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Audience: [applause and cheers] SR: Hello, Sid Roth here, welcome to my world, where it’s naturally supernatural! You know, because of lack of knowledge, greed,
and self-serving fundraising, many Believers have turned their back on believing for biblical
prosperity. Remember, the word prosperity includes wealth,
but also things that even money can’t purchase! It includes good health, peace, good families. We all want this kind of prosperity, but many
have “thrown the baby out with the dirty bathwater”. My guest proves from Scripture that God wants
us to prosper in every area of our life! Ready for this kind of prosperity? [chuckling] Next on “It’s Supernatural!” Audience: [applause and cheers]
[music] Announcer: Is there a supernatural dimension? A world beyond the one we know? Can we tap into ancient secrets of the supernatural? Can our dreams contain messages from Heaven? Is God ready to bring a tsunami wave of healing
onto planet Earth today? Sid Roth has spent over 40 years researching
the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of “It’s Supernatural!” Audience: [applause and cheers]
SR: I’m here with Joan Hunter, and uh, Joan and I had dinner last night, and Joan is telling
me one recent miracle after another, after another! Tell me one a recent miracle. JH: It was so exciting. I went in, this guy came up to the front,
and he hobbled up to the front. He said he had had his rotator cuff removed,
and there was a big gaping hole there. SR: Wow! JH: And so I laid my hands on it, because
see, instead of just the pain go, we need to pray for, you know, re-creative miracles! So I said, “In the name of Jesus, I speak
a new rotator cuff”. Under my hand came this new rotator cuff. It was amazing. And then I prayed for his neck and his back. He got healed, he got his height back, and
then he walked he was able to walk back to his seat, and he was going [excitedly] woo! SR: [laughs]
JH: with his arm! Audience: [laughs, applause and cheers]
JH: It was great! SR: Uh, you know you see Joan Hunter, she’s
so, up, she’s happy, she’s fulfilled! Uh, but it wasn’t always that way. Joan knows what it’s like to be in need. Her husband was a pastor who was unfaithful,
he walked out on them, and uh, she had children. She gets cancer, she’s doesn’t have money,
for food, she’s penniless. Uh, you can’t get any lower than that! But Joan, I knew your parents, and your mother
wasn’t a Jewish mother like my mother, but she acted like a Jewish mother! JH: [chuckling] Yes, she did! SR: She was [laughs]
JH: [laughing] That’s the truth! SR: [laughing] she was taking care of everything! Why didn’t you just pick up the phone and
say, “Mom, help!” JH: “Help!” SR: [laughs]
JH: [laughs] Audience: [laughs]
SR: Why didn’t you? JH: I reached for the phone one night and
I can remember this is as if it was last night. I reached for the phone, and I said… God spoke
to me. He says, “You can trust them, or you can trust
Me. It’s time you grew up.” I put the phone back down, and God showed
up, like I mean I it raised my level to knowing, that God will take care of me. SR: Give me give me an example. JH: Well, for example, I had, one night I
was coming home from work, and I walked, in the house, and I had left the house neat that
morning. I walk in, I could hardly see what was going
on. I get closer to the back part of the house,
and there was like 30 to 50 bags of groceries that I don’t even know where
SR: 30 to 50? JH: Yes.
SR: bags? JH: I mean bags!
SR: Did you get that? JH: So many bags of groceries, that couldn’t
fit in the fridge, couldn’t in the pantry. The [chuckling] Mother Hubbard’s wood cupboard
was bare, but it was totally completely filled. And they even brought toilet paper, shampoo,
and everything that a house full of girls needed. Audience: [applause]
JH: It was incredible, was what God did. SR: Hmm! And if I’m understanding you right, you didn’t
say, “Pray about giving me some money.” JH: It was so incredible with what God did,
because God showed up. And the Word says, “My God is going to supply
all of my needs, according to His riches in glory”. Not my job, but HIS riches in Glory. And two people depend on their job to be their
support, and that limits God from all these other blessings, because the Word, once again,
different Scriptures say, “the blessings of God are running and overtaking me!” And all these, you know, checks were coming
in the mail! You know I had one guy send me a check, he
says, “Here’s my food bill for 2 weeks. I’ll go without food before you and your girls
go without food.” That’s a friend. Audience: [applause]
SR: You have a passion now because of what you have been through, to let people really
get it, that God is your source! JH: Um-hm. Well see, one thing that’s kind of interesting
