Tony Robbins :What to Do to Overcome Limiting Beliefs ( Tony Robbins Eliminate Limiting Beliefs)

listen I don't know what you're thinking right now I don't know how you know me some of you may know me from 25 years ago and I'm kind of stuck in time as a guy in an infomercial with you or you think that I'm mr. positive thinking I never was but my whole focus in life has been how do you get people to make decisions that change their life you and I both know businesses all decisions your life is decisions and I came by not to give you a speech and not to give you a pump up but to make sure how many of you came to Dreamforce because there's some things you want to take to the next level who's in that place there and in order to get ourselves to make decisions many of you how many bad decisions you needed to make for a very long time and you kept promising yourself you make the decision take action but you just didn't do it who's done this before say I as well awesome who's been the relationship way too long say aye why the hell did you stay you know what's wrong for them was wrong for you so decision making is what frees us and all the time I hear people say you know what it took me 10 years to change this part of my life and when I talk to people I say really if we look at your life it wasn't 10 years it was a moment there's a moment when your life changes there's a moment when your business changes there's a moment when mark was talking to me and he came to my third seminar I'll never forget him and he talks about biggie is he I am he's standing in the front row it's his third one in a row he's hard to miss and he comes up and he gets in my face he goes I want you to remember me I made a decision today I'm working this company called Oracle and I'm leaving I'm gonna start this new company called you kicked me over the edge third time through and he said we're gonna do a hundred million dollars a year and we're gonna change business around the world next year they're gonna hit ten billion which and I talked about it Fiji about four years ago decisions that was created this Jogger not that we see in that we all love this community called Salesforce and this environment is so unique and I came by today to see if you might want to make a couple of decisions who'd be up for something like that say hi now whether we make a decision not has a lot to do with not just our intelligence because I love coming here people asked me you know what is dream forces thing you're going to again and I say it's kind of like Coachella for geeks and texts and I said but I've been here as a keynote three out of four years so what does that say about me right but what I love about this environment is its wickedly smart got some of the smartest people and you got people that are really truly socially conscious but how many of you are very smart and sometimes don't make smart decisions say I and so one of the things I'd like to do here is cover two things two areas we'll talk about business here and we'll talk of Ur some fundamentals here that I think if we put focus into them they can guide better decisions then they can make a difference in your career whether you're in the company if you're a small business that can help you take yourself to the next level over these years I've kind of grown a little bit from the guy that does motivational talks to now I have 31 companies that I've started or a founder or initial Wester in and we do over five billion dollars a year in sales in seven different categories we've got thousand employees around the world and the assist it's grown so much and I've learned so much and I've had the opportunity of going on this ride with mark here for 17 years so I've learned a few things in that area so I'd like to share them with you but the secondary I'd like to talk about your own personal life how many got some areas of your own personal life that you'd like to massively take to another level and prove transform say I good so I'm curious why are you here man why did you come to Dreamforce put you right on the spot my name is daryun I came from Russia I just moved to San Francisco there is my hi to San Francisco here now and why did you come here for dream for stuff because my husband runs digital genius company and I'm interning in this company right now and trying to emerge and all this community you gotta work on your happiness that's clear we really need to get a big head you came here because you know the world is changing faster than ever and as corny as it sounds it's only going to accelerate say how many understand that this is the way to get your edge with you're a small business medium-sized business you're a giant enterprise and you come to your chair to figure out the technology that you think is gonna lead you I'm curious somebody here for those reasons how many of you came here because you're in this speech today could you go to Tony Robbins guy maybe I get some free stuff maybe you'll share something with me ok good I got that I got who you guys are how many of you came because you do in this room anyway for this session with me because you didn't want to change something in your life or improve it how many came for that reason this morning ok and how many of you came because you want to change for example earn more money I'm curious okay you could say I go for it little energy and how many of you came here because you want to change something like a relationship or increase your energy physically I'm curious let me set your hands how many have no idea why you here was just on the docket so you showed up when they searched for heads so one of the things that if we're going to make a shift this is a wickedly smart group but you can be really smart as we said and not use your intelligence to the fullest level you cannot maximize who you are and so while I on what an honor market I love this experience here this experience has really got to also have a level of energy if you want to go another level that's not fake and artificial I'm not a positive thinker how to change business is like any people make decisions and you do that when you're an energy-rich not energy poor and working with people over the years I've had the chance of coaching but mark obviously all these years but I've also had the chance to work with guys like Steve Wynn if you know Las Vegas basically revamped that entire city one of the geniuses in the field multi-billionaire I've had the chance to work over that time with Peter Guber many of you know you know the LA Dodgers 52 Academy Award nominations he's also in a position where Young's the Warriors and has built that organization that remember where it used to be a word is today and as I look at these people I find what they have in common or two things number one above anything else Richard Branson be another one hunger Hunger I believe is even more important intelligence intelligence is so important but there are a lot of very intelligent people that never maximize their capability how many knows somebody very smart they can't fight their way out of a paper bag say aye so intelligence is so valuable but hungers even more and if you've come to a program like this I know the hungers there but the second thing it requires is a massive amount of energy because when I found in life as many times people have the ability to do things they know what to do they just don't do it and a big part of that is energy so when I was back there feeling the energy got the music it's so quiet in here you're being quiet right now most of you are doing what you've done most of your life when you went to an education environment and what is that you're now learning the way you did when you went to a 20th century school in a 20 century school what do we learn the bell rings and what are you supposed to do immediately report to your what position and when you get to that position you're supposed to sit down and start a conversation with the people around you is that right you're supposed to initiate is that right no when you at 20th century school you were taught sit down be quiet be passive wait till someone tells you what to do today if you wait for someone tell you to do if you don't talk to your neighbor you're out of business who's with me here say I so I'd like to change this because how many of you in this room have ever gone to an environment where you learn something that you thought was really truly valuable no one's sold you want it you personally thought this is really something that could change my business changed my life you were excited about it but when you went home you literally never applied a bit of what you've learned who's ever done this before rage hands say hi I'll come on if you're not raising a hand you lie about other shift you raise your hand say aye who's done this more than once in your life say aye who still feels intelligence say aye so we're all smart people why would smart people learn something get an environment like this and then not maximize it it's because we've all been conditioned by our traditional education which was designed back in the 19th century 20th century were you designed to get a job well you were supposed to report in a certain position someone told you what to do BC was an assembly line today that's not true so I like to break out of that because research shows if you sit listen to me possibly like you are right now you're being very nice smiling nodding your head being sweet I appreciate it but if you do that research shows three months from now you'll remember about 10% of what was said which basically was wasting your time wasting might see I don't waste yours much less fun so if you listen to take notes it jumps up for the 40 50 percentile even if you never look at the notes again cuz just writing it down drives the groove deeper so I'd encourage you to do that I don't see many of you with any form of notes but I know you have your phones some of you do but you have no notes you must not have had a very high expectation of much value coming out of the session clearly but thirdly if you physically engage your body which is like to do your voice your body your energy engagement is part of what we're going to talk about here in business it's the most pathetic level in a long time worldwide even though we have all these tools for productivity we have all these tools for distraction and as a result most people are not maximizing so we want to transform the thing we really need to build shift is get ourselves engaged at it if it well so what I'd like to ask you to do is from here on out if you're willing to is let's start with some energy because let me ask you a question if you have two people in a relationship let's just go intimate for a moment and you have two people and both these individuals are really there in a magnificent state of mind and emotion their life is going beautifully they're happiest to possibly be and they enter relationship to really happy people what's that relationship gonna be like you tell me if you know nothing else what kind of relationships gonna be if you got two people in a great Peak State tell me what's gonna be like now if I'm having a soliloquy you won't get anything out of this not asking you to man answer the question just so you were further back to your affirm I'm doing because if you sit passively no memory of it but if you activate your nervous system by raising him by asking questions by yelling out the answer they made you arise who's willing to do this and you are everything in sack awesome so if you're gonna take it to the next level they will just do it right away cuz you guys are so in that nice beautiful feed transfer you really like this all the time I doubt it seriously you're going in that school learning process and I don't want to have you waste your time that way so let's do something to start with stand up shake your body out just for a second been sitting shake it out shake it out we get up and usually like you to do high energy to high energy people what kind of relationship but they can have it they're both feeling great what's the relationship you like come on tell me are they gonna deal with challenges in a great state yes or no so our state is the most important thing that influences our capability our results in life lots of people have capability but activating it comes from energy when you are energy rich you have a different life the higher the energy the more things can get done if there are problems and you're a high energy state can you solve them quicker yes or no and what did they got two people in a medium like okay states anything about each other so the wife is kind of okay what's the relationship like come on guys what is it it's okay we got two people in a crappy States in a lousy state and they love each other what's still gonna happen tell me quick it's gonna be a lousy relationship you're gonna have pain and gonna have problems that's also true in business the more energy have the more things can be organized quicker faster make it happen to solve problems when your energy poor even smart people don't maximize and the problem is in our culture today because of technology technology is starting to condition us instead of us just condition the technology today we sit so passively if you walk into most businesses today everybody's in a deep trance and you can see it because there's very few rooms that I walked in there is dead is this one of us when we started here and yeah I know you're not dead you're the peak of the farmers in the world but we're internal when I say that and there's nothing wrong with being internal but there are times we got to be externalize to make it work who's with me on the sack and so what I'd like to do is let's see if we can do something a little different this but we don't want to leave here with us have you come here listen to hear those interesting thoughts and go on we want to go home and make the shifts in our lives who's up for it say I so to do that we're gonna do some unconventional things to get things moving in here so we have a different level of energy so I'd like you to find somebody nearby right now point and go I own you now saint-like the meaning I own you [Applause] now you say I love you what you're really saying at that moment is I am challenging you you low-energy person and what we're gonna do is where does the energy come from ladies and gentlemen someone tell me where does energy come from food this energy comes from food how many of you remember last Thanksgiving where you were last Thanksgiving yes and Thanksgiving what you do you have plenty of food and after you leave everything in sight it said I'll never eat again and someone said pie you would okay who remembers and at the end of that what did you do go for a ride would you feel like after all that food tell me do I lie down go to sleep there's no energy there's no productivity there's no joy there's just sleep right so it's not food where does the energy come from come on help me agree with me that if without energy we are not going to maximize if you agree maybe in a shout yes thank you very much so let's start to create energy so where's he coming from food you feel tired so it's not sleep who's it rather night we got no sleep whatsoever you're totally excited into something happened here wait for hours who knows what I'm talking about say hi I would save you where the energy comes from is psychology it's a decision about who you're gonna be and what you're gonna tolerate or not in yourself and those are the highest energy if I said to you Richard Branson energy rich energy for a quick okay Marc Benioff any theory of energy poor yes the room when I walked in here energy rich energy for good so should we change that yes or no they say wait somebody would say replace wait your truth I own you when you're really doing this challenge of it and I want to see if you can do something fun I do this to the best athletes the world presidents you name it sounds crazy but what we want to do is we found that you can change your energy just by changing the way you move for a few moments if you decide to energy equals emotion emotion is energy in motion and so if you try to get yourself pumped up in your head because circles and what I look for pump up we're looking for fuel fuel that will move things how did you can tell me where they were the moment you heard the news about 9/11 way back when how many number where you were anywhere in the world there's all kinds of countries here did you see it he's know exactly or what if I said where we want to eat 11 nobody has a clue what information without emotion is barely retained information with emotion can get you to take action catch and move the reason people traditionally don't act on what they've learned is they sit in a passive state like we've all been trained to do that's why before we talk about anything I want to shift this with you if you're willing to who's up for it awesome then V little plate we're gonna do it again when I say I don't you get really crazy and then what we're gonna do is you're gonna outdo their energy for just 30 seconds you're gonna jump celebrate like a little kid like the most energy you have trying to outdo their energy for 30 seconds already look at somebody 20 go out yeah [Applause] high-energy place you gonna maximize or are you gonna under deliver which one is the energy habit yes I want to make sure we maximize that happen so maybe since the energy has been lower we should try something everyone of you in this room is a person of influence some of you don't look at it that way some of you do some of you it's your identity you're a leader but how many consider yourself to be a leader of something let me see your hands awesome what does the leader do what makes you a leader what's your job no not motivate you got great people you need to motivate if I'm not even motivate you you don't need motivation a leader gets results how do they do it they maximize resources and the greatest leaders in the world have always found a way to maximize better than anyone else and when the order maximize resources one of those steps is intelligence one is that as hunger see mark is about as hungry today as when I got to know him 17 years ago you know each other 27 years but 17 years ago we really started working together personally and if they looked at Richard Branson he's as hungry today as when he was 16 years old working in a crypt coming up this idea called virgin hunger is incredible energy is incredible but we also have to ask the question what makes people fail who here in this room has ever failed to achieve what you really wanted life a goal a dream a desire a chance a I again if you don't raise your hand you live out of the shit too don't you come on we all fail so when you failed tell me why you failed no one will fuck about failure do they everyone's talking about success but let's be honest when you fail to achieve your goal why or if it wasn't you how many of our other people fail you let me see your hands say hi so now we got all the victims perfect so here's my question when you fail to achieve your goal why did you fail tell me what's that you quit too soon very nice that's an honest answer given here that's great get my hand for that please come on something else why'd you fail didn't take action got distracted fear come on what else didn't have the right people people said didn't have the right leader sir right come on what else didn't have the money didn't have the capital didn't have the technology take me other contacts what's that making excuses which all this is isn't it by the way I've done this who's done this who's made excuses like this to yourself let me shoot your hands the first time I ever asked this question was when I spoke at Ted way many many moons ago was when it was really tiny here in Northern California and they caught up and told me you have 18 minutes and my shortest seminar by the way the reason I'm somewhat stressed I want to add so much value to you today and I got less than three hours and I walked in the room and your Energy's low I'm like I really want to serve you I didn't come to do a freaking speech I don't do that I came because I love this man I came here because this community is gonna create 1.9 million jobs in the next four years pretty amazing we're living in a time that's crazy isn't it living in a time where we are in America where the economy everybody looks at our feeble economy is what people are looking at and wanting that's how bad it is in the world we're living at a time where people don't know what to think next when the economy around the world has been inflated not with dollars or money we don't even print it anymore we couldn't afford to we put ones and zeroes and computers we're living at a time for the first time in five thousand years of banking where banker now says to you in most parts of the world here's what I'll do give me your money and I'll charge you and take your money negative interest rates how do you explain that who's dumb enough to do that Toyota is offering you bonds right now do you know what they're offering for the bonds 0.001 it'll take you 69 thousand years to double your money