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let's turn to Hebrews chapter 11 Hebrews chapter 11 we're we going to hebrews chapter 11 as we continue our studies on the present truth righteousness by faith right doing by faith father in heaven bless us now as we have opened up your words in the name of Jesus Christ amen where we going to Hebrews chapter 11 and let's begin with verse number 1 Hebrews the eleventh chapter and verse number one God's Word says this now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen skip on down to verse 2 for by it the elders obtained a wot report a good report let's skip on over to verse number 6 but without what my friends faith it is impossible to please him for he that cometh to God must believe that he is and that he is or what my friends are rewarder of them that seek him how that diligently seek him now skip on down to verse number 22 as we have been studying the experience of Joseph and Joseph we have seen through our Scripture was a type of Jesus Christ his life up mimics the life of Jesus Christ he was a forerunner in a certain sense to the life of Jesus Christ hebrews chapter 11 and verse number 22 God's Word says this together by faith Joseph when he died made mention of the departing of the children of Israel and gave one underscore that phrase and gave commandment concerning his moons in all friends this is the verse that actually started us on our series in the life of Joseph this one verse again look by faith Joseph when he died made mention of the departing of the children of Israel and gave what now and gave commandment concerning his moons look with me now Genesis chapter 50 this is the crowning study of this miniseries in the largest series of present truth look with me right here at Genesis chapter 50 and look at verse number 24 as we discover one more time that Joseph was indeed a type of Jesus Christ verse 24 are we there the Bible says this and Joseph said unto his brethren I die and notice the words of Joseph on his deathbed to the children of Israel he was reminding them of a promise a promise from God and Joseph said unto his brethren I die let's read the next phrase and God was surely new one and God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land pause right there so what was a promise of Joseph on his deathbed to the Israelites that God would visit them and bring them on to where that God would visit them and bring them out of this land what land was there we have to comprehend this because Joseph was a type of Jesus Christ what land was this the land of Egypt God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land talk to me now what does that a gyp typify in scripture the land of Egypt it points to the house of bondage but besides verse 24 let's study sharpen those pencils get those pens get those notebooks it says God will surely visit you and bring you out of this land what land the land of Egypt and put down the house of bondage put that down and was Joseph a type of Jesus Christ and what promise that Jesus gave before he died on Calvary's cross that Christ promised that he would also deliver us from bondage but what bondage oh the bondage to sin the bondage our sin hold your place right here in Genesis chapter 50 and go with me to the book of John John chapter 8 where we going to my friends John the eighth chapter and look with me at verse number 32 Joseph was a type of Christ look at verse 32 it says this and you should know the truth and the truth shall make you free they answered him we be Abraham's seed and we're never in what my friends bondage to any man how sayst thou you shall be made free so what was this conversation about them being in what bondage alright skip on down to verse 34 Christ now says fairly fairly I see unto you whosoever committeth sin is that what my friends is the servant of sin or is in bondage to sin that's clear my friends amen no now let's read on and verse number 35 now says verse 35 I was about a jump to verse 36 but not so quickly verse 35 and the servant abideth not in the house forever so those were in bondage to sin would they be saved at last no they abide not in the house forever but the son abides forever everyone now what does verse 36 say if the son therefore shall make you free you shall be one free indeed so what was that promise from Jesus before he died to deliver us from the bondage of sin that deliverance how about you my friend and when Christ delivers us from one sin and pardons us what does he expect of us to go back into sin he expects of us to obey the 10 commandments let's read that hold your place in John chapter 8 go back with me to Exodus chapter 20 we are going to my friends Exodus chapter 20 this is a crowning study of the miniseries of Joseph a type of Jesus Christ present truth look at verse 1 and God's pic all these works saying I am THE LORD thy God which have brought thee out of where the land of Egypt and out of where the house of bondage what is what or the next verse there in verse 3 when God delivers us from saying what must we do now verse 3 thou shalt have no other gods before me is that point clear my friends alright put down on your note paper when God delivers us from one sin when God delivers us from the bondage of sin he expects us not to go back into sin but to go and sin no more put down John chapter five and verse number 14 jesus said to that man thou have been made whole go and sin no more lest a worse thing cometh upon thee thus John chapter five and verse 14 put down also John chapter 8 and verse number 11 when Jesus pardoned the woman who was caught in adultery who we noticed some extent repartee Mary Magdalene what were those words that came from Christ in John chapter 8 and verse number 11 neither do i what now condemn thee go and do what go and sin no more so what is God saying my friends when asked the question has God ever pardon any one of us if saw his hand so what is he saying to us now based on John 5:14 based on John 8:11 go and do what now friends sin no more go back with me Genesis chapter 15 and look at the dying words of Joseph to the Israelites in verse 24 he says this I die and God will surely bring you out of this land until we are now talk to me on – we're now onto the land which he sware to Abraham to Isaac and to Aaron to whom and to Jacob of what land was that that was the earthly land of Canaan I will bring you into that land the earthly land of Canaan was a promised land to the Israelites but notice now when Abraham sojourned and enter Canaan that Abraham Vic Vic become comfortable in Canaan where were his eyes to a better country even where a heavenly country a half in a country that is the new earth my friends so notice now before Christ died what promise did he give to us repeat with me John 14 verse number 1 John 14 verse number 1 let not your hearts be troubled you believe in God believe also in me in my father's house are many mansions if it were not so I would have told you I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you I will come again for what purpose to receive you unto myself that where I am there you may be also is that a promise do you believe do you want to be there hold on there however is there a condition look at verse number six of John 14 what is that condition what does Christ say in verse 6 now I am what come on we know it I am the way come on I am the what come on talk to me I am the way the truth and the life no man cometh unto the father but by me in other words if we are going to be in that land with Christ the new earth into heaven we must find that way because nobody is going to experience eternal life until he or she accepts God's truth you can never accept God's truth find God's truth until you find the way I am the way amen the truth amen and the life eternal life question so where is God's Way how may we find that way in the sanctuary put down Psalm 77 and verse number 13 the Bible says thy way O God thy way O God is in the sanctuary who is so great a God as our God thus saying to wear me and talk to me in the sanctuary do we find truth what truth is in the sanctuary now I want I want an intelligent answer what truth is in a sanctuary let me give a hint based on earlier writings page 63 okay now I heard it what truth is in a sanctuary it's presidential early writings page 63 there are many precious truth contained in the Word of God but it is present truth the flock needs now the second paragraph says but such subjects as the sanctuary theories in connection with the 2300 days the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus this is present truth is God's Way it's God's truth and we can receive eternal deal wanted my friends some must be into the sanctuary and where is Christ right now go to Hebrews chapter 10 and where is Christ right now he's not in the courtyard he's not here on this earth he's not in the holy place where is Christ right now in the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary and once he moves chapter 10 tell us my friends Hebrews chapter 10 the Bible tells us in verse number nineteen or you hear my friends one says D in verse number nineteen having therefore brethren what boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus so we must be enter the sanctuary do you see now thy way or God is in the sanctuary I am the way the truth and the life skip on down to verse 22 how must we enter with boldness look at verse 22 everyone together what it says let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith praise God are we first slowly let's go again let us draw how near Haho with a true heart in full assurance of faith having your hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and your body's power washed with pure water what does that mean my friends bodies washed with water that's baptism to enter where the most holy place with Jesus and what is washed away by baptism sin that means if we are not sinning then what are we doing what are we committing right just living righteousness living and the atonement can be complete can be completed we and Jesus become one but before the body is washed what must happen to our conscience base and verse 22 let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith having our minds having our hearts what my friends sprinkled from an evil conscience then comes baptism what happens next week what happens on January 13th its baptism are you preparing yourself my friends go back with me Genesis chapter 15 this is Joseph a type of Jesus Christ and look with me at verse number 25 how Joseph took an oath from the children of Israel on his dying bed his deathbed verse 25 what was that older look at verse 25 always here my friends together what it says and Joseph took what my friends would you agree with me that we're off is also a covenant let's go and Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel is Israel saying God will surely visit you and you shall do what now carry up my bones from this place my bones must be carried from Egypt to we're the promised land the promise I wonder why oh why would he make this statement you're gonna see some things today my friends I mean I saw a question was he buried Joseph later on was he buried and when Jesus Christ comes and Christ raises those who died in him where will he rise from Canaan where he was buried in the promised land and where will he meet Jesus in the air so put my bones in the promised land because on resurrection morning in the first resurrection I would rise from the promised land and enter the true promised land where do you want to find yourself on resurrection morning was there an oath taken my friends does Joseph typify Jesus bring my bows into the promised land whose bones does Jesus want to bring into the new promised land the true promised land they're heavily promised that those bones whose bones it's our bones our bodies was there an old taking was here covenant between Christ and his father that Zechariah chapter 6 the covenant of peace was between them both father and son to bring us to glory and this is why John chapter 17 what text did I say my friends in John chapter 17 put it down verse 24 even Christ prayed father I will father I will that those whom thou have given me be with me where I am that they may behold my glory the glory which I had before the world was this is a covenant between father and son to bring our bones our bodies our resurrected bodies are a translated bodies to the true heavenly promised land I want to be there Margaret how about you what