is I’ve been poor in my life, and I’ve “po'”. See, po’, you can’t even afford the other
o. SR: [laughs]
Audience: [laughs] JH: [chuckles] That’s when you gotta dig out
of garbage cans. When, you know, mom and my brother, we would go, and we would go to garbage
cans at grocery stores in order to get out enough, you know, disgusting fruit, to go
home and make a bowl of fruit out of that. I know what it’s like to be po’. And then in the year 2000, when my life everything
shifted. We lost the church, we lost our home, we lost
everything, lost the marriage. And then that at that point I was poor, in
the natural I was poor. And I ain’t poor no more, hallelujah, Glory
to God. Audience: [applause]
JH: [laughs] SR: Well, you teach that there’s a better
benefit-package than the government. It’s God’s benefit-package. JH: Um hmm!
SR: Explain that. JH: We went on a cruise with mom and dad,
and uh, years obviously years ago and this guy came out when we were leaving the boat. I said, “We really missed you at dinner”,
you know, at the meals we had together, and he says, “I could only afford the cruise.” Well, part of his benefits package of the
cruise, it talked about how that there’s you get all these meals, 24/7, food is available
to you. He didn’t know it, he didn’t read it. He got on the boat, and ate his cheese and
crackers for a week, because he didn’t know what was in there. And see, when I go to Heaven, I want God to
say, “You used all My benefits, you shared them with everybody, and people started walking
in that.” But there’s too many people, when they go
to Heaven, that God’s going to say, “I had so much more for you, but you didn’t read
about it in My Word. You didn’t read about it in my benefits package. I had so much more for you.” SR: Joan says that many Believers don’t know
how to position themselves for God’s blessings. Let’s discuss that when we come back. Audience: [applause and cheers]
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SR: Now most people don’t understand, when the word prosperity is used, yes, it does
include money. You can’t function in this life without money,
but biblical prosperity covers so much more. Explain that, Joan. JH: Well there’s a Scripture that says, “Beloved,”
I wish above all things “that you may prosper”, well that’s great there’s no period there,
“and be in health”, yeah for that, there’s still no period there, but it ends with, “even
as your soul prospers.” And it’s not just financial blessings, but
blessings in your health, blessings in your soul, blessings in everywhere you go. SR: And you also say most of us don’t know
how to position ourselves for biblical prosperity. JH: And I totally agree with that, I have
seen it so much. We too many people have a poverty mentality,
poverty mindset. We need to get kingdom thinking in here. And God loves blessing us, but we have to
get into a position, to knowing, that God desires to bless us. He desires to just pour out His incredible
blessings, once again, in every area of our lives. SR: You use this word a lot, where does expectancy,
how does that fit into this whole equation? JH: Big time. Major important, because we must raise our
level of expectancy: That God wants to bless us, and that He is going to bless us, and
these all these other areas, and that we SR: is it what, like Jesus said, “According
to your faith”? We might also substitute the word, “According
to your expectancy”? JH: Absolutely. SR: If in fact, I think I understand that
word [chuckling] a little better than even the word faith! Accord that’s easy to grasp! JH: Um hmm!
SR: “According to your expectancy”! JH: Because what God wants to do is, the Word
says that He wants us to “give into every good work.”That takes a lot of finances in
order to do that. And the Word says “everything we put our hand
to do” shall prosper! Yes financially, but other areas too! He will give us witty inventions, on our
job, and I, you know, so forth and so on. But it talks about that, you know in Jeremiah
29:11, He has got great “plans for us”, to “prosper us”, to “bless us”, in every area
of our lives! Audience: [applause]
JH: Okay! SR: Tell me a few of the other areas that
are included in prosperity. JH: Oh, prosperity, of the soul, as it talked
about in 3rd John, that He wants “our soul to prosper”, which is life, and “life abundant”
in every area! It’s not just… Abundance just isn’t money,
it’s it’s happiness, and joy, and fulfillment, and children, your grandchildren, your relationships
with everybody, you know. And then your mind oh Lord, you know. Everybody needs to have “the mind of Christ”,
to say the least, but we’ve got all this stuff going on in confusion, because of the trauma
of dealing with finances, and it can bring on headaches and migraines, so forth and so
on. And so but God wants to give us peace of mind! You know debt is the number one cause of divorce