one time that's the world win today we're the place of such uncertainty and I'm here because there are tools that mark and I have used over the years and all the people right now that change their lives in their businesses I'm also here because this is a community that I know is socially conscious cuz I know what the values are of this man and they're mine as well I'll give you an example when I look at how to create answers I don't look for the excuses I look for what can be done and what I found is this I when I first did this at ten years ago I asked this question because I walked in one of the only times there was about as quiet as this room and I asked people and you know the room in those days is very small it was the heads of Google the guys from Yahoo Steve Jobs was in the room pretty great group fact it was the day that they came up with a technology that made this happen they should have the first time from MIT they pinched things and pictures grew she can move things with your fingers and we were so blown away and Microsoft we didn't bought the entire thing that was demonstrate was a tabletop with pictures and Steve Jobs quietly walked back and went I'm gonna use that for a phone and change the world right so here's what I said that day I asked this question that's how many of you've ever failed not one hand with up I said I know you're out there I can hear you breathing I said how have you failed and now everybody raised their hand and I said when you failed why'd you fail and I heard some of the same things I heard here what were the things people said didn't have enough time didn't have enough kappa didn't have the right technology didn't have the right contacts right didn't have the right people didn't have all these things and in the voice in the darkness cuz very dark room heard this voice say didn't have enough Supreme Court justices and they looked at it was albor vice prez malgor there and and everybody started clapping right like crazy and i looked at him and i said that's one way to explain why you didn't become president but i said it's not an accurate one i said pretty easy for me to say i never ran for president but let's see if for you guys if i'm true or not when you told me all the reasons why you failed you told me resources you were lacking courage as a resource right time as a resource money is a resource people are resource technologies a resource but here's the challenge resources are never the real problem we all know it if we look around think about it you can get the resources if you're resourceful enough resources are not the challenge its resourcefulness so what is it we're really missing it's some form of human emotion that we have learned to value less and less than a technologically driven Society see if you're creative enough can you get the answer yes or no yes or no and creativity is a resource if you're committed enough can you get the capital yes or no if you care deeply enough for other people will you get people to help you yes or no are the answers there if you're resourceful enough yes or no and in fact whenever you see people in business that fail they'll always tell you they were missing resources when they really just weren't resourceful enough this man is incredibly resourceful I'm resourceful every person that I work with was gone from nothing to a billionaire and I've interviewed 50 of them just in the last four years to give you an idea which is why I gave that book I'm not going to talk about that I just want to give you a gift because I literally spent four years of my life interviewing these people and they have none of the people I interviewed were from the lucky sperm Club they all built it from scratch they did it by doing one simple thing you got to do in business which is finding a way to do more for others than who then you yourself but more than anyone else in the industry you got to find a way to add more what and when I did these interviews one things that came across when I was doing this is these people just took no excuses they knew they get the resources if they were source enough so what are the ultimate resources creativity joy love determination flexibility with those things there's nothing we can't get who grieves me on this AI and then I turned back to Vice President Al Gore and I said you know so I heard you say you didn't have enough Supreme Court justices but last night I watched you to give a speech and he gave us in can be a true speech for the first time and he was so passionate al gore was passionate it was an amazing thing I've never seen it before and I said to him I've never seen you that passion ever before I said I watch the debate between you and George W Bush and I want to vote for you but I couldn't you just said now the energy kind of add an attitude I said you were not resourceful I said it never should have come down to justice is having to make that decision it's because you are not resourceful enough and there's this pause in the room and also everybody stood up in democratic Northern California and started clapping like crazy and I'll sit up and keep my I give you a high five a little hug and afterwards they said get him run for president again I said no no no but the point is it's resources and if you were sourced enough he can do it so when I was writing this book I decided to get a little resource for myself and I thought gosh I grew up dirt poor no money for food and somebody fed my family when I was 11 years old and they came to the door literally on Thanksgiving and knocked on the door and here is this tall guy standing there with bags of food and in a pan on the floor on the ground with an uncooked turkey and I'll never forget he said is your father home and I said just one moment and I ran to get my dad that can't be so excited and unfortunately he was not he was annoyed even though we didn't have any food and the man said sir this is a gift from you someone knows you're having a tough time they want you have a beautiful Thanksgiving and my father said we don't take charity he went to slam the door in the man's face and the man kind of had his foot here and it bounced off his foot and he's holding a bag still and he said sir II said this is not a handout everyone has tough times this is a gift the person's doing it and honestly they just want you have a great Thanksgiving and my dad said we don't take charity started to slam the door again this time you put his shoulder into it and he hidden bounced off of him he and then he sits at my father I thought my father was gonna punch it he said to my father don't let your family point straight at me don't let them suffer because of your ego oh I thought there was gonna be a fight my dad getting the scalp took the groceries threw him on a table slammed the door never said thank you and that day impacted me it's why I'm here right now because that day I had to figure out a question in my mind which is how could my father be so angry about someone helping and how come I was so happy and the reason is right now is you're listening me in every moment of your life you're making three decisions you might want to jot them down to see if it's true right now the first decision you're making is what are you gonna focus on because whatever we focus on we feel and most of us let the world control our focus you know people say we're in the Information Age we're not in the Information Age the Information Age died a long time ago we're drowning information we're starving for wisdom aren't we and so the bottom line is you look around and I see my father and what did he focus on he focused on the fact that he had not provided food for his family how would that make you feel if you knew you had failed at that level you can get he was beating himself up I focused on the fact there was food what a concept I was so excited he focused on he's not provided it the second question we ask every month my life is what does this mean is this the end of the beginning is this person dissing you is this person attacking you is this person challenging you this person loving you is this person coaching you whatever meaning you make is gonna determine your emotion am I here to pump you up and motivate you I'm here to serve you I'm here to offer you some pieces you can make some decisions from the could be life-changing if you want them to you get to decide but whatever you decide is gonna be your experience today and every day of your life and most of us don't make these distance consciously we've got a conditioned response based on our past so for most of us the future is pretty much gonna be like our past we might make more money we might do better in business but we run the same problems over no again how many can relate in some way inside here raise your hand if you can't say I my dad said the question what does this mean I know what it meant to him because he said it out loud over and over again to all of us I knew he focus didn't have the food they didn't provide it because he said I failed my family I am a failure there's no food for my family that couldn't be a bigger failure and the bottom line is out of that experience he made the third decision what I want to do what he decided to do was leave our family shortly thereafter which at the time was the most painful experience I thought of my life but it turned out you know your worst experience of life can become your best if you decide to use it and for me I said my god there's food but the big thing to change my life was the meaning and the meaning was strangers care that's the meaning I pulled out of it my father always said no one gives a damn about anybody else and I had plenty of evidence in a way we lived our life and the people around us you know there wasn't anybody coming to help before that ever and we were always in a challenged place when I started believing strangers care it changed my whole life one belief can change your life today you can make one decision in Huck's little time we're together and literally change your life but I'll hyperbole without BS without exaggeration not positive thinking because our beliefs create our beliefs destroy our lives and we have to become conscious as which ones are empowering us we use them more which ones are pulling and most of us are going so fast responding to our world that we don't actually stop and really check in feel what's really going on so my third one is what am I gonna do I decided someday I'm gonna give back I'm gonna do this for other people because this changed my life and so half I started when our seventeen I decided feed two families and it was I didn't have any money but I was like committed I went to the grocery store I got two baskets and I thought I'm gonna feed two families for like three days I'm gonna make this incredible Thanksgiving for them honor I know what it meant to me it's gonna mean that to them and I went to the store manager since I have much money and I said here's what I'm doing my feed to families help me out give me a discount they gave me 10% off and I thought cheap bastard but I took the 10% and it was the best shopping spree had ever gone out of my life and I'll never forget I called a local church I was connected to you and I said who do you know that needs help but won't ask for it because that was us and they gave me the names of two families and I'll never forget I went to the first family that it's it shaped everything in my life because I borrowed an old van from a friend of mine who I didn't know how to drive a stick shift so that was a very interesting Drive and I go in took the groceries and I pulled the first house I wrote a note and I've done it before I got there and I said this is just a gift from a friend have a beautiful Thanksgiving and just know that you're deeply loved everyone has tough times and if you can someday do well enough to do this for one of the family and pay it forward I put love of friends I didn't see where I was and they had someone else write in Spanish in the back just in case they didn't speak English which was really helpful because when I got there they didn't speak English and this woman about this tall opens the door and she sees me to hold these two things I wore t-shirts and jeans because I wasn't going to be the giver as I remember that insulted my dad so I just made sure that it was just like I'm the delivery boy and this woman screamed and she crapped my neck and she pulled me down and start kissing the side of my face and it's like no no delivery man delivery man no no no no and she I couldn't understand and then she finds his gift gift God gift God gift from God and size so I got all teared I was like no delivery guy and so I kind of motion where I put these groceries and I'll never forget she motioned me in as she did she had four children and one hit one leg one hit the other they were starving for love and attention and they were really starving for food too and when they saw this they were so excited it just lifted my soul and so much so that then they followed me back out to get to the truck so then I got some more bags when they saw the pumpkin pie it was over and the moment that is seared into my memory of my life that changed my life was seeing at the end I I didn't want to leave but I have to I go till the other food and the one little boy just would not like all my life looking up to me and it was just one of those surreal moments in your life because I was that boy one day not that long ago and so I walked in there and I fired good mahogany finally try to excuse myself and I won't speak any Spanish I felt embarrassed I should have but I turned the woman and she's crying like this and smiling and crying quite a mixture of emotion I'm feeling myself trying not to cry and then you know all of a sudden I try to say Happy Thanksgiving and I'd know so I said Feliz not be bad I knew those two words right and I got in a van I never got I put the thing in reverse backed up I looked up in the rearview mirror and I saw her face with the four kids there and I thought that one little detail but I found out her husband had left her a week before with kids with no money and no food I had no clue you want to talk about guidance God fate whatever you want to call it but it was there grace is what I would call it and I never I just started bawling uncontrollably and I thought why am i crying is such a beautiful moment and I realized that moment the worst day of my life was the best day of my life because what I have ever been there if my father had been the man I wanted him to be in my life if he had stayed if he had done the things that I would want him to do I wouldn't have the drive and so I've had two families that time that Thanksgiving and then I went from there to four and then to eight and then I got a little small company I started and they all got involved and then I got 200,000 people but I got to a million than two million in about I don't know about twelve years ago it's a two million people through my foundation and then I matched it I've been matching every year since then four million people here to be fed even idea [Applause] and then when I read this in my fright in this book I got really resource about these guys are multi billionaires I'm moving in that direction which is an incredible privilege and I'm doing this good work but I got to step up my game because we're always watching these guys make billions we're also in a world where the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer and it isn't right and we all have something we can do about it and people like you are the ones that will do that if we succeed we have more we can give if that becomes our our ethic our way of being and so the bottom line is I thought you know what how many people are a Fed in my lifetime and at that point it fed 42 million people the course of my life I thought what if I did that in one year and I got resourceful and I found that how to do 50 million people and I got more inspired and I said a hundred million people last year so the real reason I'm here is the other reason is I'd like to call to you to do so well that you could do well for others and if you won't give a dime out of a dollar I can promise you won't give a hundred million out of a billion this guy did it when he had nothing I've done it what I had nothing that's why I'm doing it now doing well that's really wonderful and I was here in San Francisco and I just happened to see somebody Arabs leaving newspaper and I was here earlier this year I was doing some business and I saw that a group of nuns a group of sisters from Notre Dom were getting kicked out they're feeding the homeless and they're about to become homeless in one of the richest communities in the world here San Francisco with a tech community and I couldn't believe that no one was doing it so I wouldn't let these sisters and said let me negotiate with your landlord I don't think he wants to be hated by all humans and I met Kevin Fagan over here from San Francisco Chronicle and asked him how do I get these nuns he introduced me to them and sat down with a knife wouldn't they oh she with this man everything's negotiable and there was great leverage do you want to die you want everybody hate you so I worked it out so my intention was working out giving $50,000 so he wouldn't raise the rent keep him in and then I promised them I'd get him out within the year and help them find a new place but I got so inspired the nuns started looking for place I was gonna help him lease it but they started looking to buy a place it's like how you gonna buy a place you know money they said we're praying to God that someone will show up and buy it for us I'm thinking shit so I bought him a place they have their own place so I thought shit I don't even live in San Francisco what am i doing doing it here but if you're resourceful you do what's right wherever you are and then we got him a place and then people are fighting us on the soup kitchen and then so I need a new place for them to be so markets never acknowledged it but I have to acknowledge I called my buddy has a mark I bought the soup kitchen how about you by my condominium and Mark did he bought the place that they all live how they have for Marc Benioff over here pretty amazing in it so before I go any further if you find real value by the time I'm done here and I believe you will significant value since you came here and paid something I'm sure I'd like to invite you to match me and helping either these local sisters or feeding America and I will match whatever you give ten dollars ten thousand dollars up to five million I'll personally match this room is filled with some players if you're at that level I'll do it if you want to get resourceful and given 10 bucks or resourceful and give 10,000 a resource will give 5 million I'll match you or if you just want to help these nuns out I want to point it out I bring this up really simply because whether it's becoming president estates or feeding your family or feeding the world or changing your business comes down to resourcefulness they asked Sam Walton in the 1974 had 78 stores and if you read the Wall Street Journal and if you read a bunch of this reviews done by the financial community they all said in that year sell does anybody know why they said sell sell Walmart in nineteen seventy four seventy eight floors why would you sell them because they said he's out of what the R word what is it what resources he has no more resources no more cash he has no more capability and Plus who else is gonna why buy this cheap shit except this crappy little parts of this South no one's gonna want this anywhere else and at that time who are the biggest retailers in the world remember Sears and Kmart what happened at Kmart bankrupt look at this without number stores 1300 market value Sears and came out with 65 times Walmart where's Walmart today ladies and gentlemen how many stores throw out there it's the dominant player on the face of the earth today you got 11,000 stores and half a trillion in sales $1,000 investment back then if you didn't listen those people and you never put another dime in it would be worth 25 million dollars today because people underestimated his resourcefulness business is resourcefulness your careers resourcefulness you want to move up get resourceful and the only we gonna do that number one it isn't enough to be intelligent I know you're smart as hell but sometimes being so smart puts an ego on us and makes us not maximize our resources who's with me on this raise your hand say I and I'm here at one to say listen if you lose your hunger if you're willing to settle for less than you can be or do or create or share then you're selling yourself short and you're just gonna make your life have-nots the juice it deserves who's with me here say I so if we want to know what it takes to succeed you already have it every one of you is resourceful but if we want to take it to another level what's the level we want to get resource slap let's fuck business first in your personal life okay is that fair are you still with me great by the way if you think about this if you want to know what it takes to succeed in business if you own your own