happened to the bones of Joseph anybody knows what happened to his bones but what happened first to the bones before they were brought into Canaan look they were embalmed go to verse number 26 Genesis chapter 50 this is the crowning study offer miniseries look at verse 26 with here my friends was Joseph a type of Christ look at verse 26 so Joseph died being a hundred and ten years old let's read now and they what my friends and they embalmed him and Joseph was put in a coffin in Egypt I wonder why this was done in the Bible there are no accidents in Scripture he saw Providence Amen my friends what happened to his moves they were embalmed what does that mean what does it mean to embalm the dead talk to me to preserve the dead from what from decay from what decomposition from what from corruption does that ring a bell now Joseph a type of Christ and the bows the body of Joseph was embalmed and art and science that is used upon human remains to preserve the remains from corruption does that ring a bell I'm gonna wait does that ring a bell what bill does it ring what Bell does it ring that the body of Jesus did not see corruption go to acts 2 with me I'll beloved Joseph a type of Christ his bones were embalmed did not see corruption and what happened to the bones the body of Christ when he died on Calvary's cross did his body see corruption Oh beloved let's read that where we going – where we going – my friend friends put that verse put put it down Acts chapter 2 and look with me Acts chapter 2 and look at verse 31 the Bible tells us in verse 31 he's seeing this before speak of the resurrection of Christ what David cries we are rise on the third day the resurrection of Christ that his soul was not left inhale neither his flesh did see what corruption go to acts 13 what happened to the bones of Joseph and bombed did not see corruption what happened to the body of Christ so are you saying faster that they embalmed Jesus no no friends no but the Bible tells us the father did not allow Jesus to remain in the tomb longer than three days do you know why after three days the que sets in decomposition sets in corruption sets in if you remember the story of Lazarus Lazarus is dead four days he's even stink right now decay had set in four days but Christ rose and how many days mark chapter thirteen know these verses verse number 36 it says this for David after he had served his old generation by the will of God fell on sleep and was laid on to whom his father's and saw what corruption but he Jesus whom God raised again saw what my friends saw no corruption was chosen a type of Jesus Christ but my friends this is precious truth how does this apply to us so what if Christ did not see corruption what does that have to do with our salvation here it is because Christ's body did not see corruption he rose that third day a man friends as a result we now who may die and robots become corrupted one day the Bible says this corruptible shall put on incorruption why because Christ rose from the grave why because Jesus did not see corruption though the 1st Corinthians chapter 15 all beloved it's beautiful I'm telling you first Corinthians chapter 15 let's cut the chase go to the first fifty three are we here my friends or beloved verse number 53 and the second coming of Christ the last Trump first 53 says for what let's read that for what my friends for this corruptible must put on what now incorruption and this mortal must put on what immortality so when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption and this mortal shall have put on immortality then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written death is swallowed up in what victory next verse beautiful verse o death where is thy sting o grave where is thy victory friends all warrants to put on incorruption one day reason him who was put on immortality one day but is there a condition what's in verse 31 first Corinthians 15 what is in verse 31 come on what is here my friends come on what is here my friends I die how often Oh beloved I died daily go back with me Genesis chapter 15 I died daily so what must we do so one day this mortal will put on immortality this corruptible will one day put on incorruption what must we do daily die to self my friends Christ says in Luke 9 and verse 23 Jesus says he that oh my if any man we know it if any man if any man will follow me let him walk deny himself and take up his cross how often and take up his cross daily and what and follow me I die daily my friends praise God go back with me Genesis chapter 15 and look with me at verse number 26 watch carefully so what happened to the bones of Joseph don't forget it they were involved and put where in a coffin in Egypt now who took those those bones out of Egypt who took those bones from Egypt in the coffin does anybody know does anyone it was a man called Moses go with me Exodus chapter 13 we were going to my friends Exodus chapter 13 it was a man called Moses that took the bones of Joseph that were embalmed and placed in that coffin the Bible tells us that Moses took that coffin with the bones of Joseph out from Egypt in the time of the Exodus look at verse 19 over here my friends all right verse 19 what it says together come on and Moses took the bones of Joseph with him for joseph has straitening sworn the israelite saying God will surely visit you and you shall carry up my bones away hands with you wait a minute now walk with me so from Egypt to Canaan what did they carry with them I didn't hear some of you so from Egypt to the promised land what did the Israelites journey with a coffin with embalmed bones of Joseph I wonder why put on your paper the coffin with it with the embalmed bones of Joseph was an ebony sir was that what my friends I'm not hearing you what's that what my friend was an ebony is that what is an ebony sir it's a memorial of how God has blessed in the past notice my friends and did God bless the Israelites through Joseph how come I'm waiting you talk to me how did God feed the Israelites in a time of severe famine for how many years come on you've been with me for five weeks now in the miniseries for seven years and what does seven represent in Scripture so what was God saying I can always come on flip in chapter 4 verse 19 my God shall supply harmony all of your needs according to his riches in glory the coffin with embalm bones of Joseph was an ebony sir God can provide and God will provide it was to increase their faith that God know on their journey the Israelites would have been tested didn't didn't know it didn't know it so what did he put in their midst and ebenezer a coffin with embalmed bones I fed your fathers for seven years completion I can do it I did it and though there are trials ahead of you remember the ebenezer a coffin with the embalmed bones of Joseph God can provide did he provide God can protect can he do it today God can deliver from bondage can it do it today God can deliver also from the bondage of sin do you believe it and God can take us into the Promised Land do you believe it notice now even though Joseph was dead Joseph still spoke how are you mister the man was dead yet speaketh my friend what text come to mind I'm gonna wait on you now he was dead yet speaketh come on what test come to mind let's read a god here he moves chapter 11 my friends hebrews chapter 11 and Hillary and I covered this this past Thursday it's a great country first study that chapter in great controversy is called kin or a dead speak to us and we showed from Scripture the dead cannot speak to the living but what about Hebrews 11 verse 4 Abel verse 4 Abel being dead yet speaketh what does that mean come on what text that I gave we gave you Revelation chapter 14 verse number 13 Bible says my friends watch this blessed are the Dead which die in the Lord from henceforth see the spirit they may rest from their labors but their works do follow them Joseph was dead yet he spoke what was he saying not literally but his life how god bless your father's through me for seven years that means if the famine had gone on for twenty years what would God have done to Joseph if the crisis had gone for fifty what would God have done for Israel to Joseph my friend again that God no trials were ahead so what did he give them on their journey a coffin with embalmed bones of Joseph however the Bible tells us don't miss this the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan typifies the journey of God's people from this earth to heaven so what do we need them so faster must we get a coffin and put in our homes our coffin and put into our church or no but what do we need we need some urban users or you say man my friends oh yes they had a coffin with the embalmed bones of Joseph in their midst God can provide God can protect God can deliver from the bondage of sin God can bring us into the promised land it was an ebony sir but what about the death of Jesus does the death of Jesus comes to us as an ebony sir let's read that Romans chapter 8 where we going to my friends go there with me Romans chapter 8 and look with me at first number 32 Joseph a type of Christ he was dead yet speaketh oh my friends Christ died but where's he now Christ died but where's he now he's in heaven does that mean he's interceding for us and since Christ is interceding for us what does he say in Hebrews chapter 4 and verse 16 I'm waiting on you again therefore come boldly to the throne of grace for a purpose that you may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of can you provide for us does God know that there are crises ahead of all of us does he know it so what must we travel with not a literal coffin with embalm bones of Joseph no friends but we need some mpany tzer's who today last week bought your diary one hand two hands three hands four hands five hands sit oh you already had your okay some of you said pastor I already had my diary thank you for your blue diary anybody online you have your Diaries too and what most you put in your Diaries how God has delivered you in the past why you gonna need it in the future my friends Romans chapter 8 let's be practical first 32 always here my friends it says this he that spared not his own son but delivered him up for us all what does that mean his death amen but delivered him up for us all let's read now how shall he God the Father not with Jesus also freely give us how many things oh my friends how many things that means don't miss this as they traveled with the coffin of the embalmed bones of Joseph to barge the promised land we must travel with our Bernice's amen and never forget the death the burial the resurrection and the intercession of Christ for us because Jesus is interceding for us he will freely give us how many things and when you murmur and become soft key and you doubt it's because you don't believe he died he rose and he's now one interceding don't take my word for it verse 34 it says this now who is he that condemneth it is Christ that da-da rather that is risen again where is he now who is even we're at the right hand of God who also maketh intercession for us don't stop there verse 35 who shall separate us praise God from the love of Christ shall tribulation distress persecution famine nakedness peril or sword my friends so these things should never destroy our walk with God never caused us to murmur why because we know he died for us the bones of Joseph and it's also being what in heaven he's interceding for us verse 36 as it is written for thy sake we are killed all the day long we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter nay in all these things what must we say on January 6th 2018 verse 37 me in all these things we are what my friends we are more than conquerors through him that loved us as a result let's read now for I am what now what is a synonym for the word persuaded I'm convinced I believe I have faith again for I am persuaded that neither death nor life nor Angels nor principalities nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in whom our beloved was Joseph a type of Christ now what you just read do you beloved again I ask what you just read do you believe it because without faith it is one impossible to please him for he that cometh unto Him must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently do what they believe is worth my friends all right go back with me now that Genesis chapter 15 Joseph died those embalmed put in a coffin and who took the coffin out from Egypt who my friends Moses don't forget that look now once Joseph died