The Wolves Are Circling! Can You See Them All Around?

The Wolves Are Circling! Can You See Them All Around?

they're coming to steal kill and destroy and this should be very clear from the Jesuit oath that is taken that this is very intentional this society is rooted in Freemasonry with Pope Francis being the first-ever Jesuit Pope they're not Christians they're Luciferians and Cabalists what we're seeing developed with the ecumenical movement is leading to the new age of Antichrist welcome back to another video by edifying others in this video we're gonna look at the news reporting that Pope Francis has gone to Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi and they had a big Masonic human fraternity meeting right you see it right here human fraternity meeting it's a or Boris symbol with two hands in there ready to give the Masonic handshake you see the thumb pointing out they're ready to go down right look at this though human fraternity meeting human fraternity meeting you ask yourself what is this human fraternity well it is nothing but the brotherhood of man right the Masonic Dogma that all men are brothers when they're not spiritual brothers they might be human in the flesh brothers because we all come from Adam and Eve but the Pope is preaching a false gospel the faults of Masonic gospel with the Masonic Muslims there at Abu Dhabi you can see it all right here in this image take a look at the aerial view of all this there you see the Pope he was up on the stage there their Muslim representative and notice this big square here this big square building that they put in front but it's sort of like 3d ish right and when you look at it from the ground you could see there was something like an outline but from high above you can clearly see it it's a pyramid right and as you see over here do plea put up an image here and you can see the the symbol you see the squares are look at these diamonds shape you guys remember a share international benjamin cream was talking about these symbols member they weren't supposedly in alien ships coming down right and Maitreya was gonna come down and he was floating on one of these twirling little as above so below symbols right you guys all remember that just a few years ago before benjamin cream went and met his maker the Lord Jesus Christ and now is waiting to go out into outer darkness and go into hell well look at all these symbols you see this is all Masonic symbology in these things that were hanging there you know thousand points of light here the bushes right all these little lights going up and stuff but from the aerial view you see it it was in the outline of the fraternity of the brotherhood of men so all these these Islamists that were there right you may see them all here in this video here where they were reporting all these Islamists in Abu Dhabi they're not Islamists they're all Masons right they all been brought in this is a whore head right here that went down there finally as my internet slowing down we'll take a look at it from here but the harlot this false teacher the head false teacher of the Vatican he went down there to meet his subordinates right it was interesting because the guy that was leading the Muslim speech here was calling him baba baba francis you know the word baba in these exotic countries and like persian means father they were literally calling him father you know I call him the false teacher coming out of the Vatican the Bible says call no man your father right but they were calling him father why because they are part of the mystery religions right and as it's khadijah that is Mohammed's first wife she was part of the Roman Catholic Church and has a long history right we know the whole a conspiratorial perspective that Islam was started by the Roman Catholic Church but this video is not about that this video is about how now the news is reporting that the main head of the false counterfeit Church in Rome has showed up in the first Islamic country in the Islamic Peninsula for the first time and what is he preaching he's preaching the Masonic false gospel of the brotherhood of men and you know they want to externalize this one of the things that I caught while I was listening to this was he said that you know they got to end the term war they got to end the term war and I thought to myself well you war mongers in the Masonic lodges are the ones always causing the wars you are the ones behind world war one world war two and the Vietnam War and all you Masons are you war mongering Masons as this Pope is a Mason right I documented that many times he always does the sign of the fellow craft you know when you see him walking down the aisle after he's done his mass right they come down the middle of the aisle at the Vatican you'll see him holding his big stick that abomination and doing the sign of the fellow crafts across the chest right so this guy right here is no one to be teaching anyone about what it means to have a world of peace so he was talking about getting rid of the term war to these supposed Islamists in their costume that are not Islamist right there all Masons they're actually closeted Gnostic Christians is what they are but another thing he talked about was you know I reported that at IHOP right Mike Bickle who's been yoked up with the Vatican and the conspiracy of this brotherhood of man mind-control is that they want to exalt the second commandment over the first commandment here you see the first commandment Luke 10:27 and Jesus answering said thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart all thy soul and with all thy strength and with all thy mind and thy neighbor as thyself so typically we understand that the first commandment is the first part right love the Lord your God with all your heart mind soul and strength and your soul and then because you're doing that because you're believing the gospel because you are abiding by the gospel because you are believing the words of the Lord Jesus Christ you can love your neighbor as yourself this is the only way it happens but you see what they're promoting is the brotherhood of man this false unity with the false gospel the false Masonic gospel that is no gospel because though they want all this peace and he talked about building a just society and all this stuff right all this mind control that the false gospel wants though they may attempt to do this what happens in the end is that they go with their false gospel into perdition they go to hell because when you exalt the second commandment above the first commandment and you don't rightly understand the first commandment of course he didn't he didn't teach him rightly what it means to forsake to repent of Islam and get rid of all that mind control of the false prophet Muhammad that's not