business how many your small business here where there's an owner in the room raise your hand if you're an owner of a business awesome how many even kind of a medium-sized business here how many your enterprise size let me see how the enterprise size businesses how many have no idea what size your business is you or your to time to raise your freakin hands thank you very much so whatever your business size what the Paley is if we want to know what it takes to grow a business all you got to look is the most successful businesses or you could go back to Peter Drucker Peter Drucker said at 30 years ago he said all businesses is to functions innovation and marketing innovation and marketing employs everyone else you can't have accounting without a company isn't constantly innovating in marketing so let's write down what those are because it's also true in your career if you want to move up within a company or grow your company you've got to innovate and market what is innovation it means finding a way to do more for others than whom anyone else if you become the dominant force to do more for others than anyone else it's probably you beginning Eli's business as a spiritual game because what is every religion in the world talk about every great philosophy of meditation talk about treat my neighbor like thy love thy neighbor like thy and yet how many people really do it if you're innovating you're looking for new ways to make life better and the way to do that if you want to jot down one thought that'll change the game that most high intention quality business owners failed to do at small businesses of medium certainly it Enterprise is they forget they start falling in love with their products and services that is death in the world of constant change you have to fall in love with your clients this guy over here and I'm blowing smoke and it may sound like to you but I love mark I love him dearly not all these years and you know must have a great respect for him or you wouldn't be in this room we've all benefit from what he's created that vision made from decisions but this man is nothing but innovation it isn't my opinion Forbes how do you win most innovative company five years in a row for a half decades straight you do it because you not fall in love with his products he's always willing to change the project and give a damn the product hears about you he's thinking constantly about how can I make life better for you he just got traveling before he got here to eight different cities he works around the clock he's so excited he's gonna do another eight cities right afterwards because he wants to know what do you want this entire company that dominates its industry is driven by that concept of innovation you don't fall in love and don't follow up with your job fall in love with somebody you want to serve within that company those clients because if you do that you'll move up within the company as well if there's no limit to what you can do if you add more what add more what come on guys add more what I know you're starting to drip down into that state nothing wrong with it but let's get into our bodies cuz I know you intellectually but most of us know the truth intellectually if we would on do it people know what to do they don't do what they know because you got to get it where it's activated so innovation that's what innovation is about but if you innovate like crazy that's not enough you still got to be an effective marketer fat who's ever seen someone who has and in fear your product or service to your own and they've had bigger revenues say back raise your hand how many seen this how we been annoyed by this say I and why cuz they either innovated more you were wrong because they were about a product but very often they were a better marketer does the best product or service always win yes or no now the best marketed product will work at first but if it's going to be sustained in us to be the best product and the best marketing companies like Apple companies like Google companies like the company you're in right now Salesforce these are the companies that do both innovation and marketing and if you were an employee of someone and you're saying what's my ticket to make my life the way I wanted it's innovation of marketing within you it's finding out what can I do to add more value to this company what can they Devon where values to our clients what kind of you think that happen and then how do I make people know how to get people want to do business with me want me to move up in the organization that's what it really comes down to now here's a question marketing today he's marketing today easier or harder give me your first gut reaction nice and loud which one say it again easier harder I'm here a lot harder raise hand if you think it's harder raise day if you think it's easier ok well the room is felt 60/40 it sounded worse not because harder people talk harder hits harder both of you are right it's easier to harder it's easier because there's more ways to market and there's cheaper ways to market there's social media there's on these incredible opportunities it's harder because there's so much more competition it's hard to get people's attention today isn't it alright everybody's trying to get attention where is advertising today tell me where is it everywhere that's like it's on bananas it's on people's t-shirts it's on their ass it's it it's crazy in fact right now a lot of retailers the deal with millenials are in deep trouble right now because they don't want to wear a label if somebody's branded on anymore it's a whole different culture and you're seeing these companies are going right now massive drop in profits for I forget what the hell do we do why cuz they didn't innovate enough they didn't market enough to find out what does this person really want need they fell in love with their product they fell in love with their service they didn't fall in love with her quiet understand what do they want we need one they fear and by the way that's true whether you're the business or whether you work in a business that's number one job for all of us that's what makes the economy go who's with me here say I you know how many 15 years ago research showed that the average person if they're exposed to advertising would see an average of four exposures before they took action that was the average some people do the first time some people do it nine times but the average was four does anything with the averages today oh they just put it up there thank you very much that was very helpful 16 so those that said harder you're right it's harder because it takes so much more but that also is precluding that your message isn't very engaging if it's engaging enough you get them the first time now how do you do that today well if you're a small business you go how do I compete we've seen all these companies disappear right there used to be these small bookstores and then who came along Barnes in Noble and they thought they owned everything and then who came along Amazon and guess what that's the game who did you use to search with years ago before Google what company I can't even hear you right Yahoo right but no one's search has got who now right they got displaced that displacement came for the innovation and marketing vision if you fall here say I so if you're not gonna break through it if your small business I'm sure you freaked out about if your businesses you think I'm just gonna spend more money today spending more money isn't enough today people want something that's authentic and real who's with me on this AI and without that you really can't even get their tips in the old ways don't work how many of you don't even see banner ads anymore they're like invisible to you when you're on the web right yeah it's AI if that's true do me a favor AG and if you literally don't see the banner ads raise your hand I want you to look around the room but look at the percentage that don't even see it so lesson what no banner ads well you have to do today is find a way to add more value even in your marketing where your marketing is providing value where you provide information insights where you become a trusted resource this organization is a great marketing organization and the way they market is they don't just send you a bunch of stuff and say buy it they put on conventions like this and say let's bring the very best that exists let's bring whoever we can let's do whatever we can to make sure these customers lives are better and that's why you have an allegiance the technology works but it's more than that remember back in 1997 when the little company called Apple was not the most profitable company in the world when they were on the verge of bankruptcy and they seem to have no resources but they had one thing still they had groups of people I was one of them that by my whole companies they all went to Microsoft and I was like I'm keeping my Apple and my creative team is gonna have Apple and we stuck even there was no software it was terrible but they created something different watch this no disrespect just you give me the real feeling I'm gonna say a company name you make a sound do you associate to that company make the sound don't hesitate from the gut Microsoft Microsoft Apple Apple that's the difference there's billions and billions of dollar difference in those little emotional differences that you can hear in a voice think about the difference of what's there so having the ability create a raving fan quiet not a satisfied customer satisfied customers go away raving fans stay and so the component that I want you to look at though is what will really create that now big companies will try and do still major advertise in fact I got a phone call a couple years ago right before the Super Bowl and it was a group from Nike and they said we want to do a commercial and we'd like you to star at this commercial but I said listen I'm the wrong guy I love your product and I said for years I did freaking infomercials I didn't want anyone for mercial it's just no way to get my message out so then I you know you're between spray-on hair and fake diamonds and stuff and I said I hated it but he got me the president itíd States as a client got any sweeter Williams as a client it got me huge Ackman as a client it got me Steve Wynn's the client cuz people got exposed to my actual products that they bought and it made a difference in their life so I said you know I don't really want this but I'm doing this and I sure as heck don't want to do a commercial and you know great great shoes ready to go no this is really special they said Kobe Bryant has created a new shoe it's the most incredible shoe not taking bullshit bullshit bullshit right what's the difference between Nike and Adidas marketing isn't it truth what is really difference those shoes nothing you just have to learn to brand just do it or you learn to brand I don't even know a deed is not gonna show you why Nikes doing better like for some people right it's no difference but they said listen hear us out we're gonna do a commercial you're gonna love this cuz the commercial is gonna be where Kobe is gonna pretend to be you and then he's gonna be coaching the most successful people in the world and he said you'll be one of them you'll be sitting there but you'll also we're gonna also have you know well have Serena Williams there and we're gonna have Kanye West and we're gonna have Richard Branson I said Richard's one of my friends I said Serena's are my friends and clients I know Kanye if I call them now they're gonna tell me gonna be in the commercial and they said if you are they will so I called Richard were supposed to have a meeting like two weeks they're in London I said are you really gonna come film this he goes if you are I go great for the meeting in LA I'm in for it okay so with you this little commercial what the hell is that and that made them sell a lot of shoes their mind because all they understood is something that makes no sense did anybody see anything about shoes that made any sense in this no because the marketing was P match how much it cost about all those people in the room and do this little endorsement that was a huge sum of money those are some of the biggest players on earth and they got the return because people don't buy products they buy emotions they buy identities if you buy a Volkswagen you're buying a different identity that if you're buying a Ferrari and people buy Volkswagens think you buy Ferraris are absolutely stupid if you buy Ferraris think people votes we go what's wrong with them because we all identify things and branding is that identity so today though you can do this with almost no money your small business or even a big business it's now it's about using your brain to brand differently there's a something remember the Chilean miners you remember the Chilean miners that were stuck underground for what 70 days whatever was I don't remember that story he should because was all over the world and when they were about to get out somebody really smart figured something out we want to spend that kind of money we can get a bigger impact than that right away if we're just a little bit creative if we're a little resourceful remember and so a little company called Oakley said what's gonna happen when those people come out and they've been underground for two and a half months they're gonna be blinded by the light so they flew one of their guys with 32 pairs of glasses which cost them about $2,000 and that's probably whatever not even $2,000 and they got a half a billion dollars of advertising that picture was on every major newspaper every TV pieces around the world Beth there's two being resourceful as a marketer or just going and spent a ton of money and hoping you can still be part of that old order how many follow say I now you might say but Tony we are company we sell data or we sell something else we don't sell something emotional people to buy for a motion you're wrong they still buy an identity thunk right not bad you know Harry Potter they're opening a brand new Harry Potter that they're gonna do down to Universal Studios and people are waiting for years and of course Universal had a budget I apologize don't remember the number but it was a gigantic marketing budget but fortunately the person running marketing was much more resourceful so you know she did she decided she was gonna spend not one dollar in advertising not a penny she wasn't gonna make even a commercial to go on the web she called the 12 largest bloggers in the world who are experts and followed on Harry Potter she said at midnight send them a special invitation there's only 12 of you here if you're late by one second you're off the call we're gonna give you a special insight to what's coming she spent an hour on the phone telling them the story of what was gonna happen and within 24 hours more than 250 million people around the world knew everything about what that Park was and then spent a penny because she was resourceful don't tell me you don't have the resources if you don't it's because you're low energy it's because you're so freakin smart you're in your own way you're getting your brain being smart you're staying in your head I tell people stay in your head you're dead it's the heart where you'll find the breakthrough who's with me on this say I and that's also true with your accompany or whether you're an individual the company wants to move up cuz I know some of yous like well that's great for the company what about me this is really about you in the end how you could be more resourceful to innovate bring more value if you brought that to Universal do you think that woman's gonna move up in that company do you think people in that company you're gonna want her to be a top executive there is no limit the only limit to our impact is our creativity and caring if you're clear enough and you're creative enough there is no limit but most of us allow our mind to get in the way we get caught up or we just do what we've been doing and we do it a little bit better but that's not gonna make you feel alive it's not gonna feel joy in your life now here's a question is it possible that the breakthrough you're looking for by the way how many came you're looking for breakthroughs for your business or within your career region if that's one of the main reasons you came here besides to party could you kept me all about last night I know you're out partying like crazy how many came here for some breakthroughs right hands say great breakthroughs or sometimes counterintuitive sometimes it's the littlest thing they'll do it I want to get you to think about this this business because you could make breakthroughs there no one thought because you're looking for the big thing if you're a tech person if you're a sales person we all think a certain way based on the way we've been conditioned and trained but if you think outside the nine dots if you do what everybody else does you do a little bit better you have a little advantage but if you do what no one else does you have a gigantic advantage so I'll give an example what did Steve Jobs do in 1997 when Apple was almost bankrupt and he had no real money one thing he's in made a deal with Microsoft which was like evil empire to Apple but what did he do what was where did he do you come up with product even have time he came up with a product that most people would say well there's no innovation in fact his engineers the people inside they're all saying this is a piece of crap he want to build he said trust me we're gonna do this I don't think he said trust me he was a little more intense than that right he said this is what we're gonna do don't question me I think is what he actually said you probably know what he said you were good buddies back then and so what happened he I know what happened cuz what my dear friends said to me one day we're talking about computers for some reason don't know why but he says my grandmother wants a computer for the first time and I said what kind he said that's why I asked her and she said a pink one remember what happened with the old iMac do you guys remember that break few doubts would kept the company alive and all it was was what color were computers before that what color were they throw up beige were they right and all of a sudden all he did was come out and bring color that was massive innovation and how much creativity how much money did that shit cost that's what we're talking about what I'm talking about being innovating you want to think outside of it I'll ask you a question where were you in 1999 where were you living what were you doing for a living you're partying like it was 1999 who remembers where you were in 1999 okay now that you're there stay there for a moment 1999 answer this question for me if in 1999 what was the dominant computer company in the world who was it quick Microsoft controlled what 98% of all computers through their software 98% that's a fairly large market share right now at that time no Gates had a really beautiful vision brilliant vision he want to get rid of all those botanic encyclopedias and he wanted to create this online resource that would allow you to be able to know all the knowledge of humanity for everyone anytime and he had a budget that was virtually unlimited and some of the smartest people literally in the world that worked at Microsoft is it true yes or no smartest people unlimited money that's called unlimited resources there was competition was a group of people working as volunteers all volunteers no money no background no experience no infrastructure and supposedly not as smart because they certainly weren't paying that kind of money to be smart if I asked you in 1999 who would you bet on be honest if you had to put a sum a large sum of money Microsoft with all the resources or a little group of volunteers called Wikipedia who would you have bet on tell the truth nice and loud go that's right and you would have lost heavily and the reason I tell you that is really simple when we talk about innovation when we talk about breakthroughs sometimes the littlest thing is the biggest thing the littlest thing by the way being first is not enough anymore either you can be first and then Apple comes alive takes it from you afterwards right being first is not it there was a company called Vimeo that was first in the marketplace doing what now most of you think YouTube does in fact if you looked at it back then we saw Vimeo and you saw YouTube two-year difference between them I know Chad who created YouTube brilliant guy and what he did was really good when I teach he modeled them he saw that they did he modeled them if you looked at him visually back then they looked very very similar they did the exact same thing but one was sold for 1.65 billion dollars a couple years later and the big big difference what was it it look at him visually look pretty much the same someone tell me what was the one point six five billion dollar difference now they upload it the same way speed they had the same speed if that video was a little bit faster and a little bit more efficiency in the beginning somebody just said it you must know the story