in Egypt who were rolls in Egypt I'm gonna wait on you because you know the story who arose in Egypt now a new king who knew not Joseph in other words he refused to honor the God of Joseph and what did this new king bring upon the Israelites bondage and what else my friends did they have to drink a bitter cup look at chapter one with me Exodus chapter pond and look with me at verse number eight always here my friends and there arose up a new king over Egypt which knew not whom Joseph and read verse thirteen and the Egyptians made Israelites to serve with rigor and they made their lies how my friends how my friends they made their lives bitter with hard bondage so birthday drinking from the bitter cup that God knew a new king would arise that God know his people would have to drink from that bitter cup did God know it did God know that there will be odd and bondage didn't know it but what was among them as the ebenezer what was among them the coffin with the embalmed bones of Joseph so though you are drinking from the bitter cup here is a promise God will provide God will profit protect God will deliver from bondage God will bring you into the promised land in other words you will not drink from the bitter cup forever the coffin is there the embalmed bones of Joseph are here our friends the bitter cup is only for a while so what must be put in our steps what most look at the screen what must be what must be putting us in our steps put some pep in your step and there it is what is that pep my friend patience and your hands and prayer my first think about this a new king arose talk to me and your king arose that brought bondage severe bondage and they were not drinking from that bit ago how long were the Israelites in bondage Percy thought can you compute it that can you calculate that for four hundred years at some point would you not have doubted the promise but what was still in their midst the coffin with embalmed bones of Joseph watch carefully then who was born in chapter one of Exodus who was born Moses did they know that the liver was born yes yes and now they thought when he announced himself Moses the first forty years I am come to deliver Israel now right and he smoked the Egyptian right the first forty years or what happened the deliverer fled do you think they doubted now on the promise but what was still in their midst the coffin with the embalmed bones God Whelan delivered a man friends and notice Moses run away for forty years and came back home any afterwards forty more so they had to with 80 more years do you think Satan God circumstances to cause them to doubt that God will deliver them from bondage from sin and to bring them into the Promised Land yes but what was with them the coffin with the am born bones of Joseph God will deliver remain faithful so what is God saying to us as we drink our week ago now some of you have been drinking that bitter cup for ten years now some for anybody for eighteen years raise your hand anybody for 80 years raise your hand No praise God anybody online no praise God but they had to wait 80 years and what was among him the coffin God will deliver just imagine they're marching out of weire Egypt what is with them a coffin the box what's inside there the embalmed bones are full of jozin wait a minute now what happened when they got to the Red Sea go there with me chapter 14 of Exodus what happened when they got to the Red Sea and they could not go forward they thought they could not go left or right they did not go backwards what did they say these are like what Berthier first thought look at verse number 10 through first twelve what were their first thoughts to go back into Egypt they murmur and complain did they give up hope did they doubt God but what was in their midst the coffin embalmed bones my friends saying what God will deliver even when you don't see our way out beloved please recite with me again Hebrews 11 verse 1 now faith is what the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen they didn't see how God will deliver but what did they have to do just believe and do what is right and murmuring and doubting God is never right it's always wrong the coffin was dear that God opened away my friend now what should the Israelites have done once the across the Red Sea so go down to Walmart the dollar store and buy what a book pray over it that's your diary amen and begin to write down they saw away not out what God made a way out so now when they got now to chapter 15 of Exodus what is in verse 21 were they singing worth it shouting for joy God just delivered us we saw no way out what would happen in verse 22 now and verse 23 and when they came to Marah they found no water the water was bitter and what did they do in verse 24 what did they do in verse 24 my friend they murmured whose account are we now reading not the Israelites but when our reading what we are doing today because their account typifies our account but what was in their midst the coffin with the embalmed bones of Joseph God can provide and they still down to God what is God saying to us today my friends we are no better they murmured and what a God do Moses take that tree cut it down and put that tree in the bitter waters and it would make it sweet back to the screen what must we do to sweeten our rebetiko what must we do to sweeten our Abita calm put some pep in our step my friends patience endurance and prayer and what is in on the right column at the bottom another ingredient to sweeten that bitter cup is what is song ministry feeling page 254 says song is a weapon we can always use against discouragement amen my friend we must sweeten that bitter cup the coffin will watch carefully and then we get now to Exodus 16 what happens in verse 1 to verse 4 they found no food and what did they do how did they react and respond did their murmur against God did they desire to go back into the world and we have many for today as soon as they meet crises they want to give up on seventh-day Adventism and go back into the world and many folks say when I was in the world and never encountered so many problems you know why the devil knew not to turn up the fare too hot or else you jump out of his pot and jump in the arms of Jesus so the devil had you on slow low heat cooking the Frog low heat my friends its burst in the world my friends I mean I say in the world you find problems go as the prodigal in Luke 15 in the church with Christ you gotta find crisis – what's the difference in the world you'll find no sweetener but in Christ you find a sweetener patience endurance and prayer and these all come from Christ my friends so will you stray now no were they hungry did they doubt God they began to murmur watch carefully well what was in the coffin talk to me the inbound bones of Joseph worth a hungry worthier father's ever hungry in past times where were they hungry for seven years my friends and then God feed their fathers for seven years of severe famine if God did so in the past could God not do it right here what is God saying to us today my friend I'm not hearing you I'm gonna wait on you what does God is saying to us today my friends I wanna ask you a question has God ever fed you when you saw no way out so why are you doubting God now it shows we are no different than the Israelites let's go again so what were they journeying with from Egypt to Canaan a box ah coughing what was in that box and coffin the embalmed bones of Joseph as an ebony sir wait a minute did they come to the Mount of Horeb in chapter 25 of Exodus watch carefully and what did God tell Israel to make let them make me a ward let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them that's verse 8 verse 9 and verse 10 saying that God told them to make another box what box was that in verse 9 and verse 10 it was the Ark of the Covenant so how many boxes now you see where I'm going now how many boxes did the Israelites journey with her from Egypt to the promised land how many boxes two boxes what the first one was what the coffin we're in worth embalmed bones of Joseph the second box the Ark of the Covenant we're in was laid what the Ten Commandments so what two things do we need our beloved in our journey from sin to righteousness in our journey from Earth to heaven over a boneses my friends and obedience to God's Ten Commandments if that's clear my friends amen our beloved to marxism the coffin of Joseph amen and the Ark of the Covenant two boxes in their midst what an object lesson and notice eleven days more they came to Kadesh Barnea where was that now the border of the promised land of Canaan and the ten spies twelve went over ten twelve spies ten spies returned and what did they return with the ten spies do you see how deep this thing is now my friends the ten spies returned in number 13 and numbers 14 with what report an evil report what was in the report we cannot go over but what was in their midst what wasn't there mist from Egypt to the border of the promised land the coffin with the embalmed bones offer Josefa signifying what the promised God says I will bring you over so wide out wide out and the point that just hit me when you embalm the remains of the dead you keep it from decaying decomposition God's Word would never feel so his words are embalmed God's promises will never feel him in my friends will always sing it standing on the promises that cannot fail when the howling storms of doubt and fears a sale by the Living Word of God I shall prevail standing on the promises of God the promises that cannot fail and born promises my friends it's right here yet they are doubting one ask your question now what sin are you struggling with and you're saying oh I just can't get victory we're are God's promises the coffin was in their midst and notice now God said to them since you disbelieved my promises you have to wonder for how many years forty years my friends and what went back with them for 40 years the coffin with an embalmed bones of Joseph the coffin and they came back around for two more years what happened afterwards now did they believe now what said Joshua and Kalyn the first 40 years we are well able to overcome I wonder if they had looked at the coffin Joshua on Kayla because they had another spirit the true spirit they must have glimpsed the coffin with embalmed bones of Joseph this is a constant reminder God will bring us over did they go over 40 more years I wonder why we are still here on the earth in 2018 write down this quotation please go and read it great controversy page 457 what page my friends great controversy page 457 and put down page 458 we are here because of unbelief God is not waiting on the Pope no and the Jesuits no God is waiting on his people to believe his word become converted and present the present truth then Jesus will hasten up the closing events Christ then will come for us he is waiting on us not the Pope it's asked my friends exhaust that's why we're here go read that quotation all right Joseph a type of Christ is that point clear my friends now who took the bones the coffin of Joseph from Egypt towards Canaan who was he again my friends Moses but what happened to Moses what happened to Moses he died and didn't enter the earth he promised land yet he was the one that took the ebenezer that God will bring us over what is God saying to us he took the ebenezer he took the promise the embalmed bones of Joseph he himself didn't enter Canaan what is God saying to us especially a seventh-day Adventist who claimed to have the box filled not with the embalm bones of Joseph what present truth what is God saying to us hmm we can have the Bible the spirit of prophecy and we are walking with the books we bring them to church and still not enter into heaven what is God saying to us my friends do you see why we'd fasting and prayer hmm he had the box the coffin he took it from Egypt and he did not enter him no we could answer that but he did not enter it what is God saying to you what is God saying to me all right he died Moses but notice now did the coffin remain in the wilderness so who took over from Moses Joshua so who carried on the coffin with the embalmed bones of Joseph into the Promised Land Joshua Joshua and what does Joshua mean the word Joshua means what Savior so who took the bones into the Promised Land the Savior what is the application who would take us from here to heaven who is he my friends it's Jesus Christ the writer and notice were the bones of Joseph with them in Egypt yes was the bones of Joseph brought into Canaan