Uncle Ruckus Preaches MAGA, His Dislike For 2020 Candidates + More

Breakfast Club I Charlemagne to God here I've been listening to a lot of things that people have been saying people always say The Breakfast Club we lean too far left everybody y'all have on is liberal we do try to get people from the right on but they just don't be wanting to come on you know I'm saying I think the last present from the right we had on was a Bob Huggins Huggins who ran for governor in New Jersey but I have a brave guy who's from the right side of things y'all mayor y'all may not know him I'm gonna let him introduce himself good morning sir how y'all doing that's Hernan Caracas no relation Oh holla man nigga first of all I don't trust you number one you don't took the name of a good old white French man and using it for your own nigga jury I don't trust your Charlemagne I'll be honest with you but that's what black people do we flippin bounce things you know saying we take things that may not necessarily be ours you know I'm saying you can stop right there you take things that's my niggas known for their take into taking the takin whose took more than the white man that you worship sir don't be that guy Charlemagne you making a fool of yourself right now Lord the white man has given us so much and right now he's giving us his greatest gift of all mr. president mr. president Donald Trump the greatest gift anybody could ever receive okay I was gonna ask you what do you think about the job that Donald Trump has been doing as president of the Stella Stella the best thing we've ever gotten you take a man who made all these promises he gonna build a wall and look at it most of all already up most that wall already up and built he's helping out the colored folks everywhere colored folk sing and never been happier than they ever Donald Trump right now that is not Keith what what I mean contrary to your popular belief you are colored but I mean you like you know you're probably wanted a few people who like Donald Trump sir but face of all I am NOT colored I am a white man I happen to be struck with something called Rivera like oh it's that same thing that Michael Jackson that child molester had but in Reverse okay so let's get that's great first of all second of all colored people is enjoying the times of day lives how would you talk about how look in your bank account Charlemagne look in your bank account Charlemagne two guards look at all that money down the trunk time put in there through the tax cuts I'm sure you out right now about to get yourself a brand new Cadillac or whatever the hell it is y'all driving now you out there about to get yourself some nice they eat like us Oh a shrimp biscuit or something like that whatever it is you put in your greasy black Mouth oh it's all because of good president mr. Donald Trump mr. president good down a child the thing is I I'm blessed to be able to make a living but I mean that doesn't mean that everybody is as blessed as I am you know when it comes to finances so it's a lot of things that Donald Trump is doing that you know just aren't good for the country like you know I feel like hate crimes are at an all-time high racism and bigotry that an all-time high because of Donald Trump sir bigotry bigotry I think you mean nickytree is at an all-time high they ain't no bigotry going on under President Donald Trump he done cured racism we in a racist society right now the only bigger trend nigga tree you see is what you're doing to yourself case number one mr. justice smilin now that nigga who paid a nigga to beat them don't get me wrong don't get me wrong I enjoy seeing any black man get beat down by another black man but he brought that onto himself don't call it bigotry call it nigger tree and it's brought on by you if you look around you right now you'll just see smile and smile and colored folks living the dream living the life that they've always wanted to live and because of one man a man whose heart is as big as his hands mr. president mr. president Donald I'm sorry mr. president I'm really feeling like the only Negroes you be around is diamond and silk now now them two women I can respect right now then two smart colored women now I don't you know me I don't like colored folks I got a real problem with them but don't owe them some smart colored folks if they could if they could go out on a tour right now and teach the rest of y'all how to act I would pay for it not pay for it fit with it with the expansive tax cuts that I got from mr. president mr. president don't try miss presidents now let me ask you about a few colored people yes since you love diamond and silk what about Candis Owens let me let me tell you about some colored folks that I will discuss are you trying to get me riled up in here let's talk about the colored folks that y'all done nominated to get run for fries with them let's talk about them Charlamagne no I what do you do what do you think about mr. Cory Booker even niggas don't like Cory Booker he got nothing new they're saying he looked like what's that fella from key key and Peele the tall like scandal okie yeah FK look just like key matter of fact I think he's just keep willing to put a little fake out on everybody niggas don't even like Cory Booker he done he's over he may as well book look at his last name and do what it says book book get out of hand Cory ain't got none know that okay what about uh senator caramel Harris now commonly Harris I'm gonna admit some tell you that I didn't even want to admit from the behind view she looked like a fine white woman with that nice chocolatey hair from behind but when she turn around you see that the nigger jury is strong