[ThePruld] The Elder Souls – Prima parte

Guard: I used to be an adventurer like you.. Guard: Then I took an arrow in the knee. Oscar: Oh well, at least you took arrows! Oscar: From where i come from, they use to throw Beach Umbrellas! Guard: Target acquired! Guard: Load the Umbrella! Guard: Umbrella ready to fire! Guard: 5! 4! 9! 10! 25! Guard: FIRE!! *exploding sounds* Guard: OH GOD! MY KNEE! MY KNEE BLOW OFF! Oscar: Oh wait, Hold on! Oscar: WHAT’S THAT?! Solaire: I’ve got absolutely no idea! Solaire: But his blank stare makes me feel unconfortable! Lautrec: It’s definitely an ultimate boss to defeat! Lautrec: LET’S KILL HIM! Guard: OHHH! THEY KILLED MY HORSE! Oscar: A horse? Solaire: Uhm, so that was a horse? I’d never seen one.. Oscar: No in fact! They have never been seen! Oscar: WAIT WHAT IS THAT!? Solaire: Oh god! I really don’t know! It seems like some kind of bird! Solaire: But it has such a weird shape! Lautrec: Let’s kill HIM! Guard *fake slow mo*: THEY KILLED THE CHICKEEEN! Guard 2: KILL THEM! Oscar: Heeeelp! Lautrec: RUUN! Giant Dad: So, these are the ones that killed the chicken? Guard: Yes, my Jarl. Giant Dad: Who the fuck do you think you are killing chickens on the streets!? Giant Dad: What the fuck do you think you’re doing ?! Who the fuck are you?! Giant Dad: What a shitty day. Guard: What should we do with them, Jarl? Giant Dad: According to the law of Skyrim if they catch you doing damages being a prisoner Giant Dad: You have to go on the main quest, killing Alduin AND saving the world. Giant Dad: So guys, that’s what you fucking get, you have to do it! Lautrec: I don’t give a fuck about saving the world. Oscar: Hold on a second. Saving the world from what? Giant Dad: What do you mean from what?! What the fuck?! Giant Dad: From the Dragons! Oscar: T-t-the Dragons?! Giant Dad: Ehi! You killed the chicken, you became prisoners, now you’re heroes. Giant Dad: Go save the world and FUCK OFF! Oscar: Uh I don’t think Skyrim started this way.. Solaire: Anyway, what do we want to do now? Oscar: Uhm I don’t know. Maybe we should ask a few questions around. Lautrec: Let’s do this quickly then. Lautrec: Hey you, idiot! Where are the dragons? Argonian Citizen: Ooh the dragons! The scariest creatures to have ever existed! Their return is imminent, we are all condemned by their power.. Argonian Citizen: THAT WILL CRUSH US ALL! Lautrec: Perfect, who gives a shit Hey you, idiot! Where are the dragons? Argonian Citizen 2: Aah, the Dragons! The scariest creatures in the world! They have returned and they will kill us all we can’t even.. *gibberish* Lautrec: Wait a sec, saving the world means saving these idiots?! Solaire: Well, Lautrec makes a fair point. Oscar: Uuh, guys! let’s just try to hurry up, at least we’ll finish this story quickly. Siegmeyer: Ooh, hey guys! Oscar: Siegmeyer, what are you doing here? Siegmeyer: My name is Siegmeyer whitefang snowstorm of saints day of beaver month. Ehm… Siegmeyer: They use peculiar names around these parts. Lautrec: How about we shorten your name to “idiot”? Oscar: Well, h-hey listen Siegmeyer. They gave us a quest that, like, we have to kill the dragons or something… Siegmeyer: Aah, the dragons! The scariest creatu- and all that, yeah I know already. Solaire: But, where can we start with this quest? Siegmeyer: Waaait, waaait, waaait, waaaaiit.. Siegmeyer: NOW! Dragon: Hello! I am a Dragon! :3 Argonian Citizen 3: Ooh, a Dragon landed! Argonian Citizen 4: Oh no, a Dragon! How scary! Argonian Citizen 5: KILL HIM, LET’S DEVOUR HIS MEAT! Dragon: Help! Help! Help! They are ripping my flesh! Aaah! Oh no! Random Argonian Citizen: The heroes have defeated the Dragon! Oscar: WHAT? Random Khajiit Citizen: Return to your mansions, citizens. Random Khajiit Citizen: The dragon has been defeated, we’re saved! Argonian Warrior 1: Who killed this dragon? Argonian Warrior 2: Someone killed this Dragon.. Argonian Warrior 3: Huh, the dragons are returning, that is bad news. Argonian Warrior 2: How can we defend ourselves from these monsters? Argonian Warrior 1: Dark times are coming… Lautrec: What the hell are they even saying?! Lautrec: They have just killed the dragon themselves! Siegmeyer: Ah yes, don’t worry it’s normal. Solaire: This place is really starting to scare me. Oscar: Yes guys, in fact I’d say it’s about time we leave. Dragon: Are you dovahkiin? Oscar: No Dragon: Are you dovahkiin? Lautrec: NO! Dragon: Are you dovahkiin? Solaire: Uhm, Yes? Oscar: But Solaire! Solaire: Life is good because it’s varied, my friend. Dragon: Then take my soul, dovahkiin. Solaire: Uhm, look I don’t really think it’s necessary. Dragon: Instead you will take it, Just look! Oscar: Solaire, how are you feeling? Solaire: Oh don’t worry my friend, it’s nothing. Praising the sun will get me back on my feet. Solaire: PRAISE THE SUN! *echoing* Siegmeyer: That was a thu’um, you gain it when yo baah.. let’s go rescue Solaire.. Siegmeyer: I’ll explain along the way. Oscar: Naah, this situation is absurd. And my travel