did the bones typify Christ yes so who will be with us here on the earth and with us in heaven it's Joseph a type of Christ look with me Joshua let's watch carefully Joshua 24 we're going to my friends Joshua chapter 24 and look with me now at verse number 32 we were in devotion family worship and this verse stood out to us look at verse 32 or with ear my friends it says this watch carefully and the bones of whom Joseph which the Israelites brought up out of Egypt buried there in we're we will shake him in Canaan so now were the bones of Joseph now buried that means his bones did see corruption Amen my friends amen amen amen buried after a time buried buried that means it was but now question why do you think the bones were not buried why would they take the coffin now and bury it in Canaan I'm gonna wait on you why would they do that now why why the journey is over and the purpose of the coffin the embalmed bones of Joseph that purpose had met its reality do you see friends burying the coffin with the bones because now their journey was what is our journey about to come to an end so what two boxes must be traveled with talk to me now what two boxes my friends I'm going to wait on you what two boxes the ten commandments the second box boneses the journey is almost over question when we get to heaven are we going to meet evany tzer's why not will we sit there and talk about the good ol days on earth the memory will also be buried did you see that my friends we were try to speak of the trials we had on earth and all we would do is exclaim hallelujah heaven is cheap enough the coffin is buried the Ebenezer comes to an end my friend type has made an title the journey is over I look forward for that day how about you my friends but notice now in the same chapter of Joshua an appeal was made what was me and before we close today say to serve a local and save to serve online an appeal has to be made my friends look at the appeal in verse 13 Joshua 24 go to verse 11 and you went Joshua on his deathbed now wait a minute so we just covered the experience of two dying men Joseph and Joshua look at verse 11 and you went over Jordan and came unto heir Jericho and the men of Jericho fought against you last phrase last phrase verse 11 and I delivered them into your hand why what Joshua say that you were in battles before and what did God do for you he delivered you look at the first 12 and I sent the Hornet before you which trave them out from before you even how many kings the two kings circa two kings circulate two kings underscore two kings who are the two kings we will have to meet in these last days who are these two kings the union of church and state skip on down look at the first thirteen this is Anna member now this church power is the papacy and the papacy the Pope is a transgender in a spiritual sense church woman in Scripture but the Pope claims to be the head of a state as a king and he needs apostate Protestant America the two kings my friends look at verse 13 and I have given you a what a land for which you did not labor and cities which you built not you dwell in them of the vineyards and olive yard which you planted not do you not eat from has God bless you friends temporally has God protected you look at verse number 14 now therefore do what now now therefore fear the Lord what message is this from those three angels this is the first angels message fear God and give glory to him why the hour of his judgment is come and worship Him that made heaven the earth the sea the Fountains of waters why because God has done so much for you an appeal what is in verse 15 now he says verse 15 and if it seemed what now no no no Andrew no verse 14 now therefore fear the Lord and serve him in sincerity and what my friends Amen and put away what now the gods which your father's surf on the other side of the floor and in Egypt and serve you the Lord and if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord and what did Joshua say next choose you this day whom you will serve then he says as for me and my house we will serve God is the same appeal today my friends how much good has God done for you how much friends take a moment and think now think about this morning yesterday this week this past month last year what has God done for you friends don't play games with God don't play games with him it's time to put away what the strange God's will you serve Him if so reason by God's grace will you serve Him my friends what do you pants down will you serve Him even those on line will you serve Him how much good has God done for you will you serve Him it's the same appeal and then the Israelites and we will serve God and Joshua responded you cannot serve God because he will not pardon your transgression and they always wondered why would Joshua say you must serve God the people then said we will serve God then came Joshua you can stir of God like what's going on here because he would not party your transgression it hit me God was saying you can't serve Him today and so the devil tomorrow and then serve Him tomorrow and then you can go in and out with God I would you were hot not lukewarm and hear me now is the same appeal Elijah me on Mount Carmel if God be God why not serve him or serve beer seem appeal last days my friends baptism is next week and God has been moving up on some of your hearts it's time to give your all to Jesus now my friends and we need to do it when we're in comparative peace because great crises are ahead of us who will you serve pause right there is that what Joshua said in verse 15 choose you this day whom you will serve what does that word serve also me anybody knows you worship Matthew 4 Matthew 4 Jesus says thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve the appeal who will you serve or who will you worship is there such a crisis coming over worship how close are we my friends do you know right now we are seeing based on great controversy sister White says on page 587 she says clearly a son the law is coming to bring back so-called morality in society and then she said something very critical she says blue words the leaders of the sunday movement which movement the leaders of the sunday movement may advocate reforms which the people need principles which are in harmony with the Bible yet while there is with these our requirement which is contrary to God's law God serve cannot unite with them in other words the leaders were pushing the mark of the beast they will hijack moral issues in society and if you're not careful you would say Amen to them I believe the same thing morality but with the moral issue they have attached to it the Sunday law be careful she goes on to say you can have wholesome food but a little poison spoils the whole pot what if I told you the Jesuits bought this week December 29th 2017 what movement more movement the Jesuits have I jacked the abortion issue abortion listen what they said headline to end abortion what must we do we must narrow the gap between civil leaders or church and state what does history teach when church and state unite persecution for dissenters look bottom section this is America magazine a Jesuit magazine it says another way of describing this stance is to say that Jesuits are committed there what go slowly they are committed don't forget that they are committed to narrowing the gap between the current civil law of our nation and the demands off the moral law as we Jesuits understand it what day is in there moral law for worship Jesuits what days in there moral law for worship Sunday Sunday it's in plain sight for those who want to see it it says we Jesuits are committed to remove that gap between church and state and to implement elrom implement the moral law according to our understanding we can't see that my friends can you see it if you can't say Amen you can see it and that's why we need days of fasting and praying it was a Jacob when you heard Esau was coming with a band of soldiers Esau is a religious entity why he was the brother of Jacob they grew up in the same home went to the same whole church and Esau had some soldiers soldiers stay power what was Jacob found doing when he heard church and state were coming all night and it's there he got victory it was dear his faith was also increased to go forward and to meet Esau with a band of soldiers go with me now to River to chapter 18 of Revelation we were going to my friends do you remember last week we spoke about a cashless society beloved you know by now you were local and you online whenever God brings us around the same point it's because something more startling happened you caught the Bible is being fulfilled chapter 18 of Revelation look at verse 2 with me the Bible says what Babylon is what my friend's fallen is fallen and is become the habitation of devils the hold of every foul spirit the cage of every unclean and hateful bird now talk to me now in verse number three who are the ones in bed with Babylon who are committing fornication with Mystery Babylon the papacy in the primary sense who it says the kings of the earth who else who are kings see for leaders who else verse 2 come on verse 3 who else friends I could read or talk to me first three who else the merchants who are merchants who are merchants I'm running my fingers you know first if I go to China and gluttonous they know what it means India and say some they knew exactly what I'm talking about my friend the merchants are they now in bed with the papacy or they know pushing a cashless society for us under law to be enforced must the papacy control the flow of money how do we know that chapter 13 of Revelation says verse 15 to verse 17 we won't be able to want buy or sale now if you have a tangible money they can't really control you so they must eradicate paper bills what we call that the coins coins also and they must now have everything visualized why by flipping a switch they shut down your bank account watch this look at the screen this is December 25th 2017 cash maybe King but they don't care New York Times look at blue words visa who friends visa anybody have a visa in your wallet right now a Visa card somebody's gonna say pass a henryka say we must throw away our Visa credit cards or a Visa debit cards visa recently offered select merchants how much money 10,000 for depriving strong words now depriving customers of what of the right to pay by the method of their choice a visa executive described this practice the CNN as offering shoppers freedom from carrying and of course the Federal Reserve's website say businesses have the power not to accept your cash so now how are they going cashless why red words blue words you know what economy in a digital economy government and banks could what friends take control of your financial life with a thick of a switch they could leave you how so we cover that last week what is so important now who is a CEO a visa yeah I just saw your eyes now who is a see the chief executive officer of visa pushing a cashless society to deprive you of your right who is a CEO a visa if I told you he was a devout Catholic would you believe me so what if he's a Catholic if I told you he's intimately connected with Pope Francis would you believe me November 17th 2017 who is this on the Left right here with the Pope this is Alfred Alfred Kelley on the right that's why with the red Pope white Pope red Pope look at this default Catholics al Alfred Kelley and Peggy his wife Kelley or what now are supporters of the Cardinals stewardship campaign which is the annual Alfred East Smith dinner the what dinner does that ring a bell anybody does that ring a bell anybody which dinner did they invite then Donald Trump and then Hillary Clinton what dinner the last dinner the Alfred East Smith's dinner and who is also a part of that dinner the CEO of visa and it is at that dinner that publicly by their their Jesuit signs declare who the next president will be look at this in a unique honor mr. Kelley served as one as the full-time chairman a chairman of the 2015 papal visit to New York City he worked working closely with the red Pope cardinal Dolan and the United States Secret Service in planning the Pope's two-day visit do you see who this is my friends look at this now this is this article Newser this a newsletter that came out in December 2017 the forum Club of what state Southwest Florida and who is this here Alfred Kelley who is he CEO of we're visa watch carefully now here it is the same article look at this Alfred Kelley jr. CEO of visa corporation watch