This C2 Corvette Stingray Is A Sacred Monster

This C2 Corvette Stingray Is A Sacred Monster

My name is Mathieu Houtreille,
and I drive a 1965 Corvette C2 Stingray. Ever since I learned to walk,
my dad took me to all the car fairs: Rétromobile in Paris,
Techno-Classica in Essen, the Spa Francorchamps circuit. At each visit, I would see the mechanics
work on warm hoods, and the smell that emerged
would captivate me. We would repeat those outings, and just changing spark plugs
or doing an oil change with my father… It was a shared passion. It was magic,
and I could share it with my dad. When it comes to my father, he seems to be specialized
in Italian cars. It might be because he lacks space. But for me, the monsters
that would give me goosebumps were the ones with massive V8s and a thunderous sound
coming out of their tailpipes. That’s what I loved. My passion for American cars grew
when I traveled to the U.S. with my wife. We actually got married there. It is a country with a lot of… wide-open spaces. It is magical, and you can’t understand
unless you have been there and taken those roads,
because you can’t describe it. We really felt like we had arrived
at the perfect spot in the middle of nowhere. It was extraordinary. And in the American culture
of the ’50s and ’60s, you had street races, and men bonded with their machines. It was a special time,
and it doesn’t exist anymore. If you tell people you hand wash your car
and you love your car, they will think you’re dumb. It is outdated. I had to acquire
one of those sacred monsters. I found all the C1, C2, and C3 gorgeous. I had to stop looking
at the most wanted ones. One day I found an ad for a 1976 C3, and it was love at first sight. It was gorgeous. At 25, I owned my first Corvette. People took me for an alien. Everybody would stare
at the traffic lights, and let’s say I enjoyed
the 185 horsepower. My love for the C2 only grew. With its perfect aesthetics, it is the epitome of the mid ’60s. It was becoming a true obsession. I couldn’t stop imagining myself in it,
driving it. It was really crazy. Then we went to
the Barrett-Jackson auction in Las Vegas, and I saw what a clean, spotless, American restored C2 was like. From then on,
I knew I needed one just like that. A couple of months later,
I came across an ad. It was a splendid car. It was ermine white, just like I wanted. A 1979 side back with knock-off wheels. It looked to be in perfect condition. So I had to leave in a hurry
to get to the car. I asked a friend
to drive the 400 miles with me. We arrived in a beautiful town. It smelled of dreams; it smelled so good. I parked next to a Fastback 2+2.
I was still dreaming. An incredibly charismatic guy came up. I followed him.
He dialed a code. A door opened, and I saw cars everywhere. He had Corvettes, Ferraris,
Astons, Porsches, and he told me
this is just one level of his garage. Then I heard a humming sound. His son was arriving with the C2.
I had never seen it run. I was captivated. But I couldn’t let my emotions…
show through. It was time for a test drive. He asked if I wanted to take the wheel,
and I said no. No, I was too scared. Then I looked for the seatbelt,
and he said, “Don’t put it on. It is a beautiful day to die,
and a nice way to die.” We left his property
and took a few wet bends. It had just rained. We entered a beautiful forest. It was a long, straight road
with fir trees on your left and right. Then I realized we were going really fast,
and he was speeding up. I hung tight, looked at the speedometer,
and saw we were hitting 110 mph. I looked at him… and thought, “He’s crazy.” He was grinning from ear to ear. He stepped off the accelerator. Suddenly, the side pipes backfired
and finally convinced me.

"it's a beautiful way to die"
I would rather be killed with a smile on my face in my C2 Corvette than live a long miserable life tbh

I've been watching your channel for years and I just love the cinematography and the atmosphere of your videos! It's just such a joy to watch, and thank you for taking the time and effort to produce these videos 😘

merci d' avoir laissé cette vidéo en français, les francophones apprécieront 🙂
thanks for keeping this video in French , my fellow French people will appreciate this

What a charismatic guy. He can truly tell a story and loves his car more than anything. Poetic film.
Beautiful, Petrolicious. Simply beautiful.

