We’ve now been in this bar for the better part of four hours. We’re the resident bar flies. It’s been pretty fun. I’m surprised we haven’t been kicked out yet, honestly. Cheers, guys. Welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now, we’re about to embark on an adventure all the way across the Pacific Ocean to Seoul, Korea. We’re flying on the A380 Airbus, the largest passenger plane in existence in the world. Each one costs almost a half billion dollars. It’s a double decker, and we’re up top. We’ve never flown on it, and we’re flying business class. It’s going to be fun. Let’s get onboard. Gentlemen, Vagabuddies, we should explain why we’re going to South Korea and what we’re doing. We’re going to be speaking at a conference, the MBN Forum, and we’re going to be talking about following your dreams and turning your passion into a career. We should explain beforehand that we’re not going to be alone. We’re traveling with our buddy, Carlos, best friend in high school, super talented cinematographer, and he’s going to be helping us shoot for this week. I try. It should be noted that Alex and Carlos had a dream back in high school of making a travel show where they went around hostels and stuff, right? This is kind of like…… Dude, we’re doing it, Bro. We’re doing it. This is interesting…. I don’t know if it’s a fact or scientifically true, but I’ve heard it from reputable people; if you consume alcohol about half an hour prior to departing, you’re still at ground level, the elevation gain in taking off and flying actually increases how intense the alcohol is to your system. If you get two double Jack and Cokes twenty minutes before you take off, an hour into the flight, you may as well have had five of them. Airplane Hack 101: If you feel like drinking on the plane, drink before take off, and you will be set. I love the color scheme. It reminds me of home. I think we spilled our guava juice. They handed us two towels. Mark thought it was for his face. It’s totally covered in cleaning fluid. An extra Clorox clean. There we are. Feeling especially greasy. Try our Clorox Clean Meals are served in the seats, right? Yes. But then this is a bar right here? Yes. You take the stairs down. behind the lounge, and then this is a duty free shop. Amazing. We’ve finally taken off. This is such a huge plane, and we just cruised right through this massive storm, and we’re above it now…pretty awesome to see the clouds coming over the wingtip, and now it’s 14 hours of smooth sailing to Korea. All I know is that once they take off this fasten seatbelt sign, I’m going to the bar. I’m starting off with the Korean specialty, Bibim-Bap I’m so bad at pronouncing it. All I know is its a bowl with some meat and some seasonal vegetables. I’m going to put some hot pepper paste and sesame seed oil. Good. We’re going to eat some really good food on this trip. Also going to eat some really crazy food. Do you know what a penis fish is? Teaser. We got our first meal, and we’ve got nine hours left on this flight. Going to take a nap and have another meal and then party. Bar is in the back. We are about five hours away from Seoul, and it’s time for the next meal. We have some ramen, some Udon noodles and it looks really good. Right now we’re sitting in the bar area of the upper deck of the plane. There’s a whole Absolut sponsored bar, I guess. Its got a bunch of vodka cocktails. And its got a lounge area. I honestly feel it’s the first time, like a throw back to the golden days of Pan Am in the 1970s, super LUX travel. We’re going to get a cocktail and just sit here and enjoy this experience. I think I’m going to do the Absolut Pear Deluxe because it’s in a highball glass, and how often are you drinking at a bar, standing up 30,000 feet in the air? Highball at high altitude. We are three cocktails deep. This bar is awesome. We’re just sitting here hanging out. There’s a full library with Monocle magazine and free cocktails. I have to say that this is the most pampered we’ve ever felt. I thought I was signing up for 14 hours of pain, displeasure, and agony. But we’re here with an Abolut menu and Monocle. We’re intellectually intoxicated. Well, we landed in Seoul. That was an awesome flight. Really cool experience and just the first day here in Korea. It’s actually night, and we’ve only been here two minutes. Stay tuned guys. We’re going to be doing a lot of cool stuff in the next couple days here in Seoul, so…….. Stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys in South Korea. It’s going to be fun. Peace. You’re good, Dude. Don’t worry. We’ve got it. We’ve got it. Boom. We were brotherly rivals, as different as night and day. Ten years ago YouTube was not a place where you could make a living. It was….

this plane looks insane! it must've been a great experience to travel in something so modern and unique at the same time

Awesome! Do you guys, plan what kind of series you will make kinda beforehand or it comes when reviewing and editing footage? 🙂

Very excited for this series! The travel bug is hitting hard! Also, great to meet you both at Carrie's yoga event!!

