Tina Turner — Son of a preacher man

Tina Turner -- Son of a preacher man

i'm the son of a preacher man, and i am damn good at loving-on my baby-girl. i teach her a lot, but what's most important is we still teach other things 4 deacades later.

This song Belonged to DUSTY I like Tina but, she does not give it the depth and feeling that is the trademark of Dusty!!

Never imagined anyone could top the Queen of Soul but this song show Tina did. As a fellow Tennessean I'm bursting with pride. Thank you so much for this.

A great voice for this song, but I have to say Joss Stone might have covered this better than anyone I've heard.

Tina could sing Happy Birthday and make it sound f-ing amazing and new.  To be it takes someone with a lot of bravery to say this version or Dusty's is better.  They are both phenomenal.

Help! I need this version, but I can't find it on itunes. Any place I could by CD or download it? This version is killing me, just amazing Tina!

I'm a strong advocate for "the original is always the standard". This is a great cover. Tina does great covers. Dolly also has a great cover of this song. Point being, this is a great song. Add a great artist (Tina, Dusty, Dolly, etc) and it's golden no matter what.

Ike and Tina wanted to do a "black" cover, so it is too simple to say that Dusty Springfield was better.

Love me some Tina Turner, but this ain't no Dusty.Surprised how many think this is the best version of this song. I find it the worse.

Sounds to me like this was recorded in Paris at the Olympia Theater in January 1971 during their european tour. They went to Holland next and their concert was filmed. Backup singers were Esther Jones, Vera Hamilton and Jean Burks.

Joss stone kills it as well, it was at an awards show a few years ago!! I think it was the Brit Music Awards but she was wearing a bluish green one piece dress and that's it! And she has reddish purple hair and looked soooo damn fine!! Check it out you won't be disappointed she puts a TON of soul in the performance (she lost a little breath but she was belching it out and walking around including the audience, plus she didn't sing as if she was going thru the motions so that will take some air also!) but she killed it and halfway thru I already was gonna hit replay!! If anything just to see her fine self!


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