what the Pope told them here he didn't tell them that they had to repent and get rid of that false gospel that is no gospel right Islam and start believing the gospel of Jesus Christ alone now of course even if they did get converted he would tell him that they have to adorn Mary and the quote-unquote idols of the Saints and the false way of the satori ology of Rome which is the seven sacraments of the traditions and inventions of the concoctions of the minds of these Pope's coming down through the centuries that false way of salvation would have been what he would have told him anyways if he would have told him anything about repenting but he didn't what he told him was that they were all brothers in the flesh and ultimately that what mattered for them is that they're going to be together in this new world order that they want to build right that's ultimately what it is it's to mind-control you into the human fraternity you see nothing about the gospel right here right nothing absolutely nothing from this beast of a false teacher but the human fraternity is basically a theism atheism that's what they're promoting the brotherhood of man is the dogma of what this man believes that they are angels right that are evolving upward from the primordial soup of the Darwin myth of evolution that's what these Gnostics believe and they're trying to draw everyone into that so that they can have a unity under every false religion unity under every false dogma that's her unity but our unity is in loving the Lord our God with all our heart mind soul and strength that's the truth that is obeying the gospel of Jesus Christ and it alone for it alone is the way of salvation the words of the Lord Jesus Christ are the way the truth and the life they are the way you get saved and you continue being saved from all the things that this satanic New World Order will throw at you with their false gospel so I wanted to report on this and give you guys an update of what was going on and know that what happened here was nothing but false doctrines of demons as the Bible said they will heed doctrines of devils being puffed up in their fleshly mind reading their Masonic UN Rockefeller scripts right this guy was a Rockefeller prodigy right and you know he's promoting everything the United Nations wants he even talked about you know having a society with no walls and all this kind of mind control that these Babylonian Babel it's that want to build the Tower of babble babble in their babblings of their scripts so remember that the Lord has told us never to misinterpret the scriptures but by sound doctrine and because God has given us a spirit of not having any fear but of a sound mind and of love true love for God to love for our neighbors because we are obeying the gospel that's what's important you're not going to get it from the roman catholic church it is a apostate church especially because the masons have already overtaken this church until next time this has been edifying others giving you a report here that the beast of the vatican has invaded the peninsula of the arabs and it is the first time and what does he do on the first time he preaches the false doctrine of the false gospel of humanism which is no gospel because it is not what the Lord Jesus Christ preached and it is not what the Apostles handed down to the earliest Christians that gave us the doctrine of Christ that we have in the Holy Bible until next time this is been edifying others here giving you a report and until next time we'll see you in our next video so we begin with the logo for the police department city in New York all right this is the logo for the the Union New York Police Department and give you a little zoom in on that arge that so this is the logo for the police department in New York City okay this is where it gets quite alarming take a look at this anybody see a similarity there it's identical except they've changed the words now this is being allowed people they're allowing this and me you something here this is the patrol cars that they're using now just just take a look here want you to see this this is this is a patrol car that's being used here to patrol Muslim neighborhoods okay into bring in Sharia law upon the community the Muslim community so in other words they want to practice Sharia here in the United States with their own people but as we have learned that where it's taught that where this started it started in London that it didn't stop at the Muslim community they began to try to bring Sharia upon the citizens of London and it's happening it's it'll happen right here in the United States too if something if someone doesn't bring an end to it someone's got to stop it you would think Donald Trump would bring an end to it but so again let's just read a little bit of this Muslims from community Patrol some neighborhoods say no thanks the self-funded group sees itself as a neighborhood watch but there was alarm after its cars were spotted in Brooklyn without warning or explanation all right this this is being supported financially by a known terrorist okay that it was even linked to 9/11 they say and me see if I can find this individual here me zoom out and I can't pronounce his name pronounce his name but what I want you to see is he used to be a Baptist raised as a Baptist he went to church religiously and went and he actually became a Sunday school teacher as a teenager in the Baptist Church and then he joined the Nation of Islam okay but what he believes in is he believes in a hardcore Sharia law and he's against white people in his own words all right and let me see I'll just want to read some of these things to you that these are these are quotes his own quotes let me zoom in here a little bit see if I can says you he supports Islamic laws over liberal democracy he also supports capital punishment such as stoning for adultery and cutting off hands for thievery and has said Islam is better than democracy Allah will cause his Deen Islam as a complete way of life that's what Deen means Allah will cause his way of life Islam to prevail over every kind of system and you know what it will he has also said if Allah says 100 strikes 100 hundred strikes it is if Alice says cut off their hand cut off their hand if Allah says stone them to death through the Prophet Muhammad then you stone them to death because it's the obedience of Allah in His Messenger nothing personal all right so this is the person that's funding this its funding this and here you see with their patrol car and just look at the colors and look at the logo looks like the police department right let me see if I can zoom in on this a little bit maybe we can get a little closer look at this it says nation Muslim community Patrol okay now this is the thing I want to