sir there were looking up put it up on the screen there there was one share button versus nine share buttons on YouTube somebody said the more you ask asking you shall what receive if we ask enough times we'll share but when people share you get that geometric multiplying effect that we all understand now that difference is the difference between two large companies one of which is kind of nice but is dwarfed by YouTube and the other which went on to become the basis of where most people's put with their time and their energy for a lot of people for creation so I want you to get that if you and I are gonna go to a different level all you gotta understand is it isn't beyond your reach it's beyond your reach if you're low-energy is filling your reach if you're unrest or Siletz beyond your reach if your ego tells you you're so smart we need to put our smarts aside and use them with enough emotion and connection to say how can I add more value that's where the game really changes who's with me on this say now so that comes down to then how do we really make sure that we succeed that how do we get this resourcefulness in our companies how do we do within ourselves let's start with the companies the most challenging thing in the world today is a term you know business we all use these terms they come buzzwords we hear them so much but the reason they start out is because they're usually true and that buzzword is engagement right I know mark is obsessed with engagement I'm obsessed with engagement when I walked up here I'm right up here they wanted me run from back there it's hot as hell and I look around nobody's engaged what the hell and so I know I can't serve you if we don't become a gauge together oh I can't do that if I just hear and talk to you and talk at you so that's why I asked you and I really thank you for participating and we want to keep that energy going because we've gone long enough that you've begun to go back into your learning trance you're being very kind and participating I'm really grateful for it but the higher the energy the more you retain who's with me here say I bells engagement engagements where everything grows what's our job in business our job is add more what win once in a while or every time if you do it for decades you become a brand if you come a brand people been down on one knee we find other things that I cooker Cola even though very often when you do studies and they've done in the past some of their competing brands seem to have a better taste test results people don't give a shit give me the coke because it gives them certain deep because it becomes part of their identity right so our job is to engage people and if we look at engagement involvement passion connection massive focus on how to do more for the client than anybody else what how are we doing that how are we doing almost those pat ourselves on the back but throw up the statistics this is scary and crazy and it shows UI economies around the world are where they are right now according the Gallup poll which was done in 142 countries intensive 13% of employees worldwide are truly engaged in work meaning they're passionately connected to the sense of mission the value and when they're at work they're trying to maximize their time for the benefit of that mission that means by the way 87 not engaged now it's better in the United States we're better than anywhere else in the world we have the highest engagement a whole 29 percent think about that that means 71% of US workers are disengaged that's pretty crazy does that make you crazy and I know it's truly not even did when I went on this last book tour I did a hundred and ten interviews it's crazy most I've ever done and so I was going all around I won't mention the companies but I was going all the media companies and I walked into these buildings I got 31 companies I have very passionate values about how we play the game of life right and I walked through these buildings and the world because we're so technology driven it's so dead but I'm walking around watching people on their personal Facebook tweeting doing those stuff and the energy is so low because there is no mission and you look around and go how do these companies survive and if you look at our economy our productivity has dropped everything else about because now we're so distracted because we have so few companies that have that mission connection today and the ones that do they dominate completely dominate in that process now what should really concern you is the next statistic 24% are actively disengaged what does that mean it means they have no passion for the work they lack any motivation get their job done they're unhappy and they're likely to attack the company if you're trying to grow your business and one-quarter of them are trying to screw you over that work for you that are your partners how many know people like this in your own business come on raise hand if you know nice and high raise your hand if you look around the room clearly Donald Trump has at least one of those extend his taxes to the New York Times right somebody was actively disengaged at the Trump Organization send his tax returns and kind of gave him a whole nother challenge for him to deal with once again cuz he didn't have enough before this that's how bad it is now here's what's great the companies that do have engagement have an unbelievable competitive edge you need where some of the companies have the most engaged employees let me tell you tell me tell me they're already putting it off there thank you so much your timing is underhall we put Salesforce do they have you engaged yes or no what other company gets a convention of a hundred thousand people to come and spend time for days throws the best parties with YouTube gives you the best technology and you want to come back companies come back here more than once to this Dreamforce let me see your hands that's called engagement but the employees at Salesforce engaged because Marc started out with a vision from the very beginning we're both into contribution and the very beginning said tell me what do this one one one plan that now Google uses right one percent of our stock one percent of our profits one percent of our time I'm sure you'll go over the hub newest statistics in his over his talk tomorrow so I won't say a word steal that from it's his company his ideas but I'm impressed that I'm sure you will be too Google Starbucks Zappos you name it Tony Robbins somebody that's not that's not oh that's oh that's the slide of Tony Robbins okay I'll get that you're trying to put us with Salesforce we're not that in that realm not yet anyway so the point is what these companies have is innovators here the statistics that the study showed throw them up there real quick for us if you would know the things you'll see immediately when you look at these companies are 20% higher profitability on average 10% higher customer ratings 28% less theft for 48 percent fewer safety incidents I'll tell you what else they found nearly two times greater satisfaction at work one point seven to be exact and there are three times more likely to stay how important is that to a company sustainability right today the average cost if you lose a sales executive it cost you a million dollars in business it'll take 12 months before you were back to the same level to replace that person all because you didn't fully engage so how do we get people to engage we get them engaged cuz think about this how can you get us the gauge if you're not fully engaged and how many of us have been guilty of getting overwhelmed stressed frustrated whatever and not being fully engaged who's been there before even in this room of engaged people raise your hand say I so if we the hungry driven ones can let this happen to ourselves you can know what's happening with everybody else that's not as driven as you are in this area so it is a challenge to say the least how do we solve that challenge you can't move someone if you're not moved you can't touch someone if you're not touched and that's why what we're here to do today I want to talk about a few moments maybe the most important thing of all and that is making sure that you are fully engaged in a way that produces the maximum results that you want so rather than me tell you if I tell you to be me telling you here's what you do stand up just for a second real fast stand up shake your body out shake it out just for a second shake it out shake it out and put yourself in a group of three people as fast as you can if you got a notebook with you you're welcome to but go grab three people real fast and why don't you grab a notebook or a phone or an iPad or something and what I like to do all three of you raise your right index finger towards the ceiling and your grip all three of you okay point to the leader of your group now whoever's got the most fingers you're in if you all pointed at yourselves we know a little bit about your group okay so here's what leader here's what you do I want you in fact just sit down first for just a moment now you know who your group is in a moment you're gonna jump back up with your group I want you to write down the answer to a question throw up on the screen for me the questions real quick I want you to write down an honest answer as to how engaged are you to your maximum capability how would you rate your level of engagement with the people you lead an image on a scale from one to ten ten is absolutely off the charts mind-boggling they blow your mind one is that I got a dead group of people right and what do you need to improve what do you need to improve to increase that engagements that it'd mean telling you you tell me you tell each other and the third question what specifically do you need to do to engage your people in a different level what could you do cuz we're gonna share this because then you get some ideas for the other two people as well and finally what do you do what do you do a less than adequate job engaging what could you do better with that person other words think of someone you're not good at engage if you're good engaging everybody help me have a problem child someone who does not maximize their resources within your team make sure if you got somebody like that good but I want you to write down that person and ask yourself instead of their screwed up what can I do where am I not engaging how can I engage them more so five quick questions and then I'm gonna put you in your team oh yeah shake it out wake it up give me your score how many of you were perfect ten and your engagement as a leader raise your hand okay one wire good very nice how many were nine crazy gives you gave yourself a nine who was an eight okay now why you look 90% of this room maybe 95 is below an 8 on a 0 to 10 scale by your judgment not mine I'm not so judgmental of you as you are and if you're below an 8 how could you possibly maximize your resources let's let's enjoy yourself because listen when you don't give your all I remember I got a chance to interview coach John Wooden any member who John Wooden is greatest basketball coach history of the world college basketball won 11 national championships 88 games in a row and it wasn't like the Bulls with Michael Jordan every year was new players it's College I remember he taught me something he said Tony I asked him which one was his team that he was most proud of and I know a little bit about basketball I'm old enough to remember Lew Alcindor Jabbar Koren abdul-jabbar people like that I thought that was gonna be the group for sure but winning his team it was not the team you pick team dick to the team I'd never heard of and I said why that team they didn't perform as high as these other teams why would you pick them as the greatest team you ever worked with he said Tony because they maximized their abilities he said you know what he taught anyone ever worked or was coached by Coach wooden he taught people really something simple he taught them how to be great men and the way he did it was he said it's really simple stop thinking about the score of the game and focus on one thing you can control how much you give every moment you're on that court he said they're gonna be days when you win and when you lose but the only days you're gonna know when you when you're lose are gonna be by your measurement of yourself if you every single moment you're on that court you're engaged at level 10 or above if such a thing were to exist and you gave every ounce of yourself every minute on the court then it doesn't matter what the score is you want could you became more and you gave more and in life we don't get to keep anything except what we give because that's what makes us become something different his entire mindset by the way was if you give your all every single moment the court and every one of us does if all of us are a hundred percent engaged he said 99 percent of time you're gonna highest score sometimes someone's getting lucky they'll get a different call the ball will drop but you can't control that you can control you so if you're below an eight which most this room is it might be time to change and maybe that's what I felt when I walked in this room and the energy was lower it's like it's not a judgment it's just I want you to have the enjoyment that comes at 10:00 how many can remember a time when you were so engaged in something that bombs could be going off you would know you were like right there in the zone nothing else could distract you who's ever been in that place they make a sound of how it feels when you're in that state make a sound go for it now make the sound of level seven engagement and then imagine doing that every day so then you want to find some new technology that will get you excited again and the technology is only as good as our engagement who's with me on this AI so now I'm gonna ask you real fast round-robin while you're standing with your group what makes someone engaging what makes someone disengaging make a list you have one minute go together do it together don't sit down do it together somebody tell me give me example of two things that make them engage in two or three make them engaging two or three make them disengaging anyone raise your hand let me grab somebody will grab microphone bow yes sir right here give a hand names Pancho and from San Luis Obispo hey tell us three things that make somebody make you wanna engage with them tell us three things make you want to disengage or not be involved with them yeah so engagement positivity level-headed mission oriented okay disengaging unappreciative grumpy and unjust sorry nice skip ahead very nice something like to tell us three things that make people engaging tell us three things that make you not want engage in the more disengage empathy Drive and positivity okay disengage would be lazy mean and somebody that has the worst case scenario attitude right now let's give her a hand get ready tell us and we came up with one three things for someone be engaging would be drive positivity and openness great disengaging would be victim low energy and me not we attitude give her hand thank you very much let's see what you do inside yourself to turn on engagement to turn it off now human emotion is energy in motion that means if you want to change how you feel you could do it by how you move if you try to do with your head you can go in circles can't you rationalize goes in a nut so I want you to try something real fast we're gonna do a real simple exercise I want you to discover how you can change your own engagement and your own interaction with people by seeing what you do in your body when you go to engage someone and I'm going to give you some deliberate scenarios where to be three real fast number one when I say now I'm gonna ask you introduce yourself to as many people as possible and in two minutes when you do that I want you introduce yourself to people you don't know but I want you to do it from a different emotional state I wanted to do it as if you think this is the stupidest exercise in the world and it's a waste of your time and why do you have to talk to this idiotic person in other words you're not gonna say it I don't want you walk up to them like it's a total waste of your time hi how you doing you gonna shake their hand like like I yeah you sir come here you come here come here what's your name what a Adrian deliberately walk up and be in a state where you really think it's a waste your time I don't have to talk this person but you're gonna do it anyway and I want you to notice listen notice what you do to be in that state in your body what do you do with your face what do you do with your breathing what do you do in your posture if you go straight towards them or do you hesitate I want you to notice not only how it feels to be greeted that way that'll be obvious I want to notice what you got to do to be in a state where you disengage with someone like why it's a waste of your time get to as many people you can in a minute half and notice what you do by the way you're gonna be in a state you don't want to do this you're just doing it cuz you have to go okay stop whoever you're on the road freeze freeze where you are on the road that wasn't hard for some of you freeze cuz you didn't go to you want pie I I'm done now how many of you couldn't help yourself you're like hi hi I saw a few of you out there how many actually did it how many actually did it raise your hand if he really did say so I want to yell out the answer cuz we have about what seven thousand people in this room and they're from all over the world so it's a great test ground for human beings raise your hand if you had to change your body to go in this lousy state in some way raise your hand if you change your body say I raise your hand to say I if you change the muscles in your face to get in this little annoyed state say I tell me did you did you increase your breathing more full or more shallow in the state nice and loud which one which one did you talk louder or quieter which one which one did you talk fast sir or slower in this thing gets run kind of like the room when I walked in here and I want you to get this there are 7,000 people here from 100 plus countries and you're all saying the exact same thing and I didn't tell you those things you're telling me because in order go on that crappy state that's you all have to do if you use your body that way you're gonna feel lousy no matter who you're around and many of us don't we think it's other people and it's the state we put ourselves in so there's a pattern here that's pretty universal isn't there so let's try something shake that out of your body get out of that state and let's try a totally different state this time this time I want you to do this like you're a little kid if you do it like an adult you're like were we doing this stupid episode but if you're a kid you have fun with stuff who's gonna have some fun when they say I awesome and here's what I want you to do in a moment I want you introduce yourself to as many people different people again but this time I want you to do it from a state where you're deathly afraid they're gonna reject you okay now don't tell me you know who's ever not done something because you're afraid of being rejected or failing raise your hand say I so wouldn't be useful to know what you do to put yourself in that place because if we know what it is we could one change it cuz it's in your body it's not just in your head and when you know the pattern you can change them so I want you when you do this to exaggerate your fear you know why cuz achievers never get fearful we just get stressed and stress is the achiever word for fear isn't it if I follow the trail of stress it'll bring me either deepest fear and the fear we all have is I might fail and then it means I'm not enough if I'm not enough I won't be loved those are the deepest fears that people have inside their head I want you to do this I want you Majan really like a little kid shows their fears I don't like I'm afraid makes this tension in their face right their body I want you just really go for it it's kind of like you know like if I came up and said hi what's your name give her hands default were these are general kind of like how many of you in this room have ever watched like let's say the Olympics the Winter Olympics on television and you're sitting in your chair and you're watching some and skiing or snowboarding is you're seeing yourself in or something this who knows what I'm talking about who say hi I want you to exaggerate so you see what you're doing on a more subtle level just one minute as many people too can but like a little kid you're definitely afraid and I want you see what are you different with your face your shoulders your breath your voice the way shake hands and let's see if it's different or the same as when you're really annoyed I think you'll find it's quite different ready go take your body out get on that state question did you use your body the same or different than when you're pissed off and annoyed which one yes raise your hand if you change the muscles of your face in a very different way than when you're annoyed they can say ah did you talk