These 3 beliefs keep You unhappy & another 3 that keep You Happy

if you're not feeling happier with every passing day you're getting unhappier and this is a big problem because unhappy people emit unhappiness that destroys their relationships destroys their health and unhappiness is the mother of depression and all other mental health problems while working with my clients I discovered something really interesting the reason why people remain stuck in unhappiness while their life goes from bad to worse and they do absolutely nothing to bring happiness back into their lives this is because they are holding on to a belief system that is outdated and dysfunctional these people believe that it's okay to feel unhappy it's okay to stay unhappy because everyone else in the world is unhappy and that this is life and you're bound to swing between happiness and unhappiness to not give yourself permission to stay stuck in unhappiness you can certainly do way better invite you to work with three simple thoughts explore them examine them repeat them in your mind for a couple of days and who knows you may experience growing happiness that stays number one I can feel happy number two the feelings of happiness that I feel can stay and number three the feelings of happiness that I feel will grow with every passing moment hey life is simple happiness is everywhere even there where you are right now you can begin to feel happier right start your happiness education there is nothing you can't find if you go looking

Yes happiness is everywhere where you are right now. At any place at any situation if you are not enjoying this universe you missed everything . So enjoy the every moment of life as much as you can enjoy . Every day is a new day so enjoy every moment.
Thank you sir for sharing this magical video.❤❤

I have learnt that, happiness is everywhere in this world….. It depends on people that how they convert there circumstances. If they gonna convert it into better then they 'll feel happiness everywhere nd if they convert into something worse then they don't feel happiness this is what I feel…. Thank you sir

yes sir u are right, happiness is everywhere and all around, happiness is the key to get success in our life… we have to add 3 simple things in our life that is exploring, examing n repiting and we experience growing happiness. if u are happy noting is diificult to u. so experience happiness in everymoment of life

I also believe that these 3 magical thaughts can change someone's life !! If we repeat these 3 thoughts then we will also start feeling happier with every passing day becoz what we say and repeat , our mind believe it and as a result we also start believing that our life is full of happiness

During my daily life, I used be unhappy and think that how many good things those people must have done to achieve a happy life. But after this video it seems that it's not difficult to have a happy life and enjoy it. Thank you Dr. Maruti for sharing this and enlightening us.😘😘😘

You Always give us amazing video always inspiring me great concept👌 *happiness education *🌸I can feel Happy, The feelings of happiness that I feel can stay 🤗🤗 thank you Sir for sharing this amazing video🙂

Life is simple…Happiness is everywhere😍😍😍Every time it’s so simple to understand when you explain in your videos… 🌼🌸 Finding is not difficult but holding on to that search is lil slippery. Really love you lessons, they give a lot more every time 😘🌸🌸 Thanks for sharing sir🌸❤️🌸

Wow..feeling happier
Loved the three happiness power points you gave but what i feel is instead of saying i can feel happy, i must say (I am happy) that is much powerful.
Thanks for sharing,, much more happiness and love Dr. Maruti.❤

Thankyou Maruti Uol for sharing this wonderful thought and giving a new take to it😃😃. Surely going to apply these beliefs to live happier and make it better with every passing moment👍👍

Beautiful 🌸.. breaking the cycle of unhappiness and taking a step forward to be happy in life with every passing moment!
Thanks for sharing simple yet effective insight!🙂

You are absolutely right Happiness is everywhere ❤️💗💗…Buddha also says anyone can feel happy and it can stay … thanks for sharing… Love your videos, the way you talk and the way you explain ….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Magical video! It's pretty true that happiness is all around….. The key reason that we stay in unhappiness is because we believe that it's part of life and it's ok to be unhappy…. We accept unhappiness and that is where we resist ourselves to feel happy! Thank you for sharing these 3 beliefs to be in a state of happiness…. Happiness that stays!


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