mention to you years ago years ago I wanted to years ago I wanted to have a website and I don't remember what it was the name it was something that I wanted to do and the company that had that name in their company contact had their lawyer contact me and a cease and desist and they said what we'll do is we will give you your refund pay you the money it cost you for the logo but we don't want you using are not the logo the domain name but we don't want you using the domain name okay so they had a cease-and-desist letter sent to me and I was looking to find out why and what legal right they had what you know did they have any grounds any legal grounds for what they were doing and I found out within the United States law that there's something called confusion and that's when you have something that looks like something else or sounds like something out so close that it can bring confusion and so therefore you can't use that thing that is like the other you see so let me ask you a question do you think that this falls into that category does this bring a little confusion when you've got a logo that looks so close to the to the logo of the unit New York City Police Department now I'm telling you folks this is exactly the same logo just changing the words it's identical it's the same logo they actually took the logo and obviously they were allowed to do this and they were giving given authority to do this because this individual here that I was posing a few minutes ago see if I can find it again here this individual right here that used to be a Baptist that he started a community where he cracked down on on drug houses and he was very successful at it and so he was praised by the New York City Police Department okay and that's how it began that's how it began so here you have someone that hates white people and he is he is 100,000% in support of Sharia law to the full max he's supporting and getting probably without question financial support from the Brotherhood there's no question in my mind which gets funding from Saudi Arabia but folks there this country is being overrun right now I've been telling you for years there's a stealth jihad going on under Obama for eight years he it this whole thing has been being planned and I actually think Obama's more dangerous now than he was when he was in the White House be honest with you because in the white house we kind of knew what he was up to but we don't know what he's doing now now I want to share something with you want to share something from the scripture in Zechariah chapter five verse one God is speaking to the Prophet Zechariah and this is something that he's being given in a vision all right it says then I turned and lifted up my eyes and looked and behold a flying roll a flying roll and he said unto me what seest thou and I answered I see a flying roll the length thereof is 20 cubits the breadth thereof is 10 cubits then said he unto me this is the curse that goeth forth over the face of the whole earth for every one that steal ahthe shall be cut off as on this side according to it and everyone that sweareth and that means to swear an oath shall be cut off as on that side according to it but listen to me people this word curse in the original Hebrew is the word Allah or Allah okay the curse that goes out over all the earth now this vision that is zechariah saw a flying role you'd have to look up the hebrew words to understand what he see what is this flying role the word flying in the original hebrew means to spread out that's right the reason God showing him this as the wings of something spreading out wings is because it's going to spread out over all the earth in a very rapid very quick pace you understand and it is happening it's happening absolutely it's astounding how quickly Islam is taking over the earth and God says this is the curse now this curse is going to go to every place where there are thieves be listening Jesus said my house is to be a house of prayer and worship but you've turned it into a den of thieves so everywhere where there's a where there's thievery going on the curse of Islam is coming isn't it interesting in Sharia law they say if you steal something to cut your hand off God says if you will not submit to my Ten Commandments you won't submit to my law if you won't live by my law through my grace if you all live within the confines of my word he says I'll let you live under a curse I'll let you live under a law that's that's not my law but I'll let you live under a law with no grace no mercy will be shown see Sharia law they cut people's hands off right there in the street there is no there is no legal system as far as its they take care of these things right in the street I mean they'll grab a hold of somebody and in stonk they'll start stoning them right there in the street there is no court system are you listening folks now yes it is true that under the law of Moses there were stonings that took place that was God's judgment that was his wrath that was his judgment upon those that were lawbreakers of the ten commandments right but how many no we're not under that law anymore and you have Jesus Christ to thank for that amen but see those that reject grace those that are rejecting grace the Bible says the law came by Moses but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ well listen folks if you don't accept grace and truth it's not the law of Moses you're gonna get it's going to be though this law it's going to be the curse god says it's not just going to be the law you're going to come under you're going to come under the curse of the law are you listening God says this is the curse that goes out over all the earth and we're watching it it's spreading out how many know Russia right now is being overtaken by Islam that's true so this is alarming this is alarming when you have them allowed to have police cars that actually has a logo on it a police car with a logo on it that look I mean I know it doesn't look exactly like a police car in New York but they're getting closer and now they're starting to take over positions you know governors and Senators and we had one in the White House's our president met crazy but why isn't Donald Trump doing anything about this hmm why is he allowing you know you new New York City why is he allowing New York City Muslims to use the logo for the police department to patrol the streets and they obviously have got some kind of radio system and some kind of scanner inside their radio or their cars because it says they show up at accidents fires and they're there to help listen people they're not being paid by the taxpayer they're not under the same law as the officers are supposed to be under you see they're gaining more and more influence I'm not giving you warning because