louder or quieter than when you're pissed off faster or slower yes did you go straight for more hesitate did you breathe more full or even more shallow than when you're annoyed which one can you hear everyone saying the same thing what are the chances of 7000 people from 100 countries without Direction saying they're feeling the exact same thing in their body when they're feeling the emotion it's because we're all unique but when you use your body one way you're gonna be pissed off use another way you're gonna be feeling fearful and how fast can we change how we feel that if all we got to change our movement how fast like that let's take one more shake your body out okay this time how many of you own your own business let me see your hands how many of you are leaders of the business raise your hand okay how many of you our parents raise your hand how many of you have a relationship check this out a relationship with a human with a human then this shit's gonna work for you here's what I want you to do when I say now I want you to greet people but we're gonna change the motivation because I hate in the word motivation I've never been a motivator but I do believe motives does matter if your motive is just to manipulate most of us have pretty giant bullshit meters and we can figure that out at the stage can't what you mean even reality television is bullshit so we know it's true how many know what I'm talking about here say ah so the motive change is going to be this I want you to approach somebody greet people and meet people in two minutes but we're gonna have a different understanding if this person does not like you in the first 3 to 5 seconds of meeting you they don't like you in the first 3 to 5 seconds of meeting you they are not going to do business with you and your children are going to eat next week or just in case you don't have kids we'll do it this way if they don't like you in the first 3 to 5 seconds then everyone you care about dies like pigs in hell if it was that important I bet use your body and face differently wouldn't you so by the way when you go to do this I'm talking Full Tilt like it really is true and let's see if he is your face your voice and your body differently ready go Greek if that felt better say question did you use more of your body or less of your body more muscles in your face or less more voice louder voice are quieter faster or slower than the other two we did did you hesitate to go straight for did you touch him did it feel good why he says he knew I touched oh because he motion is created by motion in other words listen to me if you use more of the gifts your Creator has given you you will experience the gifts you think you're looking for someone everything you want everything you want to feel is already inside you my friends was that the how do you feel very different right now that we began raising here if you feel much better than we begin reveal say I say question that last greeting you just gave by the way do people ever judge it people would never judge someone real life in the first 3 to 5 seconds of meeting them with thing was that the best greeting you're capable of giving a stranger yes or no yes or no is that the best reading you're capable of giving a stranger yes or no but how many say yes how many say no okay the majority you're saying no no if you're saying no let's review the assignment shall we we said if you don't give your best and everyone you care about dies like pigs in hell and you still give your best We Need to Talk you know what if you said you didn't give your best I actually respect you because what we all know in our souls is whenever we think we've given our best what do we always find out there's always another one is it true so let's go there one final time you go what are we gonna do get naked no no no here's what you're gonna do this time why won't you greet somebody like they're your long-lost lover a best friend like oh my god it's Uzi boom there's my god wow so good to see I want you to greet people like you're warm walls best friend or lover one two three [Applause] did you walk the body or less more muscles in your face or less more oxygen or less to talk louder quieter faster slower did you hesitate to go straight for did you touch him did it feel good why of shit you already forgot because he motion is created by is there greater engagement right now yes or no do you enjoy yourself more or less than where we begin and I did nothing you just decided to engage in this state would you be able to engage others yes or no what if they don't want to gauge come here you little bastard I'm gonna hug you you know I can't go there sir President IBM Charlie if it'll change their state how would you feel the difference in how you feel right now say I then don't let this go and the only way you can do that is if you start to measure you see we can't manage something we don't measure and you know that but how often do you measure your state and yet this is where all engagement comes from because if you're not fully engaged how can you ever expect other people to be mark is fully engaged agree or disagree that's why you're all here so you must have some respect for this man I sure do if you do but see successful people do what the failures won't if you do what everybody else does we know what that is come to work with a good state and Tennie work hard positive and temples we're going to work to screw off and you have the best intent but you're tired see I am full of mercury I'll explain in a moment so I'm sweating so much I sweat anyway but I've got mercury poisoning so I'm a body shaking but I'm here to give you a million percent I'll do a million percent I've done that for 39 years every day of my life that's why I have a brand you can have a brand too but you have to measure you have to say where am i zero to ten and if I'm a frickin below nine what am i doing my life in an intimate relationship where are you zero to ten in your engagement it that's below nine you have no passion you might have love but you don't have passion if you're below a seven you're probably friends and there's nothing wrong with that but you can have a friend and not be married to them it's a very different game I'm suggesting to you that this is the most important element life because what's going to make you feel alive is engagement and you're in control of it how fast can you change your emotional state your engagement how fast can you change it my friends how fast by a radical change in your body you can do it this quick try something right now make a crazy sound of excitement just make a sound go [Applause] how many of you used to make crazy sounds when you're a kid for no good reason two people told you to shut up and you know what you let yourself become conditioned into what society has taught us to be to be appropriate and what that's cost you is spirit it's cost you the flow and when you look at the people that you're most entertained by if you look at when you watch you – if you watch businessperson like Mark who you really feel moves you it's because they do what nobody else does because they put themself Instinct he doesn't feel like it every day any more than I do but he still does it every day you know why he does it enough until it becomes him it's like an athlete you build muscle there's emotional muscle what's more important than emotional muscles they are the spiritual experience of life what's more important than courage courage unused what happens to it if you don't engage your courage enough if you don't engage it over and over again what's gonna happen to it grow or shrink which one faith uninvested what happens to faith that you don't actively use it dwindles passion unexpressed does it grow or shrink my friends which one and everything you want in your life you can have if you have the resources of these emotions but these emotions come from being in a peak State so whether I'm working with presidents of countries in whichever work of many royalty athletes the best performers in the world entertainers they're all geniuses this I get the phone call because they want to go to the next level it's already great but they won't settle because they're always looking to be more because they know a two percent difference like this you take it on a week from now you know ten degree difference a month or now six months ago I give a different life or people come see me when they have a challenge they're either the best in the world or their challenge they had a birthday with a zero on it right they lost their job or they built their company he sold it for five hundred million dollars and now they're bored and I want to figure out what to do people suddenly when they get hungry is when they look for answers I don't deal with people on hungry they think I'm an idiot on some positive thinking guy because they're never gonna investigate the truth they don't want it but who comes to me as somebody is hungry and what we want to do is fan our hunger but tie to that a new simple discipline where am i zero to ten and if you're below an eight you're hurting who yourself you're hurting your family you're hurting your business your your a part of that group even though you probably never identify with a group that's not engaged because you're more engaging they are I know but you're not engaged at the level that you deserve who's with me here say I this is what engagement feels like now if you'll sit down before you do I would like you to get three crazy hugs and then grab a seat and we're gonna give you one last piece here that's really important now I'd like to give you what I really came for how many you've enjoyed what you've gotten so far here say I good my mission is to share something else with you and I think that you're gonna find this maybe the most important part of why you came here without even knowing it and it's simply based on this I'm totally committed to helping people my missions help people live an extraordinary quality of life what is an extraordinary quality of life its life on your terms not mine it's not my view what is it you want most what would your ideal wife look like how would you live what would you do what would you share what would your impact be and most people have not spent much time thinking about that for a long time because they've been so disappointed everybody as a kid thinks this way and then gradually we have enough disappointments frustrations sometimes betrayals and people who care about that we get gun-shy and all of a sudden people start going on pessimistic I'm skeptical let's be honest you're being gutless it takes no guts to be skeptical it takes no guts to be pessimistic if there's no guts to go on the Internet where no one knows who you are and right shit about people so you can make yourself feel good by having the illusion you made someone smaller so you have the illusion you're moving up and our society is filled with that so extraordinary life is life on your terms what would an extraordinary life look like for you and my bet is most of you have an extraordinary life but how many even know how great your life is how many still want more raise your hand if you want more say I only want more love more joy more success more freedom how many want all these things say then whatever success is for you some people extraordinary life looks like three beautiful children something extraordinary life is a billion-dollar company some people's extraordinary life is writing poetry somebody's extraordinary life is working the Tenderloin district helping those people not just feeding them but loving them everyone's discovered what an extraordinary life is for them and if you know what it is that's the first step then you need to master skills please jot them down these two skills are what will give you that life the first skill is the science of achievement the science of achievement is that whatever you want to achieve there are rules and if you follow the rules you can win the game so for example if we talk about our bodies it's a science to be vitally healthy to be strong meaning there are rules everyone hears biochemically unique but are there some universal rules that if you violate them you're gonna have low energy or disease in your body yes or no you bet you will are there a set of rules that if you will line by them we're gonna have an abundance of energy and a vital level of health yes or no so I don't care what you believe if you jump off a cliff you are going to drop I don't care what you believe if you violate the science of your health you're gonna have problems the same thing is true financially I spent four years now it's been six interviewing some of the most brilliant financial minds literally in the world Warren Buffett Carl Icahn Ray Dalio and by the way one of them I just mentioned you probably didn't know the name of how do you know who Ray Dalio is look at this room 7,000 people only a couple dozen the richest people the world all know ray value 'it's ray dallying throw on the screen has produced more returns for investors than anyone alive including warren buffett everyone talks about our Buffett but Ray Dalio is the guy Ray's interesting amazing man this guy when I interviewed him he was he is a man who is the largest hedge fund in the world rich people give their money to hedge funds and when he give it to hedge funds a big hedge fund might be like 15 billion raised a hundred and sixty five billion dollars ten times bigger than anybody else when I interviewed him that day the prime minister of China rather trying to call the interrupt that are called for coaching about what to do currency thistle well this is a man to give you an idea who's produced the 23% compound in return for 21 consecutive years think about what all the ups and downs the bear markets bull markets all that stuff total genius you don't know because you probably couldn't get access to him to give an idea but I got access it's been a fan of mine too turned out for 20 years which is really helpful and I went in for a 45-minute interview and as my nature I go deep in four hours later or three and a half hours I left and one of the most important questions I asked it was this because I want to write this book and I wanted to get people anyone somebody's a billionaire somebody just starting the journey somebody's a baby boomer thinks they can never get free or somebody like just got out of college millennial going how do I ever get out of debt I want to be able to help all those people and by the way I donated all the profits that book five million dollars in advance before I even came out so we could feed 100 million people that was not a hundred million how to write some more checks but they got me started right so I asked him I said what what if you couldn't give any of your money to your children and you could only give him a set of principles and distinctions a scientific plan a strategy that would cause them to be financially free what would it be he said Tony and I asked us to every one of these fifty multi billionaire investors they all had great answers his was the best he said Tony I have spent fifteen years of my life obsessed with that question he's think it's not like do I want to take care of my kids but I also have all these charities that when I die I want those people to continue to be helped and he said I have an organization of fifteen hundred people who work around the clock to come up with the best ideas they all compete with each other it's a very very tough place this place called Bridgewater where he runs this operation it's very unique and it's dog-eat-dog competition to come up with the best stuff and he goes I know I won't be here for that and he said I also know that markets are always changing and he said I noticed something everybody tells you what to do financially and they say diversify and they tell you to put this much in bonds and this much in stocks and that's supposed to protect you and he said no one talks about the dirty little secret which is when the markets drop like two thousand eight two thousand it all goes down but no one says anything about it because eventually comes back and then the same people souls the other things go well that's just the market we don't know what to do and they do the same thing again it half again and people can lose half of all they earn overnight right so he said I want to find a sustainable solution and I'm not gonna tell you the details here that's why I gave you the book because I want you to have this for yourself but the bottom line is he laid out this plan and he's well known for putting you this thing called an all-weather portfolio all-weather means he doesn't know where the markets gonna go the smartest people in the world are not the ones on CNBC telling you where the markets gonna go because no one knows the smartest people well every one of them told me I don't know here's what I think and I'm gonna be wrong lots of times so I diversify and put together a portfolio that'll win no matter what his has been the most successful and so I asked him to explain it to me and he did in detail I did 18 hours of prep for this one interview with him and he said on the air multiple times that there's no one that's interviewed have been more prepared for an every guy he and I pitched and catch and because of that I got to this final level where he's laid it to me I said you know what you just told me the most important set of principles to financial freedom that anyone has ever shared and I'm aware of in the world you know as well that's true he was not didn't disagree with me out on it and I said but there's only one problem you said here's how you make a cake use some sugar use some chocolate use some dairy products I said but you didn't tell me the amount he knows Tony I can't give you that that's my secret sauce he goes you have to have a five billion dollar net worth and you have to give me a hundred million minimum to start or I don't even talk to you and I haven't taken money for 10 years I said that's my point you're not gonna give anybody this anymore you've closed your fund you're running it for the people you're running it for and you just done told me if someone goes to the average advisor they're good people but this is a poker game where only the best in the world win at the financial level unless your financial advisor is won a bunch of gold medals he told me you're screwed because there's only a matter of time till there's a real problem I said you're the ultimate gold medalist in the whole world and you know the answer and I said you're a totally generous man you're gonna give me one half of your net worth I said why don't you help people right now give me the formula and I got him laughing once they got him laughing I knew I had it and he goes why I couldn't do it because I use leverage I said design one without leverage for the average person he does well you know it wouldn't be perfect I said your day idea of not perfect they call him The DaVinci of investing some call him the Steve Jobs of investing I see your idea not perfect we'll be better than anybody on earth well and then he said let me think and I felt this tingle down the back of my spine cuz I wasn't writing this book to make my nerves make of this book so I could help people around the world i watch people in 2008 lose their homes in mass lose every half of what they had and that wasn't a statistic that's how I grew up so I wanted the answer and he starts laying this because well listen and he gives me this exact formula which he's never revealed ever in his entire history I was shaking inside and he goes go test that go hire someone to test it and back testing goes back testing doesn't mean anything you know past performance doesn't equal future performance cuz people usually dealt with three or four or five or ten years do it over the entire modern year of investing seventy five years and see how it did now think about all the ups and downs in the last ten or fifteen years 2000 brought 50% 2008 50 % and everybody's waiting for what's gonna happen next and overall world wars all that went on we wouldn't tested I hired two different firms one guy called me 11:30 at night he's never called me 11:30 at night he was totally don't I gotta talk to you I said what happened he goes in the last 75 years this made money 85% of the time and when it lost money 15 percent of time when it made money the average 10 percent when it lost money the worst loss was 2008 and it was the loss of three point nine percent when everyone's losing 50 that's all he lost if you could go to Vegas and be right eighty-five percent of the time make 10 percent and with a few times you lost you'd only lose less than four percent how would he be going to Vegas on a daily basis so I put that in the book by the way all my partners in France like let's make this into a company let's I said no this is anybody can do it and I just gave it to you so you can do it too and I'll tell you I gave it to you also cuz this last January do you remember where the markets were we have the worst January in the history of the stock market two trillion dollars disappear how fast my friends in a matter of by