carefully additionally for most of 2015 mr. Kelley serve as one full-time chairman of what friends the papal visit to New York City in that capacity mr. Kelley worked how closely with Cardinal Timothy Michael Dolan and the u.s. Secret Service and oversaw how much how many all aspects of the planning those year cloud those here with our influence mr. Kelley assembled who and led a team which managed all movements and all events for Pope Francis's two-day stay in America in late September 2015 and the Pope is a Jesuit so who may we infer Alfred Killians why would he be the one chosen in America to oversee a plan to lead and to oversee all movements of the Pope in America and you are the CEO of Visa and you want to bring in a cashless society to deprive us of our right you can't see what's happening for us o passed any case you are mere alarmist friends a blind man can see that that's why we need much prayer what fasting do you remember how they have been demonizing the Jehovah's Witnesses remedy friends Jehovah's Witnesses on the screen are now caught wad extremists in Russia right amen nor that all right let's see if we can see what's coming for 70 Adventists watch carefully extremist and I wonder who is calling for the world religions and Nations to fight against extremism the Pope of Rome as we heard last week they are uprooting Jehovah's Witnesses because they refuse to go along with the doctrines of the papacy even though they themselves are in gross error why am i repeating this now when they approved your home as witnesses from Russia right and they go to other nations what may happen to them in those nations off a route and again can you see what's coming for God's command and keeping people that Christ not say similar words when they persecute you in one city what must you do flee to another and again what flee toward and you will not go on all the cities of Judah I will come that means when Christ is about to come his people are going to be uprooted movements put in place to uproot God's people you cannot be a Jehovah's Witness and meet in a building in other words if we were in Russia and we were Jehovah's with neither could we meet in a rose what's the last sentence right there headline for headline first russia's proposed law no church service outside of the governments approval skip on down last sentence it says they can't share their faith without securing government permit and they cannot evangelize read words anywhere besides where churches and other world religious sites the restrictions even apply to activity we're in private residences and online not even in their homes they can hold these church services something is happening no why must I repeat this because who just teamed up together publicly now even though it was going on behind the scenes headline the Vatican and the Russian leaders are now uniting to so-called preserve Christian to anybody who goes against the doctrines of the papacy must be booted up Daniel seven is being fulfilled verse seven verse eight being fourth then verse 25 being fulfilled why did I come here again have you ever heard of Waco we went to Dallas last year for evangelism we were we were driving on the highway my first time in Texas Dallas and we saw the big road sign Waco Waco so many miles to wake us a Waco who comes to mind when you hear we call let me tell you something there are some people right now online you profess to be Branch Davidians Shepherd rod Shepherd's rods okay listen what they're now saying this week they came up with a documentary about Waco and they did not waste any time to spread propaganda against seventh-day Adventist friends I told Hillary on my way here the propaganda machine of the papacy the Jesuits it's working it's churning it's turning it's working overtime very ver soon if you believe in dress reform you are a terrorist if you believe in health reform not eating flesh food and getting off dairy you are matters if you believe in wearing long dresses and long skirts not miniskirts and high spirit skirts you are a terrorist if you believe in country living you are a terrorist if you believe in getting away from the world and calling this work Babylon you are a terrorist and the feat that meant those people in Waco will be your fate to the tenth degree I believe Billy use put together a book called secret terrorists and I believe that this one chapter called Waco look at this Russian authorities seize what friends the churches of Jehovah's Witnesses watch carefully and then it's interesting how the Pope is silent now right the Pope is quiet when he says we are for the oppressed we stand with the marginalized so with his voice now only if they go along with his agenda look at this headline says a property Russia in Russia pretty sell-offs alternative service denials for jehovah's witnesses all right they're saying even their Bibles is an extremist text here is Waco ABC News January 2nd 2018 headline who was David Koresh X followers describe life inside the apocalyptic religious sect involved in 1993 Waco Siege watch by 1983 Koresh had joined our religious sect that call themselves the Branch Davidians a splinter group why did they have to qualify it why qualify it a splinter group of the seventh-day Adventist Church birthed the variance they have their founder a former seventh-day adventists Victor who death in 1934 Koresh fell under the tutelage of Lois Rodham who took over leadership etc when you'd have died in 1955 watch carefully now one of the things about being a Branch Davidian Shepherd's rod that that magazine they have but they're called Branch Davidians one thing about them is that you are supposed to do what to separate yourself from the world the world is the sins the flesh the desires of the world and you are supposed to be spiritual form of followers said woman had two real long blouses meaning dresses and skirts we're no makeup or jewelry if you are a Davidian or even a seven day Adventists that means you are extreme worst of all you speak about the apocalypse last the event you are dangerous to society they said Koresh would tell them where to sleep and what food they could eat sugar processed flour and dairy products were forbidden he thought that we should not eat anything from animals and they make sure to put these things out there that this type of thinking and speaking and teaching and preaching and living make you an extremist the propaganda machine they are using the press to roll these things are my friends and what came back to my mind is the same propaganda they use in a country in Africa can you tell me what that country was Rwanda in what time period the same time people of 1993 Rwanda in the East America in the West same time period so you all who claim some of you online who claim to be birth davidians you better watch out and as true and faithful seven day Adventists we need to watch out much prayer much fasting we are mark people no wonder now our standards are being lowered in our churches nothing is wrong with wearing miniskirts and high splits tight-fitting nothing is wrong with wearing make be calm go to second Kings with me go to second Kings second Kings chapter nine go there with me my friends where we going to second Kings chapter nine and look with me at verse number 30 when judgment was about to come for Jezebel what did Jesse bill do what did Jesse bill do again what big Jesse do what did she do first thirty and when Jim who was come to jest real just a bell heard of it and she painted her face and she tired or but even painting or you know here and tired her head and looked out at a window of course she met her demise on down to verse 37 what did she do Jezebel she painted her face do you mean she put on army fatigue and the black painting what does it mean that she painted her face that's mica know what company you are used what company Mabel covergirl lord have mercy friends I noticed you are some forceful say I don't put on makeup on my cheeks but they put that same stuff over there eyebrow over here and they get that rolling thing and they roll their eyes or they go to our company and they get the false eyelash and it press it on as if your eyes have whiskers are you and the Bible says all Kings let not her eyes stick you eyes if you look at verse 30 what is in the marginal reference what did she paint it says she she put paint on her eyes not only makeup on here and on here and over here on the eye eyelid above here and some for the shape of the eyebrow and there a marker a blood draw back for what that Jezebel like and soon they're gonna call us extreme and in spiritualism when you want to dress however you want a dress isaiah 4 verse 1 we will wear whatever we were where we will be whatever we want to eat just just make us be called by your name go to jeremiah with me jeremiah chapter 4 where we going to my friends jeremiah chapter 4 and that's why in our churches these standards from god's word are being lowered your word because what is happening our churches or pastors our elders our fathers do not want to get out of harmony with the world so they say nothing is wrong we will high heels women are wearing nothing is wrong with men wearing this tight fitted clothes nothing is wrong dress however you want to just it's okay it is not okay God says before I come I'm gonna send you Elijah and Elijah was instrumental in the downfall of Jezebel and we all claim Jezebel is a papacy and we are not the daughter of Babylon but you are drinking from her one cup that's why you're dressing this the same way that's why we're told in volume 1 testimonies page 128 I saw many traveling on the broad road who had the words written upon them dead to the world the end of all things are at hand there in the Broadway yet professed to be of the number traveling on the narrow way and those around them would say there's no difference between us we aren't we speak we dress alike and volume 9 testimonies page 20 sister walk page 20 and page 23 the world is watching seventh-day adventists it knows something of our high standards and when it sees those not living up to this to the standards they point to us with scorn they know seventh-day adventists Bible believing Christians don't dress that way Jeremiah chapter 4 verse 30 and when thou art spoiled what will they do though thou clothe thyself with crimson though thou darest thee with ornaments of gold that's jewelry my friends but when bands when rings those are what now ring test thy face with painting in fiends out thou make thyself fear so what were they doing in the first third of my friends they were painting their faces what is that again and what is in the margin Mossad face in the mortal what is in the reference in the margin beside face their have paint in their eyes the eyes now if you came here today well made up that's all right you did not know and if that's okay you did not know any better so this is not to condemn you so when church is over don't hide from me Amen please oh hi you did not know any better and John 3 says in your in our 70 oh you see y'all know it acts 17 verse 31 in your ignorant Godwin's verse 30 verse 31 but now when you know better what friends is calling us to what repentance to change Amen friends go back to God the Bible and the spirit of prophecy we're even told these things you put on your skin your face they have poisonous and they will cause you to have a apoplexy even strokes yes stroke my friends the devil wants to weaken the nation's here is what they said in Rwanda Catholic Bishops apologize for what friends their rule the genocide in Rwanda and what were they doing in the press those Jesuits what were they calling the Tutsis right there the media the Vatican used the media in Rwanda to spread what propaganda call the torches what my friends they call the Tutsis cockroaches Satan cursed by God serpent and the genocide broke out in Rwanda as in Africa it was going on in America it's coming again do you remember what they said about those who believe in country living look at this this is a Southern Poverty Law Center who were they talking about again in the cases of the CS a ruby red and we're Waco religious concepts such as in times prophecy millennialism and the belief that the second coming of Christ was imminent played a vital role in the recruitment what else the radicalization of those people blue words blue words or CSA members the Weaver family and who again do you see hardly working the propaganda machine friends Branch Davidians each embrace a lethal triad of