I am worried about myself cuz I'm not gonna be here much longer but I'm telling you people this is coming over the whole earth just like the scripture says how come there's no protest about this all the protesting it goes on in the United States people taken to the streets nobody's saying a word about this it's there should be outraged this is absolutely stunning this is outrageous that nobody is taken to the streets to protest this evil this wickedness I don't understand it for life of me why isn't this being protested well part of its because while men slept the enemy has done this while men slept seyton sewed his children amen and this is not just Muslims doing this they tell us that they're actually Jewish communities doing the same thing that's right so there's a war beginning and it's starting out very subtly as watches isn't that interesting community watches what did Jesus say he said watch and pray right and the enemy's watching so now it's come to the point where war begins with a watch we are watching you and they're watching them and you know we're watching each other that's where it starts but they're not watching and praying well they say they're praying to Allah they have one mind they have one thought no lemon God let me ask you a question people if there's going to be an internal struggle within the United States between two watches between the Muslims and the Jewish watch patrols watching each other's community doesn't it make sense that if Islam it doesn't say that Judaism or it doesn't say even Zionism that's the curse that goes out over all the earth it says Allah Allah okay I want to say something to you before I forget how many know the word to ascend in the Hebrew means Allah to ascension or to ascend when Lucifer said I will ascend that's right it means Allah curse I will ascend as soon as Lucifer said I will ascend God said no you won't he became cursed at that moment he fell into condemnation that moment in that instant that iniquity was found in his heart the Bible says and that same iniquity that's now working right now that mystery of iniquity that's working in the Bible says and the children of disobedience that thought that idea I will ascend it doesn't stop at them just trying to take over the earth people the scripture says they're going to make war with they're going to come against Jerusalem all the nations of you gather against Israel but it doesn't stop there it says they're gonna make war with the lamb of God I will ascend so that word ascension has to do with the word Allah – this is not about a religion this is the curse this is the very deception in lie that the that Lucifer conjured up I will ascend amen now I'm gonna tell you brothers and sisters Jesus makes it very clear he says if you exalt yourself you will be amazed amen but if you humble yourself thou shall be exalted now the world today is exalting themselves they're trying to climb up some other way and they're trying to eventually make war with God but you and I are to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and the scripture says in due season in due season the Lord will exalt us are you listening brothers and sisters in due season the Lord will exalt not in our time not according to our plan but according to his will our part is to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God amen that's where we should be right now humbling ourselves under God's mighty hand hallelujah waiting on him not getting ahead of the Lord but waiting on God in due season he will exalt us he will raise us up not my will Lord but thine be done Alleluia do not be deceived I want to bring something very urgent to your attention the ecumenical movement that is taking place worldwide is doing so I believe in the spirit of Antichrist now that sounds like a very big statement but I'm going to hopefully prove this to be true it is being done in the name of Christ it's being headed up by the Roman Catholic Church it is representative of the charismatic movement or the leaders of the charismatic movement coming in to reunification with the Roman Catholic Church and they claim that when the world sees this reunification that then suddenly the whole world will believe in Christ as a result of this and that this is allegedly to prepare the way for the Lord's return this is actually unbiblical but you see once that main separating spirit of division was pulled down it released the Lord Jesus to get this thing underway the keynote speakers are Cardinal Daniel de nada and Kenneth Copeland Kenneth Copeland is one of the usual suspects in terms of the charismatic movement his doctrines are so heretical that they can't even be described as Christian there's no question that Kirkland has links to Freemasonry and mysticism and every kind of perversion of biblical Christianity that you can possibly dream up the biggest church split in history the Catholic Church we've been protesting for 500 years but there is also an association with the New Apostolic Reformation it represents Gnosticism which was the same problem or the same demonic influence that attacked the Christian gospel in the New Testament Gnosticism fundamentally is mysticism it deals with subjective spiritual experience which is elevated above the Word of God or biblical doctrine so this is to get all the religions together right Mary's message of peace unity and tolerance is one that a distressed and perplexed world craves the Queen proclaims that there will come a time when all Christendom will be reunified under the Roman Church is the papacy doing that at the moment [Applause] the biggest church split in history the Catholic Church split Satan is the spirit of division now when you're dealing with what happened 500 years ago but as a protest strife oh one of my favorite days in my life was with Pope Francis what a man he's one of my heroes and this is what he's all about this whole thing that's one of the things he got me so on fire and I am on fire I just heard I heard the Lord say this just two days ago 2018 is the year of the Holy Ghost and fire the big 18 say together say Catholic Lutheran if there is no male protest how can they be a Protestant church [Applause] what it is essentially remember with the Knights Templar this is dominionism this is Dominion theology about taking over the world [Applause] coming into reunification with the Roman Catholic Church and they claim that when the world sees this reunification that then suddenly the whole world will believe in Christ now these seven fields of influence are very powerful so powerful in fact that he who occupies the top of those mountains can literally shape the agenda that that forms Nations can literally shape the agenda that forms nations [Applause] where in the bible does the Bible teach