This Meditation will Raise Your Dominant Vibration PERMANENTLY

this meditation will change your
dominant vibration permanently your vibration is a combination of how you
think feel and act and it has been on autopilot this meditation will help you
to be in the vibration you prefer which will then change your outer reality as
you know it begin by making yourself comfortable either by sitting down or
laying on your back and take this time now to know you are going to go deep
into your subconscious mind take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe it out through your mouth and notice that with every breath you
take you feel your body relaxing more and more take another deep breath in
through your nose and breathe it out through your mouth
and set the intention right now that this meditation changes your now imagine there is a ball of energy a
blue ball of energy that is around your head right now beginning to spin and
circle around your head and imagine that wherever this blue ball goes wherever
you imagine it going it relaxes you melts away any tension any stress now
bring this blue ball of energy feel it around your head feel it move now to
your forehead relaxing feeling your forehead begin to loosen up but the
awareness now and bring that blue light behind your eyelids fill your eyes begin
to relax loosen up bring that blue ball of energy to your
jaw feel your job you’re getting to relax bring that awareness to your neck feel
your neck and throat relax loosen up melting away any stress any tension bring that awareness now into your left
arm your left hand a little loose enough bring that blue ball of energy to your
right hand your right arm loosening up melting away any tension now feel the
energy inside of your heart inside of your chest
imagine this blue ball of energy spinning faster and faster and know that
the faster it spins the more you feel this love energy the faster it spins the
more relaxed you feel and begin to notice there is a tingling sensation
beginning to grow inside of your heart now imagine that tingling sensation
beginning to double with every rotation double that’s been double that feeling
of love I’m gonna count down from five to one every number I count down you
feel that relaxation flow through your body you feel that love flow through
five feel it in your heart now begin to increase feeling that tingling sensation
more and more for feeling it grow now you’re beginning to feel it a warm
sensation go through your chest three doubling the sensation of relaxation of
love – feeling it even more now and one feel that inside of your heart allow it
to sink in the awareness now to your stomach feel
your stomach begin to relax loosen up bring that blue light and your left leg
and foot your right leg in foot and feel how relaxed you are right now they’ll imagine wherever you are right
now imagine to your side is a trunk it is a trunk with the lid open in this
trunk is a transformational conversion box what that means as anything you are
stressed out about anything that’s on your mind that feels very important that
your mind keeps drifting back to this conversion box you can put whatever that
is inside of it and it will transmute it for you so go ahead right now anything
you’re thinking about put a symbol of what that is inside this energy
conversion box that’s right next to you right now I’m worried about money you
could put a wallet inside the energy conversion box if you’re worried about
your relationship you could burn it in something that reminds you of that
relationship what happens on your mind right now put it in this energy
conversion box knowing it will transmute it and allow you to sink more and more
into this experience now once you have everything inside this
energy conversion box go ahead and close the lid and as it closes you can see
light going around the brim of the top that you just closed knowing that that
is being transmuted you can let it go and sink more into this relaxation now
imagine right now you are in a very relaxing room and at this relaxing room
for you represents a place you can go to do inner work a place you can go to
become aware of the unconscious now in this room which may be a place
you’ve been before or it may be someplace in your imagination notice what you see in this room imagine whatever you see the visuals you
have becoming brighter and brighter what can you hear in this place imagine those sounds becoming louder and
louder what sense can you smell imagine the sense becoming more and more
noticeable how does it feel to be in this relaxing place you can go any time
you want to do in our work now imagine that in this relaxing place
that you know you can come back to anytime you want you can see that of a
door and you know that this door is a place where you can go deeper into your
subconscious mind this is a place where you can go to create very powerful
changes in yourself now go ahead and walk over to this door and notice that
this door is about 15 feet away now what you’re going to do is take ten steps
towards this door I’m gonna count down from ten to one with every step you take
you’re going to feel yourself become more immersed in the environment more
inversed in the experience with every step you will feel more of that
relaxation flow through your body knowing you are about to make powerful
positive changes in your life take a step now ten feeling yourself relax more
nine seeing yourself getting closer to this door eight feeling yourself begin
to really relax seven double the amount of relaxation inside of your body six
feeling yourself now really in this experience
five four doubling the amount of relaxation in your body
three two getting closer to the door now and one now you are at the foot of this
door feeling so relaxed now go ahead now and
notice that this door is labeled your true vibration now go ahead put your
hand on the doorknob turn it open it up and notice the light that is coming in
as you open the door how bright it is now notice that as you open the door you
can see an outline in the distance coming towards you an outline and this
outline is your higher self your higher self guides you through your life your
higher self can give you any information you are seeking your higher self is a
part of you now notice this energy that you feel
this comfortability yet high vibration flowing through your body right now and
notice that now your higher self is in front of you notice what your higher
self looks like smiling at you so proud of you for doing the inner work now your higher-self has a message for
you what is that message now think your higher-self for that
message and now your higher-self takes you turns around
and is showing you walking towards that of two different television sets side by
side on the left you notice this television
set is labeled your old vibration and the television set on the right is
labeled your real vibration now your higher-self
has some things to show you about your old vibration and your old vibration is
a combination of how you used to think used to feel used to act and your
higher-self wants you to know that that has simply been on autopilot it is not
who you really are now your Higher Self has something to show you
about your old vibration the old way you were being and your higher-self has a
message for you on this look into the TV screen and what is your higher-self
showing you you know deep down that this vibration
is simply an autopilot it is not who you really are and you know from this point
going forward you can make the choice that that is no longer who you are I’ll make the choice right now
that from this point going forward that is no longer who you are that was an old
outdated version of you simply on autopilot the things you consistently
thought felt and did that is the old version of you notice that as you look
at this TV screen you notice that it goes from color to black and white and
that the sound is going away you can barely hear and see what is going on on
this TV his old version of you feels like a distant character a movie that
you’ve totally forgot about and now see no purpose and continuing to watch now
your higher-self has something to show you
as you look now to the TV screen on the right in bright color high-definition
you can see no hear and feel that this is who you are your higher-self has a message to you
about this real vibration the way you really think feel and act from the soul
level your Higher Self has a message for you what is that message now as you look at this vibration this
real vibration of who you are what do you notice about yourself how do you
carry yourself how do other people respond to you in
that vibration what emotions do you consistently feel now your higher-self has a question for
you would you like this high vibrational
energy this true vibration would you like this to be your dominant vibration
now how your higher-self says that that will
be your dominant vibration if you would come over to the side and sit in this
chair this chair is going to pulsate that vibration through your whole body
every cell of your body will begin to vibrate and resonance with that version
of you now this chair has a dial on it that
dial goes from 1 to 10 now go ahead and notice how familiar this chair looks you
could use this chair anytime you want to wire in your dominant vibration now go turn around and sit in this chair
and notice how comfortable it feels now your higher-self lets you know that your
dominant vibration is about to change forever in a very positive way aftering this point going forward you
will notice people respond to you differently you will notice that you
feel more joy more gratitude inside of your heart you will notice that you
share more love with people than ever before and you will simply know that
this is who you are now now your higher-self shows you the dial
on the right side of the armrest and lets you know that all you have to do is
move the dial from 1 to 10 now put your hand on the dial now and notice that as
you do you can feel this chair begin to vibrate with more and more energy you
can feel your vibration increasing inside of your heart now begin to move
and with every dial you move this up you will feel more of that true vibration
flowing through you and by the number 10 you will feel like a completely new
person now move it now from 1 to 2 feeling that energy inside of your heart
begin to increase feeling this high vibrational energy begin to flow through
you more and more 3 4 doubling the amount of sensation doubling the amount
of energy you feel in your body 5 6 feeling it come more and more now
through your body 7 8 feeling it now knowing that from
this point forward you will always feel in this high vibrational energy 9 and 10
feel this energy flow through your body knowing that from this point going
forward this is who you are smile feel this energy flow through your
body knowing this is your new dominant vibration this is who you are now you will notice that from this point
going forward people respond to you differently you have a different glimmer
in your eye people ask you what’s going on why do you feel so different why are
you so happy notice how natural this feels this is
who you really are now your higher-self lets you know that
you have done an amazing job you’ve done so much inner work and your Higher Self
congratulate you on changing your dominant vibration permanently now your
Higher Self guides you back to that of this time here and now I’m
going to count down from ten to one by the time I reach one you will feel
passion love high vibrational energy and you will be alert knowing you have just
shifted your life it’s such a powerful way and fill yourself now begin to bring
the awareness more into your body 9 fill yourself becoming more alert 8 7 feeling
yourself now more in this room 6 5 put the awareness now and your toes and your
feet your hands 4 3 2 1 and 0 you can open up your eyes now knowing that you
have made the most powerful shift you’ve ever made in your life and from this
point going forward be the same congratulations and welcome to your best you