end times prophecy anti-government conspiracy theories next sentence each also use their what religious beliefs to justify engaging in a prepper type activities such as such as living off the land who are they gonna call extremists very very soon friends can you see what's happening friends we are here it's time to wake up and while all of this is happening look what's happening within the seventh-day Adventist Church have you ever heard of Walla Walla Walla Walla University who wanna wanna church in Washington State who is the pastor of the church Alex Brian hello neighbors look at this headline says what my friends community winter 2018 schedule look how the work community is spelled it's a compound word now come community unity so we must unite with the community community uniting so pastor so what AB so what look at general ninth who were they inviting to the University Church who who is a chief speaker his name on top well maybe you can't see it his name who is this / is this person that's Gregory Boyle is Gregory Boyle Gregory boiler is a Jesuit not just a low profile but a high profile Jesuit in America he oversees and runs the largest rehabilitation prison institution in America a Jesuit coming to Walla Walla seventy Adventist University and Church January ninth it's getting worse right it's getting worse in our church look at this who is he mr. Greg call no man father a mr. who is he mr. Gregor Jay Boyle SJ means what Society of so-called Jesus but it's Jesuits amen look at this is the founder of homeboy Industries in Los Angeles the largest gang intervention rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world he's a high profile Jesuit in the world listen he says mr. bull entered the Society of Jesus and they put Jesuits win in 1972 and was ordained a Catholic priests in 1984 wait a minute that means you can be a Jesuit and not be ordained as a Catholic priest let that sink in let's move on he got his a master's degree at what university Loyola lastly the school in Berkeley Jesuit school look at this right here now they are going to stay well and jewelry cares we invite him because he works with the marginalized those who were incarcerated those who were in gangs and he wants to bring them back as a civilized human beings that's a good worker but that's exactly the cover of Jesuits look at the screen we have been deceived by these Jesuits page 235 great controversy red words on top the order of the Jesuits was created the most cruel the most what cruel unscrupulous and powerful of all the champions of popery skip on down blue words when appearing as members of the order they were a guard of sanctity visiting we're prisons and hospitals ministering to the sick and the poor professing to have renounce the world and burying the sacred name of Jesus red world but under this blameless exterior the most criminal and deadly purposes are often concealed does your cover cover I could just see those Jesuits laughing ha ha ha we are deceiving the old church who can nullify our mission certainly erectus and wherever their goal their phone a revival of Pope Rick look at this right here who is the president of Walla Walla there he is John McVie he must be blind spiritually my friends to allow a Jesuit to come to school who is a pastor who is he Alex Bryan and what is he wrapped up into the emerging church movement one project which is spiritualism our beloved look at this this is how influential this man is mr Boyle he received in 2017 no three Dame's 2017 later a medal what is that medal by the way look at this right here okay this it says this was established at Notre Dame in 1883 the later a medal was conceived as an American counterpart of the golden rose what is the gory Rose a papal honor that antedates the 11th century is a high profile as high profile as it gets watch this carefully now blue words keep on down it says inspired by such figures miss Teresa of Calcutta father mr. boy said the Jesuits he was started under were the animating force of his spiritual formation they are hilarious he said and they were what prophetic and I thought that's a good combo that's a combo I like I want to be joyous I want to be prophetic what prophecy are the Jesuits fulfilling the healing of that deadly wound friends and we are allowing such men to come into our institution did not see our church need prayers did not see it's time to cry aloud and spear not oh says somewhat pastor that's only one man got one Jesuit going to one school in one church Walla Walla we all know Walla Walla is bad okay let's move on what about the Sabbath School lesson guides of seventh-day Adventists which over and over again we have printed and published Jesuits so here's one man a Jesuit going to one school one church but we put in the Sabbath School lesson guide Jesuit teachings going to how many people how many people do we say are seventh-day Adventists 18 19 million look at the screen right here here he is a Leslie Jay happy in the Sabbath School lesson guide on the Keith Burton's right there my friends there is he is a Jesuit move on second not only one time move on another Sabbath School lesson guide Robert Spitzer who is he bottom right corner he is a Jesuit priest in your Sabbath School lesson god we have come from bad to worse my friends somebody has changed it's not the Jesuits God's people are a dumb dogs will bark and the people are drinking and eating from Jezebel's table no wonder they just like Jezebel an acolyte jessabelle friends we are in a crisis watch carefully watch carefully and then I stumbled upon on the actual official website of the seventh-day Adventist Church on December 16 2017 this was published by Glenn Townend listen what he says about gee if I told you Christ's in what do you think of me if I told you that Jesus had evil within him what would you think of me wouldn't you get up and walk out would you shut off your computer right now those of you online on the official seventh-day Adventist website we read the following grant out town townand he said while the above questions are significant humans have two major issues to solve what are they evil and there what two issues evil and death let's go again while the two above questions are significant humans have two major issues to solve evil and death but with evil evil we're evil within and evil without humans must serve what two issues even then what was evil evil within and evil without listening carefully now if God has any value these issues must be dealt with God's decisive intervention was Jesus God became human Jesus overcame the evil within he was four verse 15 what is that you're stunned I could see see I could sit on your faces did Christ have any evil within to overcome he overcame evil without that we're trying to come in that tries overcome evil within that Christ have a sinful nature did he take part of man's sinful nature all right what nature are we born with a sinful nature does it mean we were born a sinner no why because sin is a choice so now only when you sin what do you have within evil sin did Christ take part of our sinful nature Romans 8 yes did he sing so did he have any sin in sin with him it is not evil with him that's blasphemy and this is being published on a seventh-day Adventist official website not only must we condemn grant again respect him as a person but condemn the error in the name of Christ Jesus but who published this where are the editors where are they they're either ignorant or complicit though the first John chapter 1 where we going to my friends Christ overcame evil within and he quoted he was 4:15 what says he was 4:15 for we have not an High Priest which cannot be touched with the feelings of our infirmities but was in all points tempted as we are yet without saying from where did Christ tend to come from within or from without from without my friends this is a mere short this is Error this is blasphemy my friends give me a microphone didn't a loud speaker let the president of the GC hear this this is blasphemy and where are God's people keep eating from Jezebel's table why the church is holy everything is or go back to sleep brother stay in the boat what boat Christ is not in that boat that is not biblical that is Error gross error first John chapter 1 look at verse 5 with me are we the in verse 5 what it says let's read what it says this then is the on the score message we have one message this is the message which we have heard of him and clear on to you that God is light and in him is what my friends no no in him within it's no darkness at all hold your place in first John go to mark mark chapter 7 where going to my friends mark poor to me yes no yes yes mark 7 goes there with me within Christ over can't evil within I'm gonna share with you scripture go to mark 7 or within mark 7 look at verse 20 and tell me who have who has these within we or Christ verse 20 always here mark seven verse 20 and he said that which cometh out of the man that defiles the man what are the next three words in verse 21 for from within again for from within out of the heart of men proceed what it evil thoughts adulteries fornications murders of theft wickedness covetousness deceit lasciviousness an evil eye blasphemy pride foolishness all these evil things come from within and the father man did Christ have these things within him that blasphemy my friends that Christ overcame evil within no only man has these things not Jesus first John chapter 3 we close where we going to my friends that's why we need prayer the crisis is nearing and God's people are sleeping God's people are sleeping I make no apologies as long as God gives me breath I will lift my voice like a trumpet I will uplift Christ and His righteousness and I will expose our pastor say if you have the boldness to publish it public sin demands public rebuke what if I was in Babylon and I said you know I want to join the SDA church and I went to headquarters the official website and I read that being a Bible student I was a what of a church is this this is what I'm running from and I find Jezebel's food no I want to eat from Heaven's bakery first John first John chapter 3 look at first fool with me verse 4 with universe for whosoever does what commits sin transgresses also the law for sin is the transgression of the law verse 5 and you know that he Jesus was manifested to take away our sins and in him is no sin the Bible says my friends would you say Amen beloved that's why we can't trust preachers Jesus these are blind guides if the blind follow the blind no no no no Christ didn't see if the blind lead the blind that's not what he said if the blind lead no no no no he said if the blind if the if the blind lead the blind he said if the blind lead the blind both shall fall in the world if somebody is leading you the wrong direction what must you do make a u-turn my friends and that's why God needs self-supporting churches that people can find a place of refuge I make no apologies none whatsoever when you realize when a person dies the way how he dies he rises you would not play games with God's Word if you die outside of Christ you rise lost we cannot play games how do you wanna rise do you want to rise in Christ how must we live then in Christ do you want to live for Christ anybody online doing live for Christ in the overflow will you choose to live for Christ today in the overflow will you raise your hand right now kneel with me Father in Heaven we thank you for your words today thank you for feeding us with the experience of Joseph the embalmed bones in that coffin the Ebenezer and we must travel with two boxes the Ten Commandments in one in one and the ebon Iza in the other save us dear God very very soon we shall be the persecuted the oppressed verver soon powers will plan to uproot us and we need to make sure that we are spiritually connected to you or else we will not stand this is why this day of fasting and prayer has been called on your Sabbath those of us who are local those online Lord stir up within us a desire to be found converted a desire to be found in the right location we must be found revived and reformed regardless of how people view us and as your word says our foes our enemies will be found in our own household of faith keep your eyes upon Yuliya guard you will protect you will provide you will deliver us from bondage and bondage of sin and you will by your grace bring us into the heavenly promised land this is our hope for it is the glorious hope save us we pray in the name of Jesus Christ amen amen

