Top 5 Wealthiest Religious Organizations In The World

Top 5 Richest Religions in the World Hi lovely people! Today we are discussing about the financial
status of some of the biggest religions of the world. No matter in which part of the world you live
in or the kind of lifestyle you follow, religion is a common string that connects people worldwide. Since each person has their own set of beliefs,
there are different cultural systems with unique practices, ethics, and worldviews that
exist in our society. Thus, today, there are multiple religions
in the world with a common goal of bringing people closer to God. The God-fearing instinct in people forces
them to seek abode in these religious institution for emotional support as well as expert guidance. These members further provide support to these
institutions through monetary contributions to keep them going. The institutions further exploit this practice,
and why wouldn’t they do so if it makes them rich! Here are the top 5 richest religions in the
world: Number1. Roman Catholic Church The Catholic Church is one of the oldest religions
in the world and also the largest, with about 1.3 billion baptized Catholics around the
world. The biggest irony lies in the fact that it
is also the richest religion in the world while Catholic priests are in fact expected
to make a vow of poverty. The church has become a billion dollar business
owing to multiple aspects. The major aspect lies in its $8 billion worth
of assets and gold deposits. This is a controversial topic as while only
the church officials and residents of the Vatican City are supposed to hold accounts
in the Vatican Bank, it is alleged that many Italian officials have also been storing their
money in this bank to evade taxes. Other than this, it is also expensive to attain
Sainthood. The Our Lady of Victory National Shrine and
Basilica had risen over $250,000 to canonize Father Nelson Baker. Another source of income is the fact that
the Sistine Chapel can be booked by private groups for art-related events. This facet came into light when in 2014, 40
Porsche fans paid $5900 to attend a gala at the Chapel. With millions of people visiting the Vatican
to see the Pope, tourism is another sector through which they earn a significant amount. Number2. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
(US) This is a non-Trinitarian and Christian restorationist
church with its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the name suggests, its members consider
the church to be a restoration of the original church that was founded by Jesus Christ. With further temples built all over the world,
the church boasts of over 67,000 missionaries and over 16 million members called Mormons
found from regions such as Japan as well as Scandinavia. The finances are largely sourced from funding
in the form of donations given by the members for construction and maintenance of the church. With millions of members donating to the church,
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has become one of the fastest-growing and
wealthiest religions worldwide. Other than mere donations, the members of
the Church also follow the method of tithing through which they are required to give away
10% of their entire income to the Church. This forms the annual revenue of the Church
to a whopping $6 billion amidst the overall Mormon assets of over $30 billion. Number3. Church of England The Church of England was formed as a Protestant
alternate to the Catholic Church by the King of England, Henry VIII who wanted to get a
divorce from Catherine of Aragon. Since the Catholic Church would not allow
the provision of divorce, this Church was established as a form of Protestantism. Who would have known that this alternate form
of Church would grow to be one of the richest religions in the world? While the Church of England does not receive
any direct financial support from the government, they accept donations which form a large part
of their income. They also rely on income from numerous historic
endowments. With an estimated total outgoing of about
£900 million in 2005, the Church has an investment portfolio worth more than £8 billion by selling
off most of the land. The Church also made a 17.1% return on investments
in 2016. The donations are estimated to be around $320
million and earnings of $400 million through events and services. To give these figures a modern perspective-
the income of the Church of England was £1.41billion in 2013, which beats the £1.37billion earnings
of McDonald’s and is three times higher than the figures of Starbucks. Number4. Judaism Amongst all believers in different religions,
people following Judaism are known to possess the most wealth. While the age old stereotype of Jews being
inherently good with money is said to be the reason behind this feat, there are facts attached
to this label. Earlier, Jews had been barred from professional
jobs and unions which forced them to work in finance and business. Moreover, Jews have a negative opinion towards
poverty and view it as an “unjustifiable burden” as opposed to Christians who view
poverty as virtuous. The non-homogeneous nature of this religion
comprises of multiple views and movements such as Conservative Judaism, Orthodox Judaism,
Rabbinic Judaism, and Reform Judaism. This further enables its members to have an
economic presence not only in its homeland of Israel but also in countries such as the
United States and influence the decisions of political leaders for gaining wealth. The negotiating skills and business sense
of Jews enable them to build wealth in the form of capital. They know how to use this capital to increase
the rate of accumulating their wealth. Number5. Scientology Scientology as a belief and religion was established
in 1952 by L. Ron Hubbard. The Church of Scientology has become a multinational
network of multiple independent yet interconnected corporate organizations that practices and
upholds Scientology. The Church and its network of corporations,
legal entities, as well as non-profits are estimated to make annual revenue of about
$500 million. A major part of this revenue also comes from
the subscriptions taken by members who need to pay a fee to attain a higher rank. You can get an idea of this fee by the fact
that one would require to pay about $256,000 for the highest rank of Operating Thetan VIII. Members also pay fixed donations to attend
classes and counseling sessions. With celebrities such as Tom Cruise and others
being members of Scientology, you can imagine the amount of revenue earned from these subscriptions! While critics deem it improper to charge a
donation price in return of a religious service, Scientology claims they offer these services
in exchange of a trade ‘in kind’ by the members as well. However they operate, they surely are a prosperous
religion seeing the fact that the Church is claimed to have spent $14.1 million on a cruise
ship and $3 million on gold bullion. Which other religion do you think can be a
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