly warns the Jews, whose self-righteous, gloating about how righteous they are, THEY WILL BE BURNED IN THE LAKE OF FIRE!

Isaiah 47:7 You said, 'I will continue forever the eternal queen! But you did not consider these things or REFLECT on what might happen. 8 "Now then, LISTEN you wanton creature, lounging in your security and saying to yourself, I am, and THERE IS NONE BESIDES ME I will never be a widow or suffer the loss of children.* 9 Both of these will overtake you in a moment, on a single day loss of children and widowhood. THEY WILL come upon you in full measure, in spite of your many sorceries and *all your potent spells. (LYING DECEITFULNESS)

NOW COMPARE WITH REV.18:3-4, SPEAKING OF THOSE WHO ARE PROUD TO BE JEWS AND DOING EVIL. SDA, you're out of luck! The bible calls, the Sabbath keepers the Harlot and QUEEN EXACTLY AS REVELATION 18 SAYS ABOUT HER! Isaiah 47 is a striking parallel passage, with 3 key elements repeated She calls herself a queen, not a widow, and will see her destruction in one day.

Rev. 18:3-4 Revelation 18:4-8 (KJV)
4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.
5 For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. (YOUR DAMNABLE LYING, CHEATING, STEALING AND FALSE WITNESSES YOU SET UP)
6 Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double.
7 How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit A QUEEN, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
8 Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

Some of my relatives got some of that Jesuit Gold.
"A Jesuit, in particular, whom the Commodore had taken, and who was an ecclesiastic of some distinction, could not help expressing himself with great thankfulness for the civilities declaring that he should consider it as his duty to do Mr. Anson justice at all times."

The Lord led me to this Godly man about a year ago as I was searching for the truth of the end times since all the other doctrines I had been brought up to believe in never seemed to make much sense to me. The Lord says “seek and ye shall find”….and my eyes began to truly open to the real message of Christ for the first time in my life. I am so completely grounded in these truths that I have such an earnest desire to share these truths to a , what my spiritual eyes can see now, perishing world even though I know most will reject these messages. Still….I continue to speak the truth knowing that God still has His true church out there trapped within these false church movements of today (and their leaders) and others , like myself, will gladly accept the grace of His message. God bless this man of God for all the work of the kingdom He has committed His entire life to do. Time is slowly approaching an enormous clash and we must me strengthened to stand up for the God of the universe despite the oncoming persecution of Christ’s true church by these demonic entities who are rapidly joining hands with the Roman papacy. God bless us all


A Simple Servant Shares dont worry Christian brothers and sisters the bible tells it all PSALMS 34:21-22 says " Evil (satan)shall slay the wicked, and those who hate the rightous shall be condemned. The LORD REDEEMS THE SOUL OF HIS SERVANTS, and none of those who trust in HIM (JESUS) shall be condemned..' AMEN

I enjoyed that… I learned a few new things, for that I am always grateful – Genesis 3v15 "{3:15} Inimicitias ponam inter te et mulierem, et semen tuum et semen illius: ipsa conteret caput tuum, et tu insidiaberis calcaneo eius.
{3:15} I will put enmities between you and the woman, between your offspring and her offspring. She will crush your head, and you will lie in wait for her heel.” taken from the blog of Ronald L. Conte Jr (catholic theologian)

He is only great because of him allowing the Saviour that Walter loves to live in him by God's Spirit. God will do this for any of us who are willing to let Jesus Live in us also. The message is of our Great God!!


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