in America, that’s really sad! So, when you get debt free, supernaturally
and you can that when you get debt free, it’s amazing what it will do in a marriage! It oh! you’ll sleep a whole lot better too,
you know! And you’re not wondering, “Well how am I going
to pay the house payment?” You’re going to be thinking, you know, “Where
can I give all this money?”, praise God, because it says, once again, “give into every good
work”! And the thing is, is all these things, it
will give you peace in your heart! Food will taste better, because if you’re
stressed and traumatized over finances and life, that as it goes down, it causes turmoil,
and so it brings health and wholeness into your body! And even the stress over things of life yes,
finances, but every area can bring on strokes and heart attacks! And so it’s very important that He is a giver
of peace! He is a giver of peace of mind! He is a… Definitely He is love, because
“God is love.” SR: How is how does this work with our families? How what’s prosperity in our families, to
you? JH: Prosperity in our families is when there
is love. There is so much love in our in my family,
for sure. But God loves to just pour out His love, heal
relationships, because if there’s a strange situation between you and your child, God
wants to restore that. God wants to restore your heart. I had broken heart syndrome. I got healed of broken heart syndrome. I had cancer, and all these things. I got healed of cancer, when my heart got
healed! And, there was a, you know, tumultuous time
after the divorce, and whose fault and all this other kind of stuff, but God has restored
my relationship with all of my girls. God wants to restore the family. There is absolutely nothing
Audience: [applause] JH: I mean, I there’s nothing He doesn’t want
to restore that will help us. SR: And when I think about you, I think about
physical healing! To me, it’s not very prosperous having cancer,
or high blood pressure, or diabetes. You see people healed all the time of these
things! JH: [chuckles] I do! And I’ve even had a problem years ago I had
a problem with my thyroid, had an enlarged goiter, and I thought, “Okay, God,” you know,
“in the name of Jesus, I just speak a brand new all new thyroids, command the goiter to
go”, and it went [whoost], you know. And then my daughter who’s now a doctor, I
said, “I’m really tired”, she says, “I think you’ve blown out your adrenal glands.” I said, “Where are my adrenal glands?” She says, “On top of the kidneys”, so I took
my thumbs, went behind my back, put them on the adrenal glands. I said, “In the name of Jesus, I speak new
adrenals!” And trust me, to do what I do, I gotta have
good adrenal glands, Glory to God, SR: [chuckles]
JH: [chuckling] for sure! Audience: Amen! [applause]
SR: Now Joan has been teaching that there are it’s God’s desire for us to “prosper and
be in good health”. It’s God’s desire for us not to put up with
sickness, and family problems, and financial problems. But there are blockages! And if you can identify and remove these blockages,
then, you will walk in biblical prosperity. Be right back. Audience: [applause and cheers]
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Announcer: We now return to It’s Supernatural! Audience: [applause and cheers] SR: Uh, you know, Joan, when you teach about
biblical prosperity, when people read your books on biblical prosperity, there’s almost
like it seems as though, to me uh, you clarify this. It’s almost like the favor and the expectancy
and the faith that you have for this, jumps out on other people!
JH: It is so contagious. It is so contagious. And I will point to people and say, “God wants to point to you as an
example of His incredible wealth, favor, and kindness in all He’s done for you through
Christ Jesus.” God wants to point to me as an example of
all that He’s done, with wealth and favor and everything. And when you understand that this is what
God wants, He wants to use you as an example to others about God’s blessing and prosperity. He wants you to have a car that you can get
to church without praying over it for it to start! Audience: [chuckles]
JH: He wants you to pray over people when you get to church, or wherever you get to. And and this is what’s so important, is that
it is very contagious. Because I know I had the choice, in the year
2000, to stay where I was, on barely get along street, and I opted to go to the streets that
are lined with gold, according to His Word. Audience: [applause]
JH: And hallelujah. SR: Joan, there’s another thing that happens:
Just supernatural manifestations of money are attracted to people, when what you share
jumps on them. JH: I
SR: Uh, give me some examples. JH: I this lady was writing out an offering
check the other day, and so she was writing it out, and I said, “Now tomorrow,” this is