within Camilla Harris oh she thinks she's slick cuz she locked up a bunch of black folks though them in jail and got only good side of us Republicans she thinks she slipped like that but I can see through hot I can see through her Martin nationalism party she pop what was she made up of what countries went together to make that woman I'm Jamaican India if I'm not mistaken uh-huh lady shit whole countries anything else Oakland yeah the dirtiest shithole of all we know what Carla Harris ain't got a chance in hell if she could keep her mouth shut keep turning to the back and we see that chocolate ahead make me think of a she a white woman then she'll be fine other than that no done I'm asking about some other Democratic candidates what about Bernie Sanders buying his sadness by Sandesh look here's what y'all niggas need to do first of all if you're looking for Sanders y'all may as well be voting for Colonel Sanders because that's the only way he's gonna get any vote he is a crazy man he is insane look the problem with big government you give too much stuff away all right health care for all now that would be fine except the colored folks don't take it if it did not include color folks and I would just think it's fine but to be honest with you health care for what does that mean people don't live longer they mean color folks gonna live longer we do not need a world where colored folks out here live it as long as a good white man color folks supposed to do what color folks did in the past died about age 53 you're done leave it over to the white man to take care of you know you know now that I think about it uncle ruckus you you the first transracial like before Rachel Dolezal and generation yeah before Rachel Dolezal and before the little girl from dr. Phil show you you was the black person that that thinks they was born white really just in the wrong body once again I am a white man and I have I've been stricken with revitalign go so I keep getting dark and dark and dark ever yeah but science cannot lie that is absolutely not true what you just said if you was to count my DNA right now I would spell out the word white science no lime let's come to something like global warming something like that then is just all a bunch of bullshit run by the Chinese but science do not lie I am a white man but I do thank you for appreciating me for who I am I've been getting donkey and Donkey every day as a blessing yeah that's a case one of the biggest cases that ever struck upon man what do you think about Elizabeth Warren sir Elizabeth Warren you talking about that up that Native American that beautiful Native American woman yes first of all had she not lied about being Native America with her beautiful smooth sexify skin I could see me getting behind huh I could see me laying beside her but she lied to the American people that's one thing Donna Tom never did he never told the lie he liked the original George Washington and not tell a lie but she lied to the folks says she was a Native American so she can get all kind of good native-american things and a discount on whiskey like Native Americans do so I cannot support her running for government but I could sexually suppose she want to call me so I assume you just think Donald Trump was a shoo-in for 2020 it sounds to me like you don't think he has no competition on the other side there have never been competition for Donald Trump yeah I've never been compensated Donald Trump is a kind of man when a doctor tried to pull him out of his mama's vagina when he was being boned he said no thank you mr. doctor I can do this myself he's like a superhuman with super beautiful half there is no competition for Donald Trump do you think everybody do you think he grabbed his mama's vagina on the way up don't do that you know that's not real you know that was something that somebody set up to make it sound like Donald Trump plus I gotta be honest with you if I was a woman the first thing I would do I would call mr. Donald president mr. Donald Trump's up and I would say excuse me sir if you have time would you like to come and grab my vagina to be have your vagina grabbed by somebody as great as Donald Trump is one of the biggest gifts that any woman could receive but I don't think he did it but if he did it would be one of the biggest gift that any woman anywhere could ever receive no that's actually called sexual harassment sir sexual assualt when it really no not not when it's done by somebody as good as here would you let him grab your dick I've killed me I said would you let him grab your dick I I guess I would I hope that don't sound wrong buddy I guess I would actually never I never thought about that before I'm just saying that if if Donald Trump came to me and saying this is a case of national emergency in case of a national emergency may I grab you may I grab your dick ruckus then I suppose I work for our country for our country I suppose I would let Donald Trump grab my dick in case of a natural emergency like if you're walking down the hallway and you see that the little fire thing on the thing say use a hammer to break the glass in case of emergency for the fire extinguishers and then I was you don't go up grab on Caracas by the deck in case of if it wasn't natural emergency then after that salutely yes and I suggest you do the same I think that you was very jealous something tells me you was very jealous when you saw Kanye in the Oval Office hugging on Donald Trump calling him daddy I will be honest with you when Kanye did that I thought he may be the smart other than diamond himself the smartest colored man I have ever seen in my whole life Macca my nega nega my nigga that's all