Did it resting outside sitting in a pool
First time I really loosened and drifted.
Grateful for the time to do this, it’s a journey for me after a lot of frustration, disappointment, heartbreak and divorce and now learning to be great full for all of it and enjoying the enlightening journey it delivers.

Omg! Thank you, thank you, thank you this is truly one of the best meditations I have experience. I couldn't stop smiling & also cried tears of happiness in the end of it!
You are magical, so creative, wise & such a pure light for us all!
Love & light soul brother, keep up the amazing work. Namaste πŸ™πŸ’œ

I will be adding this meditation to my daily practice/routine..for sure!! Beautiful . I felt amazing during this meditation and still feel the shift in my vibration .. Feeling full of inspiration that I too can create my dream lifestyle
Let's Do This Folks!!
Thank you Aaron with
Big L❀VE to you & all reading this πŸ™β€β€β€

This was so great! by the end i was just smiling so hard and then i opened my eyes and your face was in the middle of the spiral hahahaha thank you

Wishing you genuinely a happy new year soul fam! I am in awe at all of your content but this BY FAR was the most astonishingly beautiful and most definitely transformational. THANK YOU ! Would it be appropriate for me to put your link to this video in one of my videos description box ? Recommending this to my viewers ? Blessings regardless this meditation was phenomenal. βœŒοΈπŸ™βœ¨β€οΈπŸ‘Œ

Will this meditation be available for free download like your other meditation downloads? I have one already but I really like this one to, it really helped me. Please and thank you.