ten days and everybody all the rich people and all the successful people in business including this gentleman here they're all in Davos and so everybody's freaking out the market dropped like 600 points in the middle of the day and people like is this the end we finally seeing the end and they went to who they go to and in Davos they brought in ray and he walks up tell you and they said what should people do it raises very quiet calm guy he goes well Tony Robbins wrote a book where I gave him my formula and he literally said that described it and if you've done what he did when the market was down for example in the very first month down 10 percent and people are freaking out he was up one percent right now as of two days ago I don't know what to say I didn't look but as of two days ago the market was seven point eight percent this is up 12 and out of twelve point to one that's 47 percent greater the market and you do it once a year he did just that once a year now I'm not telling you put all your money now I just want you to know there's a science to achievement and that's true of finance that's true of your body has to a lot of things about one more thing I'll tell you I have a partnership now with the number one rated firm I'll throw up with a screen for you if you're interested gentleman who's rated number one wealth manager three years in a row by Barron's no one's done that in history it's called creative planning in the last two years he's been number one wealth manager in America by CNBC we have 20 billion in assets I'm on the board of directors I'm also the chief investor psychology on Peter's partner so if you go there I benefit so you know but I want you to know if you want to get a second opinion he'll do it for you for free and the reason he's rated number one is most wealthy people have what's called a home office where they have a group of people not somebody just selling you a product you have somebody who's a fiduciary it means legally they have to put your needs ahead of their own if they told you to buy Apple this morning and they buy it this afternoon cheaper they have to give you their stock Peter's number one in that area so if you want you've got to get a second opinion calm that's my commercial for you but he do a review for you you can implement it yourself or you could work with them but the level of detail they do is amazing so I gave you the book so if you want to take care of that of your life you can but my larger point is simple there's a science to achievement and the science achievement can get you from where you are to where you want anything and the way you speed it up if you find who's most successful and you model them right this success leaves clues success leaves clues if someone is able to succeed year after year after year like a Dahlia like you know Pyrrha created planning then perhaps they're not just lucky and you might want to find out what they're doing and avail yourself of it because you can trust decades in today's you can have trial and error learning or you can go someone's already figure it out and said how do I do this and save yourself that time I'm here today because my whole life has been modeling people so I could achieve more but here's why I came this morning this afternoon this evening whatever the hell it is now I came here because my deeper mission is for you to master the second key to an extraordinary life and it's the one our culture values a lot less and it's a hell of a lot more important and when I tell you you're not going to be impressed you can go bed dude because that's the way we're trained to think the second master lesson to an extraordinary life is the art of fulfillment the art got it down of fulfillment but I mean by the art of fulfillment success is a science what do I do to succeed in business there's a science there's a set of rules but what fulfills us is totally different look at this woman's glasses right here take a look at these glasses Ickes these didn't get a camera of these classes these are very special glasses no not me her there they are there's no cost no look towards the camera where the hell that is so she has got a very special idea of these glasses you can't really tell they're still in an angle here my point is these glasses what do you think of these glasses I think they're awesome too I don't see anybody else with glasses like you that's right because these fulfill her other people go what are those crazy house glasses she's wearing right we're all different I'll give an example Steve Wynn is one of my dearest friends and a one of my clients as I said here earlier built half of Las Vegas right multi-billionaire started with less than nothing his dad went broke had a four hundred million dollar debt he left college to figure how to pay that off keep his family above ground and now one of the richest men in the world and very brilliant guy and I'm having these conversations with Steve and I'm thinking of myself he calls me first of all and he says Tony where are you I'm thinking why is he asking that I said I'm in Sun Valley Idaho we both have vacation homes there he does live in Sun Valley Idaho he goes guess what I said well he goes just my birthday aren't you gonna come see me and I laughed I said of course see his feet I didn't know you're here but course love to girls 20 really I want you to come over because he said I gave myself a birthday gift there is a painting that I have coveted for I can't number the number years like an 18 years I'm making it up but almost two decades and he goes I've covered I wanted it and finally came up for sale and he said i outbid everybody Assaf that he's for it and he said I paid eighty two million dollars for this painting I'm like wow so picture what you think an eighty million dollar painting means to you my picture was like a Rembrandt something you know from you know that period at least right you're just something gorgeous I don't know something religious spirit or something and so I Drive to his house and I got all this anticipation to see what this paintings gonna be like Steve's such a wonderful human being grunts me and goes Tom come on check this out and he walks me in the room and there on the wall his this painting put it up on the screen so people see it and I looked at and I said I paused I held my breath for a moment I said Steve I thought was like the immersion clothes I said dude it's red orange square he's no no it's a Rothko I said I know but it's a red orange square 82 million dollars I said dude give me a hundred bucks in an hour I can do this shit I promise you he didn't like that I got it laughs it right you know but here's why I tell you the story because what will excite you and fulfill you will be different than this person even if that's your son different than this person different than you even though we may love each other what fulfills us is not a science it's an art and if you don't know what's going to fulfill you what are you doing all this for how many people you know that achieve their ultimate goal have you ever done this ever achieved a goal and then your brain went is this all there is who here has ever had this moment raise your hands say I isn't that moment worse than failing because most of us in this room if you fail you don't fail what do you do you get up and just what try something else you're gonna keep persisting till you find it right but if you succeed and you're unhappy now you're what I call technically screwed all right I mean it's the worst feeling in the world because you're just not fulfilled so every one of us needs something different to have that sense of fulfillment but I can tell you two things that we all need to be fulfilled as principles not as rules number one we must grow if you don't grow it doesn't matter how much money you have it isn't how many Academy words you have it doesn't matter how many people respect you doesn't matter if you have four perfect children doesn't matter if you have so much love you're not gonna feel it how many follow what I'm talking about here say I so if we don't grow we what you grow or you die if you don't bro your business it's dying if you don't if your relationships not growing it's dying there's no plateau who's with me on this here raise hands say aye so I'll give you a perfect example of this I feel like we lost in this country a national treasure a little bit more than two years ago I'm talking about Robin Williams how many of you in this room I want you raging and not if you like Robin Williams raise your hand if you love this man raise yet if you loved him keep your hand up nice and high if you were keeping it and look at the number of people that love this man it's 98% of them there's only 2% assholes in this room that didn't like Robins lawyers I've asked this question this year in Sydney Australia and Tokyo in Beijing China in South American Peru I've been all over the world I did 16 countries this year every place I've asked every place I've gone and every language being translated on average 98% of people raised their hands saying they loved him and I always say don't raise you if you liked him now here's my question about this incredible soul Robin was he a master of the science of achievement yes or no yes or no he had a dream to go to Hollywood into his own TV program how many people have that dream and how many actually get it he did it he had a dream to not only have his own TV show but he's gonna make it number one and some of you were ancient enough like me to actually remember that show what was it called Mork and Mindy some of us replayed enough you still know about it right number one show then he said I want to have the most beautiful family and he did achieved it then he said I'll have more money than I could ever spend and he achieved it then he said I want to make movies and he did it then he said I want to make movies and I want to make movies I wanted to win an Academy Award watch this for not being funny his primary skill and he won an Academy Award for drama for dramatic performance he did all that and then he hung himself how do you explain that now somebody said well he had Parkinson's he had this he had that he suffered his whole life he used alcohol he used cocaine he used everything to get his hands on cuz he made everybody happy except him himself and he left a beautiful bride wife and children who loved him and hundreds of millions maybe a billion I don't know the real number I can only tell you anecdotally every country I've been in 98% of people translated in those countries tell me they loved him and it wasn't enough yes he had Parkinson's later had Lou where they got Lewy bodies in his brain but he suffered his whole life because he suffered because he made everyone happen he never mastered the art of a film but he thought it was all about the science of achievement that's why I came by today cuz you guys are masters of achievement or you wouldn't be in a room like this and I know there's different levels of achievement but it's all relative right if you're doing like this you're hungry you're driven you're some of the best you came here because you want more you don't settle like most people but I'd hate to have you wake up someday I know you're not gonna hang yourself but to have that emotion of feeling like life is not the richest experience that it could be and it's only because you were so driven by the cultural conditioning of achievement and I'm not suggesting don't achieve I achieve but I also fulfilled I know people that are so fulfilled this little character over here is massively fulfilled cuz he knows it isn't just achievement it's really about something bigger he's got a mission he's got a sense of meaning he knows what fulfills him and he lives it Richard Branson is one of the most of gonna be there's a cuz he's a multi-billionaire he's achievement but his great benefit is he's fulfilled I can't name a dozen people I've met and I've met ten million people 50 million I've worked with but 10 million people have had these deep relationships with and at least 50 multi-billionaires and I couldn't name more than a half-dozen that I could tell you honestly are really truly fulfilled by their own description without bullshit it ain't money that's gonna do it for it it's not achievement it's gonna do it for you so the best time to wake up will be now and so this experience is what my life's work is is to get people to experience the joy while you're here and if you'd asked me a year and a half ago two years ago was I live in that I'd say of course I am and I would have believed it a hundred percent I was I've had the most amazing life I have a woman as my wife who I would die for been together 17 years I'm not blowin smoke this woman is the greatest thing to ever have to you my wife and it gives me if I had nothing else in my life I have four amazing children I have three grandchildren I've got 31 companies I got a thousand employees I'm in all these industries I got to do what I want what I want at the level I want to have financial freedom all those things and I come from nothing so I'm proud I did achieve but more importantly because it's been meaningful the way I've done I felt fulfilled that's why I'm here I don't need to be here I didn't come here for money I didn't come here for a talk I didn't come here to pump you up how do we create that the film and here's what I found out I've always talked about even as I started this morning this afternoon we talked about high energy right energy rich by the way financially poor is not as bad as energy poor you low in energy everything's gonna break down your relationships gonna break how can a passion when you're exhausted all the time you might love each other but you're not gonna have real passion how you gonna be a great parent when you exhausted all the time how you gonna create breakthroughs when you're making it through the day and what sucks the energy out of us is not food or sleep we can do with those things that are important we do it out of the times that we have to it's lack of meaning and we're adding a world that's about to disrupt itself massively because the very technology we're creating is gonna disrupt a core Oxford 40% of all jobs over the next 15 to 18 20 years what are we gonna do in four or five years when there's three million truck drivers in this country and Ford just announced in four years they'll have self-driving trucks why would I hire some I can only work eight hours legally because I gotta give them rest when I couldn't have a truck that only 24 hours and it doesn't crash and it doesn't get drunk and it doesn't give me shit an attitude and I can depreciate it and that technology only get better and better geometrically and no one is preparing those truck drivers we're gonna have a massive disruption in our culture so maybe what we really got to do is really decide how to make sure we find ecstasy in this moment right now because whatever challenges are let me tell you something problems that happiness have no relationship can you have huge problems and still be totally happy yes or no come on guys yes or no but our brain the mind won't tell you that you're more than your mind you got a heart you got a soul you got a spirit but most of us because of technology have gone more and more here and this is a great tool the mind but you got to train it to do what you want some people seen any of you see my documentary uh I'm not your guru at anybody see it my chance awesome you know when things people ask me about is why you jump in that 56-degree water every day are you insane and I do it because it's a discipline where I've trained my mind when I tell it what to do we don't negotiate I don't let my mind run me I let my heart and soul run me and I've trained this brain to use to use it when I need it for strategy for tools but your mind will never make you happy only a heart will your mind won't even allow you to enjoy an Apple if you throw at the Apple it's gonna do is it organic where'd it come from where do I put it to where do I throw it away the mind is just how many know what I'm talking about here say I so one of the pieces that will shift things for you is instead of energy rich or energy poor high energy or low energy I was in India with a dear friend of mine man Christian King and he said Tony what if you switched those words and just called it beautiful States high energy states and low energy states are suffering States I said well I think that would be an accurate description he goes well then let me tell you what my spiritual vision is okay tell me your spiritual vision he said to live in a beautiful state every day no matter what even when it doesn't go my way because life is too short to suffer who believes that by the way say ah I was intrigued I said he said why I said why do you call that your spiritual vision he goes because when I'm in a beautiful state I don't have to think about how to treat other people I always do the right thing and when I'm in a sufferings they didn't know I'm a good human being I treat people poorly so let's talk about it for a moment if I asked you one of the greatest experiences of your life what was it a moment I'm sure you've had many pick one what's been one of the most beautiful magical magnificent sacred sexy sensual loving meaningful experiences of your life just one of them I know you got plenty if we went through that you could tell me the story but I'm out of time so you can't tell me the story but if you told me the story and we did this for a while which I've done with people before you'll always see the same pattern the pattern of what makes you most alive is things that give you these emotions you want most beautiful states like love or joy or gratitude or excitement or hunger or Drive or creativity see you don't just have happiness if it's only one state you're going after your brain needs variety never you know ever been so happy you smile so much your face hurt who knows I'm talking about here so we need lots of beautiful states but here's what I could tell you when you're in a beautiful state everything goes now what's a suffering state I don't think anyone this room I could be wrong I sure know if you would ask me a year and half ago do I suffer I would have laughed suffer are you kidding you saved my life see my wife see what I got to do see who my friends are I have the most magnificent life and I wouldn't be in being phony I was being totally authentic it's just just like achievers aren't fearful they get stressed no achiever suffers but they do because it's not consistent that words not consistent with our identity is it but what if suffering was any state that takes you out of your heart and soul and makes you feel fulfilled like frustration anger overwhelmed stress Willy could son and by the way I would get pissed off and frustrated but I would say to myself if not suffering that's part of life that's what I believe in whatever you believe you'll live and I then began to realize no it's not suffering states are the result of the brain we have a two million row brain in our bodies and it's designed not to make you happy it's designed to make you survive and that's what almost everybody does they survive happiness is your job and I just come by to remind you how you can do it and have it be sustained if you want to know who's interested if you want to be happy here's my question first how many of you in this room want to be happy for the rest of your life no matter what let me ask your second question how many are not just wanting it are totally committed to be happening every single day for the rest of your life you say that now the only way you can have that as you make the connection that problems in happiness have no relationship how many v'n know somebody who has a life you'd love to have and they're still pissed off or worried or concerned or freaked out raise your head right you go find was there I wouldn't feel that way bullshit because the mind is always looking for something because this two million year old brain is basically survival software and what it's doing is always looking for what's wrong and whatever you look for you'll find try this for a second look around this room and look for everything that is brown as fast as you can I'm going to test you look around anywhere anything it's brown but I'm clothing brown people brown anything look for it look for brown look around I'm gonna test you look behind you don't miss any things Brown look for brown look for Brown close your eyes tell me everything you just saw that was red raise your head if you saw a lot more Brown than red raise your head say I open your eyes look for red now look for red look for right everywhere look for red anywhere you can find it look for red look for red raise your hand if you found a lot more red this time and say ah why did you find more red this time because in an old book called the good book it says seek and ye shall in fact c-can we shall find whatever you look for you gonna find even if it's not there I'll prove it to you how many stop days shit called it Brown just to feel successful how many soft burgundy and called it red just see if you get bigger