Tony Robbins – Relationship Advice For Women – How To Have The Perfect Relationship

There’s three to five seconds of meeting
you in case you don’t have kids everyone you care about dies like pigs in hell.
It’s that important they like you let’s say if use your body differently ready
go go go All right did that feel better yes or
no? Yes or no. Did you use more of your body, yes or no? More of your face yes or
no? Did you breathe more full or more shallow?
Did you talk louder or quieter? Did you move faster or slower? Did you hesitate
or go straight for them? Did it feel good? Why? Because the emotion
is created by? Motion! If you use more what God has given you you will feel
more. But most of us have learned to shrink how we use our bodies and the
cultures we live in today. Most people’s idea of exercise is fill the tub pull
the plug and fight the current. People get injured typing today oh it hurts.
Scary! Use your body you will feel more alive the same thing is true of these
couples. Now was that the best greeting you’re capable of giving
another human being? Yes or no? Some of you saying yes most you’re saying no
let’s review the exercise I said if you don’t give your best everyone you care
about dies like pigs and hell and you still didn’t give your best! We need to
talk listen if you said no I respect you because you were honest. Because whenever
we say we’ve given our best it’s always a lie, because whenever you get there
what do we always discover? There’s another level. Every four years for
centuries and Olympics what happens people run faster they jump higher they
lift more weight every four years for thousands of years how it has happened?
Drugs thats how! No no no now that was just a recent thing. The point of the matter
is whenever you get the way you think your guest is it opens up another
possibility this is what couples have to see. They think they’ve already had their
best days in the beginning and some of us have been guilty of encouraging or
agreeing with that and that’s the worst thing you could possibly do. This idea
when I first started coming out doing the things I was doing I’ll never again
he attacked so many words he’s raising people’s expectations and they’re going
to be disappointed I the hella fellow disappointment if you
don’t have a higher expectation get disappointed you’re not going for
anything you’re not alive inside the disappoint me to drive you or crush you
you get decide which one it’s going to be absolutely so in fact clearly welcome
to death when you’re capable of giving we have to take up one more level you
say we’re going to get naked no no this time what I want you to do is I want you
to greet people like they’re your long-lost lover or best friend like oh
my God look at Mary look at homei god this is what I want to greet people like
your long-lost lover or best friend ready go go go does that feel better yes or no yes or
no did use more of your body or less of your body more of the muscle via basal
laughs did you breathe more area and we more shallow yes did you talk faster or
slower did you hesitate to go straight for them
did you talk louder or quieter did you touch them oh yeah
did it feel good why because I told you – very good sir thank you very much
because emotion is created by that’s right now most people get in a
relationship because they’re after some emotion not another job true or false
and for most people that comes a job and then many people encourage them to stay
with the job which is a nice thing but would it be nicer to have them enjoy the
job and not have it feel like a job and the only way to do that is we’ve got to
rejuvenate the individual there’s nothing worse nothing on earth than to
emotionally unfit people put together because what is the relationships
purpose why do we get in relationship someone tell me to grow experience love
to be happy to learn deep spiritual lessons to have someone to thank you
Sara forgot something a bit soon now here’s what’s interesting everything
you would say to me whatever you’re going to say to me about why we get in a
relationship underneath it if you say so we can make a difference in the world
together but why do you want to make a difference because it’s going to make
you feel something there’s only one reason we get a
relationship to magnify human emotion that’s it that’s God’s gift how many of
you when you’re excited about something first thing you think about is who you
want to tell share it with how many writers does always say I so some people
use a friend but the intimate relationship if it’s not only safe but
there’s real love and passion there there’s no greater place if there’s
trust if there’s respect there’s no greater place for this but the challenge
of course is most people don’t have it at that level and one of the reasons
again is there’s not that emotional fitness here’s what you got to know
people feel they find their center of gravity and then they blame their
partner it is what I mean by this when 9/11 happened I’ll never forget I have
this experience I was in Hawaii I was doing a program there for a couple of
thousand people from 45 countries we’re translating four languages
simultaneously it was a ten day program I used to do that was full tilt of 8:00
in the morning to midnight I mean you had people from all over the world real
leaders and I just said living when do people really begin to live and I faced
up if they faced death and I look it in the eye and decide to live they really
start to live and I said what would your life be like it’s in the next ten days
you knew you couldn’t get off this island and he’s the last 10 days of your
life what would you do different who would you call what would you say what