Visa's CEO is Pope’s Right-hand Man. Jesuit to Preach at Walla Walla SDA University. Official SDA Website says Jesus Had Evil Within.
SDAs classed with David Koresh, Branch Davidians. Jesuits Vow to Unite Church & State to Combat Abortion. Present Truth, part 29

Look at 1:43:50. The foto is a bible with flames and a cross. Resembles conference's chosen logo over God given logo. When people will inform themselves about SDAC and see the current logo, they'll remember they've read in an article we're extremists.

Pastor I’m confused. We were born sinners according to Romans 3 verse 23.That makes us to be born sinners -(sinful nature) My question is …did Christ have a sinful nature or did He come in the likeness of sinful flesh (Romans 8:3)? Please help to enlighten us as this has been a controversial subject and up to now we did not come to a conclusion

the statement "Jesus overcame evil within" should be interpreted as "He overcame evil within His people". there is no way He could overcome sin within himself while it is well known that He is without sin.

Pastor you need to let the brethren know that the "Branch Davidian" are not the same as the "Davidian SDA".

Thank you Pastor for this preaching. Could you give me some biblical references (or maybe was it in the Spirit of prophecy) for the term ebenezer? In Gn 50.26 I see the term aron which is the same as the arch of the covenant. ebenezer means stone of help. I see what you mean, maybe in the sense of landmark. Could give me more details

