The Spiritual Purpose of Loneliness During Ascension.

the spiritual purpose of loneliness during ascension its aqua you are at its okay you need space its octa gift yourself what you need aloneness is something we have to gift ourselves without question along our spiritual paths even when we are with people we have to continuously show up for our own personal and emotional needs this houses the potential for our continued expanded growth into the unlimited possibilities of multi-dimensional experiences and thus have those with the people we love around us in order to truly step into this we need to gift ourselves support time and aloneness not a night here or there but actual proper time to really tune into the self care needs for our souls to be held in the space needed to evolve it can feel daunting as inherently as humans we seek so desperately to hold on to the support from others but if we take these moments it can be the making of our realities and seek to enhance our relationships aloneness supports our authenticity as we get back into our own energy to expand take a reset a recharge processing our thoughts and emotions spiritual gifts start to enhance as we are purely with self and the divine love that flows through us we get to untangle the cords of other people's emotions thoughts feelings expectations ego dramas and low vibrations reminds us of who we are underneath free from the buildup of external energies during our transitions there will be many ups and downs as things we once loved seemed no longer fitting to our souls anymore relationships jobs taste will all change as we hold more love and light in our hearts our alone time is imperative while we work ourselves out again while we shift into our new healing and awareness for life when we start out on a spiritual journey so many changes and revelations are happening that it can feel very isolating at times them or be change and discover things about ourselves in the world around us the connections we once had with people can often feel withdrawn these moments of feeling disconnected are the times of feeling the most isolated from life we haven't quite anchored all of our learning truths and authenticity into practice yet a sweet spot emerges within self we know we can't go back to our stories fears and limiting beliefs for comfort we know the person we thought we were is evolving but haven't quite worked out how we are supposed to show up in the world yet this sweet spot this void and rest and uncertainty on how we are meant to show up is the perfect time to get present embrace the not knowing the nothingness the freedom the potential and the opportunities not yet revealed to us and embrace aloneness this is the moment to really go within to really work on healing keep letting go keep opening and expanding the heart learn to not hold on to things that are meant to leave our lives even be it for the time being knowing that what will align again will be the most perfect alignment of the soul these moments of spiritual growth are the perfect opportunities to get to know ourselves once more to enjoy our company and connect back in with our intuition these are the moments of aloneness is to remind ourselves it's okay that we're not quite sure how we are meant show up in the world yet all we have to do right now in these moments is to show up for ourselves in love with self care space grounding and healing in order to understand who we are we need to have some fun again we already know things are coming up for healing we already know we are not our stories we already know we are not the limitations of our fears let us embrace once more than not knowing the sweet spot and surrender in the now surrender into joy surrendering to fun surrender into play surrender into love surrender into the light it is fun to feel alive to feel awake to feel at one with who we are it is fun to be spending time in our own energies again it is fun to not dwell on the past let us be reminded of the child that we once were let us embrace the time to start new creative projects join new groups with similar interests to us take long walks in nature and dance like no one's watching being on our own during these transitions will ignite the flame from deep within again so we may start to gain strength once more in our authenticity let us also embrace the alone time to really let go to scream cry and fall on the floor as our bodies release the emotional traumas of lifetime's let us embrace the solitude to ride the waves of emotions that don't make sense but find strength because they will make sense to our souls let us be reminded and embrace that our souls are driving and have our best intentions at heart these days of feeling like nothing is shifting no guidance is coming and feeling insecure because the life we once knew is disappearing and we are not sure as to what the future holds this is really the time to let go to observe to not over question but simply allow to be in each moment embrace the tears the fears the uncertainty for embracing what is in the moment will set these feelings free we do not need to push through our experiences we do not need to feel like we are not evolving when we are feeling down we do not need to feel like we have to change right now loving ourselves is embracing all our emotions and allowing ourselves the rest that we so desperately need in those moments of surrender let us embrace these times to really be alone and rest here cry eat and switch the mind off in the heart onto being just simply being we do not need to show up big in the world when we are going through these shifts all we need to do is show up for ourselves to take comfort space and rest finding our way gently through the shifts and into joy fun play love be gentle be kind be nurturing not forcing not pushing not fighting pure surrender into the emotions that are coming up to be released simply breathe relax and do nothing for doing nothing is doing far more for our spiritual growth and authenticity than we can ever do when we try to fight how we are feeling in the present moment this will clear our internal emotional storm bring out the sunshine and we are reminded to play dance and laugh once more with who we are within time these days become more common than the feelings of isolation and disconnect for we understand those alone times were never really alone for they were building a relationship with who are once more embracing these challenges within time will bring about the greatest insights clarity ideas and changes because have ever dreamt possible we will truly know ourselves be in support of ourselves and truly be able to show up in the way we always wanted for those around us enjoy and love embrace your aloneness allow yourself to know who you are and gift yourself what you truly need you are so dearly loved and supported by the universe by the divine flow of love within the core of your being breathe into these times and all will be well I love you all Zoe Davenport