points if you sit someone's a jerk will you find jerkiness in there maybe that's not there won't you shade it yes or no if you think they're a good person we find goodness in them yes or no if you think you're a jerk will you make yourself in a jerk by finding some part of yourself yes or no so we get what we look for the brain is looking for what's wrong remember this as long as you live what's wrong is always available so is what's right it's all matter where you go in this brain survival the software is looking for what's wrong so it can fight it or flight it but there's one problem we don't have a saber-toothed tiger to run from anymore so now make some things like oh my god what are people thinking of me so I better shade the picture I put on Instagram so I really come across even better or do I have enough money in a country here in the United States for example were the poorest of the poor and I you know I'm focused helping poor I was the poor but if you're in poverty the United States or you were those people marching saying those 99 or 99% of those 1% jerk-offs they don't care about anybody you're lying when you do that because you're the 1% of the world if you're in poverty United States you're the 1% of wealth in the world but conveniently you're not thinking about those people only about yourself and the reason is write this down suffering always comes from obsession with yourself suffering disappears when you're trying to give or focus or share beyond yourself when you obsess not when you take care of yourself we've got to take care of ourselves but when you obsess about yourself it's there a woman says to me no it's not I'm nonsense about myself I'm assess for my children my children so worried they're not doing well they're there one of them's on drugs and I said yes but the real reason you're suffering is because you feel you've failed them if you ever look at when you continuously suffer it's because you're focused on yourself raise your hand if you can see this right you think about the fonts what you're not getting what you're not experiencing what you're not finding and what's interesting is what we're inside our own head about ourselves why not survive software and we go into the scarcity that freaks us out and we don't treat people well somebody asked me just recently they said how do you explain what kind of person could do what we saw a nice we saw in Paris we saw in San Bernardino we saw in Orlando like going someplace and kill other human beings men women and children they don't even know cold-blooded murder I said I can't tell you did it but I can tell you didn't do it it wasn't a fulfilled person it wasn't a happy human day happy human beings fulfilled human beings human beings and beautiful States don't try to hurt other people they don't try to steal from other people they don't try to tear the people down they don't write shit about them on the web and they sure as hell don't kill people plant bombs or shoot people with bullets it takes a really disturbed person to do that and you know what most people are disturbed at times because the mind will make you disturbed even though you're not because it's a device it's gonna fight where it's gonna fly and if you let this run your life you go to sleep you're gonna have the pain that all of us feel at times but I came by today to remind you that you're in charge and that you can change it with just a couple of distinctions of what are those distinctions number one you have to first identify that you do suffer even though you would never say that I would never say I'd suffer I'd say well course they could test offer and frustrated but that's such a minority of my time he's the any moment worth suffering over in this life and when you're suffering by the way suffering that gets more suffering is it true when you're suffering do you affect other people even if you don't try to hurt them to say something do they feel it do your kids does your husband does your wife do your co-workers feel when you're suffering yes or no so you're stealing from that energy and it's simply because you didn't do the following steps here they are want to know them here they are one you gotta identify your favorite flavor of suffering because we all have one is yours worry is it pissed off is it concerned is it feeling less than feeling not enough what is your favorite flavor of something what is the emotion that puts you in a state that's Unruh source for under source well it's hard to solve it isn't it you might say but I want to just go solve this you could solve your problems so much faster in a resourceful state and a beautiful thank than a problem stay because when you're not hooked you can get through to people but when you're hooked people feel that they don't have to react to it fires off they're suffering and people didn't consciously start to not connect and then we end up with that disengagement that at the lowest level shows up in business and the most important level shows up in your intimate life with those you love and so if we want to change it you got to discover so what if I ask you right now young lady with the glasses you stand out so nicely what's your favorite flavor of suffering that I'm not enough what's your favorite flavor of suffering sir not being recognizable shit you just gotten from ten million people across the web and you're doing dollars now right okay what is your most favorite flavor suffering worry right mine was frustration you know what I found out I realized my happiness was so cheap all it took was this for me to become unhappy cuz remember I told you got 31 companies seven different you know areas different types of businesses all around the world thousand employees I got a question for you what are the chances of somebody screwing something up right now with that many companies all around the world on three continents thousand plus people what are the chances somebody's messing something up right now what's the chance to tell me quick 100 percent and all users have this nearby look if there's one right there there's a text I can see it somebody's messed something up and what is this something out what it take for me to lose my happiness someone not to do what I think they should do ideally now and the more people you care about and they'll really interact the more the greatest chance that this is going to be happening all the time so I find myself happy happy happy ah shit ah circa oh man I'll use a different word f you know something you know when I was really suffering I go in a different language who knows one who who uses different language when you're suffering let me see your hands it like how do you know you're suffering by the language you use and so I began to realize I've been giving up my happiness over this if in order for you to be happy everybody's got to do what you think they should do you're never going to sustain happiness I would love for you to be happy to rest your life I can't do it for you but I can tell you how because I'm doing it you have to decide what's your favorite flavor suffering and then you have to make the most important decision of your life and I never once said this for I would have said the most important decision your life I believed in the past is who you love who you spend time with us who you become I still think that's one of the most important decisions of your life but my wife and I both agree now the most important decision is deciding not to suffer anymore that life is too short and that you're gonna find joy beautiful States in every moment and you're committed to it even when it doesn't go your way even when it rains on your parade see I don't want you to ever feel pain if I could help but I don't know you but I hate suffering because I grew up suffering I have four different fathers I had a mother that loved me achieve a beat the hell out of me should put liquid soap down my throat until I threw up because she thought I was lying and I wasn't I was crazy stuff but she's been the mother I wanted I would not be the man I'm proud to be cuz I I would have this try what would I be here why would I go feed a billion people why would I do the things I'm doing so you know what sometimes not getting what you want is what makes you into something that's got something more to give so if you make this decision I don't want you to ever have pain if I could help it but I can't so that means you make the decision I'm gonna be happy even if someone I love dies because what good is it for you to live and suffering when they die what they want back but we have cultural conditioning that makes us think that we're supposed to do this and so many people think suffering is a positive emotion or its noble suffering people don't inspire others they don't lift others see while you're suffering you're not there for the other people that don't understand what you know who are crying they're hurting you could be comforting but you can't do it when you're suffering you're inside of you who understands what I'm talking about here say ah so if you make the decision when I say a decision no people's like the a decision they stay to preference I've decided I'm going to do this but they don't committed if you're totally committed what do you do always tell people if you want to take the island burn the boats because as long as there's a way out our brains will take it so my invitation it was really simple you can get free of suffering but in order to do it you got to realize it's all your expectations that make you suffer I'll give you one quick example I'm fortunate enough like mark I have my own plane so I can fly you know anywhere in the world and I travel this last year to 16 countries so it's a great privilege to have a bed and go straight to China at non-stop unbelievable but most of my life I took commercial aircraft and after a while I started chartering in the US but going overseas is too expensive so I didn't do that I so I found half my time I was on an airplane about every four days I was an airplane or on stage one of the two pretty intense life so hypsi enough and those days I go three times a year to Australia I still do but those days commercially and I get on Qantas airlines on a flight here in San Francisco or LA in those days and it's a 14-hour flight and there was just one problem 31 companies in those days it was like two dozen companies or 15 companies I got all these people are responsible for I'm a committed guy and what how am I connected 24/7 right we all know what it is it's all these tools that we develop all this technology but I was used to domestically you got connection the internet people you're flying but you get on that 14-hour flight death no technology no web I was like so frustrated why do they do this these 14 hours they can be so productive oh my god who knows what I'm talking about here I got a sense that I'm talking about so what happens one day after years are going through this before I had my own plane I'm on I'm on this flight and Qantas airlines announces we're about to take off guess what we can now probably tell you we now have international internet and it was like people cheered some people stood up in the aisles and clap I didn't but I felt like doing it it was just like this is incredible it's like God to send it into the building we have internet we got Instagram we got Facebook we got an email this is the most amazing thing and then what do you think happened within 15 minutes what do you think happened tell me come on it broke down and when do you think it worked again never 14 hours without it and people exist this bullshit I can't believe this fifteen minutes earlier it was a miracle now it's already an expectation write this down if you want to change your life trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life will change in that moment trade your expectations for appreciation and your whole life will change in that moment if you are suffering there's only one reason things aren't meeting your expectations what are the chances of everyone in your life meeting your expectations for the rest of your life what are they what are your expectations that God or the universe will meet your expectations every moment see I'd like you are you married sir is she here oh she's with your twins how beautiful congratulations I would never want to see you have any pain if I could ever avoid if I could do anything about but I'm not God so I could do something different since I'm not God I can get you to consider something that if you did it would give you freedom it would be an absolute commitment in yourself to say life is too short to suffer God has given me this creation and I'm gonna love every moment I'm gonna find ecstasy every moment of my children even when they do crazy shit even when they're Rugrats I'm gonna have it was my wife even when she doesn't seem to be listening to me or my husband isn't I'm gonna do it even if she left me I can't control her leaving him but I can't control one thing you could make the decision that you were gonna find beauty and everything in life and you learned from everything in life and that is the only way you'll be out of suffering otherwise it won't matter how much money you make and won't matter how many people love you to some how many great kids you have are there gonna be disasters and challenges for all of us yes or no yes or no all of us I don't care which you are financially I don't care how smart you are don't have you have an IQ of a genius I don't care if you've got the biggest company in the world every person rooms gonna experience extreme stress in your future everyone here will have something a robbery a house that burns down and earthquake somebody that cheats you somebody steals money from you some of you totally trust it and then they screw you over somebody that betrays you aren't you glad you came to this positive seminar so you thought as mr. positive thinking you're so wrong see I'm a realist I don't believe I'm not stupid I don't think that everybody I know that most people are not fit and healthy most people around the world do not have a relationship with they're totally passionate most people do not love their work to revolt but if you do I'm interesting the few who do versus the many who talk I'm interested in the few that lived the beautiful States versus the masses that suffer and I also know that anyone can end that suffering at a moment if you make the decision that says I have decided from this day forward I'm gonna find beauty and everything might be in a beautiful state and that means if you start to suffer by the way you're gonna suffer we all do because this brain is too many years old and it's gonna keep acting it's gonna keep living what's wrong but the difference is when it comes in if you've made the decision you'll start to suffer and I created invited myself a 90 second rule I got 90 seconds if the shit out of it in those 90 seconds I figure out what it is and I know how to stop suffer I'm suffering because I'm having an expectation that's not being met and well I think it's life and death it's just my preference it's my preference that you guys had more energy than we started it's my preference that you'd have a great time it's my preference that my kids would do everything I want them to do it's my preference and all my employees across all these companies will do all the right things every day God will laugh at your preferences and what I found is I have my preferences which are wonderful but I'm just going to live in a beautiful state because life is precious hey what if you were God and you come down and you talk to one of your creations and you say how's it doing daddy how's it going down here on earth what do you think and the person that you're talking to you that you created goes well god I mean you could have done a better job I mean come on why did you make it so freakin foggy here in San Francisco I could land my plane the other day and why would you complains they could come through the fog I mean your God and why did you make all these irritating people you know I asked so many retain people they try to stop me from doing things and you know and also it's just like why didn't just make me wrench why do I have to work and besides that you have these little ants you little red ants they're like this small and they bite the shit why would you paint those three if you heard all this bitching and you were God would you want to hang out with this person if you were God you might you know say no what if you go to somebody else you go what do you think what are your other creations and that person says god you're amazing this is the most beautiful place on earth is heaven this is extraordinary I mean there's so many different kinds of people they challenge me in so many different ways I have to grow to understand them and understand myself and and you make the fog and you make the Sun and it's always changing so I'm never bored and you make these little red ants damn they're courageous though I'm ten thousand times your size they'll bite my ass that's pretty cool who would you want to spend time with the first person or the second one if you were God which one so if you're not experiencing God perhaps you're bitching too much perhaps it's not God perhaps it's you and your whining and your suffering so I want to finish with this if you want to stop suffering first you got to know how you suffer and recognizing be honest second you can't tolerate we all get what we tolerate so you have to make the decision I'm gonna be in a beautiful state the rest of my life doesn't have to be happy it could be determined it could be curious it could be committed it could be energized it could be grateful it could be loving it could be happy it could be any of these but I am going to be that every day because I'm capable and I've shown you early you are because how fast can you change your state my friends how fast come on guys how fast if you stop using your mind and you use your body and your heart your spirit that's what will put you there the mind won't keep you there might get you there for him when things go your way your mind will feel happy but what happens when they don't I was talking man the other day and he was telling me all about his company and he lost the company built it up and it was a billion dollar company and then you know the venture capitalist guys voted him out of his own company I said welcome to Steve Jobs his world and they told me this new companies creating but he just want to put it into he's afraid of getting hurt again I said you lost that company for a reason perhaps is so you can build this company which is going to save people's health what if you and I we stopped the suffering by having one new belief here's what I believe in my soul life is always happening for us never to us we think it's happening to us because of our minds but it's all happening for us even the pain even the disappointment even the problems if my mother had been the mother I'd wanted I would not be here today I would not be if my father had not left I would not feed a billion people much less than a million less just a thousand maybe life isn't always about getting your preferences maybe life is about you becoming more and when you do you feel more alive and you have more to give and that's the purpose of life because when we're giving we're outside of herself there's no suffering when we're giving in fact when you're most happy and excited about something with the first thing you want to do how many of you the minute something great happens you want to share it with somebody you love raise your hand if that's what you want to do say aye why coz will you share it there's only so much you can feel inside even if you have sex or rock and roll love drugs whatever you think is gonna make float your boat money can only feel so much but when you share it it multiplies so here's the f note suffering identify your favorite flavor make the decision that says I will not suffer I'm gonna live in a beautiful state no matter no matter what if it rains on your parade what if your best friend screws you over what if somebody yells at you what if you get humiliated what if you go broke what if you lose your job could you still be happy yes or no other people have lost arms legs been blinded lost their family and they're still loving and happy and beautiful yes or no and they aren't just mother Teresa they're not just Nelson Mandela there any human being that decides to live where it's not about themselves sisters I love you so much well the reason I want to support you the reason when you made those prayers that I decided I was going to fulfill those for you is because you don't just feed people you love people people that no one else people have forgotten and you're there every day you ask for nothing and I know that's why you're fulfilled I honor you all I love you the best way to end suffering has killed a monster well it's little don't wait till it's Godzilla eating your whole city in life if you turn yourself and train yourself to do it and by the way I did this year and a half ago and to give you an idea what happened was I felt the most joy