Premier to fake numbers looks like my third πŸ‘ wide open

πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž I still feel the energy. Been feeling this powerful shift anyway and after talking to my higher self that feeling is amplified. My 3yr old son even watched this for 10mins straight with no noise lol

I took the quiz to see the level of my vibration and I answered honestly and got HERO and then I took it again and did not answer honestly and got Hero and then just to be sure I took it again answered not honestly and got level of vibracion Hero. I am disappointed because I really thought you were telling the truth in your videos if a quiz is not how can your videos be true. πŸ™

I did this meditation live and felt so amazing all day long! It was such a perfect way to start the new year. Thank you for this! I hope you will do more of these live meditations. They're so powerful! Much love to you all in 2020!

Omggggggg it took me to a monk or Buddhist temple it was gold and it shined a light so powerful and I saw my spirit being who I really am!!!! Wow! It was amazing! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! SO POWERFUL πŸ§β€β™€οΈπŸ™πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈπŸ™

I’m definitely adding this one to my daily meditations. I’m almost to 21 days on another meditation of yours. Great results! I’ll also be doing this daily. OMG, and why when we began turning the dial, I began hearing fireworks outside my house. Once we got to 10, the fireworks stopped. I was in tears & Truly amazed. Thank you Aaron. 20/20 CLEAR VISIONπŸ’™

Thank you. I really felt a shift with this meditation. And during the whole thing, I was the male version of my higher self, which I haven't been or seen in a long time.

I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. Then started to snore and woke myself up. I'll have to try again tomorrow. Good night 😴.

i am living in another country..having no access to regular internet and also looking for job …so have to live in budget.i did this now …can't sure if i can do for 21 days.will the effect go away?i m just feeling shifted….thanks aaron

Listening now. I can’t sleep and I remembered I hadn’t watched this yet. Then I thought if you and your glasses to shield the blue light from phones and etc. I need those. Thanks again Aaron you are the best!

That was awesome dude, when you fall off that high vibe train it feels so good to get back to it, and the information you recieve while in these states in so profound and true, but it's just who we naturally are

Amazing meditation… Really amazing. I have been doing meditation for a long time and this time the tinglingly was very intense. I didn't know what it was. I thought maybe it was my angels or spirit guides. But you said your higher self which was new for me. Thank you !!!

Thank you, Aaron. Just what I needed today to start off the best year of my Life. Happy New Year 2020 to All πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’•

2 things

1: this video is only 25 minutes long but it literally felt as if i was meditating for an hour

2: i could significantly feel my vibration raise

great job aaron

Is there anyway where we can make a collective meditation/prays for Australia? Let's join forces to save the ecosystems; please.

im doing a new year practice started december 26th, no social media, waking up and going to bed early, and daily yoga, meditation, and journaling. i rly feel like this meditation did what i wanted to do with this 35 days of self-improvement, but i think i may just use this daily & see where I end up on February 1st. thank you so much aaron, this is one of the most incredible meditations ive ever done; everything felt so crystal clear and beautiful.

The door for me led to bright sunshine and warmth, thank you for such a liberating experience. Happy 2020 everyone. All the best!

Saw a door with windows with light beaming out of them before you mentioned anything about it and saw an old tv and new tv before you mentioned anything about their characteristics. Such a cool experience. Thanks ❀️.

Thank you Aaron, that was a beautiful experience.
I appreciate all you do, you are a truly beautiful soul πŸ’š

I love this meditation , it really felt good to me I will listen to it many times ,it just gives me a really good feeling thank you so much. I feel happier just knowing the love and higherself is with me even more than before, you are very good at meditation. Thankyou thankyou

Most intense non drug trip I've taken, felt like my heart was going to burst from the accelerated heart rate, then I reminded myself to chill out and breathe to lower it, still feeling the effects 10 minutes after.

wonderful video, althought i would recommend getting a better mic or trying to turn the volume down on the more powerful parts, they might make someone less relaxed and they can vibe out

As soon as you said the chest was to use to transmute energy… my eyes were closed.l. But my candles got brighter. πŸ•―πŸ•―

I am having a serious issue. I'm dizzy, my head feels like it is floating. If this is what was supposed to happen? What do I need to do to slow this or understand it better?

thank you Aaron, I appreciate you and your efforts to help me and know that I am the best version of me, 'it' just needs to catch up with me. Namaste my friend.


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