Trying but NOT making progress in meditation? Optimism in Spiritual Practice  | Swami Mukundananda

we want to take the mind to God
this requires withdrawing the mind from the world you know if somebody dies your
feet with a rope and says quick march you will say how will I March my feet
are tied similarly if the mind is tied to the world and we see you know I’m
trying my best to do meditation it’s just not happening that’s because your
mind is tied to the world to succeed there you have do it draw from here so
if we wish to get success in beyond meditation we have to start withdrawing
the mind from the world one should not feel discouraged oh my god I can’t even
resist and I scream how will I ever become a yogi all these Yogi’s were like
us whether it was Valmiki he was also a knocker who transformed into almaty you
know the Buddha he was going with his disciples and the disciples said guru ji
what kind of person is this so sinful the Buddha said do you know 40 lifetimes
back beaver worse than that right so it is all a journey and we are all
progressing so we should not bother about where we are today you keep your
eyes on the goals and keep on endeavoring in the present the goal will
definitely be reached when you entered school great one did you ever think that
one day you will become a postgraduate it seemed so far but we kept on clearing
class-by-class and we reach that so practice will make perfect
and we should never feel discouraged there’s the story of King Bruce Jenner
cream ruse was a king in England he had lost his kingdom and he was running away
from the enemy he had six times and never to defeat the enemy and six times
he had failed so now he was without an army he was sitting in a barn
then he saw spider going about its business the spider was trying to create
a web between two points every time it would try and fall down so it right once
fell right second time thread tried third time felt the spider tried six
times King Bruce said I also tried six times but the spider did not give up
spider tried the seventh time and it succeeded King Bruce got the inspiration
the spider doesn’t give up why should I give up so what if I fail six times the
seventh time I will definitely succeed with that fifth
he went around gathered his army and this time he defeated the enemy we must
always have that optimism no matter how many times we fall we will rise again
what is the meaning of folly Welling means the mind did not conform to the
intellect the intellect said that you know watching the TV is a waste of time
but the mind said come on let’s eat so we fell right but then don’t give up
so what if you find ten times you try again and you will definitely succeed
with that fit you approach this process of pratyahara you

It's need constant practice and constant effort with optimism till reach out our Goal..n mind should away from this material world..

Its said try and try until you succeed. Swamiji here explains how moving forward with optimism helps us in progress. Focus on the goal and

Keep moving 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️

We should not give up but keep trying until we succeed. Swamiji always inspires us. Thank you Swamiji. Radhey Radhey.

Must watch inspirational message from Swamiji for all spiritual aspirants…
Thank you Swamiji! We need to keep our eyes on the goal and keep taking one step at a time🙏🙏

Swamiji so beautifully says that if the mind is attached to worldly things and people, it will be difficult to meditate on God. But we should not be discouraged if not successful because many well-known yogis like Valmiki had committed numerous sins before transforming their lives. So we too should keep our eyes on the goal and continue to make progress even if the goal seems too far away. Thank you, Swamiji!

Pulling the mind away from worldly things and taking it to God requires effort. Swamiji so beautifully says that we should practice without becoming discouraged until the process of pratyahar or withdrawing the senses and mind from worldly things is achieved. Thank you, Swamiji!

Very nice lecture by Shri Swamiji on how to progress in meditation. Thanks 🙏 For the upload . Watch it and learn it from good examples of Lord Buddha and king Bruce given here . Jai Ho !

Swamiji so beautifully shares the story of King Bruce who had lost his kingdom and had been unsuccessful in retrieving it six times in a row. Then one day when he was sitting in a barn, he saw a spider who fell six times while spinning a web. However, it succeeded the seventh time. King Bruce was inspired to make another attempt to win back his kingdom. He gathered his army and on the seventh attempt, he too was successful. Thus, in spirituality too, we need to be optimistic and focus on the goal without worrying about the times we fall off the grid. Thank you, Swamiji!

Heartiest Thanks to you Swamiji, I will now not get dishartened and persevere to confirm my mind to your teachings……Thanks

Radhey Radhey. In the spiritual world Our Eternal Father always send someone to give backing. Recognising him is The vital part of the j o u r n e y……….other parts are automatic 🙏💝

If we wish to get success in meditation, we have to detach our mind from the world and attach with God. It is a gradual process but we have to do practice and be optimistic, the success will definitely come as Swamiji says.
Excellent clip!


Very nice message keep trying never give up with a beautiful example of spider and king . We must must always have optimism .