Friday night 8:00, “tomorrow, check your bank accounts, because some of you may have received
supernatural finances!” So she sat there, she wrote she checked her
bank account, there was an additional $4,000 that came in at 8:00 at night, on Friday,
in her bank account, SR: Hmm! JH: cash that doesn’t happen, okay. It just showed up while she’s writing out
an offering check. That’s awesome. I had another lady that just sent me word
a year ago she gave in the offering, because God loves to bless your offerings, and gave
in the offering. And uh, and so the Canadian Revenue equivalent
of United States I.R.S. called she and her husband in, and they said, “We need to speak
with you.” Well, you know, most people would walk in
and say, “Here, just chain me up”, you know, take me off. But they said that they had gone over their
records from 1986 now this testimony is from 19, I mean 2017. From 1986, they found that
there was a glitch, and they owed her $6,000, Audience: [applause]
JH: and they gave it back to her, a check that day. 1986, the I.R.S. and the Canadian Revenue
they’re done forgot about that one, they’re going to let that one go under the rug, you
know what I mean? And then and then I prayed, and I said, “God,
there’s a Scripture that says, 45:3, and it says, “I will show you”, uh, Isaiah 45:3,
“I will show you hidden treasures, riches” that you don’t even know about”! And so I thought okay God, this is riches,
in the area of teaching of trauma, cellular memory, stress, etc., but then in addition
to that, I said, “God, is there any hidden treasures?”, which refers to finances, “Is
there any hidden treasures?” And so I got a letter in the mail, and it
said, “You do not owe any taxes on your property in downtown Houston” [chuckles] no joke! [pshew]
Toss that. And I came back from a trip, pulled it out,
and I thought I’m going to follow up on this. I sent a certified letter, found out that
my dad left me 2% in some land in downtown Houston. Glory to God, that just got cashed in this
year hallelujah! Audience: Wow! [applause]
SR: So, if I’m understanding you right, Joan, you could pray that over our audience! JH: Yes! Audience: [applause and cheers]
SR: Right now, look in the camera, and pray that. JH: Yes. Yes. I love praying for, a financial breakthrough. Father, right now, in the name of Jesus, as
we have seen and even heard miracles happening in finances and our bodies, right now, in
the name of Jesus, I speak what I am sharing with you, to literally jump through the screen
at you, so contagious, that you’re going to have the revelation that, “Yes, I deserve
to be blessed! God desires to bless me! And I am going to investigate what’s in my
benefits package”, which is your Bible, “and all”, which is inclusive of everything, excluding
nothing, “all that God has planned for me.” So, Father, I thank You that their “eyes of
their understanding are being enlightened” to all that You have for them today, and incredible,
supernatural financial breakthrough coming. Money that they don’t know that’s owed to
them, Father, I speak a release of that, now, in Jesus’ name. Raises, promotions, different things like
that, money coming from all kinds of odds and ends places. And understand this happens to me, and I have
the anointing to speak and send it to you, right now, in Jesus’ name, for that breakthrough
to happen, to you, in Jesus’ name. Audience: [applause]
JH: Hallelujah! SR: You know, Joan, when people talk about
prosperity, whether it’s physical healing, family healing, financial healing, they never
talk about holiness, they never talk about hidden sins, these are major blockages! JH: Um hmm!
SR: Explain. JH: Uh, sin can, you know, separate us from
God, and the blessings of God. And also worry. And I was worried, worried, worried in the
years, like 1998, ’99, worried about what He was doing. SR: is that why Jesus says, “Worry for nothing”? JH: Right. SR: [chuckles]
JH: And what will it do you? You know, “Cast all your cares on Me”. There’s dozens of Scriptures that tell you
don’t worry! But it when you’re in the midst of a situation,
you know, how can I how can I financially take care of the girls and I, when I didn’t
even have enough to take care of me? And how can I do this? Worry, worry, fear, fear. Fear is the opposite of faith, and that worry
was consuming me, in a lot of other areas. And I teach let’s get to the root, what’s
brought on the sickness, what’s brought on the poverty, what’s brought on the lack, what
has brought on problems in marriages, in homes, etc., what’s brought on the digestive
you know, problems and so forth. Let’s get to the root of that, which could
be trauma, it can definitely be, sin, definitely worry, fear. SR: I’m going to leave you with one thought,
and it’s a thought that God gave Joan Hunter. I want you to ponder this: Victory is just
a choice. Audience: [applause and cheers]

