Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold’s Mukbang Goes Off the Rails | Soul Train Awards 2019

– This is so– – It wasn’t me, it was Tichina. I’m a Christian. And you want to talk about
her breasts at the Mukbang. (upbeat music) What’s up? It’s Tisha Campbell. – And Tichina Arnold. – And we are so excited to be doing our sophomore
year of Soul Train. – Oh, it’s about to go down. 2019, and it’s live, T. – I don’t know why they put us live. – What were they thinking? – That’s so, so wrong of y’all. – Yeah, but you know what? – We’re scared for you. – But we’re professionals,
T, we’re gonna do this. We’re gonna do this. – Yeah, you know. – So what is this? Muk, Mukbang?
– Oh, this is Mukbang. You know what Mukbang is, right? – Yeah, it’s the Koreans made up a, I guess where we sit down to eat? Mukbang? Mukbang. I know a Korean word. (speaking in foreign language) I know that. – Okay. Mukbang is just we sit and we
talk and we eat and we tell, talk to the people and
we talk to each other. – Okay, so let’s bong it out. I’m eating– – Oh, shoot. – I’m eating a lovely salmon. What I’ve decided–
– I almost dropped my fork. – Being 50 years old– – Wow, you just gonna tell it. – You’re 51? How much?
– Bitch. – You’re 51, bitch. – Who asked you to tell the world? (Tichina yelling) Tichina, why? We don’t even have to bring that up. – So now that I am– – But I look good. – Now that I’m 50-
– (Beep) you. – I have to eat right. I consider myself as a pescatarian. So I eat salmon and fish and stuff. – See, you know you– – I don’t like, I don’t
really eat chicken anymore. I don’t like chicken. – I like chicken. – I don’t like chicken. – I stopped, I was a
vegetarian for two years. Vegan for two years. – Well, you do that all the time though. Like, T, you go on and off. – Here we go. Here we go. – It’s the freak in you, it’s all good. – The (beep) is this– – What? I’m just sharing. It’s a Mukbang. – Tichina. – It’s a Mukbang. Come on, muck it out. – I’m not a freak, Tichina. – Muck it out, muck it out, muck it out. Say muck it out, muck it out. – What the muck is going on around here? Why are you telling people
I’m a freak, Tichina? No, Tichina, don’t do that. Tichina, Tichina, don’t do that. Tichina, Tichina be playing, y’all. (Tichina laughing) Y’all, Tichina be playing sometime. Too much. It’s just unnecessary shit. – How do freaks act? Go on, show me. – What the (beep), yo? (Tichina laughing) What the (beep), Tichina? – Just show me how they act. – Tichina, come on, man, why
you always do this to me? This is why we don’t this like improv to– – How do freaks act on Soul Train? How does a freak act on Soul Train. – Man, this is BS. – Do they do the Debbie Allen? Or do that, like, how do they do it? – Change the damn subject, Tichina. (Tichina laughing) I’m so mad. She does this all the time. – Okay, hold up. Give me a minute. (Tichina laughing) – I’m so, I’m so embarrassed. I look, guys, I want to cry. I can’t see. You don’t leave Tichina unauthorized. You don’t do that to Tichina Arnold. Everybody knows this. I sit here and I have to suffer. (Tisha sighing heavily) – I love you, Tisha. – No, (beep) you. (Beep) off. You remember when we were roommates? – Yeah, the live thing, yeah. I’ll tell them. – That’s it? – I said I do. – Tichina. – Yes? – Can we talk about
when we were roommates? – Living with Tisha was living
with her mother as well. – Yes.
– Mona Campbell. (Tisha laughing) Oh, honey, you don’t want any of it. Her and Mona, woo! Do you remember when you rebelled? Do you remember that moment? – No, I was 20 years old. – Do you remember when you rebelled? – I was 20! – I had to be a part of that, Tisha. – Tichina– – That is always in my brain. – This is my rebellion, okay? I was such a good kid, right? – Yeah, very good kid. – The whole time. Tichina would even say that I
was shy, no one believes that. I don’t know why no one will believe that. – But you know you were shy,
but freaky on the other side, but go ahead, go ahead. – Whoa, wow, right in front of the camera. Were, right to the world. – Go ahead! – Tichina, what if I told
people you was a freak? That would be (beep) up. – I kinda would wear it with a badge. – Man, you be messing up my shit. Look, I think I’m red. I think I’m (laughing), I
think I’m, I hate you so much. – ‘Cause you know it’s true. – I fucking hate–
– You just told the truth. You couldn’t just– – I’m talking about the shyness. Who the (beep) talks about freakiness? Nobody’s talking about that. – Okay, but I just thought
I would put it out there. – Why would you do that? – Because it gets brownie
points with all the millennials? What are the, what is this? What are they now?
– No one gives a (beep). – Is it millennials? What are, Z? M’s? X’s? ABCs? I don’t know. – I hate you so much.
