Today I have for you such a Solid list five
compliment GODS of spring if you have them in your collection, one of them! you
cannot run away than getting compliments 5 spot sir bleu de Chanel oh
man this fragrance done to perfection this is perfection in the bottle
everything about this fragrance is 10 out of 10 … ladies love this fragrance
to the moon bleu de chanel is citrusy zesty it is not sour bright type of
citrusy! it is bitter type of citrusy like grapefruit grapefruit zest in that genre…
not bergamoty type of citrusy and creamy like hands creamy not milky
creamy and incense… is such a beautiful high quality type of incense you know
some of the incenses are like new printed book which I am not that much
fan of those incense these are not as high quality of this one for example the
incense in Acqua di gio profumo is like newly printed book it is not as
quality as this incense… Bleu de chanel king… is one of those fragrances EDP that
you gonna get tons of compliments trust me 100% by BDC EDP
mostly 90% from ladies, ladies love this one somebody said compliments spring
then automatically prada l’homme ! I remember all of those
compliments now… right now man this is very clean very bright very sexy the thing
that I really adore in this fragrance is clean but not from both main groups of
clean fragrances we have two main groups citrusy fragrances clean bright citrusy
and clean soapy out of shower type of fragrances this is none of them very
good I have no idea why some says to this fragrance soapy because of them only I was
staying away than this fragrance because soapy fragrances I have a lot
and I’m not that much fun of soapy fragrances but this fragrance is not
soapy at all to my nose is very bright very clean very sexy very luxury but not
soapy… please for such a clean bright
transparent sexy fragrance the performance is also very good easily ten
hours plus type of fragrance on my skin on the skin by a huge projection and
sillage in the smooth cloudy, Airy way everywhere when you move a bubble of
scent will follow you this is not offensive but it is big time
in terms of projection and sillage and performance so Prada l’homme next fragrance
is Y eau de parfum the king of getting … compliment this fragrance is citrusy
already I can smell it Oh beautiful… citrusy gingery but in the Fizzy way it is
sticky syrupy type of fizzy not bright that much it is dark and citrusy
somehow syrupy I can say by undertone darkness skankiness … 70% in the dark side
that’s why it has that power that potential to cut a bit cold air
not cold winters but cooler springs like such a sharp razor will cut that cool
spring days and you gonna get such A compliments by this fragrance again from
ladies I have no idea this is not a wow absolutely for me I like the way that a
smells but for ladies this fragrance is wow … there is something some elements
that I like in this fragrance at first that skanky dark drydown, that fizzy
opening it is these are unique things and it is citrusy not aquatic I like
also sometimes to wear that much powerful citrusy fragrances performance
is good because this over six seven hours so I can say to this performance
good projection and sillage is big time for first two hours but it is not like eau
de toilet version of this fragrance in terms of projection that one jumps
louder or more faraway than your skin this one projects a bit in lazy
somehow I have to say but it does strongly lazy and strong fragrance in
terms of projection very good in terms of getting components Y EDP next fragrance is dior sauvage in the YouTube this fragrance is synthetic this fragrances well-known this fragrance is blah blah synthetic mess but
out there it is another story come out of YouTube
so out there people will give to this fragrance compliments to you a bit it is
also well known one of the big seller fragrances but compliment getter ladies love
the way that this fragrance smells they find it
manly sexy and modern so one of those great compliment getters I suggest you
go by EDT version of this fragrance there is other versions Parfum, EDP
forget about Parfum … EDP IS also ok but for spring/summer I prefer EDT
version of this fragrance in terms of longevity projections sillage performance
compliments winner for me is EDT version of dior sauvage… are you ready king of
getting compliments for spring at the top of the list don’t forget subscribe
the channel if you haven’t yet and thumbs up it means a lot for me if you
enjoyed the video I hope you did Rasasi Hawas … it’s impossible you can
not find any more ompliment getter fragrance over this one this is king of
getting compliments for spring and summer I am refreshing my memories right
now without any exaggeration even one gram exaggeration this fragrance is solid
unsolicited compliment getter fragrance compliment God monster from 100%
stranger people to you 100% you gonna get tons of compliments this is not how I
can say so unique but it is very unusual this aquatic you have a sniffed aquatic
fragrances it is sweet you have sniffed sweet fragrances all the notes are not
unusual but the Accord together made a music that is unusual you know what I
mean very great unusual sexy unsolicited happy and friendly compliment getter
type of fragrance you know I care about compliments which I get from ladies more
sorry guys these are more important for me in terms of getting compliments
from ladies unsolicited compliments solid compliments these are top five
gods of compliments in my collection don’t forget subscribe the channel if you
have any opinion suggestion question let me know it in the comments below
they will answer you SEE YOU IN ANOTHER VIDEO …

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