I watch me a lot of Sid, I love his out of the orthodox box thinking, yes I know its unorthodox just a little play on words. My granny is 88 years old and broke her hip not long ago and we don't get to go out for church but we live by the words wherever two or more gather ….This is a house of GOD…

If you believe what this reprobate is preaching it is most likely because you have the mark of the beast.

I need breakthrough blessing healing delivrance financial miracle and prophetic work ins this new year for me and my family


Let Me Say I Have Been Blessed By Yu Sid Roth & Joan Hunter As I Say Our Great Almighty God is Our Greatest Supplier of Our Riches As Said in Phillippians Chapter 4 Verse 19 and Even in Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 23-33 That We Should Not Worry What 2 Eat or Drink As I Say God Bless Yu Sid Roth as I Say I Receive it in Our Great Lord Jesus Christ Mighty Name.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

I love your shows but why is it that every time I want to learn something from the people on your show I have to buy something why don't they teach you how

We need to start seeing factual medical evidence to prove these bone and muscles replacements actually happened. That way you can prove it's not a lie and you guys are not just after money

Please be careful folks what you believe. If it sounds really good always research it. Find The real truth. Decern it. God's Ways are his ways, his Thoughts aren't our thoughts.

I need a prayer I have not working for more than two months and I am mother of five .my head is about to blow by stress.

Glory be to God I pray Father God that you Will bless all my brother's and Sisters here reading this don't forget me Lord may we always be worthy to stand before you my king love you daddy Jesus 💗💗💗

Most of us do not attack people's faith. I, for an example, like people believing in any god or gods; provided such believes do not cause harm to even one person. I, thus, suggest to Mike to educate believers about what non-Christians think of and feel about people who believe in a god. Alas, Mike, instead of making believers less fearful and hurt, he increases them by adducing a mere belief or conclusion; which can be proved to be an error. But nearly all clergy are scaring already scared people by well known untruths, threats, demonization, hell, demons, other spooks. Too bad we cannot jail these people if they continue to lie so brazenly. They jsut never cease causing trouble for everyone. According to NT scribes [who never had the chance to read God's first ever writings], Satan, demons, bad spirits, bad angels were not atheists or agnostics. And not only that, these entities actually knew God existed and not merely believed God existed. This may be one of the reasons why the clergy does not ask their proteges to pray to God to destroy or burn Satan, all demons, bad spirits, bad angels? But note please that also Satan may 'live' in a timeless and in a totally dark God's 'domain'. Scribes have no yet told us, as far as i know where Satan [other spookie spooks] 'reside'.
An aside, presumably, God's 'dominion' may or may not be limitless. Scribes are silent about this very important 'event. Btw, the words under single quotes denote that such entities do not exist; for they cannot be seen. And God 'living' in an 'area' which he may share with Satan– and which is in total darkness-cannot ever find Satan; nor can Satan/spooks ever see God. So, how can Satan/spooks know God exists? They cannot—al they can do is to merely believe or not believe God exists. To further addle the babble, the scribes say that Satan does come to Earth and change his shape to an angel and as such, able to steal from God his his own chosen people. To make matters worse [more so for clergy than believers], God still refuses to pay all the bills for all of his people. ====== According to NT scribes [who never had the chance to read God's first ever writings], Satan, demons, bad spirits, bad angels were not atheists or agnostics. And not only that, these entities actually knew God existed and not merely believed God existed. This may be one of the reasons why the clergy does not ask their proteges to pray to God to destroy or burn Satan, all demons, bad spirits, bad angels? But note please that also Satan may 'live' in a timeless and in a totally dark God's 'domain'. Scribes have no yet told us, as far as i know where Satan [other spookie spooks] 'reside'. An aside, presumably, God's 'dominion' may or may not be limitless. Scribes are silent about this very important 'event. Btw, the words under single quotes denote that such entities do not exist; for they cannot be seen. And God 'living' in an 'area' which he may share with Satan- and which is in total darkness–cannot ever find Satan; nor can Satan/spooks ever see God. So, how can Satan/spooks know God exists? They cannot—al they can do is to merely believe or not believe God exists. To further addle the babble, the scribes say that Satan does come to Earth and change his shape to an angel and as such, able to steal from God his his own chosen people. To make matters worse [more so for clergy than believers], God still refuses to pay all the bills for all of his people.

Helo sir Sid
While ma'am joan was praying for financial I prayed Nd close my eyes I see white dress blowing coming to me ..I know IAM blessed thanks ma'am joan and sir Sid is. So blessed.