companion is bugged again! Kajiro: I AM Kajiro, AND I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND! Oscar: Listen kahjro, are you even able to say anything else? *meow* Oscar: So when I talk you understand what I tell you! Lautrec: Siegmeyer, how much more time will it take us to get to Solaire? Siegmeyer: I think that we have basically arrived. Siegmeyer: Tomorrow morning we’ll arrive in the ancient ruins, I’m sure that Solaire fell in that point. Oscar: Kahjro, how did you manage to get stuck into the ground ?! ???: Everyone stop! Give me all your possessions. Lautrec: What does this guy want, now? Siegmeyer: Oh, it’s just a random encounter – I’ll deal with it. Siegmeyer: It’s ok guys, I’m a werewolf. Werewolf Siegmeyer: Come here so I can eat your head! ???: Everyone stop, give me all- *GAAAARGHHH* Khajiit Servant: Sir, a letter for you! Werewolf Siegmeyer: Uh wait a second, can’t you see that I’m eating this guy’s head? Khajiit Servant: Sir, a letter for you! Werewolf Siegmeyer: I told you to wait a second! Khajiit Servant: Sir, a letter for Y- Werewolf Siegmayer: Let me look at this letter. So… Ah! I’ve been chosen to be a werewolf in Blooddiborni, great! Oscar: Wait a second Siegmeyer, what are we going to do now? Werewolf Siegmeyer: Ooh! Don’t worry guys, the road to the ancient ruins is this one, just keep going straight. Werewolf Siegmeyer: I’m leaving now, bye bye! Oscar: Aaw, I want to be a werewolf too… Lautrec: Listen, Oscar. What are we gonna do with this one here? Oscar: Oh, right. Kahjro. Ehm I-I… by now he’s bugged, I don’t know… maybe we should get rid of him.. Lautrec: Oh ok, if you say so! Oscar: No no no! Wait wait wait… no… no… well alright then… Lautrec: GOODBYE, KAHJRO! Oscar: NO NO NO! WAIT Wait wait… no… fuck… Oscar: Well alright ok then. Lautrec: Goodbye Kahjro, you’ve been as useful as a brick! Oscar: O NO NO! WAIT WAIT Wait wait! He’s a cat! The kittens, kittens… 🙁 Oscar: KAHJRO! THE CAT DIED! Oscar: CATS CATS CATS CATS! Oscar: Let’s go rescue solaire, come on. Lautrec: Sometimes Oscar I really don’t know what the fuck to think about you. Oscar: You know, I think we’ve been wrong up until now – it’s pronounced kahrjo instead of kahjro, kahrjo instead well well who cares Oscar: Well who cares, he was a cat. Oscar: Did you know that Richard and I also had a cat, he was called Mr. Miao, he was a terrible cat… Oscar: A-ha! We’ve finally arrived to the ancient ruins! Oscar: The ancient ruins of every roleplaying game! Oscar: The ancient ruins where enemies hide, the treasures, the adventures! Lautrec: The innocents to save that you then betray and kill! Oscar: The innocents to save that you then betray and ki w-what the… what’s this music? Lautrec: Be careful, Oscar. It could be a trap that protects a treasure full of money. Lautrec: MONEY. MONEY AND BITCHES! Oscar: Uh… no, no. But there are bitches. Lautrec: Really? Oscar: …and Solaire. Oscar: Solaire, Solaire what is happening?! Solaire: Praise the sun, Oscar – look! Look how many mods! Solaire: MODS EVERYWHERE! Oscar: What does “mod” mean? It doesn’t even look like we’re in Skyrim! Solaire: Mods are modifications, Oscar! They modified the game look, look, look! Oscar: B-but those are Gwynevere’s boobs! Oscar: Listen Solaire, this place is not bad – but what about that whole quest thing about killing dragons, Alduin, or whatever? Solaire: Oh, right it’s true, the main quest. I had completely forgot about it! Solaire: Look, I met a merchant in this place, and he told me to go see him once we leave for this quest. Oscar: That’s perfectly fine, but have you seen Lautrec around? Solaire: Look, he’s in the middle right there! Lautrec: Listen Solaire, w-where did you get these? Solaire: My merchant friend gave them to me. Oscar: Oook, but… how does this thing work? Solaire: Don’t ask me. I have no idea. Lautrec: Hey Lautrec, do you know how to drive… a horse? Lautrec: No? Drake: Oscar, I won’t let you kill the dragons. Drake: This madness has to be stopped, now! Drake: Oh.. Sh- Idea by PARIDE CARDINALI (ThePruld) Direction, Screenplay, Animation editing, Mocap Actor, Texts, Costumes, Lights, Shadows, Make Up, Executive Director, Production Director, Production of Directors Assistant Chef, Conciergerie, Restaurant manager. Online Subtitles by Mike Howard This video has been created using SOURCE FILMMAKER No Game has been abused during the making. FROMSOFTWARE: IF YOU CAN RESIST FROM ERASING THIS VIDEO TOO, IT WOULD BE A PLEASURE. And You, BETHESDA, don’t be like them! End of First Part

That's… actually a good point.
Aside from the Chariot in DS2, I don't think I've seen alot of horses in DS.

Sto ancora aspettando il sequel.

I sincerely hope Google Translate didn’t lead me astray with that translation.

Io da giocatore attuale di Skyrim posso dire una cosa……..DOVE CAZZO E LA MOD CON QUI POSSO IMPARARE L'URLO PRAISE THE SUN?


prais the suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun


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