If you're unfortunate enough to have never heard one in person, nothing sounds like a 65-67 Vette with side exhaust.  Fantastic video but a video simply doesn't even come close to doing the sound justice.

Very nice video…I wish you'd have suggested putting on the captions before it started, though.

I have no idea what he said. But I know that he has a car and he loves it, that's all I need! Great film. I just spent the 4th driving my families 1959 vette, god bless america!God bless America.

Corvette and the Stingray concept – they are one forever and intertwined thanks to the genius of Larry Shinoda and the engineering integrity from Zora-Arkus Duntov, the father of the Corvette.

Corvette – the best super sports car ever. It beats Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, BMW, Aston-Martin, and Ford. It is the best super sports car at a fraction of the price of other automobiles. Corvette – the true American super sports car.

"I looked at the speedometer and we were going 110 MPH. When he let off the accelerator, the side exhaust pipes crackled and popped."

Yeah, that's one way to sell a Corvette. After all, it is the best super sports car with a proper V8 engine.

The way this guy loves his car reminds me so much of Arnie Cunningham and his love for Christine…

I always say to me if i get my license 3years from now i'm gonna wash my own car and i'm gonna love it and they always say that i'm stupid and that's not gonna happen but i know it will.
Thank you petrolicious for uploading such an amazing and inspiring videos ❤️

The two most beautiful generations are the C2 and C5, IMO. I own a C5 Z06 that I made into a track beast. One day I would love to resto-mod a C2 like Joe Rogan's!

This guy sure conveyed his excitement finding his dream Vette! Like some said it so well: "He gets it", indeed he does!

That C2 sounds a little sick to me… She has a slight miss if I'm not mistaken…or an exhaust leak. Anyone else hear it ?

This has to be the most beautiful C2, if not Corvette in general, I've ever seen. That colour combination really makes it perfect.

Huck,  do a French man speak English like we doo's?  No, Joe, you couldn't 'un'stand him no how, he speaks French.  Well, Huck, do a cow talk like a man or a cow, and a dog, do it speak like a cow or a man? Well, then, why can't a French man speak English like a man?    A gentle paraphrase

…. and he pulled back into the garage with the '76…. finally… someone who speaks french that i can understand…. and he doesn't have to say a word.

This channel is true art, the filming and the way you capture the the feeling of the cars and the owners have really helped me find the insperation of making my on dream car. Thank you!

Love your work. Amazing photography and a lyrical slant to classic cars. Best classic channel on YouTube by far.

You know, I'm pretty sue that a car of that vintage has an ashtray in it. Why don't you try using it next time.

After seeing this vid for the first time I actually went out and bought my first sports car. A corvette c3 and so far it is the beat decision I have ever taken

It's all fun and games until a big American deer jumps in front of you. Lots of big, American cops to rain on your parade too.

"Non ne mets pas ta ceinture, c'est un beau jour pour mourir et une chouette façon de mourir…" rien de plus à ajouter ce gars là avait vraiment le "spirit" en lui, il a tout compris , merci pour le partage !

sure it was a nice story about an American car, wish i spoke French! Oh yea it's not a C-2 it's a Mid Year! next time…English subtitles!?

At the beginning of the film the guy littered his cigarette butt and I was like WHAT?? Then he started speaking French and I was like Oh.

I'm very glad to know that he actually drives it around in public. Too many of these beauties are garage queens that never see the light of day. It's like keeping a thoroughbred in the stable every day of its life.

What a great and artistic video about the beautiful car and its humble owner! Absolutely beautiful, this is pure part! BTW, anyone know what is the song from 5:09? Thank you in advance!

Though it is an icon…I think it's not beautiful at all.. I tried to like this car but can't get over the turtle shape and so did Zora who said it had the aero dynamics of a flying barn..I think the early c3 chrome bumpers look a whole lot better..I'm sorry.


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