Awesomeness. I don't think I'd want to get off that flight. Well except that landing in Korea sounds pretty sweet. Definitely looking forward to this series.

Hey Vagabrothers. I hope you will consider visiting Georgia (Europe), since it really is a hidden gem in this world, almost untouched by tourism. The old and unique culture and the astonishing caucasus mountains are the main reason to go there. I plan on traveling there after the summer or maybe next year, and it'll be really amazing to see a video about the country, made by you! 🙂
By the way, the youtube channel Geography Now! has made a really good video covering everything to know about the country! 🙂

"All I know is as soon as they say turn off the seat belt sign I'm going to the bar" -Marko.
Lmbo I'm so with you on that 😁

Great video!! Im loving the latest videos! Although I dont have a lot of time to watch them because I am in Erasmus in Poland!

I don't think I'd ever willingly watch and enjoy a video of people on a 14 hour flight. But here I am

Awesome experience! I've been lucky over hundreds of flights to get business class long hauls a few times, but nothing like that! I think the only one that tops it, might be the old days in the Concord from NYC to Paris.

Excellent. I felt the fun you were having. At first I thought your friend was Jim Carey but you must hear this all the time. I hope you had fun during this very tense time in S. Korea and I look forward to seeing all of your adventure. Cheers, Colin!

I look forward to the day I have the opportunity to fly upper deck in a 380. I have flown a long-haul business seat before and it was great. No bar, though. That makes me jealous. I love Korea so I'm looking forward to your vlog series.

Wow you guys live the dream to be traveling so much. if I could choose stuff or experiences I would choose experiences. and it would be a dream to be a traveling musician and form a band so keep it up guys 👌✨

– Nuts. I was on a giant cruise ship the other day…held like 3,500 people, and it was $550M to build. Nuts to think of the price on this beast!

Ohhh woow this is so awesome!!!! Shame that I couldn't see you guys in Korea! Hope you guys had a good time in Korea!

Great video as always.
I am looking for a new multipurpose lens for travelling with the Sony A6000, any recommendations? Your shots are incredible. It's crazy you don't have 1,000,000 subscribers.. honestly.. it's weird how few subscribers travel vloggers have, which sucks as the content of these videos are killer!

I can't never afford to use that airline but I've heard it's really good, even economy class! Hopefully your trip was fantastic. I'v heard the fine dust in Korea is a serious issue at the moment.

Mennnn! The same way of travelling that I used to on my channel 😅😅😅😅 lucky you guys! I hope to be like this some day!

Did you fuckers like inherit $15million dollars or sum'n? How the hell do y'all find the money and unlimited time to just travel the world & shit?! Must be nice 👍🏼

hey there I am new to your channel …I really love traveling!!! and by the way which software you use to make this full video?? I want to make mine too!!

5:50 udon noodles hilarious haha!
And OMG why didnt I know you guys were speaking at MBN Y? I would have attended the forum… :c
Will there be a video of your speech? Please say yes!

This is dope. Nothing like a creative restriction 🛩 Have you bros done the Transsiberia yet? It's 7 days of train compartments, snow and mucho vodka, and It's totally of the Vaga vibe 🔥

Still the best travel vlog on YouTube. Wish there would be a bit more quantity those fellas. But the quality is all there

That looks like the absolute best way to kill time on a long flight! If only we could all afford to fly business 😛

I don´t know how you guys can survive such long flights I can barely get through the flights from Madrid to Boston and that´s only 7 hours!

Another fantastic video guys! Never knew a bar was on that jet. And the food looks amazing. Btw, not sure if it's the 4K, but you guys gotta start wearing sunscreen! 🙂 Just friendly advice from a redhead!

Flying prestige class looks like a dream! hopefully one day I get the chance myself. great content you guys! keep it up !

Carlos is such a frat boy haha "I don't know if this is true, but if you consume alcohol before you get on a plane… you totally get hammered bro"

Is that seriously Royal Dog? 😱😱 I just talked about him in my presentation in history of art! Ai ama, me arranco el alma, i just fucking love his series about black women in hanbok! 😍😍😍😍

I love the A380! I had the chance to travel several times on board with either British Airways, Emirates and Air France. So quiet!

Please keep up the great work Vagabrothers! I'm watching your Europe episodes every single day to plan my winter trip but it's amazing you've also been to my home country.


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