truth would you tell what feelings would you share I went on the lobster like 15
minutes that night not when one happened 3 o’clock in the morning they called me
to tell me that buildings are just dropped and we had 200 people from New
York there because I have a lot of people in the financial district that
are my clients and there were at least 45 people we knew immediately that had
lost their entire company all their friends family their husbands their
wives instantaneously 3 o’clock in the morning go outside and it was
pandemonium cuz you’ve got people from all these cultures every religion was
represented in the room so outside there are people that crying
uncontrollably because they knew the end times were here there were people out
there that were fighting because some people were celebrating I mean it was
brutal no one thought I’d get everybody in the room I got him in the room and I
said today is about emotional mastery that was the scheduled portion of that
day was supposed to be I said and this is the real test
and so we brought people together and I got people to express to me and show
each other the moment that 9/11 happened what did they focus on cuz these are
three decisions that shape your life number one what are you gonna focus on
right now while I’m talking you making a decision what to focus on is what shapes
your life this is shapes every relationship it shapes your entire
destiny are you focused on what this is going to mean to your life are you
focusing on who the hell is he to tell me that are you focusing on the smell of
your neighbor after that jumping up and down whatever you focus on you feel
don’t you even if it’s not true you feeling so focus is the first decision
we make second decision is what does this mean is this the end or the
beginning if you think it’s the end in a relationship you’re going to be very
differently than if you think it’s the beginning it’s God punishing me with
this is God teasing me it’s got challenging me this gods reward one
shift in meaning instantaneously changes your emotion and your emotion is your
life and then the third decision we make every moment what are we going to do
pull back go forward give up sit down stand up they could happen fly off
people what you focus on what does it mean what you decide to do people
citizens jealous and afterwards one moan raised her hand and she was from New
York and she said you know last night after your talk she said my boyfriend
asked me to marry him and I told him no because my previously on say had been
murdered and killed kidnapped and killed and she said I’m not over that he said
when you go to have stupid seminars and it’s over between us and she said – fine
it’s over and she said when you said that first night I got chills so I
called him last night at midnight to leave a message – tell him how much I
love him that I want to marry him and she said he called me back at 3 o’clock
this morning she said but I didn’t get the message but I have it here and he
was at the top of the World Trade Centers where he worked and she actually
has voices and Larry King later on sharing this and
he plays the thing up and he says honey I can’t tell you what it means to me to
get your message and to know that you love me you can’t imagine how much I
treasure it and he said unfortunately have bad news he said I don’t know
what’s happened the whole buildings on fire he said I’m not going to get out
and so I just want you to know he said that I love you so much and that you’ve
touched my heart my soul so much and there’s only one thing I could say to
you is I know you must be asking why God would do this to you twice with two
different men he said I don’t know but maybe it’s a lesson honey that whatever
you do every day of your life love and don’t ever hold it back again don’t hold
back above don’t hold back anything love every day you’ve got I love you getting
younger everyone in the room is crying uncontrollably and then the first man
who stands up as a man from Pakistan he says I just want to say I’d like to hold
your hand say that I feel sorry for him cry with you but frankly I’m from
Pakistan I’m a Muslim this is retribution it was like a war breakout
in the room so I brought him on stage and I brought a man on stage it was an
Israeli man who truly was saved at least more than upset with his man he has
family in the occupied territories he worked in the in the Twin Tower so if he
didn’t there that day then dad if he wasn’t at the seminar and we’ve merged
these people but the biggest lesson I got they became friends they worked
together for peace and it’s been you know five years whatever it’s been now
six years the bottom line though is this I noticed something that day angry
people got angry sad people got sad worried people worried loving people
loved this one one was so pissed off so I went around asking her things she
wasn’t from America she knows the one in New York City disinfect her in any way
that she was raging about this thing I said you just get pissed off all the
time you use rage all the time when she comes and goes I was kind of like jet
fuel I brought up this woman who worked in the hospitals in New York and she was
guilty that she wasn’t there to help people but as you dig underneath she
always finds a way to be guilty here’s my point people how many do you know
somebody who always finds a way to be pissed off no matter what happens I
don’t know if I’m like oh say I how do you know somebody that isn’t funny but
they think they are and they laugh so hard of throwing jokes
that you find yourself laughing – how many does another say I who do you want
to be with not hard to figure out is it emotions are a habit and when we go to
relationship all we do is magnify them and then we find reasons to back them up