that the governments of the world will be controlled and ruled by born-again believers if you can show me one scripture where in scripture does it say that the church will gain such influence that we will rule the world my Bible says there when Jesus Christ comes he not his church he the king of glory he will set up a kingdom the Knights Templars are at the heart of this conspiracy to rule the world otherwise known today as the New World Order Jesuits really are the revived Knights Templars is counterfeit Crusades that they hold so beware of these dangerous doctrines of demons that are coming into the church it's prophetic the God's using you to break things open in Jesus name yes look Sedna mr. Whitacre the spirit of religion man ulis tomato scholars reading locks the glory their head be cut off decapitate [Applause] [Applause] but he who occupies the top of those mountains can literally shape the agenda that that forms Nations as crusade crusade this war on terrorism in the Knights Templars in Jerusalem the Templars began to deviate further and further away from the practices of Christianity they learnt the secret arts of the Kabbalah an ancient form of Jewish magic along with its dark rites and rituals in 1717 the Templars made their reappearance in Europe they had grown in both number and strength and we're now ready to coin a new identity in free from their reputation of the past and given credibility by none other than the monarchy and aristocracy of England and the name they chose for themselves a name that will be known by many but understood by a few this new name the Freemason now at it's very core this issue seems to tie right into the Knights Templar and I know that sounds very strange from the get-go but honestly this this deception that's coming into the church is actually tied to the Jesuit Knights Templar the government of the order of the Temple of Solomon I mean not only are we in the time where everyone's saying you know is there going to be a Third Temple and then in 2013 it comes to light here that the Knights Templar are back you know for not that they ever went away but they've come back into the public light the sovereign magistral order of the Temple of Solomon 2013 ad fully restored as an independent sovereign subject of international law in 2013 embodying the authentic Templar heritage and we literally have a whole website here which is dedicated to all of these official documents legal documents mind you and their missions this is what I want to show you this Templar spirituality and this is how this links with this deception that we're seeing the worship of the goddess that reverence of the Divine Feminine Gaia the temple rule proves that the Knights Templar were always dedicated to honoring the Divine Feminine principle as the spiritual feminine aspect of God so you can see how this ties to the Roman Catholic Church to the Jesuits to allow the moon-goddess and to all of these false religions but also this pagan New Age which is actually the old age Babylon agenda and the throwing out of this masculine we know we see all these attacks on Garden and the Old Testament and the truth of God and turning into this Airy fairy emotional experience or deal without boundaries without restrictions without commands and all of this stuff is tying into when you come to it's very core the conspiracy at is very heart of the New World Order the Antichrist the paganism the the Babylon agenda New World Order is actually rooted in the Knights Templar who never went away but now in 2013 have officially come out into the public and declared themselves sovereign a sovereign entity without territory but sovereign nonetheless so it's all about Gnosticism and Christian mysticism the Divine Feminine the uniquely ancient and diverse heritage of Templar spirituality was fully disclosed to the Vatican and officially endorsed by the Roman Catholic Church authentic Templar spirituality is a form of e satiric Gnosticism which is wholly compatible with the canonical Christian mysticism of classical Catholicism Gnostic spirituality primarily concentrates on personal divine communion through the Holy Spirit here we go Templars chivalric look at this this is the picture of the Pope with all the the world leaders of religions of false religions Hinduism Islam Baha'i and this is what they are showing and at the bottom of the page we can see all of these emblems which say a lot Pontifical protection recognized by five vatican papal bulls as Templar guardians of the church cooperation with Islam look at that cooperation with Islam as a tool of the Jesuit Knights Templar look at this the Knights of Saladin under Templar sovereign patronage diplomatic relations with the United Nations with the crest of Rome oh my goodness me look at this United Nations this is where all of these agendas are coming to so and remember with the United Nations that they have those books on New Age spirituality Alice Bailey and all of these people who were involved in this Gnostic counterfeit spirituality of the Antichrist and this is very similar this logo is very similar to what we see on some of the big Christian so-called Christian broadcasting networks at the very top but with this fire and water so we see on a lot of these these big organizational level a lot of Illuminati symbolism and what it is essentially remember with the Knights Templar this is dominionism this is Dominion theology about taking over the world so this explains the influx of false doctrine of Jesuit infiltrators into churches into the mainstream Christian media and all with this core belief of the Holy Grail the Divine Feminine Gnosticism that they are really pushing on to churches and losing those boundaries that they're advertising it has something like in in Hollywood you know we need to get out of this box and we need to you know forget all the old stuff we need to free ourselves liberate ourselves liberals liberation from the old into this new this new spirituality which is a lot more humanistic and it's a lot more divine and you feel more you experience more and that's the cheese on the trap that they're trying to pull people in I mean yes there are certain good things to Reformation but they are they are staging a counterfeit Reformation which is a Knights Templar Gnostic Reformation and they're pulling people into these horrific scenes which are showed at the beginning of this with Bethel music and all of these people that have counterfeit counterfeit revivals counterfeit prophecies counterfeit signs and wonders these groups that are actually pushing a Kundalini spirit these these you know these counterfeit Crusades that they hold at the you know these these top levels which are coaxing and coercing people into a count of his spirit you you

