The Spiritual Laws of Money by T. Harv Eker

it's been said and ingrained in us then either you are a spiritual person or you are a rich wealthy successful person one or the other and the two shall never cross that my friends is not only incorrect it's completely bogus it's old school it's an old way of thinking it doesn't work today in today's world and for today's conscious person you can be kind generous loving balanced and spiritual and really really rich and my highest recommendation is that you do all of it so each of us has a personal moment already ingrained in our subconscious mind and it is this blueprint that will determine your financial life your money blueprint is basically how you think around money success wealth and rich people bottom line your money blueprint will determine your financial life it is the route of your success mediocrity or failure if you're not using spiritual laws you are missing out on the highest level of wisdom when you ride on the ship on the wind of the spirit on the wind of the universe and use the universe's power you will naturally succeed you know I always wanted to be a millionaire but it wasn't coming I spent 10 years struggling struggling struggling I had four businesses that actually went under in one year I was lying on this lawn chair at my parents condo because I couldn't afford any rent and I was looking up to to the sky and I was just crying I didn't know what to do I was I was confused I was embarrassed I I didn't know where to go and I just looked up and I said universe please please please somehow if you help me if you somehow I make it I promise you I promise you I will help other people do the same thing and so now the reason I do what I do is because I'm just keeping a promise this program is very unusual in that it's almost like a success satsang I wanted to make sure that we were dealing with people's real issues in the real world in real life we're going to go through the eight specific areas that most people have the biggest problems with and we're going to clear those areas and then we're going to give people strategies knowledge and techniques within those areas to place on top we have money and spirituality the more spiritual you are the richer you can and should be you use those spiritual principles in order to enhance your success and I'll say this right now listen closely if you want to get rich if you want to have a lot of money stop focusing on money I said it money is a result wealth it is as a result it's a result of adding to people's lives and I'm going to give you the exact formula of how you do that in a spiritual way money self-worth and deserve in this I can tell you most people feel this it's not enough I'm not enough I'm not sure I deserve it why me my friends that is a next money balance and enjoying the journey along the way he'll call the time Harve I know if I work really hard and I focus you know I might be able to see but what about the balance in my life where's the joy Wenders there any time to do anything else and enjoy the rest of my life next money and money management I'm going to give you the easiest simplest most effective method for handling your money you're going to teach you to your kids you're going to use it all the time you're going to be laughing as you do it it is so fun and it works purpose and passion you need to live your passion in order to get rich and keep your money you need to live on purpose in order to ever feel fulfilled in your life and keep your money if you're a conscious person the next one here how to handle fear and when you learn this methodology I promise you you will be able to take action regardless of anything the number one cause of all all relationship breakup is what money and I'm going to show you exactly how to work with not only your partner in life your spouse or with your kids your your people your co-workers your bosses your clients etc around money and I'll tell you this if there's been one area where people students have come with me go that changed my life immediately it's this area finally we're gonna work with money high income and financial freedom we've got to get rid of that worry we've got to get you free and I will teach you how to make a lot of money and help a lot of people and I'll tell you what if you do the way I'm teaching you you can become financially free in two to three years thousands of my students enter I know that's a bold promise I'll tell you this just do what I ask you to do it and you'll see something you've never seen before I'm tr Becker and I look so forward to working with you

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Thanks Harv!! But if you have real money!! means exactly you really know your roots!! Thanks buddy every single advice of you means too much for me in my daily life!! You’re are one of the most smarter person in the world!!

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Here's some tips for becoming successful.
1) Take control of your life.
2) Learn about the power of the mind.
3) Walk in the path of successful people.
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I do agree with the previous commenter said – it's not straight forward than it sounds to attract wealth and someone could very easily waste a lot of time.
You should be aware of this and take advice from others who have practised this for years. I searched many websites and found a lot of great help by searching google on sites such as Abeqa attraction aid. I wish you luck and hope you are successful!

Can you not get that terrible noise (music) out of the back-ground? I had to leave because I could not stand it. Very distracting Very very distracting. Why on earth can you not leave it nice and clear in the back-ground? Clear in the back-ground. Did I get my point across? nice clear and quiet in the background.

most millionaires love giving money to other people to help them be better at their craft more successful and what they do it is the gift of discernment that they know what most don't know knowing who to give your money to that takes lessons lifelong lessons of using money as a tool to help others but you can't give it to everybody because everybody's not going to appreciate and be grateful for your help I love what he shared in this video why I truly understand what he saying because that was me struggling in a business being stolen from for my employees going through unreasonable circumstances this time I help someone else but it is when I began to operate from a spiritual standpoint that I learned what I know now money is just a tool and if you used to live everything you give it's what you really say thank you for this information I love it


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