those people use 911 was I said some of all of them you can feel in your sad
you’re going to feel this at affordable business at 3,000 people died guess what
4,000 people died of cancer heart disease every day in this country and
there men women children and uncles mothers and you’re not sitting around
crying about them every day why you’re so selective in your compassion because
what we did is focus on it and then people use that to produce an emotion
that’s what people do in a relationship you want to change a relationship change
the primary emotion that person lives and you want to do that retrain their
body is one way only one I’m going to give you a couple but that’s one and the
best way to do that is only if you can done it to yourself so let’s take this
up one not shake your body up and notice if you sat down already that ought to
give you a clue that energy may not be at the high top of your list okay it’s
like oh my god let me sit down and get comfortable I’m not being critical of
you but just notice that you went for the path of least resistance
that’s not signing up real well for your ability to transfer that to somebody
else so but it’s a new muscle so let’s use it let’s do this how many of you
like to have more joy more excitement more passion more ecstasy in your life
right now right hands AI and if you really want it you got to do it because
the emotions don’t just hit you they are triggered and you can trigger them
through motion so here’s we’re going to do shake your body out and in a second
here we are going to shake this building with our energy what I mean by that is
we are going to celebrate for no good reason
and here’s why I say that you don’t need a reason to feel good
why do you justify feeling good and if you think that’s weird think about this
most people don’t need a reason to feel bad isn’t it true I feel it like crap
how come woke up people go I understand if you finish somebody how’s it going I
feel so good how can you feel good I don’t know I just feel good take that
guy in the funny farm isn’t it sick that we live in a culture if somebody’s happy
we want to know why but if they’re sad we understand that’s where it is so
we’ve got to change that pattern so here’s what you’re going to do most
people in our culture never celebrate anymore in a relationship without
celebration is a dead relationship it’s dead celebration is the secret to Joy’s
joy in a relationship is the basis of anything else where love can grow so one
things you got to do is we’re going to celebrate now when do people in our
culture celebrate like go crazy like a little kid and it’s socially acceptable
win when you graduate from school yeah I did it I have to go to work what else do
people celebrate come on there has their first child it’s a boy if the girl you
hug stranger isn’t it beautiful everybody accepts it any other time
you’re weird when else can you really cut loose and
celebrate you have your first orgasm good sir very good over I did it what
else that’s right around the world this is the weird thing about human beings
when a local sports being win the national championship
show me come on show me what people do you between yeah yeah we didn’t we did it
was we didn’t even do we did it you watched but I’m glad you finally make it
okay to feel happy for a day isn’t it a weird thing culturally that we’re going
to make our happiness tied to someone else’s performance that we can’t control
just based on living in a city but at least the city goes crazy for that one
day see you don’t need any excuse to feel good
how many gotten worth enough reasons to be happy and grateful for your life for
your health if you love say I so all you got to do is we train your body to
celebrate instead of training yourself to fit in how many of you have ever
lowered your happiness or your joy or your energy because someone else wasn’t
feeling as good and you didn’t want to send them and does it make them feel
better you’re playing small does not make them big all it does is lower the
standard most of us have learned to do that so if you’re going to lead you got
to step out of it so let’s do this we are going to celebrate just to get that
energy in our body on a scale from zero to ten where zero is dead ten is
unstoppable intensity go to twenty now to do that in case you haven’t
celebrated many years I’ll remind you first key to celebration is your feet
must come off the ground notice a I know it looks cool but when you actually rise
up like this and you extend you open your diaphragm which changes your
biochemistry instantly it doesn’t happen when you do this second key is you must
use your voice how many of you your kids used to make all kinds of weird noises
come on make some crazy sounds out loud I got a question for you how many of you
in this room love to sing when no one’s around you’re in your car you’re singing
you’re rocking you get to stoplight you’re still singing rocking you look
over the bridge the car next to your steering it like this what do you do you
quickly pick up your cell phone act like you’ve been talking to someone why are
we seeing even though we don’t sound good what do we like it that’s right
because the emotion is created by and just seeing if the mood parts of your
body you don’t normally you move and if you don’t use it you so we like it even
though it’ll sound good so when you’re celebrating you’re going to extend and
you they make sound like crazy how many want to go for it say I then your job is
to outdo the old person next to you with your intensity we’re going to clap we’re
going to crop so we get the three and it will do it one two three go Oh so usually the high-five people versus
gotta see if you feel better before make a difference say yes that’s