The gospel. Christian's don't do the gospel. What was Messiahs, the prophets message? "Repent for the kingdom is at hand". Here, I'm gonna she'd my blood for all of you. Show me you love me by obeying my Father.(Christian's "think" the law was nailed to a cross) it was our sins. But they don't get forgiven if you don't do it HIS way. Which is the way.
It is downright scary that 90 percent or more of the population are in darkness and think they know the light because they have a name and "believe". We are absolutely judged by our deeds and to suggest otherwise (Christians) is calling the Scriptures a lie. Leave Babylon (multi headed beast system including Christianity) Forsake secular holidays, stop paying a wolf ( but he's so nice) 10 percent or more of your hard earned. Ask him why the law resurrected itself for tithing? Seriously. Give your money and time to orphans, widows…the poor.
A remnant is saved. Those keeping the commandments. He's not a liar, remember? Look at the 4th commandment. The "world" blasphemes the Most Highs set apart day. And His yearly feasts.
I pray this awakens someone. I struggle daily with the stubborn, blind people that I encounter. The grand delusion because they don't receive a love for the truth. If you aren't scraping against just about everything your neighbors do, what this society does, you are still captive by Babylon unaware. Well wake up.
The beast is here already ok. Your thoughts (forehead) and your deeds (hand) show the seal of the Father or the mark of the beast.
Change teams and obey.

