This Man Jesus

Who is He?
We asked that question 2,000 years ago when He spoke peace to a stormy sea and
commanded it to fall into a slow breeze so that we would believe that He is
who He is. He never commanded in military He never had no office no, secretary. He
never wrote a book, neither do we know His famous speeches, but this Man has
dominated the human history for 20 centuries He walked on water and brought order and comfort to widows, sons and fatherless daughters He brought hope through the hardest times of famine and drought where we feared the harvest He obeyed all the laws, He had twelve friends and way too many followers Even today He’s got billions of followers I bet His Twitter would crash because was so awesome, which is why the Bible is still the best-selling book ever Blessings to the different authors He healed but it wasn’t a doctor and at that time, only the wealthy got educated but He taught us He saw us chasing the kids away from Him, we don’t want the near. He said let the children come to me for the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them He was husband to widows and His
profession brought hell’s stones to hell’s windows Who is He, the great man who
never walked on red carpet With no bodyguard. Walking through a chaotic moving crowd but could feel an old woman’s touch on his garments Betrayed and denied, betrayed
and denied. Denied three times He sweated blood on the mountain and pray ed
Father Your will be done, not mine But when He was crucified as a carpenter He was
too perfect, He didn’t deserve it I felt like it wasn’t worth it no more, what was
God’s purpose? How could we allow them to murders only
son who chose to serve Him so I can know the way to heaven as a sinful person,
but who is this person ask myself that question Because when He died there
was darkness throughout the whole earth and it quaked and there was tremendous tearing on the temple’s curtains I was certain that it wasn’t just an ordinary person It was a darling of heaven, it is the
darling of heaven. You see, He died like every legend, but He’s the only one that rose again on the third day because even the powers of death can’t keep His
body in the grave Yes He is God


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