Tony Robbins | Find Your True Gift: The 3 Gifts

Tony Robbins | Find Your True Gift: The 3 Gifts

This is life AND enterprise management. And so, as a result, we want to make sure
we work on both. We want to create a system that allows
you to succeed in both areas: life and your enterprise. By the way, which one would you say
is more valuable? (“Life!”) Which one? (“Life!”) That’s not how most people live the game. Most people make it the enterprise. And as they make it the enterprise, they wake up and they have a
tremendous amount of economic success-if they’re successful and what’s ironic is what makes you
successful may not make you fulfilled. And so, there’s a big pull in our culture
to go for what’s most successful, what will reward you culturally with respect or acknowledgement or
stars on your chart or economic rewards thinking that will give us freedom, but how many of you have been very
successful in business and not been free? I.e., your business, as it got more successful,
demanded even more from you? How many of you have had this experience?
Say “aye.” (“Aye.”) So what I really want to
make sure comes out of this is an evaluation of what your real gifts
are that are going to fulfill you, because many of you are living
a script around your life that involves having an enterprise when really that may not
be your true nature. That’s not to say you can’t do it. It just means you can do it and
you’ll be stressed out of your life, stressed out of your mind. And so, one of the things we want to find
out is how much of that is natural as a problem. How much of that is maybe unnatural? Unnatural meaning you’re having problems right now that
you shouldn’t be having at this stage of development. Think about it: if a child is brand new and have a problem with
controlling their bladder, that’s a natural problem, isn’t it? But, if you’re fifty and
you have this problem, you’ve got a challenge! If a brand new
business has a cashflow challenge, it’s a problem, but it’s a natural problem. If it’s a business that’s been around
5 or 10 years and it’s got a cashflow problem, you’ve got a real abnormal problem. Maybe
you’ve got a problem that’s even life-threatening to the business. How many follow what
I’m talking about here? Sometimes, those problems have to do with
the fact that you don’t understand the stage of development you’re in.
The most important element is
for you to be able to do this: to be able to establish, most importantly, where you really are in your life today. Where are you and where do you really want to go? What’s going to create this
extraordinary life and to look at it brand new, because some of you right now, if you
continue the direction you’re going, are going to be successful and
unfulfilled, unhappy and stressed, because once we get,
you know, into a dream, then that dream starts to take on a life
of its own. It gives us juice, it gives us energy, but how many ever got the dream, achieved your goal, and then thought, “is this all there is?”
How many have ever had this experience? Say “aye.” (“Aye.”) That’s more painful
than not even achieving it! ‘Cause now you’ve done, you’ve worked it out,
you’re successful and you’re not happy. So, for some of you, you’re gonna
need to take a look at that. Michael Gerber, the guy who wrote The
E-Myth, talks about why so many businesses, young businesses fail, and one
of these things he says is most people are not really entrepreneurs, but they
think that’s what they should be. They think that’s the sexy thing,
that’s the most attractive thing, that’s the best answer. And when I say to you is
you’ve got to separate the vehicle from the outcome. What is it that’s going to truly fulfill you?
What is it that’s going to give you that extraordinary life? What’s going to make things magnificent
on your terms, not somebody else’s terms, not your father, your mother,
your background. What is that really? Separate the vehicles, as there’s
many ways to get that vehicle. I was here in town just the other day
and I met a gentleman over here. Steve Wynn’s a good friend of mine who started well, basically, built most of Las Vegas.
And he built just recently, you know, the Wynn Casino a few years back. 2.7 billion dollar hotel. The most expensive individual building
ever personally financed. Individually financed. To give you an idea, the first estimates on the
rebuilding of the World Trade Center were $1.7 billion.
$2.6 billion for a hotel. Right, this man has the ability to take large risks and he has the ability to
really succeeded in a major way. But I bring that up because
I was in town and for our new home we were getting some… We have these hot springs, we were getting
some really large crystals and there’s a guy in town
that has this crystal shop, right? But you’ve got to make an appointment to see the guy! It’s unbelievable, so I get to know him and talk to him
and find out he’s great friends with Steve. He’s been skiing with Steve for 20 years.
This guy used to have this business. He sold the business. Didn’t actually make that much money,
but he was tired of the stress of the business And he said “I’m just going to do what I love.”
And what I love to do is ski. Everyday. So, what he did was he started his little
crystal business, made plenty of money, you know this litte business, set aside some money
from his previous business and he gets up every day and skis, has a blast, and he has this unbelievable lifestyle. Because, you know he’s Steve Wynn’s guest
everywhere. He flies on the Gulfstream, doesn’t have to pay for it. Doesn’t pay the insurance, doesn’t have to
pay for the fuel, doesn’t worry about maintenance, managing it, or anything. And he’s telling me about all these things he
does in his life. He has a billion-dollar lifestyle. Billionaire’s lifestyle. But he structured his life in a way that’s fulfilling,
where he as time for his grandkids where he has time for his wife,
where he has time for his passions, but he just does it in a different way. He had this big dream,
he said, of making this gigantic business and all it did was stress him out. Now, I’m not saying that’s the answer for you, but I’m saying sometimes you gotta
reevaluate what’s going to really make you fulfilled. What is your gift? Are you an artist, are you the talent that can produce something no one else
produces—a skill or product or service or some impact? Are you incredibly good at management? You really know how to
manage or lead people. Are you an extraordinary entrepeneur that
can take that gigantic gut load of risk and can create the vision and attract the
talent that you need and the managers and leaders. You may have all three abilities, but which one really
fulfills you the most is going to the critical question. ‘Cause we tend to want to do them all,
especially with a room like this because you’re all overachievers, right?
Me too. And you say, “Well, I can do all these.” Yes, you can, but what will it do to
your quality of life? See, again, the secret’s going to be this: what is an extraordinary life
on your terms today?

If he did, he'd just grow another one. This bloke can do anything. I don't even think Chuck Norris could kick his ass…

I don't know which one would be most fulfilling to me. I've had too few opportunities to manage or be an entrepreneur… and I dunno what to consider a talent because I'm a perfectionist and never think any of my "talents" are good enough.

Here's a coach in the making, so be patient and take what I say with a grain of salt. Go to coaching is something I would swear by. Coaching is all about you. Failing that, make some me time and write down all the things you love and what makes you happy. Talk about it with people. That should be a good start!

What is Robbins view regarding people with mental problems? Like some one with schizophrenia or bi polar disorder? Does he think they can accomplish a dream or live a full filling life? What about people with bellow average intelligence, mental retardation?

He's a totally awesome, if is no mental or a real physical problem, everything is possible and he is the MEN 🙂


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