wow!!!! i loved,loved watching it. how i wish i could attend this kind of seminar too☺☺😊😊-####Singapore

I love Tony Robbins. I'm getting happier with every video. I have a question. I broke up with a hot, sexy, acholic man. I was with him from 2004 to 2012. We were apart for 4 yrs. Then I went back a year ago. It was worse the 2nd time around. I was sicker and fater. He didn't mind that. But I hated my self ( body). After We split last week end I went to the gym. So watching these videos keeps me focused. But is there any way that I could do something that would make him want to change? I'm changing because I want to. I still have feelings for him. But I can't take the drunk. please give me a little help. Thanks.

I have just watched this video and it definitely left me thinking about the relationship I want to have!

A real loving, caring realtionship, where we truly understand each other and give to each other to the fullest!

Hahahaha! I remember the jumping around, excited, celebratory excersise at UPW. It was fun to see my husband do it because he's always so reserved, which I used to complain about . . . I realized that it's his reserve that I'm attracted to! I love when he's playful but I love who he is and reserved is where he is most of the time. That day I learned to love and accept that about him and also to feel fine that I'm the excitable one ; )

Getting a huge group of strangers to smile and get excited to hug each other: I'm done. Seen enough, I'm like mission accomplished. Unleash this man on everyone already. When is he going to run for President, seriously.

Please accept my heartfelt apology. I made assumptions based on hearsay regarding your ideas. I was wro…hmm…I was wro…harumpf…I misunderstood. Thank you for your clarity and sharing it on YouTube. Warmly

After watching and started jumping I just remembered that I had a great vitory that day that I was forgeting….He is right biochemistry changes when you move…

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Tony this goes out to you I loved your voice . It motivated me hearing from you. I I I. No matter how you put me In front of you get it . It's a gift.

Mathew Hussey is our generation s Tony Robbins. SIGN The petrion to help me bring him to Australia My name is Pauline

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I came into work from lunch one day with a big smile on my face a bounce in my step. I was feeling real happiness. And my boss saw me as I walked in and smiled back at me with a quizzical look and said “ why are you so happy?”

I was kind of taken aback by the question. Like is there some reason I shouldn’t be happy? Lol.

I don’t know if something specific had happened that day. I didn’t realize my mood was elevated more than my usual until she asked. And thinking it over I replied i don’t know I just am.

Just wonderful, I have been researching "women advice on relationships" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Honulian Fascination Inveiglement – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

This was great, been searching for "relationship advice from men for women" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Honulian Fascination Inveiglement – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

9/11 was an inside job and we all know that now. And 3000 people die daily in counties that america has waged war on WAY before 9/11 yet every single year its now america’s “wound” I think that is the most narcissistic thing in the world. America is not the super power of the planet nor is it the best country, it is infact one of the most under developed countries. The poorest, unhealthiest, most depressed, most entitled, most materialistic, most vain, most selfish, most uneducated nation on earth. Any american can tell you that. Sweden in miles ahead and the most developed and evolved in terms of health care,education and equal rights. Let’s talk like people with intelligence, consciousness and authenticity and stop bullshittng ourselves and others. I hope Tony has changed his tune as this is an old recording

The title was not the right one!
On the Otherwise hand, Tony is the Greatest… I admire him so much and wish I could some Day asist to one of his seminars, that Would be awesome!!!!!

why would i subscribe if you're posting a video that's not yours with a title that has nothing to do with it?