You can look at pope Francis, and see that he is pure evil,…it’s just emanating from him, everywhere. He knows exactly who he serves, what he’s doing, and why he’s doing it! His god, is the ruler of this world,…the father of lies!

Science has proven thru moitochondrial DNA, that we ARE, absolutely brothers. We've all had the same great, great mother back there somewhere. To me bloodlines don't matter. I accept all as brothers and sisters, and yes, whatever else you consider yourself to be.

The Most High All Mighty said in the books of DEU:24:16 : in EZEKIEL:18:20-21: in 2 Chor:25:4 that no man can die for your Sins and i believe him : he also said in the book of ISA:43:11 And in Hosa: 13:4 :that he is my SAVIOR and i believe him:and he said in ISA:45:4-7 that there is no God no Lord no Savior but him and i believe him : Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah

I protest, I protest, I protest against the so called Vatican and the lying (not the pope) false father.
Come and chop my head off see if I am afraid for God is my helper what can any man do to me in Jesus name Amen.

The Vatican created Islam ???? Are you Kidding ? What a load of Crap. You dont know anything about the Religions !

The pyramid represents the illuminated elites and the little slaves aspiring upwards at the bottom/floor of the pyramid. Only a part of the people born at the bottom may rise high. This way the piramid becomes multidimensional, creating the ILLUSION of SPACE. The Illuminati no longer need the heaven or sky to shine in glory. They no longer need the structure of the pyramid. The great worldiwide PURGE is being symbolised with this pyramid behind the glass. The grand Jesuit is detached from that. He is different. He is wearing the CAPstone because He represents it. Notice that the two columns on the two sides of the pyramid resemble the masonic temple with the two columns leading to the holy of holiest.

