Understanding A Man – New Year resolution part 1 – Singles

Understanding A Man –  New Year resolution part 1 –  Singles

all right so good afternoon wanted to
just touch on a couple of things really quickly this week I’ve seen loads of New
Year’s resolutions and things that we’re gonna do and all this and that oh that’s
great new year new you I get it and so what I wanted to do is kind of
just share this is actually going to be the first of a three-part series about
hopefully something that’s going to help those of you who are wanting to move
into relationships those of you who want to move into you know getting married
those of you who want to just kind of do something differently so you can lead
yourself down a path of being with a mate and I’m going to focus on three
parts of single married and divorced all right and so for the first up is going
to be for the people who are single and single unmarried same category right
dating or the same category alright so I want to share something with you and
it’s not it’s actually not gonna be too deep and I think that one of the things
that happens when we as humans when we want to do something different we think
that it’s got to be some old big plan or whatever case would be right and
actually a lot of times the solutions are simple it’s us that’s difficult
alright and so what do I mean I mean three things three tips I just want to
share with my with my unmarried folks all right focus on your mind body and
soul and you got to take this thing slow don’t just jump right into it okay
because that’s a lot of times when people have new year resolutions you
know they start out the first week god you know doing whatever whatever right
and by like the second or third week they’re done okay and the reason why is
because you know you’re a creature of habit so as I’m sharing this information
with you I want you to take it slowly and do it slowly I don’t want you to
think you have to do it all at one time so so the first one is actually going to
be on mind right alright so just really quickly let me ask you a question what
are you reading alright what seminars are you attending
what are you doing to transition your mind from where it was to where it needs
to go okay and the reason why that I say that that’s important is that you you
you wanna you’re trying to go somewhere all right
you cannot coach yourself to that situation all right
you need to have to be speaking to somebody else you need to have a mentor
you need be reading something you need to be
doing something differently from a mental perspective in order to
transition you and prepare you and help you attract and right that that person
towards you so right now unfortunately you keep attracting who you are and I
know a lot of times you know based upon whatever your situation is you’re like
okay no was that person’s fault in that person’s fault that that all makes sense
but at the end of the day who’s the common denominator and all of your
relationships it’s you so in order for us to transition into doing something
differently I want you to you know step one is to focus on your mind all right
and start pouring things into your mind that are different than what you’ve been
doing thus far let’s try to do something different and moving forward okay the
next thing is gonna be on our body alright is the book called outwitting
the devil I think outside of the Bible that’s like really literally like the
best book I’ve ever read and so it’s basically an author and Napoleon Hill
was talking to the devil right and he’s like you know what a3 what are the ways
that you get people right and he said he gets people three ways food sex and the
ability to not keep your mouth shut okay so let’s look at food well and he said
to and he broke it down the reason why I for food because if you’re consuming the
wrong things all right it’s gonna make you it’s gonna make you slug there’s
gonna make you slower right then when you go to try to do what you’re supposed
to do you’re not able to do it all right and if that keeps happening over time
then here comes illnesses and things of that nature so we have to understand
that we have to start really looking at the things that we are consuming I don’t
care if you’re watching what the health or Netflix or whatever let’s really
start looking at the things that we intake on what about our vitamins okay
you always talk about you’re tired what have you had a b12 shot it’s about 30
bucks all right it resets your clock and gives you an opportunity to improve a
lot of things when it comes to your body and I know a lot of us would want to go
into the new years and start talking about you know exercising that’s great
you you have to be careful with that all right because a lot of times you want to
come out and you know the first a second the third or fourth you working out
every day right all right is all in the way right and so then you miss on the
fifth and the sixth and then within two to three weeks because you start feeling
like a failure because you’re starting to miss some day
for whatever reason you’re not working out no more and it I know that doesn’t
happen to you it just happens to everybody else you know alright so take
it slowly maybe just pick one day a week that you need to do some additional
exercise whatever case would be take it slowly
alright but let’s just start working on our bodies a little bit more because as
we do that we’re gonna have the energy to go out here and really do what we
were really called to do right and the last one is soul and that just makes it
so easy ladies and gentlemen whoever your God is
whatever deity that you pray to we need to move a little bit closer to that all
right and for those of you I know a lot of times it doesn’t matter what you have
done in the past let me tell you something come as you are right dirty
busted disgust to whatever case would be doesn’t matter you don’t have to be
perfect in order to go to church alright in order to go to your church or
whatever you go to you don’t as a matter of fact that dirty you are actually it’s
actually the better you are it’s kind of like Church you have to look at it as a
hospital right how many well people are in the hospital right well Church is the
hospital for sick people okay up here alright we all need some work up here
right so I want to encourage you to just you know to move a little bit closer
from from a from a spiritual perspective in the direction that okay if you were
raised on or something that you’re converted to whatever let’s move a
little bit closer so ladies and gentleman that’s mind body and soul
don’t want to take up too much more your time the next one that I’m gonna do is
actually gonna be for my married people but I want to just leave you with this
with all three of those things mind body and soul get yourself a mentor that’s
different in each one of those that’s going to help you from an accountability
perspective all right if you want to move towards having a mate if you want
to move towards marriage let’s do what it takes to get there and that’s gonna
come with focusing on our mind body and soul but then also having somebody that
can hold us accountable somebody that’s a little bit more educated than us in
these respective areas okay so get yourself a mentor let’s work on our mind
body and soul I look forward to your 2018 and the success stories for those
of you that are single and moving into the marriage
category alright so the next step we’ll talk soon to married people take care

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