Thank You Zoey Davenport…..😂 I really needed this video I love you for making it. Thank you again

Cac ban thi tien toi canh gioi chia se anh sang de moi nguoi dang s9ng trong vu tru hanh phuc hon ?
Nhung trai dat noi toi dang ton tai ?
Thi khong it nao bo lai dien ta ke hoach va tham vong tren nhung tam ban do
Lai duoi chinh anh sang ky dieu do ?

this is so difficult for an old person to get back what I should have had as I started out in my life, I am grateful…

Great video!! found you through suggested videos. I just started a Youtube Channel not long ago and very interested in the human evolution and spirituality topic. Keep following your passion and creating great content. Sending you good vibes and lots of love 💖

yeah thank you zoe. I follow you. Your Videos are very high vibrating and through them i can create more lifeenergy.
God bless you

I have so hurt this time to heal reflect and be good to myself have time to be learn wait wait I will be better ..

I like being alone. I have had relationships, children, etc. Etc. But my favorite time is when i am alone on a mountain hike. Or just being at the beach. I love children, family, etc. Etc. But ever since i was a small child myself being alone has always been great. I like people, but never felt like it was a necessity in life.

This is sort of a strange thing to bring up.
I grew up drinking cow's milk. For breakfast, for lunch, for dinner. It was a normal part of my family's diet my entire life until 3 or 4 years ago. it was as if all the sudden I changed my mind about it. Just in one day it seemed I started finding it odd that we rely so heavily on cow's milk. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing to drink it, just odd that we rely on it so much as a nation. It is an entire industry by itself. People raise cows just for the milk and shelves are loaded with it at the grocery store. I find this very odd. I lost my appetite for it. I switched to almond milk. It is delicious lol. I do not desire cow's milk at all. I am writing this on this page because after having read through many of the comment threads I see that many of us are experiencing weird things because of the cosmic energy shift. I just wonder if any of you have similar experiences such as this. Also, I stopped eating meat for the most part.The only meat that I eat is chicken. I'd like to stop eating that too because I love animals but for now I am not ready to make that change. I crave grapes so much that I make them apart of my day, almost all day, nearly every day lol. Grapes and chicken are pretty much my favorite food right now and have been for several years. In 2011 I felt very strongly the magnitude of energy shifting to the point that I could not eat solid food. No matter how hungry I was I just could not stomach solid food, not even chicken at that time. Smoothies became my best friend lol.

For the past 5 years, I have experienced illness with 2 hospitalizations, illness with my husband & then his passing a yr & a half ago. Having delays with the Probate of his Will, leaving me with financial & housing challenges. Seem to be going through a Dark Night of the Soul & feeling lonely!

Like to be alone .just me sometimes and keep going on internet to understand self.Information information.but still trying to find something.

Nothing to reinforce my loneliness like a warm and comforting AI voice. Typical trash “spirituality”

Thank god some one else is feeling this I thought I was going mad but l do need this time to rethink I feel such a masive change


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