Very encouraging lecture helps in reaching the spiritual goal that we need to reach one day. Precisely explained with proper examples, in which Swamiji is an expert. Thank you 🙏

If at first you don't succeed, try again. Withdrawal from Maya is difficult. But with repeated attempts, it is possible.

We should follow this valuable instruction of Swamiji. We should not be disheartened in failure.Our ability and skillfulness comes from practice, persistence, and perseverance. Practice and practice reduce our imperfection and definitely help to reach our goal.

Very motivational lecture by Swamiji. If we get a chance to listen one such video, we will speed up our endeavour and keep our morale higher.
Thank you! Swamiji !!

राधे राधे…. कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती…. हमें हर असफलता से कुछ नयी सीख मिलती है ,बस उस सीख को हमें positively लेना चाहिए…. स्वामी जी आपने बहुत अच्छा मार्ग दर्शन दिया हम सबों को.

very inspiring to know that when we fall we should just get back with our eye on the goal and not overly concerned ourselves about where we are at now. Radhey Radhey Swamiji, thank you.

Simple yet powerful message: to make spiritual progress — have an optimistic outlook, Practice, Practice, do not give up, keep your eyes on the goal, and yes, you Will succeed! Thank you Swami Ji!

Listen to this short video daily to keep reminding ourselves that we should not give up and keep progressing in our sadhana 🙏 good real life examples of Lord Buddha and King Bruce – spider 🕷 . Great analogy to explain us better . Thanks 🙏 Shri Swamiji for your wisdom. Jai Shree Krishna 🙏

Very true Swamiji, Thanks for inspiring us to continue our Sadhana and attaching our mind to God. Slowly by repeated practice we can succeed.

Very much needed information and advice . Practice continuously until we reach state of complete withdrawal from world. Thank you for sharing !! Radhey Radhey!!

Very inspiring video Swamiji! Thank you for constantly motivating us and guiding us in the right direction of life! The mantra is – Do not give up. Proceed with the goal in mind and do not get discouraged!

Thank you Swamiji
What a simple and straight forward explanation. With your guidance we are making progress.
Radhey Radhey

A morale-boosting video. Every time we find things difficult, the only thing that can propel us upwards is optimism. Some wonderful examples are given by Swamiji to illustrate this point. Radhe Radhe.

Very nice explanation by Swamiji… how should we keep our optimism to reach our goal… do not matter how many times we fall, we should keep striving to improve ourselves by bringing the mind under control. Loved the examples Swamiji gave on king Bruce and Lord Buddha’s reply on disciple comment… so much to learn and look forward for reaching the goal one day… sometimes we come under the control on senses, but we should apply the divine knowledge and do the reverse practice which will help us succeed one day.
Thank you Swamiji for divine discourses…

What does it mean when you fall down in life. It just means that your mind did not confirm to your intellect. Very inspiring example of King Bruce who lost in the battle 6 times only to try again the 7th time and win.

ऐ कबड्डी तु जान है मेरी
तुझी से तो पहचान है मेरी

कबड्डी तुझे सम्मान ना मिला
क्रिकेट जितना पहचान ना मिला

तू ख्वाबों की वो रानी है
अपने देश की कहानी है
तू सभ्यताओं की मेल है
तू सांस्कृतिक वो इस खेल है

इस खेल के खिलाड़ी
खिलेगा तेरा चेहरा भी..

तुझे भी सम्मान मिलेगा
क्रिकेट जितना पहचान मिलेगा

कबड्डी हमारी शान है
कबड्डी हमारी जान है

यह खेल नहीं है बच्चों का
इसमें दम निकल जाता है
अच्छे अच्छों का

👮👮 कवि चंदन कुमार पटेल👈👈

परम पूज्य पिताजी बंदी छोड़ सतगुरू रामपालजी महाराज के चरणो में मेरा दास का दंडवत परणाम कोटी कोटी

सतगुरु साहेब एक शरीरा सतगुरु बिना ना लागे तीरा जय बंदी छोड़ सतगुरू रामपालजी महाराज की जय

Practice will make perfect and we should never discourage and never give up.. try and try until you succeed.. we have to keep faith in ourselves and be optimistic with listening to our intellect ..

If the mind is tied to the world, it is difficult to meditate. Give up all binding to the world – that will give success in meditation. If you fall a thousand times, get up a thousand and one times!

Swamiji wonderfully explains! How to do meditation. We should never give up until we succeed just as like spider.
Radhey Radhey


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