i could think about then he done winning switch screams then I just don't trust him no more but for a time for time I will be honest which I was jealous I remember falling down to my knees one night and just praying to white Jesus up above please right Jesus up above please just for a moment let me have the grace and beauty that Kanye West has sitting there in the Oval Office across from our good president just talking truthful talk talking smart man talk with the smartest man in the world I ain't gonna lie to you I have human emotions and that was one day that I did shed a tear in hopes that I could be Kanye West just for a day in fact I wrote a book called Kanye for a day okay do you think America is ready for a woman president uncle ruckus no sir I do not and why not women women don't have women don't have the mental facilities at a white man lord have white man's can think about so many things at a time white man can run a computer and while he riding with his left hand with ain't pen and he's googling something on the computers with his right hand and then he's using his other hand and to pay pay people who working for him white man has a mo developed brain I don't know if you know anything about bumblebees but bumble bees got complex eyes they can see in all kinds of different ways that once white man's got complex brains they can see things you could possibly see with your little Negro brain things that you don't know it's coming at you the white man can already see it the white man is omnipotent the white moment is not that colored moment is not but here the hierarchy for president got to be a good white man then second if ain't got no good white man then a good white woman can take place with the guidance of a good white man third nobody else Barack Obama proved that a colored man cannot run the country that is not true Barack Obama was one of the greatest presidents of all time sir no white side of Barack Obama did all right then nigga side fucked us up you know man something's wrong with you nothing wrong with me I'll tell you one thing I've been working for Trump for a while Trump sent me to Hawaii to find Barack Obama's birth certificate I'm the one who found Barack Obama was a Nigerian arm Cancun IANA whatever the hell he's not Nigerian or can't Cooney and he's from Kenya uh-huh King kuhnian do you think Cancun he's a Cancun how do you feel about Nigeria since the justice Millette situation oh but I will say this I've always said that the Nigerians was the biggest threat you got a country in Nigeria that's basically got to wait nigga in the name we already know where they coming from but once again I cannot be angry with somebody who has beaten up another colored man and I do propose like just a small let that he come out with a brand of neckties they just look like noose is hung around your neck well bourbon have mercy say that again Burberry did that Burberry has the deserts with the noose around the neck oh that's beautiful I'm gonna put all my money in Burberry oh oh this expansive tax refund that I'm getting cost mr. president good mr. president don't try mr. president sir I'm putting it all in Burberry and just regular nooks is for niggers have you have you have you ever watched Empire no I do not watch colored shows I don't watch white show what's your favorite show on TV then Fox new that's that's the best show on television I'm sorry I'm sorry if you can't handle it truth why if you had a good Tucker Carlson they speak nothing but the truth they don't speak they don't even know how to lie I think would they go to fox they have a gene removed for lying out of they brain all they do is tell the truth I don't believe in color shows good times good time with the last color show that made any sense why because I got to see colored folks living in poverty and just having a good time which is what color folks enjoy to do this is this is uncle ruckus and he is actually black but he will not admit that he's black I don't know why you keep saying that yeah you know it's interesting you've always thought that our Kelly was guilty what do you think about him getting charged with ten counts of sexual abuse I will say this about our Akali first of all you shouldn't do what he did but second of all at least he had the common decency and sense not to make love to or piss on in a white chi'lan now that I appreciate leave the white chi'lan alone so with that said you probably hate Michael Jackson I am NOT a fan of his and I do think that nature is not kind nature gave Michael Jackson that little timer that's Michael Jackson nature gave him vitiligo which made him go from being a colored man to a beautiful beautiful white man and Here I am with the exact opposite I am not pleased that nature messed me up like that and did something good for Chama Lester and could not help me out so I'm a little bit jealous of Michael Jackson Jesus Christ no don't don't say Jesus Christ without saying good like Jesus crying let me ask you about a few more people uh Juan Castro what do you think how in the hell are we gonna have a country like the jell-o United States of America where the Mexican president named Juan Castro I mean what we gonna do build a wall around the Oval Office that ain't right I won't stand for it Juan Castro I am NOT ready to pay for stuff in dinero's or whatever that Mexican money is called I'm not ready for that I'm not ready for a taco truck oh never coming I'm not ready for that I'm not ready for free almost free home carrying my house will somebody come about cleaning every two weeks and making sure that everything is put away in my but they speak Spanish are you ready for that I speak American