I've ever felt in my life and then I had three incidences then you understand how I entered the room I've been on stage for 39 years working with 50 million people I give my all every day this is easy this is three hours my average seminar is 50 hours my stress here is three hours because I don't like to talk I like to go deep as you might gather can I like to condition it when we get up and do things there's only so much fun and those 50 hours I go full tilt and I've been doing that for 39 years if I clap like a crazy man I jump much more than 10 feet here because I'm toning it down for you guys cuz you think I'm crazy when I first come in especially were you guys started with your energy I look like a maniac but what I found in that time is doing that hammering like that could damage the nerves of my arms and so all of a sudden I couldn't sleep on my side which I'd done my whole life is no big deal I sleep on my back it's painful who cares I manage pain every great athlete does that a good person does that but then my wife is freaking out saying honey you're choking you're not breathing and I was exhausted and I went in and did a sleep study I found I had sleep apnea but it was extreme in 17 minutes I stopped breathing 18 times that doesn't make for a very much rest that doesn't make for her health so now I have this really sexy device it's called a sleep out you stick it on your face it's a mask and it pours oxygen you will get girls with this shit I promise you but they'll be in the hospital the girls that you'll get right and so I'm like I can't believe this I'm breathing through this breather now because these nerves and then I'm kind of crazy I'm snowboarding and I ripped three rotator cuffs not a problem it's painful I'll get it worked but then the pain won't go away and the pain becomes nerve pain that's shooting so bad I know how to deal with pain but on a zero to ten nine point nine and it's so severe I can't sleep I'm in so much pain and I don't want to do surgery and the surgeon says well it's in your spine he comes in and tells me it's not just your rotator cuff you have something called spinal stenosis where it's tightening around your spine and crushing the nerves and there really isn't a solution we can do surgery but it's no guarantee and they're side effects and the guy better way first tells me all I've been your business mastery program I make it a million – more a year and I went to Southern Fried he's telling me you changed my life and he goes I gotta tell you I'm your doctor I'm gonna show you something your life is over that was his bedside manner I had not trained him obviously in these communication tools heito I can't snowboard I can't play racquetball squash I can't you know I can't jump around I get through this stuff but I don't accept that I was told that a tumor in my brain when I was 32 it's still there and I'm fine I didn't treat it I'm fine it gave me massive growth I was 5-1 in high school I'm 67 I tell people the difference is personal growth I had growth hormone that exploded me up I still the tumor to grow so I didn't accept this diagnosis I didn't say it wasn't there I just said I won't accept it as nothing could be done and the world ramped today you can find answers and slice I push that I know so those best doctors around the world and I found a doctor in Australia said to me Tony we can do this you sent me MRIs of people with similar situations in the way they solve it is with a hundred hours of hyperbaric oxygen will you go inside a coffin and they make it so pressure about 65 pounds or 65 feet below the ocean pressure and they fill you of oxygen and it releases the 800 percent more stem cells and it starts to heal and he says to me though before you come all the way to Australia which is where he is go do these blood tests so I can see what's happened to your blood how much inflammation you have what's going on and I said okay and I went did it when I was there the guy who was doing the blood said you want to do a metals test I seen me like mercury I said I had my amalgams out 25 years ago he goes what we do lead and we do aluminum I said let's do it and then the doctor calls me two weeks later every single day and I'm busy so I said send me the report because I must speak to your message so I call him up and he said you should be in the hospital right now so what he said you have a highest level of mercury we've ever measured here in the United States we measure on 0 to 5 scale if you're 3 or above your body's so toxic you can die you can have a heart attack you're gonna have a stroke you are 123 he said the highest I've ever measured is 76 I said that's impossible how could that be he said we can tell what type of mercury hits fish and I was like oh my god I'm so intense in my life that I made my diet really simple it's salad veggies and fish and the two fish that I always had I'm telling you this is swordfish which I loved and tuna they are 75 year old living fish and they eat all the smaller fish they have a thousand times more today but no one tells you this because the fishing industry would be ended if he knew it so and two of the doctors looked at it when the off doctor said how long's he been in the hospital I just got off stage and a fifty hour seminar 5-0 Oh over four days and I was like no wonder I'm exhausted because it destroys your mitochondria which creates ATP which creates energy I'm thinking I'm just exhausted I'm working so hard and then I was also losing my memory and then I've always sweat but sweat like I did when I first ran on stage here cuz if I start running all of a sudden my body has to work so hard it just it's pushing to keep going I would be dead today if I had not torn my rotator cuffs if I not hurt my spine if I'd not been in a position where I'd hurt my arm so bad I can't sleep on my slide I had to put a sleep app on life is always happening for us not to us even when it doesn't look that way it's our job to find the benefit I'm telling you this now for another reason which is please go get your metals test because the world were in today is so toxic that out of 12 of my friends that I told this in the first few weeks six of them all had poisoning and they thought they were just exhausted or tired of frustrating lots of people get diagnosed with dementia I find myself on stage it's happened once or twice here hopefully you didn't notice I'll tell you now where I thought where the hell am I and I've never had that in my life I do 50 hours without missing a beat and it's changing I don't have a script I'm looking at you I'm feeling I'm responding but I go like why am I telling the story but all that will come back when it's gone down to 18 from 123 has taken me nine months to do it I'm not there yet but I'm almost there thank you very much you're watching somewhere else in the world you hear go get a metals test and if you do and you you've got this in your body get it out there's a man named dr. Shane is one of the best metals guys in the world he can find him on the web he's made a giant difference for me and I'm gonna get those things back but I wouldn't got it back unless all these horrible things has happened I just give it to you as a metaphor for what you think is your worst day could be your best day but it'll carve some faith faith that there's a higher purpose and everything happens our lives and making ourselves look for it so I want to finish by showing you how to end suffering in two minutes there are many ways they don't have any more time I'm out of time you've been so gracious I hope this has been touching for you I hope it's made you who here has decided in your gut suffering ends here tonight I'm curious not all you're gonna do it who really is gonna do the same I then I want to ask you to two things I want you to ask you to send me a note and you can send the note too and what my team put it up there is that email don't throw out if I don't know what the name of it is for quite honestly I would love to hear your commitment and why and I'd love to have you copy that to two people you respect to people you love because if you do that they're gonna know why you're gonna do this why you want to live this beautiful state every day why you'll do it no matter what even if it doesn't end suffering now Tony Robbins calm and I would love to hear your story of what you're gonna do that's why I came by here I'll be inspired by it but more importantly you'll be making a commitment I'm nobody but if you commit by telling me and a couple other people that matter you might also inspire them to consider the possibility I wish I could go deeper on the subject but what I want to give you is a tool because if you make the decision then you're gonna come up with suffering how do you end it by the way when I say 90 second rule in the beginning it should have been a four-hour rule maybe a few years ago she had been a four-week rule like but now once I've done it over and over again just like getting in state it becomes a habit and now you can do it so easily and the freedom you'll feel be amazing but let's finish by showing you how to do it and I'll do it with a real experience for you stand up shake your body out before we do anything else let's crank the energy so high level to do this I want you to face the party go [Applause] I want you to outdo their energy for twenty seconds and I want you on a zero to ten to go to level twenty so ten feels like it will be relaxing let's clap and then we'll jump ready one two you before we leave let me make two announcements and after this we'll go we'll do our own suffering if you like to help someone else and suffering join me spend ten bucks let me double it or hundred let me double it whatever good you do all double up to five million feeding America of America quorum you can do it or how many found tonight to be profound you'd like to continue this kind of feeling say if you want to get something that will support you long-term I have a a digital product it's called the ultimate edge probably saw it years ago it's an updated it's $300 and you want to get it's $200 if you do it now but I'll doing a hundred percent of the profits to another organization that I'd love to make a difference with and it's an organization that frees people that are trafficked it's specifically the young boys and young girls are in sexual slavery and the organization is called the Underground Railroad they're extraordinary I'll give every penny that you invest in yourself those two hundred dollars to do it don't think about eighteen of you two three one child what would it be like I feed 200 in the last two weeks I love the free another hundred in partnership with you while you change your life so if you want to do that you can go to show them the text where they go flip it up there real fast you take a picture that would be a good time hello there it is so if you text Dreamforce the ultimate edge at four four two two two you'll receive it if you do it within the next 48 hours all Dane to 100% of it you'll get to the benefit of changing your life and the last thing is if you'd like to come to a real seminar instead of three hours in an environment where where everybody is primed for this kind of experience I'm coming here to San Francisco coming up here in November 10th to the 12th and if you also text or go to my organization there they'll give you hundred dollars off if you want to go I'm on feed a million people in San Francisco by the way that week here in November that's gonna be my gift out of that events as well so it's something we can all do together if you'd like just reach out do it those are ways you can continue the journey if you want to I've given you a book I hope it's helpful for you on the financial side if you want a second opinion go to second vineyard calm that's it let me down through the final peace shake your body out here's what I want you to do think of a place where you have suffered frustration overall anger sadness feeling not enough something and what if there was a quick way to end it here's how that can be done in a matter of moments first you only suffer because of what you focus on and you're focusing on one of three things three words you want remember going forward loss less or never if you're suffering it's because your brain believes because you did something to me or the government did or the company did or the other employee did or I did something or because you didn't do something or I didn't do something I have lost something loss love lost time lost energy lost respect while significance loss anything the illusion of loss makes us suffer all you've lost was your expectations weren't met because there's no guarantee in life could we walk across the street get by a car of course we can that's loss everything else is an illusion it just means your preferences weren't met the second thing I'll make you suffer is if you think something you did or didn't do or something someone else did or didn't do cause you have less of something you value less love less joy less time less energy less acknowledgement if you feel like you have less you will suffer and then third one and the worst one is if your brain starts believing that you failed to do something I fail to do something or you did something or I did something that means I will never have that love have that joy have that says success have that acknowledgement have that freedom when our brain believes we've lost or we have less or whenever we suffer and all those are illusions the way you get out of it is really simple you're never gonna go from suffering to joy it's to pick a jump so you go from suffering to appreciating something how many of you no matter how bad your life is there's something you can appreciate your health your children your life the country let how many got something you can appreciate say I is there something you can appreciate in every moment even in the worst moment you've been in yes or no yes or no and if you're so smart which I know you are you should be easily find those things all it is as you decide I'm not going to suffer so when I feel it within 90 seconds I figured out what it is I don't live there I find something to appreciate I find something next to enjoy second step once you appreciate enjoy I want to learn for this what can I learn what I can't grow if in the middle of that problem you learn from that relationship then it's not about ending a relationship anymore if you grow from it you're gonna feel a lot in thirdly third step after appreciate your learning grow throw it up if you do anything loving if you give anything if you're grateful your suffering will end are there people that have been concentration camps that were able to end suffering even though there is physical pain yes or no what I learned through all this pain in my body was there's pain there suffering one other difference pain is that shock feeling of pressure and tension running up my spine suffering is why did this happen to me will I ever be able to do this again can I ever get back on stage what am i how long will this will this will this last the story is the suffering it's easy to deal with pain if the suffering that makes it so hard raise your hand if you fall what I'm talking about here say I so I'm gonna give you one technique right now we'll do it really fast you network shake your body up in fact right now develop a quick pattern I want you make a move that if you made that move you feel strong instantly just try so make us strong move us I'm sorry make a move make a move make a move make a sound we to shut the word yes when you make a move make the move say yes say yes say yes here's what you do how many of you have a situation either at home or in your work environment where there's some unfinished business where there's a situation with a person or a situation that you need to handle and it's stressful inside when you think about it so you trying to have to think about it and do other stuff but it's got to be handled and you've not handled it how many got an area where there's some suffering like that raise your hand nice and high let me see virtually everybody good think of that situation that really bugs you and really think about how it really feels if you really let yourself focus on it and feel what that suffering would be like and I want you to pick something then on a scale from zero to ten where ten is total suffer and zero is no suffering at all that's in the 8 or above range at least 7 910 don't pick a little one because you won't notice in this quick moment enough for you to feel I want you to feel a difference how many got something that needs to be handled you've not resolved it either pissed off or you feel hurt or you feel worried or you're concerned and you've not handled it you put it off and it needs to be handled raise your hand you got and the pain of it is if you focus on it is seven eight nine or ten let me see your hands awesome here's I want to show you a group of scientists discovered something about 20 years ago that's amazing if I measure your brain waves and your heart waves your EEG and EKG you've probably seen them on you know on medical pieces they look very jagged when you're stressed they don't look anything alike your brain waves in your heart waves but if all you do is put both your hands on your heart try it now and you physically feel your heart see the example I'm giving you so this is frustration you can see they look nothing like each other but if you put your hands on your heart and you physically feel your heart like breathe in your heart just for a moment we're gonna do this for two minutes that's all we're gonna be done

The ideas of psychotherapy are good solid evidenced based stuff, I just don't think all the hokiness and 'Say Aye!" pumped up motivational Sunday preacher stuff is appealing, why can't you just talk normally, and honestly like a person having a real and deep conversation – your content is good, you dont need to oversell it man.

I just stated to watch this video & I have a comment regarding Richard Branson, his brain is wired in a different way he is dyslexic he doesn't get messages & programming like the rest of the world, I have a friend who has the same & she is a brilliant businesswoman at her young age she has made her first million by doing absolutely nothing she had an initial investment of 10.000 pounds.
There are many millionaires who are dyslexic and that's enough!
The programming start before the day we are born, in order to change our lives we should start educating our children

try to put the videos speed at 0,5… lmao is it just me or does he suddenly sound like someone who just smoked 5 joints or something? Great advice Tony, thank you. Life changing man:)

That means you live on earth not every people can make it .But when time come to your life hold it show and care all most to other that you can be .So it can give all back to you .

gabby Bernstein just stole all your attention. great ad, I'm going to her website right now, after I wipe my tears and blow my nose

how do you help school children especially girls, to see the value in math and science? somehow your message is speaking to me, about marketing and emotion, as I look at this colorful resistor color code chart and think about my tutoring business. math, ick, it instinctively turns me off when someone is like, I hate math, but my job is to help people see the beauty. math doesn't suck, American math education sucks. math cannot suck cuz its awesome.

we all love to hate Walmart. why? because we are offended that the mom and pops have disappeared. talk about resourceful, what about all the facilities in China behind "Made in China"? don't think about a white elephant . uh huh. point is, you only get stuff for such a low price because they don't force a minimum wage of $7.75. we are asking all the wrong questions. we should be asking ourselves, what do we need to do differently? we are just as offended by overpriced boutiques. we really need to decide what the heck it is that we want. i'm pretty sure hating china is not supposed to be part of the equation.

I had a mouthful of carrots and could not pick my jaw up (where was I on 911). sad thing is, my jaw would be a lot easier to pick up off the floor nowadays. it is what it is. one day soon Jesus is gonna fulfill the Fall Feasts with his second coming. so yeah it's gonna get a little ugly

So make life enjoy with new journey to start, live in your house do what you want. Make team strong and move forward.

Trust on yourself to start do your business do not blow by the wind but you can follow the wind drive yourself with confidence.,stand for what you are? .

iv heard his thanks giving story 500 times and every time he says his dad declined and shut the door, but this time he slammed the door 3 times along with the delivery boy confronting him and eventually accepting the gift. i suspected he made up stories but this confirms it.

Sir tony Robbins I really thank you with all of my heart for your help to the world millions of people around the world I am from Bangaladesh and listening to your tapes every day God bless you always sir


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