Jesus did warn us that his people will go astray in the last days this is will be a sign of his soon coming so we should not be surprise yet we need to pray for them like Daniel did because the book of Ezekiel 33:11 says that God dont take any pleasure in the death of the wicked all he want that they repent and be save we need to intercede for them like Moses did asking God to remove our name form the book if they are not save that the love that God want is to have for lost soul….

Septa, South Eastern Transit Authority, is moving away from accepting cash and tokens As of Feb they will no longer accept tokens; ( which many students in the city used to use to get to shcool), you must purchase their key card, and use that to purchase your weekly/monthly trans/trail pass.

Where are the other teachers and preachers to awaken gods flock as the bible puts it they're there for their own belly. Lord have mercy on us thank you pastor Andrew for enlightening the people .God bless.

Pastor,thanks for the wonderful message..Can I ask some question, Does Satan could deceive us through dreams?

I absolutely love your sermons, this is the true spiritual food for the present time! May God bless you and your family.

I believe this bitter winter is symbolic of the bitter cup we must all endure before reaching the heavenly promise land. It also symbolizes the shift from religious freedom back into the cold cruel grip of the Roman Catholic Church.

God commands us now Only be thou strong and courageous. The Great Persecution is at the door. And Like God commanded Joshua prior to the horde of battles he would face in order to reach the earthly promise land. God is empowering and commanding his soldiers now to Only be strong and of good courage. There is no room for weakness and fear. Only Be thou strong and courageous, that thou Mayest observe according to all the law, which my servant Moses commanded thee: turn not from it to thy right hand or to the left, that thou Mayest prosper withersoever thou goest. People of the Almighty God, We our headed into persecution, But God will be with us. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established ( 2 Corinthians 13:1-10) . This message was confirmed by three witnesses , Take heed. Take heed unto yourselves that you love The Lord God with All your Heart. Get rid of all idols Today . Cleave to the Almighty God which made heaven and earth and all that therein is. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him ( James 1:5) . Choose ye this day whom you will serve but as for me and my house WE Will Serve The Lord. Pray and meditate upon Joshua chapter 1, 23 and 24 deeper messages hidden within to prepare our minds for the battles ahead of the heavenly promise land. Let us all Cleave to the Father forevermore. Peace and Love. Stay blessed in Christ Jesus.

Davidians are creepy; I know so because of a family: the – wife [a deaconess (working in a gambling joint and smokes) husband (elder) were SDAs; they tried to recruit me into Davidianism and they tried unsuccessfully to sell "Houteph replaced Sr. White" and that "Houteph is the Branch and not Jesus" nonsense to me.

As usual- A wake up call to prepare to depart. We are pilgrims. We can only fix our eyes on Jesus Christ alone and on no Universities or conferences otherwise we miss the path to the New Jerusalem. Thanks to God who is using you mightily. Be blessed

The Sabbath serves the same purpose today as did the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. A prohibition is laid upon it, that we may not use it for our own pleasure. One must be an anarchist at heart who deliberately flaunts at the sacredness of the Sabbath, or sneers at any other distinct revelation of the law of God. We need more of His saving grace to keep the hours holy.

Grace and peace to YAH our FATHER and our Lord Jesus Christ. I love what you and your wife are doing. I may not agree with every doctrine that you believe but praise JAH our disagreement is not essential to our salvation. We both keep the 10 Commandments, but I keep the 7 Feasts and you do not. But in the fullness of time you will. Keep up the good work. May YAHWHEH bless you and your family for the remainder of your lives.


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