language what about Joe Biden sir Joe Biden for a while I thought he was something he was a day's hunt white man then he went and worked for that damn Barack Obama that Kenyan coma once he did that I realized Joe Biden a wife nuttin look at him he was a sidekick to a colored man a sidekick to a colored man that don't sound right the white folks ain't supposed to be sidekicks color man cult folk supposed to be side kicks the white man look at lethal weapon we should align that in that story which was a true story by the way that's how sidekicks were not the opposite way around I just don't understand how you love Donald Trump when he lies so much Donald Trump has never lied tell me one lie down the trunk never say you tell me a lie that down the trap ever said one lie I will kiss Camilla Harris great on the left I'm great on I'm not even gonna sit here and waste my time because saying Donald Trump is not a liar is indeed a huge lie okay Kenya Kenya Charlamagne oh you you thought enough to have your certificate named to a French name but you can't thank Annette Donald Trump has never lied in his whole life man you just lied about you know that the whole Barack Obama being a birthday is alive Barack Obama Barack Obama Barack Hussein Obama here's a Kenyan : okay he was not born here he straight out of Africa I'm surprised he's even able to put some English language together he don't have the smooth voice like a Donald Trump die that is not a lie Dona Trump proved it and made Barack Obama apologize for being a foreigner in our country Donna jump is a great man what do you think about uh you know Donald Trump's administration having over 30-plus indictment sir I'm sorry I'm sorry I mean indict mr. Donald Trump half say that again I mean he have his administration that's 30-plus sir I'm sorry behind me goes down our top half zero now but is the exactly right cops not think him yep when you got somebody as pure hardest Trump he like Jesus Christ mm aha Jesus Christ surrounded himself by wit with people who was beneath him like prostitutes and stuff like that Donald Trump is like that he's trying to help all them people up help all of the downtrodden he said bring me Oh PO bring me Oh hungry bring me all of that stuff as long as they know that wasn't Donald Trump that said that damn none of Trump said that bring me out on people as long as they fight and he surrounded himself with some ne'er-do-wells and never do Whelan's he surround himself with that but that is only to lift them up and help them have a person who been indictment ever one of them for somebody that Donald Trump was trying to help lift up by the book scraps there's an old poem about Donald Trump as a man walking on the beach and a man only see one fair footprints and a man says excuse me I thought she was gonna be there for me well your pair of footprints and Donald Trump said to the man those are my footprints I was carrying you the whole time that was God not Donald goddamn Trump uncle ruckus you just added middle name Donald got drunk okay don't let a Trump did J Safra jay-z we need a lot of time you talked to Trump man I know you I know you worked I talk to him every day I talk to him every day I'll give him a call sometime I will be laughing about something that we see on color like a color new show we're like oh no the black man found guilty of doing whatever black folks doing we were laugh about that oh Lord I talk to them all the time I got a pillow a pillow in my in my bedroom with his face embroidered on it on the pillow next to me and every night before I go to sleep I say goodnight to that pillow and I say a prayer for America and how great he has made it again Charlemagne don't you feel happy that we great again shut up uncle ruckus I want to end with this question yeah what do you think about some of the Democratic candidates saying they agree with some form of reparation ah ray John let me tell you something I do believe in reparations really that's a surprise for the white man the white man he brauch all over him he brought you all over hand a fine ship he gave you a meaningful day's week he gave you food to eat he gave you exercise now what have you all given him what have y'all given him oh look say you gave it you gave him crime you gave him drugs Oh JDAM Simpson and Whoopi Goldberg that's what y'all gave him hey there's a reparation I suggest this I suggest all y'all niggas after y'all get off from work today if you got a job I suggest you stop by the check cashing place and cash a check and then send that money straight to Donald Trump and he would L it out over the white over the white nation yes reparations for sure but for the white man so I appreciate reparations now I am reminded why we don't really have people from the right on too often this is uncle ruckus you know he's a racist author and radio host yes I am he's the leader of the fascist American populace Republicans I actually don't start calling myself a race I'm not racist I'm gonna be race less because there's only one race and that's the white race so the rest of them don't even matter it's raceless I'm a race list that's what i'ma I just can't find that time today i'ma raceless and I don't see races as long as they like and I guess I should congratulate you on being the county executive for Woodcrest County Maryland yeah that would be nice I do have a new position in would crash there white folks have trusted me and and trusted me to run their country Grande County and to make sure that colored folks stay exactly where they belong out of sight okay uncle ruckus have a blessed day sir you too hey Maggie my nigga Maggie


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