– But she’s a freak. – Tichina! Don’t do that. I decided to cut my hair off. – Bad idea. – It was cute though, wasn’t it cute? – It was a bad, your hair was beautiful. It was beautiful for us.
– I cut it all off. – And Mona came in. She said, “Do you see why I’m
taking these three Advils? “Because your hair is
giving me a headache.” – So my mother would come in. She’s like, “Look at your goddamn hair, “you look like a goddamn boy. “Look at you, look at you.” – It was bad, it was bad. – “Look at you. “You wait til 20 to rebel.” That was my rebellion. – But I liked living with you and Mona because you guys helped me, you know, when I first got to LA
I’d tell people, you know, when you come to a new place, and California could
be a very lonely place. – It can. – So when you know people it
makes life a little easier. – She was a good roommate. And it didn’t last long
because soon as we, like, she came out for pilot season. And as soon as we booked the Martin show. – I was booking stuff. And fun fact, a lot of
people don’t realize when “Martin” was on, you know, it comes on a lot of
different stations now because it’s syndicated,
but we were on Fox, and Fox back then was
a syndicated network. – It wasn’t a real network. – It wasn’t a major network. – So we kinda helped it get
kicked off into a real network. Yeah.
– Yeah. Basically we ain’t made
no whole lot of money. Tisha, I’m really, I’m
really, really happy that my friend is penis-available. Was that the correct? That’s the correct way to say it. – What does that even mean? – Because you’re–
– Can’t you just say single? – ‘Cause you’re single now. – You could say single. – Single is just so passe. It’s so passe. – Who says penis-available? – Because penis is a good word. It’s a good word. – Not over the table. – Penis, penis, penis. You’re penis-available. You’re single. And so Tisha is such, she’s a homebody. Like, people don’t realize,
like, she’s a homebody. She loves, like she (beep)
decorates and does all this shit. She loves stuff like that and then– – I do. – Yeah, see, you do. – Yes, but that’s– – And I think people out
there need to know that. You’re penis-available. – That has nothing to do with– – Penis-available! She’s available for penis! Once I just say it. – Can we just, can, I’m
gonna wrap this up now. – No, we’re not wrapping it up. We’ve gotta–
– We’re gonna go to some new subject.
– Such a good time. I’m having such a good time. – I see that you’re having
a great time at my expense. – I have had one hot flash. Only one hot flash. I haven’t even used this. – You know what? Maybe you should have another. Because that does shut
you all the way down. – Another penis? – A hot flash, bitch. – Oh, don’t be violent in front of people. – Okay, listen, there’s
so many songs that I love of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis’s. – Which one, T? – You know which one I love? Ralph Tresvant’s ♪ You need a man with sensitivity ♪ ♪ A girl like me ♪ – Respect to Tichina again.
♪ Work my titty ♪ – Yep.
♪ Work my titty. ♪ – Respect to Tichina
again and her breasts. – I’m really liking the
way my breasts look today. If you don’t see nipple it doesn’t count. – My god. – So, Jimmy Jam and Terry
Lewis are being honored with the Legend Award this year. Wow. You know how many years we’ve
listened to their music? – It’s a long time. – Long time. – How the (beep) we go from your titties– – But. – To Soul Train? – It’s the bra. Don’t be jealous. – I’m not jealous! I don’t care. I just don’t want to talk about them. It makes me sick to my stomach. You’re like my sister. – You didn’t like my breasts? – Please, Tichina, please. – Tisha, I’m really proud of my breasts. – I want to throw up.
– Tisha was a member of the itty bitty titty
committee for years. – I’m not any more, I had a baby, bitch. – Not any more. Not any more.
– Okay, that fixes that. Okay, you done? – I’m kinda done.
– Okay. So.
– They look good, fuck you. – God, there’s so many, mm. There’s so many songs, wanted to get– – What? – It gets her off, like she
gets, she goes on and on. – Because, Tisha, because you– – This is not cute. – Because you are, you are,
are, are dick-available. – This is why we don’t
do these kinda things. Because she don’t know how to act. And then she tries to
embarrass me on purpose, son. Like, Kit, y’all got another
subject or something? (Tichina laughing) – We’re excited–
– It is? – We’re very excited about– – We’re excited about
the Soul Train Awards. – Believe it or not, and this
is what people don’t realize. Even though Tisha and I,
we’ve met a lot of stars, a lot of, ’cause we’re not really stars. We’re, stars, we’re
like, we make one star. But– – I’m half a star, she’s half a star. Together we make one. – Yeah, one star.