The symbol at the podium seems to reflect the yin-yang.

How weird is the name HUMAN fraternity MEETING… As if it had to be stressed that we are STILL human. FRATERNITY is different from BROTHERHOOD. The first is usually applied in contexts related to (often secret) societies or bloody revolutions. When Catholic elites begin to talk about brotherly ties I begin to look around and recall the history of Jesuit nazis in Serbia or John Hus at the stake. It is like a bucket of cold water.

I feel like most of the Muslim stuff is fear mongering and false flags to get people's eyes off the actual "ball." It's the whole hidden hand thing, like used in 3 Card Monty. I know there are extremist an issues, just not the biggest issue.

people assume ''we all come from Adam and Eve" What if this is not true and the only reason you believe it is because that is what you were told and your mom was told and her mom and her mom and her mom by an apostate church power. People love to give Hitler the credit for saying " tell a lie make it big! tell it over and over again and it won't take long before the masses believe it. " i ad~libed a little. Hitler did not actually say it. He wrote in MIEN KAMFP that the Jews said it ….. point being most people believe lies because they were told lies by people who were lied to. White /European people have an amazing long interesting history: unfortunately most of them would rather go to hell than be called a racist. That's really too bad and unfortunate because God has a lot to say about RACE -BLOODLINES – GENEOLOGY – & DNA. The enemies of all people do not want us to know the truth about God or race. Ask yourself why these mad men who think they are gods are absolutely obsessed with DNA and manipulation of it. Jesus erased Adamic sin noone else could have done it. Ask yourself why it was so important that Jesus was the Lamb of God without spot or blemish? meaning racially pure? (THAT'S A BIBLE FACT) now you have a dilemma. have you ever asked yourself what race was Jesus? you have been distracted all your life NOT to EVER ask that question. There are only 3 choices and you have to pick one, then ask yourself what does this mean? AND what does it mean to me? I will say this: After God was finished with creation and the Hosts of heaven were now complete God said " it is good, it is very good!" Then he rested on the 7th day….. God Bless and study to show yourself approved, ready to make an account of the hope that lay within you…………. that you can prove all things through the word. Truth is a lonely Warrior as we sojourn here but we were never promised the praise of men comfort and treasures in this life but rather we store up treasures in heaven, nothing can rot or rust when we take on immortality again.

Trump isn't going to help nobody out. He gave the order to take our weapons without do process. We the people have not voted in 1president. All our presidents were hand picked by Satan

42:03 Answer: Genesis One:Twenty-Eight And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Islam is totally Truth , and Islam is opposed to secret orders like Mason's or Chatolic false teachings . As soon as a person joins one of these or any secret orders you trade in your Islam . O and Muhammad pbuh was not a false prophet , if you understand your Bible . You are sad

My dog child is a Great Pyrenees, the ultimate protector of sheep and families. I have learned the ways of this magnificent creature, his focus, his strength, his reasoning is God's gift. Some of us are warriors, some of us are sheep dogs, I am a sheepdog by nature, I watch, I listen, I pay attention. I had to leave Chicago to move to the country to learn the ways of nature…be aware. Look for masonic symbols, Dr. Hross teaches what to look for, I can go into any cemetery to find freemason symbols, when they disappeared, they do so into the sea of humanity, they are around us, they ARE the Collective. IHS = ISIS, HORUS, SETH.

I can see they,re just truly starting to be under attack from the demon,s they wanted to be and see so much"!" In GOD JESUS name AMEN

Ours is not to point out evil versus good, right versus wrong but what brings LIFE! You will smother yourself with tree of knowledge of good and evil thinking. Choose life, choose the tree of Life mandate for man to rule reign have domain (not domination) and multiply given to mankind in the beginning!

You are right my friend. That is all true what are you saying. This is magic. The people think they are good because they accept the antichrist….. ISLAM, Fake christians and fake jews.


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