Thoughtful comments..Women are having success to improve their relationships by knowing 'What Men SECRETLY Want' with..

In a relationship, you should learn to accept your partner of what they are and who they are. if there's a problem in your relationship try to listen and to understand . be open minded in every single way.

Great advice ! Expect big! I was pretty curious to see what Tony Robbins has to say about relationships. Boy did I underestimate him! He spilled gold.

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I've been playing YouTube vids in the background and haven't read the titles – I just came back to my phone and thought this was a video about getting motivated!? You will get more hits by renaming it hahahha

The modern Olympics and the ancient Olympics are not contiguous – my sense of the credibility here about dropped right through the floor (although on reflection lots of people I admire say stuff that doesn't quite technically ring true/misquote stuff) – and the long lost lover thing – ewwww – consent, autism, survivors etc….. Yes, move more, but that was a bit weird. Indeed, unlike the perfect sensibility towards people in relationships, given different ability situations and life situations. Positive consent should be part of relationships, you should move more to get it and to maintain it. But consent matters. It really matters. But having moved on – the whole 911 stuff feels strange, poss disrespectful thing to include yet was obviously an enormous, scary thing to go through both as ordinary people and as Tony Robbins up on stage, that you had to make positive meaning out of on your feet and you had the skills to do so as far as the report here goes, which to be fair I have no reason to disbelieve except that it makes Robbins sound like a god with local effect – and yes I have rational cause to wonder: who is he!?

This seminar doesn't directly relate to the title: maybe an upload error!? Personal agenda of the channel owner!? A partner/ex-partner they felt needed to do more of the running!? Channel owners could be anyone!!

In my house, I've felt my husband needs to move more, show more emotion, less tension and be less obsessed with his visual-penis axis/addictive+fetishy stuff: he's either edging 24/7 or angry/dead/roommates to me or both making use of quiet times to himself, and he nevertheless provides a lot of practical support and security to me and our children and has some nice interests, and in those modes he does look normal. But it's still horrible. Not that I'm against solo sexuality or individual sexuality in a marriage, it's the dynamic. Me moving more trying to please and engage him might not be the solution. It's bottomless and demeaning because it's built on a stuck cycle that has been very narrowly defined by his own anxieties magnified by cultural attitudes about what it is to be a man – which in the UK is a very two-handed thing, your diffident, reserved hobbyist/workaday guy and your sexual status-seeking beast. Women can and are living that dichotomy as well, but it's less acknowledged and approved, socially. Sometimes people combine the two – but it very often leaves investment in or consideration of a partner's emotional life out of the picture or as Robbins says here, makes into Work. I have my own issues, but in this case and in general – JUST letting go would possibly be a kind of dissociation or suppression, though is every possible reality in truth somehow that kind of reality for something: hard to know where it would go.

I've joked on twitter 'what would Tony Robbins do' about Brexit, because of the angry and momentous deadlock and the strong relationship aspect, albeit with a crowd management thing too – but I dunno if that was wise. Nor any of this comment.

I was there in Hawaii with Tony for 9-11 as part of the New York Team. Tony was truly masterful that day. If you've never been to a live event, it's worth every penny.

Hi I’m your new friend.I understand some but don’t understand some but I can touch it inside my heart .And I watched full video.Amazing !!Tony👍😊Thanks 🙏🙏🙏😊💐💐💐💐💐



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Self promotion, from me to read my books. May work may not but I've spent enough on all these people so their time to help me Woohoo!!

The Subject is not accurate. This is how to trigger emotions through motion. Nothing about relationship advice for women. But great information I just heard yesterday in Garland, Texas!!!

What a FANTASTIC video. We always recommend before handling a problem that a couple change their state to an empowering one first. Then deal with the problem. One key component to having a perfect relationship is finding the right person first. With divorce being fifty percent in North America @therelationshipseries has found a empowering way to help you find the right person. We share it in this video

Amazing! Self motivation helps our bodies to create positive adrenaline that creates positivity as a consequence and human beings connect with it. This is very important in our personal lives and of course in our relationship as couples! Read about this if you want to learn! Endorphins,serotonin,dopamine,oxytocin


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