I really do hate the adds on this show, why can't the person being interviewed just tell you how they achieve the success they accomplished without having to sell it to you ? I've been praying for financial miracle for a while now, but God is silent.

Here's one for you , I watched one of Joans older videos about this and I applied this with a few small checks [ I already give because im full of compassion , and I give when im struggling with money too ] so last November I was expecting to pay my cable bill of $130.00 and they never sent bill , so I looked up online my account and due pay was 0 , so this had to be supernatural……then the bill started again in December….. so I am buying these products today

Many people, when they are on a roll, forget about their ROCK. THE TRUE ROCK! No Thank You. You can have your prosperity. When I didn't have a coat, GOD provided a good one, guided me to a good one, and then gave me two good coats, along with good sweaters. When I didn't have a phone, GOD alone shone me where to get one. When I didn't have a car, GOD, my GOD alone put it in somebody's heart to give me one. GOD loves me and knows I like it better this way. Like the Israelites in the desert depending on GOD for their needs day by day. I like praying to GOD, and seeing how awesome GOD is providing for my needs, rather than making more money.

About a year ago, I only had $30 in my bank account. On my way to work I said to God " God, I only have $30 and I have to put gas and buy groceries for the week, I do not know how you are going to do it, but I know you will do something!". That same day, after I got off from work, I stopped by a gas station and as soon as I turned off the engine, I see a guy running towards me saying please do not be scare. I was confused but when he finally approached me he said" I want to pay for your gas!" I was shocked. A few hours earlier I was praying and then a guy out of nowhere filled my gas tank. God is truly amazing!!

Amen I thank the lord my god for all he has done for me he rescued me 15 years ago an replaced craziness in my life with peace joy love he has meets my every need and I no he’s always there for me thank u my lord god u give me more than I deserve

Amen… Ps23 God is my shepherd and I lack nothing. Thank you Lord for your amazing dunamis benefits package. I believe. I receive.

I receive all of God’s benefits and a new house and promotion so I can help more people in Jesus name. Amen

Another way to be financially blessed is by BLESSING THE HOUSE OF GOD. Give 10% of your total salary as "Tithing" to the church every month and you will never ever be poor. Tithing is something my family has always done since the time we became proper Christians and my family has never lacked anything, we have never been short on money but always blessed in everything. My uncle used to pull out a bunch of notes from his wallet and put in the church collection bag without even counting it. He's an old man today, retired many many years ago but financially still very blessed

Thank you Joan Hunter , 6 January was my Birthday.
I was about to turn off youtube , after consuming about 4 Videos of Sid-Roth and something said listen to one more.
You just blessed me with what i wanted to hear , I once received half a million transferred in my bank account in 2005 when my business needed it .
I can attest to the fact that God wants to help us in every-way
Gaven Malope
South Africa / Sandton

I receive the same anointing/ impartion as this blessed woman of God! Will come back with my testimonies!
God bless The Supernatural show family so today's guest; woman of God!

i love Joan Hunter and the Wisdom of God in her.
Thank you Brother Sid. You are totally amazing in how you have been consistent with your ministry interview show. So so encouraging with potent testimonies. Thanks from my heart from Kenya.

Pray for me…. I need a supernatural financial breakthrough and debt cancellation in Jesus' name.

Romans 8:28 (KJV)
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don't understand
When we don't see His plan
When you can't trace His hand
All we have left is to trust His Heart.

Joan Hunter was so mean, rude and disrespectful to me! I could not imagine what in Gods name would make her think that this was okay, she being christian and supposed to be a holy example etc.? She even had a lot of anger! Is there anyone else who had experienced this or even care to admit that there is another side to her?

When you tell God you DESERVE to be blessed you are sounding very much like New Age.
Show scripture where it says this please.

God surely is a good provider! I've seen him work in in my husband and our families life in Mighty ways.

But I want to share 2 testimonies from my pastor that he loves to share to encourage the church to believe and Jehovah-Jireh , our provider.

Testimony 1
My pastor used to own his own business before he was saved, and shortly after he was saved. Because of this he was a wealthy man. But once he got saved and began to grow in his faith, the Lord told him to close his business and follow him. He called him to be a pastor and to be in full-time Ministry.

The ministry the lord gave him had small humble beginnings. It started as a church service in the home, and then the Lord spoke to him to put his home up for sale, but not to advertise it, or put a for sale sign.