– Yeah, sure. – But, to see all of these
amazing, talented people that we’ve watched throughout the years, and we got Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis that we’re honoring this year. – [Tisha] Yes. – And we’ve got some great performers. I love Ro James, oh, I
love me some Ro James. – Mm, K. Michelle. – And Luke James too. – [Tisha] Luke James is performing with– – BJ The Chicago Kid, he’s really good. – BJ’s, yeah. – Oh, that’s gonna be a nice– – That’s gonna be an amazing– – Nice trifecta.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Nice trifecta. Yolanda Adams, Lady of Soul– – [Tisha] Yes. – Very deservedly so,
she’s, woo, she sings. – She sings down. – Good lord, good lord. And you know, coming out of the church. – So many albums and
successful gospel singer. I love her so much. – So, how’s your routine going? Like, what do you think
about your routine? Is your knee still hurting? – Oh we, my knees are killing me. – ‘Cause you dance too hard. (Tisha laughing) Watch having, watch Tisha’s career. Just look at her old video tapes. She’s. I was like, why are you dancing so hard? – That’s what they call me,
they call me Dance Too Hard. – Like, she dances so hard. – Because even at the
clubs I’d be getting, I’d get asthma attacks. – Ooh, girl, you also
made my titty fall out. – Why are we talking about
your titty at the table? – Because they really look good today. Did you see, T, look. – I don’t want to see your breasts. – T, look. While Tisha’s having a nervous breakdown, people don’t realize that
it takes so many people to help us. Because I mean, it takes a minute to make this bitch look good. – Wow. – It takes a minute. – She’s so the wall. – And we have to find the
team, you know what I mean? Who’s the team? Who’s the team? Who are the people that have your back? – I have no idea where this is going. – Because what celebrities do
is they neglect their team. This is a team. – Thank you.
– We ain’t by ourselves. Tisha, it took her ours to look like that. Hours. It takes a long time. How many of you want to
get to the point of it? – Oh my god, is there something
else we should talk about? – I don’t know, this is a
Mukbang, we’re banging it out. Bang it out. – Listen, you gonna have
to keep all of this shit. – What? Because it’s a Mukbang. – I don’t like–
– Getting back to what’s new. – You can’t say, Kit, see,
this is the thing, lady. Listen, lady. You can’t say try to
go back to the subject because this bitch is
gonna always take us off. Tichina, you know, you’re just gonna have to
talk about something more. – Should I eat my salmon? – No, let’s just talk about– – Let’s enjoy our salmon. – You know what, ’cause I’m
just gonna eat from here on out. – Do you want some of my salmon? – I don’t want none of, nothing you got. – The salmon is really good. I love food. I love food. – But I think what’s new and different about the Soul Train Awards. – What’s new and different
about the Soul Train Awards? – We did ’90s last year,
and you keep talking. – This year we’re all inclusivity. So we’re hitting on the ’90s, but we’re giving ’90s
mixed with a little bit of, what do you call the 2000s? – Is what you should do. – Don’t know what that is. But listen, we about to bring the heat. 2019 Soul Train Awards live. November 17th, Sunday,
eight, seven Central. I think I covered it all. There you go.
– Come watch us. – Mukbang! – I know I’m better at doing this usually, but she’s flustered me.
– You’re not really that good. You’re really not good. – She flustered me all day.
– It’s not good. Here, have a brownie. – I don’t want a brownie.
– Have a brownie. – I have to fit into the clothes. No? Okay.
(upbeat music)

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They Need A Sitcom It Will Be Epic!! They Old Friends So They Can Act Up Anyway They Want Too They Knew Each Other Since 15, And 16!

i remember those fox Thursday night..Martin, Living single, New York undercover…u throw in living color on Sundays..and the black culture built Fox…now that i think of it..we built UPN and the WB as well

Somebody plse Fire Tisha Campbell stylist…plse,same Hair and Earrings from last yr😴✌👉💯🤙2Merch🤦‍♂️

They ain’t even hardly eat NOTHIN AND THEY STILL KILLED IT!!!! 🍝🥗🌮🍗🍔🌭 I’ll watch any mukbang or any thing they do. I’ve been addicted to watching them since Martin, I love their bond. much love to the both of em. 🧡🧡💚💚

I'm done these girls are 50 wtf they look amazing seriously these new millenials look so damn old af❤❤❤❤❤❤🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I need a show with Pam and Gina and Jennifer Lewis and Roz Ryan as their moms. I would appreciate a small writers credit, thanks. 😎


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