Then one day God spoke to him again while he was driving, and told him to drive in a certain direction. He followed God's instruction and God told him that the property he stopped at was going to be his property, and that would be where he would build his church and would also be his current dwelling-place to live. The property looked like a farm and there was an old not very pleasant looking house on the property. The house was pretty beat up.

He asked the people who own the property if it was for sale, and they told him yes. The day came where he was finally going to purchase the property, and they were going through the paperwork and all that stuff. When they spoke to my pastor they mentioned the payment and my pastor told them that he didn't have the money, but that he knew God was going to do something. They looked at him as though he was crazy and were shocked at his response. That's when this tall older-looking white man came to where they were at and he gave the people, who my pastor had to pay, the money. This tall white man was a Christian and the Lord had spoke to him to be there that day, and to give that money to purchase the land for my pastor.

As for the house that my pastor put up for sale, that house did get purchased by someone that God sent to purchase it as well.

Testimony 2
My pastor and helpers who got sent had already been making the land look nice and had a building on the land where they were having service. He and his wife had small children during this time. His wife ends up telling him one day that they ran out of food. And that she wouldn't be able to feed the children lunch if they didn't have any food. My pastor asked her what time she was planning on giving them lunch, I can't remember what time she specifically said (I think it was at 11 am), but they made their need known to God and my pastor said let's wait and see what God does until then.

Later on that day one of the brothers from their Church drove onto their property. He opened up the trunk of his car and it was filled with groceries. The man felt shy to say anything, but she said God told him to do it and handed everything to my pastor and drove off. My pastor went back inside the house with all of the groceries. Then he asked his wife, what time is it? And she told him 11 am. Then he held up the groceries and told her here is the food you said you needed for lunch.

God is so good!!!

My pastor is such a blessing. He always seeks The Voice of God and his wisdom and guidance everyday of his life. People see him and think that he is a wealthy man because of how he dresses, the car he drives, and the home he lives in. But the Lord has always sent people in his life to give him things to bless him. God's favor is priceless 🙏

ok, but that story of you and the guy on the cruise who you "missed" at the dinner table s not true, you got that from the story of the pilgrim who saved all his money to board a ship with his family to come to America and he got his cheese and crackers and after he ran out, wanting to feed his family, he asked the cook for scraps then the cook informed him that the boarding ticket covered the cost of food as well,

Please pray for my book, "Within the Veil" shall prosper to sell and bless many people around the globe. Pray God will equip me to become a successful Christian writer to bless His kingdom in Jesus name.

Luke 4:18 The Spirit of God is upon me; he has anointed me. He sent me to bring good news to the poor, and to heal the broken-hearted.

Please pray for me for prosperity,health and financial breakthrough because I have never had a stable job or business it's a Bit difficult but I believe in Jesus' miracles,pray for me so that we can build a home of our own and know Jesus more and get married legally to my husband thanks.

Thank you Joan, I am open to RECEIVE the BLESSINGS of God🙌🙌🙌🙌. Glory to God, hallelujah

AMEN! The Holy Spirit is teaching me so much and breaking down strongholds of ignorance of His word and lies of the enemy that have been passed down to me from my maternal line. I am finally starting to pray and walk in FAITH in His Word and in what His word says about money and prosperity. I also feel in my life that the poverty spirit goes along with the orphan spirit with so many fatherless households. My earthly father left leaving my mom and sister and I in poverty while he prospered. God continues to heal me in all ways and I am learning to BELEIVE and trust Him to prosper me and my family and descendants in ALL ways no matter what things around me look like.

Please pray for me I really need help for my financial pray for me I haven't go through this much suffering in my life after I I lost my parents and then a year later I lost my mother-in-law 3 year later I got very sick I when it get mammogram x-ray of my best I found dad news I have nowhere to turn anymore so I turned to God he heal me and now I have another roller coaster wings financial problem and I can't able to find a job to help my husband out and we are suffering rent is due bills to pay so somebody please pray for me …

The Holy spirit directed me here. I am in business debt and don't know what to do. I receive the anointing of the supernatural financial prosperity and breakthrough in Jesus mighty name. Nothing is impossible with you Lord. Am waiting for the angel…. Thank you

I need miracles money I pray but God doesn't hear my prayers, I always help people but when I need help no help.


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